Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/10/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami's apartment:

Sami and Lucas continue arguing over the dream Sami had about Maggie's attack. Lucas insists that her dream was reality, and tells her not to act like it's "no big deal." Lucas begins to threaten her, saying "If she dies, and you're responsible," but he's cut off by Roman. Roman tells Sami that he wants to know the truth, and asks if she attempted to murder Maggie. Sami asks how he could accuse her of something like that. Roman said he overheard her and Lucas talking about the dream she had. He asks her to explain the clothing that he and Kate found in the bedroom, the same clothing the killer was wearing. Sami says she has no idea where the clothes came from. Roman asks where Sami was tonight, and she says she was at home, sleeping. Roman questions Lucas about where he and Sami just came from. Lucas tells him they went to Mickey and Maggie's house, to see what was going on. Sami begs Roman to believe that she didn't do it. Lucas says to believe her, that she couldn't be the killer. Kate laughs, and says "You're defending her now?", and asks if he has feelings for her. Lucas says Sami is the mother of his son, and doesn't think she's capable of murder. Kate asks Sami if she thinks Lucas could be the killer. Sami is sincere, and tells her no.

Roman asks for Lucas' alibi, he says he was at home alone. Lucas gets a phone call from Caroline, asking him to go to the hospital right away.

Marlena goes to Sami's, and says any one of them (Sami, Kate, Lucas) could be guilty. Roman tells them that Maggie died. Kate accuses Sami of killing her. Sami breaks down, and asks Marlena how it's possible that she saw the attack on Maggie. Marlena says she has a theory, and asks Sami if she still listens to the radio before she goes to bed. She says yes, she listens to the 24 hour news. Marlena tells her the station gave all the details on the attack, and that is why Sami had the dream about it.

After Marlena leaves, Kate says it would have been a relief to see Sami back on death row. Sami asks Kate if Lucas knows that she was a prostitute for Stefano Dimera, and Lucas walks in. He asks Kate if that's what Abe was threatening to tell Roman. Sami tells Lucas he may not even be a Horton.

The hospital:

Jen asks Hope is she thinks Maggie's regained consciousness, and if that's why Lexi brought Mickey into the room. Hope says she thinks Lexi wanted Mickey to have a chance to say good-bye. They go to tell Alice and Caroline about Maggie's condition.

Lexi says to Mickey "I thought you might want some time alone with her." Mickey asks if Maggie is worse, and Lexi says she doesn't have much more time. He asks Lexi if Maggie is in pain, and Lexi tells him no, she's comfortable. Lexi leaves the room, and Mickey tells Maggie that he loves her.

Shawn, Hope, Alice, Caroline, Jen, Mickey and Lexi are all in the room with Maggie. Mickey says they still have their love and it will last forever. Alice tries to comfort him, by saying Tom is watching over her. Maggie flatlines, and Lexi tells them she's gone. Mickey kisses her, and breaks down in tears.

Jen tells Hope she got in contact with Sara and Melissa. She says she needs to tell Abby what happened, and goes to call her. Hope promises Mickey that they'll find Maggie's killer, and he thanks her for all she's doing. Hope and Shawn leave to go back to the station. Lexi asks Mickey how he's doing, and he tells her he's fine. Lexi tells him Alice and Caroline went to go call Maggie's friends and staff at the restaurant.

Lucas gets to the hospital and Jen tells him Maggie is dead. She says she knows he's a suspect, and asks if he killed Maggie. Lucas wants to know how she can ask him that, obviously upset by the news of her death. Jen apologizes. Lucas tells her he would never hurt Maggie, that she saved his life. Lucas goes to talk to Mickey. Mickey hugs him, and asks "Why Maggie?"

Mickey talks to Maggie's corpse, and has flashbacks from Christmas one year, when Maggie was in the hospital. He gave her red dancing shoes. He remembers their second wedding, and their vows.

The station:

Shawn brings the costume to the police station. Mimi, Marlena and Tony follow. Shawn tells Bo he found the costume the killer was wearing when Maggie was attacked, and that he found it on the floor, in Rex's closet at the Dimera mansion. Tony tells him the evidence is contaminated, to which Shawn replies "With the victims blood." Rex says he's not guilty. Bo looks at the sweatshirt, and has it sent down to the crime lab for testing. Rex says it will prove him innocent.

Bo gets a phone call from Hope, saying that it doesn't look good for Maggie. Hope says they need Shawn there, and he goes to the hospital.

Bo tells Rex that he's taking him down to interrogation. Tony tells him no, that he hasn't been charged, and he's not going to allow his son to be questioned without an attorney present. Rex thanks him for his help, but says Bo can ask him anything he wants, because he has nothing to hide.

Bo and Rex return, and Tony asks Bo if he's reached a verdict. Rex says he's innocent, again. He asks Tony if he's proud of him, and Tony tells him no. He asks how Rex could leave blood on the sweatshirt, but Rex tells him he doesn't know anything about it or where it came from. Bo gets a phone call, and Mimi asks him what's wrong. Bo tells them that Maggie died, and threatens Rex with murder 1 if it's Maggie's blood on his sweatshirt.

Bo gets a fax, and tells Rex forensics is running tests on the prints found on the whiskey bottle that the killer used to hit Maggie with. Rex guarantees the prints aren't his.

Bo and Hope go through the list of suspects. Bo gets the results of the test done on the fingerprints on the whiskey bottle, and Roman gets the DNA test results. The sweatshirt in Rex's closet was stained with Maggie's blood. Rex is arrested for the murder of Maggie Horton.

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