Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/11/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/11/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Caroline sits alone in the Brady Pub. She rubs her neck as she ponders who could have taken Maggie from them. Victor comes up behind her with an offer to show her what Nicole has been missing.

Nicole retrieves a sexy black dress from a drawer and slips it on. She sees and hears herself in the mirror telling her that she is hot. Nicole then sprays perfume in the air and steps underneath it.

Brady is on his way to his room when he knocks on Nicole’s door. He opens the door and is shocked at how sexy Nicole looks. Nicole pulls him close for a passionate kiss as Nicole’s alter mirror ego eggs her on.

Roman leads Rex to booking as Cassie urges Rex to hang in there because Tony is talking to his lawyers.

Philip and Tek work on the computer at the police station to try and figure out where the messages were coming from.

Bo is hesitant to announce to Hope whose prints were on the whiskey bottle. Shawn enters and tries to grab the forensics report, thinking that it shows proof of Rex’s guilt. Bo keeps the report away from Shawn.

Roman and Rex arrive at booking and the police officer there takes Rex’s fingerprints and mug shot. Rex is now behind bars as he taunts and threatens Roman, vowing to be worse than Stefano and Tony.

Victor rubs Caroline’s neck and silences her worries about Maggie. Victor joins Caroline at the table as they talk about why Nicole doesn’t like Victor’s pampering and how he offered her a divorce. Caroline leaves to help a customer as Victor vows that Nicole will accept his divorce offer and stay away from Brady or live to regret it or even die.

Brady starts to pull away and refuse Nicole’s advances but Nicole quiets him, quickly ripping open his shirt. Brady steps back, insisting that they need to talk. Brady shows Nicole the newspaper hotline about Maggie being murdered.

Cassie complains to Mimi about how she wishes they never came to Salem. Mimi tries to convince Cassie that Rex’s headaches and murders may not have happened if Rex and Cassie had been honest about their parentage.

An officer comes up to Roman to announce that Rex’s lawyer has arrived. Rex is suddenly overcome with another headache as Cameron Reese approaches, vehemently denying Rex’s involvement in the murders. Roman leads her to Rex’s cell, only to find Rex turning over his bed in rage brought on by his headache.

Bo shows the forensics report to Hope who is equally shocked that the prints found on the bottle that killed Maggie belong to Caroline.

Tek brings Philip a box containing all of the evidence they have so far on the serial killer so Philip can compare it with what came through on the computer.

Shawn suggests that Rex could have planted the fingerprints on the bottle as Hope questions why it had to be Caroline’s fingerprints on the bottle.

Caroline returns to the table with Victor. Victor wants to leave so as not to trouble Caroline but Caroline insists on talking out Victor’s problem with Nicole. Victor tells Caroline about finding Brady and Nicole together. Caroline questions where Victor is jealous of young people but Victor denies it, claiming he has to do everything to protect Brady from Nicole.

Brady reads the important details about Maggie’s murder from the paper to Nicole and questions her about finding her wearing the same outfit as the killer. Nicole brushes it off but Brady begs her to tell him whether or not she killed Maggie.

Nicole is offended by Brady’s question, completely avoiding answering it. She tries to get away but Brady grabs her arm. Nicole struggles and ends up falling onto the bed with Brady falling on top of her. They give in to their passions and begin to kiss.

Bo considers Shawn’s theory of Rex trying to frame Caroline to make the Bradys turn on one of their own. Hope and Shawn question why Caroline as Bo points out that if the DiMeras can get to the woman who holds the family together, then they can get to any one of them.

Caroline advises Victor that Brady is a grown man who is highly civilized. Victor warns that Nicole is conniving and evil and he fears that she could try and kill him. Caroline gets scared and begins to cry as she questions Victor as to why he is confiding in her. Victor answers that Caroline is one of those that he cares about as he takes her hand from across the table. Shawn Sr. comes down the stairs to see them.

Cassie argues with Mimi about her truly loving Rex to be casting doubt on Rex’s innocence. Mimi declares that she does love Rex and it kills her to be having these doubts.

Roman orders Rex to calm down or be restrained. Cameron Reese yells at Roman for threatening her client as she introduces herself to Rex. Rex claims he doesn’t need Cameron because he’ll be out of jail before the night is over. Roman refers to Rex as the killer, refusing to let him loose. Rex laughs evilly at the thought of him being the killer.

Philip uses the computer to try and match the mask from Rex’s closet to the one the killer wore by using the serial number.

Bo reluctantly decides to go and interrogate Caroline, treating her as he would any other potential suspect.

Caroline is touched by Victor’s sentiment. Victor begins to make his goodbyes to Caroline as Shawn Sr. steps up to tell Victor to let go of Caroline’s hand.

Brady gets up from the bed, refusing to make love with Nicole. Nicole tries to convince him to do so by rubbing his chest and arms. She turns Brady to face her, asking him to help her out by letting her be with a man her own age. She runs her fingers through his hair as she begins to passionately kiss him again. This time Brady doesn’t push her away.

Cameron advises Rex on what he should answer but Rex refuses to answer any questions. Cameron gets fed up with Rex’s behavior and leaves. Rex threatens Roman, proclaiming that he has no clue who holds the cards. Roman points out that he isn’t the one locked up behind bars.

Victor assures Shawn Sr. that he is just a friend and nothing more. Victor leaves. Caroline gets upset with Shawn Sr. for being rude but Shawn Sr. accuses Victor of coming on to her. Bo arrives, grateful that Caroline is still up. Bo announces that he needs to ask Caroline some questions.

Brady pulls away again, proclaiming that their actions aren’t right. Nicole continues to try and convince Brady to sleep with her. Nicole slips off her dress to seduce Brady.

Brady makes Nicole put her robe on. He goes to leave but Nicole calls him back to show him some sexy photos of her that she was going to give to Victor as a gift. Victor comes in to accuse Nicole of trying to seduce Brady as he tells Brady that he’ll see him in Brady’s room. He leaves Nicole with a warning to have an answer about the divorce tonight.

Victor goes into Brady’s room to ask him for a promise that he’ll never get involved with Nicole. Nicole listens outside the door. Victor and Brady shake hands as Brady promises to never get involved with Nicole.

Nicole places a note on the envelope of sexy photos saying that they are from her as she proclaims that Victor may have won the battle but she is going to win the war.

Brady slips off his shirt to begin doing sit-ups against the bed when Nicole slips the envelope under his door. Brady picks up the envelope and has a flashback of their recent encounter before throwing the envelope in the trash.

Bo tells Caroline and Shawn Sr. about Rex having been arrested and them finding Rex’s Halloween outfit covered in Maggie’s blood. He goes on to tell them about finding the whiskey bottle. Caroline questions Bo about fingerprints on the bottle and Bo admits that the fingerprints were hers.

Mimi defends her feelings about Rex to Cassie. Philip comes out to Mimi and Cassie to proclaim that they are trying to match the killer’s mask to Rex’s mask. Cameron Reese barges in to announce that Rex is refusing to cooperate and as far as she can tell, Rex seems guilty.

Philip fills Hope and Shawn in on his attempts to match the masks.

Nicole lays in her bed, waiting excitedly for Brady to give into temptation.

Brady lays in bed, trying to decide whether or not to look at the photos. At first, he dismisses the idea, but then reconsiders and pulls them out of the envelope. He has a fantasy of Nicole coming into his room and slipping off the dress before joining him on the bed and kissing him.

Cassie asks Roman for a moment alone with Rex. Roman agrees to the idea and Mimi speaks up to request a visit as well. Roman lets Cassie go in first because he wants to advise Mimi that Rex is a very angry man who could vent that anger onto her.

Caroline is shocked at the news about her fingerprints being on the bottle. Shawn Sr. gets upset that Bo could be accusing his own mother of murder. Bo questions Caroline’s whereabouts and Shawn Sr. answers for her, saying she was at St. Luke’s. Bo quickly accepts the answer, apologizing for forgetting about the annual tradition she participates in. Caroline admits that she never made it St. Luke’s so Bo asks her again about where she was. Caroline refuses to answer.

Everyone is crowded around the computer screen at the police station when Philip announces that’s he found something. A skull appears on the screen with a warning that time is up and that this computer will explode in seconds. Everyone dives for cover as the computer explodes. Philip laments about finding his backup copy of the information fried.

Cassie visits Rex in jail and tells him about the latest evidence against him. Rex warns Cassie that the next victim has already been attacked.

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