Days Of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/4/03

Days Of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/4/03

by Danielle

Hope is staring at the suspect board when Bo joins her. They talk about how the officer watching Maggie reported in to say that everything is fine. Hope and Bo become angered that all 7 suspects have dropped off the radar again.

Cassie and Philip arrive at the pier. Cassie worries that Rex could be the killer.

The gusty wind blows open the window and makes the lights flicker in Shawn and Rex’s loft. Mimi screams and rushes to Shawn.

Bonnie is gushing over having her tarot cards read when Celeste interrupts her. Celeste feels an urgent need to talk to Lexie and leaves to call her. While Celeste is gone, Bonnie sneaks a peek at her cards and is shocked to find the Death card.

The wind picks up at the pier and Philip holds Cassie close.

Mickey is sound asleep in bed.

Celeste senses that death is about to claim its next victim as she stands outside the Brady Pub.

(This scene is shot from the point of the view of the killer, leaving the killer’s identity unknown to the viewer.) Maggie lets the killer inside her home. She resets the alarm as the killer has flashbacks to seeing Maggie in the kitchen earlier in the evening. Maggie assures the killer that “the killer” can’t get in and it is just the two of them now.

Hope laments about the media reporting that Maggie was close to naming the killer. Bo asks about Shawn and Hope says that Shawn’s plans are to stay at the loft tonight. They talk about how Shawn is acting just like Bo acts in situations like this. Bo points out that Shawn shares her good qualities as well. Hope worries about their boys and Bo assures her that their family will be fine. They lament about how everyone is running around the city committing Halloween pranks. Bo points out that the serial killer can hide in plain sight behind a Halloween mask and the next victim wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Mimi forces the window closed. She is worried that she doesn’t know where Rex is.

Maggie makes tea for her and her guest, offering them cookies. The killer moves the scalpel around in their hand as Maggie fusses with getting cups and the tea to the table.

Bonnie quickly puts the Death card back on the table when Lisa, the waitress walks by. Bonnie cons Lisa into giving her cheesecake dessert free. Bonnie quickly stashes the Death Card in her outfit.

Cassie and Philip walk into the Brady Pub to hoots and hollers at Cassie’s outfit. Philip wonders if it is too late for them to find Rex.

Celeste hears people cackling as she worries that it is happening again.

Bo chews out a cop for not being at the pier looking for anything suspicious. Hope calls Bo over to look at a message they received on the computer. Bo checks it out to reveal that someone called “serial killer” has hacked into the police computer system. “Want to see my next victim” flashes on the screen. Bo and Hope stare at the computer screen, awaiting the killer’s next move.

The killer moves toward Maggie as she goes on about being shocked by the trick-or-treaters. Maggie moves across the room, motioning the killer to sit down at the table. The killer hides the scalpel behind their back.

Mimi continues to defend Rex as Shawn does his best to try and convince her that Rex is dangerous. Mimi insists that she wouldn’t be with a murderer but Shawn points out that if it were Belle who happened to be always missing when a murder happened, he’d have his doubts about her too. 

Cassie suddenly chalks Rex’s disappearance up to him being out getting takeout. Philip sees through her act.

Bonnie decides that hiding the Death card was the right thing to do as she helps herself to a drink from behind the bar.

The lights outside of the Pub flicker as the cackling continues. Celeste asks who is going to be next. 

Bo gets on the radio to order more police down to where the previous attacks occurred. Hope returns to tell Bo that the guys in the tech department can’t trace where the file is from. Bo returns to the computer to try and read the file. A laughing skull dances across the screen as “death comes unexpectedly” appears on the screen. Bo gets on the radio to the officer watching Maggie’s house that assures Bo that the place is secure. Hope gets on the phone with the tech department to update them on what they just saw on the computer screen.

Maggie tells the killer about how she’s been remembering things about the past that she hasn’t thought about in years. The killer tightens their grip on the scalpel in their hand underneath the table. Maggie gets up to get more cheese and crackers but turns her back to look for the knife. The killer raises the scalpel behind her.

Mimi reminisces about how Rex was so gentle when she first met him. They continue to argue about Rex and his temper. Mimi is adamant that Rex would never hurt her but wonders why Rex bought the mask. Shawn is insistent that Rex is the killer but Mimi continues to defend him. Shawn wants to leave to go find Rex but Mimi tries to stop him. Shawn defends his reason to leave and Mimi gives in.

The phone rings, waking up Mickey. It is Hope calling from the police station to check in and tell them about people pulling pranks. Mickey rolls over to notice that Maggie isn’t in bed anymore but just chalks it up to her being downstairs alone. Mickey assures Hope that everything will be okay and ends the call.

Bo calls Hope over to the computer to show her that “want to see my next victim?” is being flashed on the screen. Footage from a shaky home video camera is shown on Bo’s computer. It is fuzzy and Bo and Hope have a hard time making out where the killer is. The officer assigned to Maggie’s house knocks on the door to check on Maggie. Maggie turns to motion to her friend, only to see them no longer there. She returns to looking for the knife as she turns to see the killer filming her with a mini-camera. Maggie is still oblivious to the killer’s intentions as she makes small talk. Maggie puts down the large carving knife she was using to get a jar of pickles. The killer turns the camera to the knife that Maggie left on the counter.

Bonnie joins Celeste outside of the Brady Pub, upset that she left during her reading. Celeste remains still, proclaiming that the killer has taken over her mind.

Cassie defends Rex against Philip’s accusations. Philip suggests that Rex might have thought that Bo and Hope were going to name him as the attacker. Cassie has a flashback to when she asked Rex if he did attack Bo and Hope. Cassie hurriedly leaves to go find Rex as Philip chases after her.

Bo frantically calls out for the trace as he and Hope continue to watch the computer screen.

Maggie pours more tea for the killer as the lights flicker. Maggie comments about having to go to bed but takes the killer’s hand as she worries about seeing the killer’s eyes again. The lights suddenly go out completely and Maggie gets up to retrieve some candles. The lights come back on and Maggie notices that the killer is holding a bottle of liquor. Maggie tells the killer about how she doesn’t serve alcohol in her home because of her past with AA. The killer advances closer to Maggie and she notices the mask sticking out of their pocket. As the killer moves to stand in front of Maggie, Maggie notices the killer’s eyes to be the ones she saw on the day that Abe was killed. The killer raises the bottle above their head and brings it down on Maggie.

Hope calls Mickey again to check on Maggie. Mickey assures her that Maggie is fine. Hope warns Mickey to be extra careful since all 7 suspects are unaccounted for. Shawn and Mimi arrive at the police station and Hope yells at them for leaving the loft. Bo calls Hope over to look at a new video feed on the computer and Shawn recognizes it as Maggie’s kitchen. Hope quickly gets on the phone to Mickey as Bo grabs his radio to get in touch with the officer stationed there. 

Mickey notices while still in the bedroom, that the alarm is off and heads downstairs. Maggie comes to as the killer stands over her. Maggie laments about being sure that the killer couldn’t have been anyone she knew. Maggie begs the killer to let her live because Mickey needs her. The killer raises the now blood stained bottle above their head and Maggie screams. 

Bo and Hope can’t get in touch with Mickey or the officer. Bo orders a cop to send a unit and an ambulance to Maggie’s address. Shawn begins to get upset and angry that the killer is over at Maggie’s house now but Bo yells at him for not staying at the loft. Bo turns to see Philip and Cassie enter the station and yells at them for being there. Philip explains that Cassie was worried about Rex and they thought that the police would know where he is. Shawn proclaims that Rex is over at Maggie’s house right now and knocks over some items. Hope calls Bo over to look at the computer. When Bo sits back down in front of the computer, the screen has gone to black. Bo speculates that the killer doesn’t want them to see what happens next.

Celeste deals the tarot cards for Bonnie. Celeste uncovers the first card, (unseen by the viewer), and gasps. 

Cassie accuses Philip of thinking of Rex as the killer because he is good with computers. Mimi fills Philip and Cassie in on what she saw of the video feed. Shawn tries his hand at getting the feed back up and is successful. Everyone crowds around the computer screen and suddenly gasps as Maggie is shown on the floor with blood all over. 

Mickey comes downstairs to look for Maggie and finds her on the kitchen floor. He rushes over to her but turns when he hears something behind him. Mickey turns to see the killer standing over him, brandishing the scalpel. Mickey recognizes the killer, repeating, “it’s you, it’s you.”

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