Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/12/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/12/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas is shocked at learning Kate’s big secret about working for Stefano as a prostitute. Kate defends her decision to Lucas but Lucas just walks away. Sami taunts Kate, accusing her of killing Maggie. Kate threatens to kill Sami, which delights Sami since Lucas overheard this.

Mickey and Hope are preparing for the triple funeral. Mickey laments about how getting Rex behind bars came too late for Maggie.

Cassie visits Rex behind bars again. Rex believes that being put in jail is helpful because he can’t be implicated if another murder should occur. Rex is being very vague in his words to Cassie. Cassie wonders if Rex is telling her that he is innocent or that he wants her to kill to clear him. Shawn overhears them, vowing that he knows what Rex is up to now.

Roman, Bo, Shawn Sr. and Caroline are talking at the Brady Pub about last night’s events. Bo and Roman ask for answers from Caroline but Shawn Sr. steps in to defend her. Roman persists and Bo repeats the fact about Caroline’s fingerprints being on the bottle. Caroline proclaims that she doesn’t have an alibi and tells Roman and Bo to arrest her.

Cassie defends Rex’s innocence. Shawn pulls Cassie aside to ask what Rex told her. Cassie claims that Rex only said he was innocent and that the truth will come out soon. Shawn correctly guesses that Rex is planning something so he can look innocent while in jail.

Caroline refuses to tell where she was when Maggie was murdered. She denies killing Maggie but continues to refuse to admit where she was. Shawn Sr. begs Bo and Roman to let Caroline be. Bo and Roman step aside to discuss Caroline’s behavior. Bo shares his theory that the bottle was stolen from the Brady Pub. Shawn Sr. comes up to them, agreeing with the theory, and hands them a paper, which shocks them all.

Lucas advises Kate not to go around threatening to kill people. Kate accuses Lucas of taking Sami’s side. Lucas orders Kate out of Sami’s apartment, ordering her to stay away from him and Will. Kate comes back from the flashback, vowing not to leave Lucas alone as she bangs on his apartment door. Sami comes out of her apartment to see what the noise is and taunts Kate. Kate accuses Sami of causing this rift between her and Lucas. Kate accuses Sami of breaking the promise between her and Victor. Their arguing wakes Lucas, who appears at the door drunk. Kate accuses Sami of causing Lucas to go back to drinking but Lucas, in his drunken state, credits Sami for telling him the truth and kisses her passionately.

Sami pushes Lucas away. Lucas accuses Sami of liking the kiss. Kate and Sami lead Lucas back into the apartment to get ready for the funeral. Lucas refuses to go to the funeral, planning to drink himself away. Sami suggests going to an AA meeting but Lucas points out that Maggie was his AA sponsor. Lucas throws Sami and Kate out of his apartment. Sami storms back to her apartment, vowing to call a lawyer after the funeral to get sole custody of Will. Kate vows to stop Sami and make her pay.

The paper Bo and Roman are looking at is the invoice from the last shipment that shows that a whiskey bottle is missing. Shawn Sr. explains that the shipment arrived last night, hours before Maggie was attacked. Bo asks Shawn Sr. and Caroline to recall who was at the Pub last night. Will listens from a booth as Shawn Sr. recounts that Sami, Lucas, Kate, and Nicole all stopped by. Bo asks about Victor and Shawn Sr. recalls that he saw Victor here after Maggie was killed. Roman asks why Victor was here and Shawn Sr. turns the question to Caroline. Caroline takes offense at the question and quickly leaves.

Hope thanks the funeral director for making the arrangements. The funeral director leaves to prepare for the service. Mickey blames himself for Maggie’s murder and Hope reassures him that he couldn’t have prevented the murder. Hope asks Mickey if the killer’s eyes he saw last night were the eyes of Rex DiMera. Mickey can’t say for sure if it is Rex but wishes it was so that all this could be over.

Cassie admits that she’d so anything for Rex, still defending Rex’s innocence. Shawn proclaims that he knows exactly what Rex is planning.

Shawn repeats his theory that Rex has asked Cassie to help him by killing someone while he is behind bars. Cassie denies this theory. Shawn warns Cassie not to let Rex take her down with him.

Rex is overcome by another severe headache. He makes himself focus, declaring that he knows who the next victim will be.

Kate storms into the Kiriakis mansion to demand that Victor hold up his end of the bargain about destroying Sami because she told her secret.

Sami lets herself into Lucas’ apartment, finding Lucas drowning his sorrows in a bottle. Lucas laments about how he always thought Austin and Billie had it tough because of Curtis. He drinks a toast to Kate as he sarcastically jokes about making a reality show around finding his real father. Sami grabs the bottle away from Lucas, begging him to stop this bender he is on, telling him that she needs him.

Hope arrives at the Brady Pub and Roman and Bo fill her in. Roman tells Bo and Hope about how Cassie and Rex stole a bottle of wine when they first arrived, speculating that Rex could have been in the Pub last night when he was dressed in the costume and mask. Caroline comes up to tell Bo that she didn’t bartend last night and can’t understand why her prints would be on the bottle. Hope suggests to Bo, a theory that Caroline’s fingerprints were transferred, setting Caroline up to be the next target.

Sami covers by claiming that she meant she needed Lucas to be there for Will. Lucas believes that Will and/or his friends believe they both are killers or even his own grandmother Kate. Sami accuses Lucas of feeling sorry for himself and Lucas accuses Sami of thinking of him as a one night stand before ordering her out of his apartment again.

Bo has reservations about Caroline being involved but Hope insists that they have to pursue this case from all angles. Bo insists to Caroline that she tell them where she was last night. Caroline refuses to tell anyone, ever.

Shawn tries to get Cassie to admit Rex’s plan as Roman walks up. Cassie accuses Shawn of badgering both her and Rex. Roman lets himself into Rex’s cell to question him. Roman questions Rex on how the fingerprints got on the bottle. Rex gets smart with Roman by making fun of Caroline, which angers Roman. Roman accuses Rex of being out to get Caroline but Rex denies all allegations.

Sami brings Lucas a mug of coffee and moves the bottle of liquor away from him. Lucas thanks Sami for not leaving. Sami threatens to get sole custody if it turns out that Lucas or Kate are the murderers. Lucas gets angry and grabs Sami. Sami questions whether Lucas is going to kill her.

Shawn and Cassie listen in as Roman questions Rex about Maggie’s blood being on his sweatshirt. Rex tells a story about literally running into Maggie one day and giving her a bloody nose. Roman doesn’t believe him, vowing to find out the truth. Shawn worries that Rex is like a caged animal as he tells Cassie that he welcomes Rex’s wrath against the Bradys.

Kate thinks that Sami would use her own son if that’s what it took to destroy her. Talk turns to Victor’s relationship with Nicole. Victor worries that Nicole will use Brady against him. Victor agrees to take care of Sami for Kate if she agrees to take care of Nicole for him. Kate agrees to the deal.

Sami gets herself free from Lucas’ grasp. She turns to leave as Lucas throws the liquor bottle at her, which crashes against the wall. Sami accuses Lucas of being so drunk he doesn’t remember even killing Maggie.

Roman gets fed up with Rex and leaves the cell. Cassie asks to be able to say goodbye to Rex and goes over to the cell, leaving Shawn and Roman alone. Shawn questions Roman about what Rex said and fills Roman in on what Cassie said, vowing not to let Rex pull a fast one from jail.

Cassie wonders to Rex if that Roman knew he was their father, that he would still put Rex away for life. Rex sticks with his theory that another killing that happened while he was still in jail would definitely throw suspicion off of him.

Shawn wants to question Cassie again but she refuses, insisting on going to find Tony. Shawn heads to Rex’s cell to accuse him of planning the next murder and enlisting Cassie’s help. Shawn pulls Rex up to the bars as he vows that Rex will not get away with murder.

Lucas begins to cry as he claims that he can not go to this funeral because the whole family thinks he is the murderer. He grows upset that he can’t find any more alcohol left until he finds a full bottle hidden in his dresser. He drinks a toast to Maggie. Will approaches Lucas’ apartment but pauses as he digs for his key.

Sami is getting ready for the funeral when the phone rings. It is Kate who has called to warn her to stay away from Lucas. Sami vows that she will kill to protect her son before slamming down the phone. Kate vows to stop Sami if she ever goes after her or Lucas. Sami hears Will calling out for Lucas to open the door and rushes over to Lucas’ apartment.

Bo and Hope fill Roman in on Hope’s theory about Caroline being the next victim. They agree to put extra police protection on Caroline and Hope leaves to go pick up Mickey for the funeral. Roman and Bo try again to urge Caroline to tell them where she was when Maggie was killed. Caroline again refuses to tell as Victor comes in, declaring that he can help because Caroline was with him last night.

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