Days Of Our Lives Update Wednessday 11/5/03

Days Of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/5/03

by Danielle

Celeste deals out Bonnie’s tarot cards. Bonnie begs her to reveal what that first card said but Celeste quickly hushes her. An aggravated Bonnie sneaks another drink from behind the bar before returning to the table. Celeste explains that every card she draws is the death card. Bonnie admits that she took the death card, making what Celeste said impossible to happen. Celeste proves her point by turning over every card on the table. 

Shawn brings Mimi some coffee and they continue to argue about Rex when they hear Hope cry out. Shawn and Mimi rush over to where Bo and Hope are looking at the computer screen. The screen shows a bloody Maggie unconscious on the floor. Bo rushes to try and reach Kent on the radio. The wind is interfering with the signal so Bo switches to the phone. Hope shouts orders to another officer as Shawn and Mimi notice how Maggie opened her eyes on the screen. Everyone rushes over, only for Shawn to notice that the images they are seeing aren’t happening in real time. 

Mickey tries to convince Maggie that she’s going to be all right as he calls out for Officer Kent. Mickey then notices the killer and becomes angry with them. The killer brandishes the scalpel.

Bonnie begins to freak out about the tarot cards and begs Celeste to deal them again. Celeste complies, only to have the same result. Bonnie rushes back behind the bar to help herself to another drink. Celeste goes to leave but Bonnie stops her. Celeste vows to find the source of this evil.

Mickey stands up to the killer and tries to fight him but is stabbed.

Bo can’t get anyone to pick up at Mickey’s house. Shawn calls everyone back over to the computer screen because another message is coming through from the killer. It features a dancing skeleton that taunts in a haunting voice, “feast your eyes on this.” The killer then shows everyone at the police station the footage of Mickey being stabbed with the scalpel.

Celeste leaves the Brady Pub, soon followed by Bonnie who insists on staying with her. Celeste is suddenly overcome with a premonition that evil is everywhere and that the dead are coming back to exact revenge on those who have wronged. Bonnie begins to get upset over having taken Jack’s clothes. Some people dressed as skeletons dance around in front of the Brady Pub, scaring Celeste and Bonnie, who rush off.

Bo comforts Hope as the killer shows Mickey lying unconscious next to Maggie. The killer, wearing the hockey mask is shown on camera as he turns off the video feed. The dancing skeleton reappears as it cackles and promises more to come. Bo reaches Kent on the radio and lets him know that the killer is in the house. Bo and Hope rush over to the house as Shawn and Mimi stay at the computer.

Officer Kent lets himself into the house and spots Mickey and Maggie. He calls for an ambulance as the killer lurks behind them. Mickey begins to come to and starts to say something. Officer Kent looks behind him just in time to see the killer bring down a rolling pin on him. The officer assigned to keep radio contact with Officer Kent from the police station frantically tries to get him to respond but Kent is knocked unconscious.

Those dressed as skeletons chase Celeste and Bonnie down to the pier. The 3 teens take off their masks and laugh about how well they scared Celeste and Bonnie. Suddenly, the word kill is chanted. It scares the teens away and Bonnie wants to run too but Celeste remains still, declaring that it is too late.

Shawn gets upset with an officer about a downed tree in the way to Maggie and Mickey’s house. Mimi tries to get Shawn to think positively that Maggie and Mickey will be okay but Shawn refuses to think like that, instead snapping at Mimi. Mimi defends her point of view by claiming that Shawn has to have faith that most people in this world are decent and caring. Mimi and Shawn get into a theological debate about why God is letting things like this happen. Mimi worries that Shawn is not like himself and has changed but Shawn points out that having people he loves murdered will change a person. Shawn wants to go out and find Rex. Mimi tries to stop him but when Shawn insists, Mimi wants to go with him. The other officer continues to try and get Officer Kent to respond on the radio.

Hope and Bo arrive at the house and spot Mickey and Maggie. Hope rushes to their side as Bo notices the fresh trail of blood. They find Kent’s body and Bo quickly gets on the radio to call for help. They hear the chanting as well.

Bonnie and Celeste continue to hear the same chanting. Bonnie asks Celeste about what it is too late for but Celeste simply says Maggie’s name.

Hope and Bo check on Maggie, Mickey and Officer Kent. Maggie starts to come to but starts seizing. Bo and Hope work to comfort her, assuring her that the paramedics are on the way.

Bonnie wants to head to Maggie’s house to try and help. Celeste stops her, declaring that there is nothing Bonnie can do.

Maggie begins to whimper as Bo and Hope comforts her. Bo leaves to check on the paramedics as Hope urges Maggie to hang on. 

The paramedics arrive and Bo and Hope give them the report on Mickey and Maggie’s condition. 

Bonnie and Celeste walk along the pier when Bonnie stops, noticing that the chanting has stopped. Bonnie wonders if that means that Maggie has died but Celeste isn’t getting any feelings or premonitions. Celeste urges Bonnie to have positive thoughts, as they haven’t confirmed her premonition to be true. Bonnie brings up how the Hortons recommended her to Lexie and Celeste rushes off to check in with Lexie. Once alone, Bonnie speculates about how many wonderful clothes Maggie owns. She has a fantasy of Maggie coming to her as an angel to tell her that she’s left Bonnie her entire wardrobe. Bonnie is suddenly transformed out of her maid’s uniform into an elegant evening gown. Bonnie tells Maggie to change her back and Maggie waves her wand to magically change her back into her maid’s uniform. Celeste returns to tell Bonnie about Mickey and Maggie being attacked. Celeste feels that the killer is here to stay.

Shawn and Mimi check for Rex at the Brady Pub but don’t find him. Shawn vows to find whoever is attacking his friends and family. They leave to go someplace else to look for Rex as the killer comes out of the shadows and follows their path.

The paramedics wheel Maggie and Mickey out on stretchers as Hope calls Jennifer with an update. Jennifer agrees to talk to Alice and they make plans to meet at the hospital. Bo wants Hope to ride in the ambulance with Maggie but Hope insists on staying at the house to finish her job and work on finding the killer. 

Celeste tells Bonnie about being able to sense the killer’s feelings. Bonnie notices a display of Halloween costumes, hoping that Celeste is sensing that instead. Bonnie thinks that one of the costumes is extremely lifelike until Celeste notices that the display features a mirror and that the killer is actually wearing the costume. They turn around to see the killer brandishing the bloody scalpel and scream.

Mimi and Shawn are walking around town looking for Rex when they hear the screams. Mimi recognizes the scream and they rush toward them. Celeste and Bonnie are backed up against the costume display as the viewer watches from behind the killer’s mask. 

Hope and Bo search for clues in the crime scene. They discover the bloody rolling pin and the broken, blood covered whiskey bottle. The officer at the station calls Bo to get an update. Bo asks to speak to Shawn but the officer fills him in on how Shawn and Mimi left a while ago.

Bonnie thinks that the killer is another kid playing a prank and stands up to the killer. Celeste pulls her aside to tell her that she is feeling the killer’s presence very close and very strong. Bonnie and Celeste run away as Mimi and Shawn run up to them. Celeste and Bonnie fill them in on what the killer looked like. Mimi and Shawn spot the killer running away and Shawn takes off after him, assuming it is Rex. Bonnie turns on Mimi to ask if Rex is the killer.

The paramedics arrive at the hospital wheeling Mickey in as they talk about how he will be fine but Maggie will need a miracle.

Mimi says that some people think Rex could be the killer and Celeste declares that the killer has an insatiable thirst for blood. Mimi worries about Shawn and rushes after him.

Bo fills Hope in on Shawn’s recent actions.

Shawn chases the killer that he believes to be Rex to a locked, tall fence. He vows that this is the end and the killing stops here.

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