Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/13/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/13/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Brady Pub:

Roman and Bo question Caroline, and she tells them she was with Victor at the time of the attack. Roman asks for details. She apologizes and says she can't say anymore than that. Shawn, Bo and Roman continue to question her and Victor about what they were doing. Caroline refuses to tell. Lexi and Jen approach them, and ask if they're interrupting something. Roman tells them they aren't. Shawn tells them to sit down, and offers them tea. Caroline goes to check on the preparations for lunch and Shawn tells her they have unfinished business. She tells him it's not the time, but he doesn't care. Shawn asks if Caroline and Victor are fooling around again.

Caroline asks how he could think that. She asks if Shawn thinks so little of her. He tells her it's not like it hasn't happened before, and that Bo is living proof of the last time her and Victor "made a fool" of him. Shawn apologizes to Bo, and he says he understands. Caroline is upset, and says "Why don't you all gang up on me?" Roman asks what they're supposed to think when she won't tell them what they were doing. Victor steps up and says he'll tell them. He says he's been having marital problems, and has been confiding in Caroline because she's the only person he can trust. He apologizes for any misunderstandings. 

Bo tells Victor he's a suspect in a triple homicide. Victor tells them that they can suspect him all they want, but to leave Caroline out of it. He says he thinks her prints were planted on the murder weapon because the killer wanted to send a message that she would be the next victim. Roman thinks Victor is on to something.

Outside, Mimi and Shawn argue about Rex being the serial killer. Shawn insists he's the killer, again, and Mimi says he doesn't know the truth. She asks "Why do you run around pretending you do?" Shawn tells her that Rex is going to have someone murder someone for him. Mimi asks who he would get, and he tells her Cassi. Mimi asks if he really thinks Cassi would murder someone to save her brother, and there's no doubt in Shawn's mind. He reminds her of how smart Rex is, and that the only way he can be proved innocent is if there's another murder while he's in jail. Mimi says she can't take anymore, and enters the pub.

Shawn walks in, and goes to say hello to Lexi and Jen. He says he's sorry for their loss. Lexi says they'd better go to the church, and he offers to bring them. Lexi thanks him, but says she has her car.

After everyone leaves, Caroline and Shawn exit to go to the church. Caroline locks up the pub, and someone is standing outside.

Dimera Mansion:

Cassie goes to Tony about Rex. She tells Tony that Rex wants her to kill someone for him. Tony asks what she means. She tells him that Rex didn't come right out and say it, she just thinks it's what he meant. Rex thinks that if someone else is murdered while he's in jail, it will prove his innocence. Tony says she's right, and that it's likely that the real killer will strike again. Cassie tells him that it sounded like Rex wanted her to make sure it happened, but it could have just been her imagination. Tony hugs her, and tells her not to worry. He says all Cassie needs to do is show her brother how much she loves him and be there to support him. He then tells her to go get ready for the funeral. Tony gets a call from Stefano, and tells him they don't have to worry about Rex, he'll be free within 24 hours.

Cassie asks herself if she could actually kill to save Rex. She thinks she could. She then says "The real question is, will I?"

Lucas' Apartment:

Will bangs on Lucas' door. Sami tells him to stop, that his dad isn't home. Will insists that he is, that he heard noises in there. He then asks why he isn't answering. He tells Sami that he tried calling, but that he wouldn't answer the phone. Will thinks something is wrong. Sami tries to bring Will back to her apartment, but he insists on seeing his father. Lucas answers the door, annoyed. He sees it's Will, and lets them inside. He asks Will why he was banging on the door like that. Will tells him because he knew he was in there, and he wasn't answering. Lucas apologizes, and says he didn't hear him. He was working out, and had his headphones on. Sami tells Lucas that she'll make coffee for him, and to go get ready so they aren't late to the church. He thanks her and goes in the shower.

Will asks Sami if Lucas is drinking again. Sami tells him that Lucas had a rough night, and if he was drinking again, it's only because he's afraid of something happening to Will. She says his dad is a good guy, with a big heart. Will says that people that drink all the time can do things they don't remember. They could kill someone, and not even know they did it. Will says Lucas could be the killer.

Sami says Maggie was Lucas' aunt and his AA sponsor. He loved her and depended on her. She tells Will that the only crime Lucas committed was using alcohol to help him deal with his feelings. She tells him that even grown ups make mistakes, and that they're going to help him get back on track. Will says "You really care about him, don't you mom?" Sami says of course she cares about him, and tells Will to go get ready.

Lucas goes into the kitchen and tells Sami that her heard what she said, and he cares about her too. She tells him to stop talking crazy, she was only trying to calm Will down. He tells her it was still nice to hear, and kisses her. Sami says she's going to get him a cup of coffee, and then pouring all of his alcohol down the drain. He hands it all over to her, and says to go ahead.

The Church:

Mickey gets a phone call from Melissa, explaining that there was bad weather, and the airport shut down. They won't be able to make it to the funeral.

Jen and Lexi arrive at the church. Abby walks in, and says she can't believe that Jen actually showed up. Jen asks why. She says she's going to see her father, and that she'll be sitting with her grandmother. Jen tells Hope and Lexi that she still thinks she let her father die, and starts crying. She wants to comfort Abby, but thinks the best thing to do is give her time.

Victor approaches Sami, and says she broke her promise about Kate. Now she has to suffer the consequences.

Cassie and Tony walk in, and Bo and Roman get into an argument with him. Tony says Rex is innocent and if the killer strikes again, he will be set free. Bo says if that happens, his guess is it will be Tony.

Bo gets a message saying "Death comes to the funeral." Three coffins are on the screen, with Jack, Abe and Maggie's names underneath them. A fourth coffin appears, with a question mark underneath it. The message then reads "The next death comes within the hour" and a timer appears.

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