DOOL Friday Update 10/31/03

Days of our Lives Friday 10/31/03

by Danielle

Lucas and Sami arrive at Will’s school with the cakes. They argue about having to come to Will’s class party together.

Kate confirms her secret to a shocked Roman. 

Maggie is preparing a bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters as Mickey asks if she really wants to do this. There is a knock on the door and it is Celeste. Maggie worries that there has been another murder. Celeste explains that she had another premonition and it showed that Maggie is in great danger.

Shawn lets himself into his loft and finds Rex tearing up the newspaper with Maggie’s picture. Shawn confronts Rex, accusing him of being the killer. A fistfight ensues.

Mimi arrives, dressed as a cheerleader, and stops the fight by blowing her whistle. She demands to know what happened and Shawn accuses Rex of being the killer.

Sami and Lucas continue to argue about how their reputations of being killers is affecting Will. Sami promises to be charming and ignore what other people say about them. They walk into the party and call out to Will. Will is hesitant about them being there. A teacher comes over to try and get Sami and Lucas to leave, claiming they have enough parent help but Sami and Lucas refuse to leave.

Mickey tries to convince Celeste to not share her premonition but Maggie insists on hearing what Celeste has to say.

Roman is angry with Kate for not trusting him enough to tell him. Kate tells Roman about how she did try and tell him before, after making love, but he was asleep. Roman questions whether Kate’s secret is connected to the murders.

Lucas offers to help at the party but the teacher tells them that they can help by leaving. Sami is having trouble keeping her temper in check. Will tries to get them to leave with him but Sami insists on staying.

Kate denies that her past has anything to do with the murders. Roman guesses correctly that Kate was arguing with Abe about her past. Kate swears that she didn’t kill Abe. Roman believes more in the fact that Kate could be the murderer because she now has a motive. Roman asks Kate to confess now if she is the murderer so she just might be able to avoid the death penalty.

Mimi gets upset with Shawn until he points out that Rex was found tearing up Maggie’s picture. Mimi confronts Rex, who claims he was just tearing up the whole article because he is sick of the situation. Shawn accuses Rex of lying but Rex just yells at Shawn to shut up as another headache comes on.

Will continues to try and convince Sami and Lucas to take him home but they refuse. Will leaves to go play with his classmates. The teacher goes to leave but Sami grabs her arm to stop her. She demands to know why the teacher doesn’t want anyone to know that she is Will’s mother. Meanwhile, two other mothers decorate a sign to put next to Sami’s cakes that says “chocolate cake to die for.” Sami and Lucas walk over to read the sign.

Kate wonders if Roman is going to arrest her.

Mickey and Maggie argue about whether she should hear about Celeste’s premonition. Celeste begins to tell about Maggie being in danger but Mickey points out that while Maggie was in danger, she is safe now. The doorbell rings and Maggie rushes to hand out candy. She opens the door to a teen dressed as the grim reaper. Maggie is so scared that she drops the bowl. The teen calls to his friend Jack, who just happens to be dressed in a suit with fake blood running down his face. Maggie lets out a blood-curdling scream.

Shawn taunts Rex as Mimi tries to get him to stop. To get Shawn off his back, Rex declares that he’ll tell Shawn everything.

Mickey rushes to Maggie’s side, demanding to know who the teens are. The teen dressed as the grim reaper pulls off his mask to reveal that they are the kids from across the street. They apologize for scaring Maggie and Mickey picks up some candy to give to them. Maggie begins to pick up the candy but Mickey and Celeste insist that she sit down and rest. Maggie tells Celeste about seeing Jack’s ghost last night.

Sami confronts the mothers about their sign. The parents want Sami and Lucas to leave before the kids are exposed to them. Sami raises her voice, which gets the attention of the kids. Lucas tries to persuade Sami to leave but she refuses. Sami turns to one of the children to ask about her costume. The girl tells Sami that she is dressed as Samantha Brady, Salem Serial Killer as she picks up a long knife from the refreshment table.

Roman agrees not to tell anyone about their recent discussion for now. Kate wonders where this leaves their relationship.

Rex tells Shawn that he isn’t guilty of anything. Mimi brings up how Belle would feel to see Shawn acting like this and Shawn announces that Belle has left town. Shawn vows to never let Rex get his hands on Belle, and now he is able to focus all of his time on bringing Rex down. Rex just laughs.

Rex scoffs at Shawn’s threat. Mimi steps in to ask Rex about getting a costume for a Halloween party that they are attending. Rex says he will pick one up on the way and Mimi leaves to get to the party early since she is in charge of refreshments. Shawn chides Rex about picking out a famous serial killer costume for Halloween. Rex leaves Shawn with the parting words of “go to hell” and heads for the elevator. Shawn leaves the loft shortly after to head down the stairs.

Roman is unsure of what the future holds for them. Kate declares that there will be no future between them because every time he holds her, he’ll be thinking about Stefano. Kate refuses Roman’s pity, only asking for him to understand what it was like for her then. Roman still insists that he could have understood and forgiven her secret until it became a motive for killing his best friend. Kate lets Roman use her phone to check in at the station and leaves the office. 

Celeste questions Maggie about Jack’s ghost’s visit. Mickey argues that that was just a figment of her imagination. Maggie insists that she has to know what’s in store for her, asking Celeste to read her tarot cards.

Sami tells the little girl to go play with her friends before turning on the mother. The teacher tries to intervene, begging Sami and Lucas to leave their cakes and go. Sami reaches for her cake and throws it in the teacher's face. The teacher pours something on Sami’s head and a food fight ensues between Sami and the parents. Lucas tries to stop it to no avail as Will watches in horror.

Lucas holds up a platter as a shield as the kids scream and cheer their parents on. Lucas yells at them to stop as the teacher and Sami toss insults at each other. Sami picks up the long knife and pretends to come after the teacher. The teacher is fed up and declares that she is going to call the police. Lucas ushers Sami out of the room as they talk about Maggie being close to naming the killer. They both vow to not let that happen and go to their respective apartments.

Mickey doesn’t like the idea of Celeste reading Maggie’s tarot cards. Maggie reluctantly agrees and Celeste leaves to give Maggie a chance to rest. Mickey suggests to Maggie that she take a sedative and go to bed, promising to be up to bed soon himself. 

Roman checks in with John at the station. They talk about how Maggie is their only bet in solving this case.

Kate notices the newspaper headline about Maggie, vowing not to let that happen. She leaves, taking the newspaper with her.

Rex is shopping at a costume shop when a salesperson comes over to declare that he saw Rex as a murderer the second he walked in. The salesperson shows Rex a series of scary masks but Rex chooses one that looks like a hockey mask. Shawn watches Rex through the store window.

Roman ends his phone call with John and ponders losing Kate as he looks at the engagement ring.

Mimi knocks frantically on Shawn and Rex’s door to complain that Rex never showed up at the party. Shawn tells Mimi about following Rex to the costume shop. Mimi suggests that she should go find Rex but Shawn advises against it. 

Alone, Celeste deals out the tarot cards to figure out what is going to happen to Maggie. She is taken aback when she uncovers the death card.

Mickey ends a phone call to turn and see Maggie standing there watching him. Mickey assures her that she is protected and nothing can harm her as he takes her in his arms. The killer is seen walking up to Maggie’s house, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and wearing a hockey mask.

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