Days Of Our Lives Update Friday 11/4/03

Days Of Our Lives Update Friday 11/7/03

by Danielle

A fire rages in an alley trashcan as Nicole, dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt, tosses a Halloween hockey mask into the flames. She is surprised by Brady, who questions her about what she threw into the fire.

Jennifer, Mickey, and Lexie hover over Maggie, waiting to hear her name her attacker. Hope comes in and Lexie fills her in on Maggie’s condition. Hope reassures Maggie that no one will hurt her now and then begs her to tell them the name of her attacker.

Mimi sits with a sleeping Rex as Shawn tries to reach his parents. Marlena bursts in to check on Rex, explaining about getting the message from Cassie. Shawn fills Marlena in on what Rex said when he woke up earlier. Mimi begs Marlena to help Rex. Marlena tries to wake Rex, as Shawn starts to call Bo to have him come down and arrest Rex. Marlena stops him, wanting to let Rex wake up and speak for himself first.

Cassie leads Philip deep into the basement of the DiMera mansion looking for Tony. Cassie lets Philip into the secret room and Philip is shocked at what he sees.

Nicole avoids Brady’s question until he presses on. Nicole claims that she just had to get out of the house and away from Victor. Brady urges Nicole to take Victor’s deal. Brady asks again about what Nicole burned and Nicole admits that she was burning a Halloween mask because she wanted to walk around without people looking at her wondering if she is the serial killer. Nicole is worried that she will go to jail but Brady assures her that she won’t be named as the serial killer. Nicole is sure that Maggie will never name her as the killer.

Hope asks Maggie again to name her attacker. Maggie has a hard time speaking or even thinking clearly. Lexie leads Hope and Jennifer out of the room and warns them that there isn’t hope.

Marlena works to wake Rex as Shawn continues to blame Rex for the murders. Marlena yells at Shawn to stop as Mimi agrees with Marlena. Shawn tells Marlena about seeing Maggie’s attack on streaming video and how Philip found the same costume on Rex’s bathroom floor. Mimi and Shawn begin to argue but Marlena stops them to ask how long Rex has been like this. Mimi gives Marlena the history of Rex’s actions tonight and tells her about how Cassie and Philip are off looking for Tony.

They find Tony sitting on the floor meditating amidst rugs and lit candles. Philip questions Cassie about how she found this place. He then approaches Tony, but is thrown across the room by Tony in his trance like state. 

Cassie steps between Tony and Philip. Tony warns Philip and Cassie never to disturb a man in a meditative state. Cassie explains why they were looking for him and Philip adds that they have proof that Rex is the Salem Serial Killer.

Marlena warns Shawn to find a way to calm himself down, vowing that if Tony or Rex had anything to do with the attacks then they will pay but they must first hear Rex’s side of the story. Marlena turns to Rex again, talking to him in a way to ask him to come toward his mother’s voice so he can tell them where he was tonight.

Nicole adamantly denies that she didn’t kill anyone. Brady doesn’t believe her but Nicole solely wants to return to the house to be alone. Brady continues to urge her to accept Victor’s offer. Nicole laments about how nice it was not to hear people whisper as she walked by and Brady questions why she is burning the mask.

Mickey has joined Jennifer and Hope out in the hall and begins to cry as he tells them about how he and Maggie had been talking about memories and making more in the years to come but Maggie had thought that that wouldn’t be the case. Lexie comes and leads a reluctant Mickey away to get some rest. Once alone, Hope tells Jennifer about the killer’s streaming video of the attack. Hope dreads the thought of having to go and question Mickey because of him having seen the killer according to the video feed. 

Hope and Jennifer go into Mickey’s room and Hope questions him about seeing the killer. Mickey confirms that he saw “him.” Hope questions Mickey about being sure he saw the killer’s face.

Lexie is in checking on Maggie as Mickey, Hope and Jennifer watch from outside her room. Mickey explains that he didn’t mean anyone specific when he said “you,” suddenly remembering about Officer Kent. Hope informs him that he is going to be fine.

Nicole explains that she is burning the mask because it was a lie and she has to accept who she is. Nicole compares her actions tonight to her everyday life, speculating that she wears a symbolic mask every day. Nicole admits that the only person she can’t hide from is Brady.

Rex wakens, shocked to find Marlena there. Shawn immediately starts in on him but Rex acts like he has no clue what Shawn is talking about. Tony arrives with Cassie and Philip, who orders everyone who isn’t his family to leave. Shawn refuses to leave.

Brady is insistent on trying to get to know Nicole because he knows deep down that she is a good person. Nicole speculates that she was born hating herself but Brady quickly denies that. Nicole refers to herself as a criminal, which Brady picks up on.

Shawn starts to call Bo again, wanting him to come down to the mansion before he will leave. Tony orders him to turn off the phone but Shawn refuses. Philip steps between them and Tony warns him about getting into another fight. Marlena questions Rex about having anything to do with the attack on Maggie, which Rex vehemently denies. Shawn accuses him of lying. 

Lexie comes out of Maggie’s room to report that there hasn’t been any change. Lexie urges Mickey to get some rest but Mickey refuses to leave Maggie. Lexie returns to Maggie’s bedside. Hope resumes questioning Mickey. Hope questions why Maggie turned off the alarm and Mickey explains that Maggie was so trusting that she couldn’t believe any of the suspects could be the killer and she would have let anyone of them in.

Brady gives Nicole his jacket as he tells her that she deserves to be loved. Nicole is touched by the sentiment as Victor approaches. 

Hope further questions Mickey’s statement about Maggie being convinced that not one of the seven suspects could be the killer. Mickey quotes Maggie as referring to the killer as “he.”

Shawn questions Rex about having said Maggie was dead. Philip questions Rex’s sincerity. Tony calls Marlena over to ask when Maggie was attacked, confirming that therefore upon Marlena’s answer that Rex couldn’t be the killer because he has an airtight alibi. 

Jennifer, Hope, and Mickey contemplate which of the male suspects Maggie would let into her home.

Tony claims that he heard Rex come in and go upstairs during that time frame. Philip questions Tony’s sincerity because Tony was meditating but Tony says that he heard Rex before he went downstairs. Shawn doesn’t believe Tony, claiming that they checked the house and found no one home. Marlena questions whether someone can vouch for Rex’s whereabouts. Tony assumes that now the question of where Rex was is settled. Shawn accuses Tony and Rex of working together in that when one lies, the other swears to it.

Victor yells at Brady to explain how he and Nicole came to be in this current situation. Brady takes offense at Victor's inquiries but Victor insists that he’ll talk to Brady anyway he pleases. Victor turns to Nicole to ask if she’s decided to accept his offer for he’s sure Brady is anxiously waiting for her to be available.  Brady denies that he wants Nicole and Victor to break up so that he can be with her. Victor accuses him of lying. 

Hope wants to call Bo and update him but Jennifer stops her to point out that people usually refer to someone of unknown gender as “he.” Lexie rushes out of Maggie’s room to yell for Mickey to come in the room now.

Philip questions Rex about keeping Mimi waiting at the Halloween party. Rex claims he didn’t go because he had a headache. Marlena orders everyone to stay out of it and let the police handle it. Shawn uses a hanger to pick up Rex’s Halloween costume from the bathroom floor, questioning him about the blood found on it. 

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