DOOL Wednesday Update 10/29/03

Days of our Lives Wednesday 10/29/03

by Danielle

Shawn is sitting in a booth at the Brady Pub when John joins him. They discuss John’s plan to have Belle leave Salem. They go over the details of getting Belle to leave town. John tells Shawn that he is the one Belle would listen to, so he wants him to do whatever it takes to get her to leave Salem.

Belle arrives at Marlena’s office. Marlena tries to convince Belle to take something so she can get some sleep but Belle refuses. Belle is worried that the killer will see Marlena or John as a threat and try to kill them. Marlena pours a drink for Belle as she counsels her about drowning herself in sorrow. Marlena is adamant that the police are going to catch the killer. The phone rings and it is Shawn who insists on seeing her right away with news that could change her life forever.

Belle arrives at the Brady Pub, only to be wary of John and Shawn sitting together. John and Shawn reveal their plan on Belle having to go to Milan to help with Basic Black. Belle questions why John chose her and not Kate but John points out that Kate can’t leave town since she is a suspect. John explains that Belle will be personally working with an Italian designer as Basic Black’s liaison. Belle has her reservations but John insists that everything is taken care of. Shawn points out that Belle can hang out with Chloe there too. Belle finally agrees. John leaves to give Shawn and Belle some time alone. Shawn starts to talk up the trip but Belle stops him to announce that she knows what is going on. Belle realizes that John and Shawn are trying to get her out of Salem. Shawn tries to convince Belle to take the opportunity but Belle persists. Shawn admits to the plan but still tries to convince her to go. Belle hates the fact that they tried to manipulate her and vows not to go after all.

Belle still insists on staying in Salem. Shawn works to convince her to go so he and John won’t have to worry about her. Belle wants to try and convince Shawn to leave this investigation in peace. Shawn refuses to do so, insisting on protecting the ones he loves. Shawn anxiously waits on Belle’s decision. Belle agrees to go if it means that her being safe, helps mean that Shawn, John, and Marlena will be safe. Shawn gets a message about the jet being ready to go and they lament about it being time to say goodbye. Belle watches out the window for the limo to pull up. Shawn promises to be at the airport waiting for her when she returns. They hug as Shawn promises to be careful and to e-mail her every day. They kiss and hug as Shawn vows to look after their friends and family while she’s gone. Belle worries about who else will die while she’s away.

Rex is walking around his loft when Cassie arrives. Rex seems as if in a trance, not really responding to Cassie’s questions about his whereabouts yesterday. Rex comes out of his trance as Cassie asks again about his whereabouts. Cassie tells Rex about how he was followed. Rex is angered that Cassie betrayed him. Cassie is upset that Rex has been shutting her out since the fashion show but Rex blames it on having a girlfriend and his own place. Cassie begs Rex to tell her the truth about why he went to the crime scenes. Rex claims he doesn’t remember even being there. Rex recounts to Cassie all that he does remember. Cassie shows Rex the newspaper and tells him about Maggie being attacked. Cassie shares her worries and that Shawn and Philip also have their worries. Rex smashes some items off of his desk with a bat as he angrily vows that if Shawn or Philip ever came after him, they are dead. Cassie jumps and whimpers at the sound.

Rex continues to smash the items on his desk with the bat. Cassie calls out to tell him to stop, which he finally does. Cassie expresses her worries about Rex killing her but Rex insists that he’d never do that. He gets another headache and they discuss why Rex keeps getting these headaches. Cassie is scared that Stefano programmed Rex to kill. Cassie suggests they open up to Marlena about their real parentage to get her help. Rex grabs her in an attempt to calm her down vowing that they’d lose everything if anyone ever found out that they aren’t DiMeras. Cassie brings Rex some aspirin as she warns him not to go after Maggie. Rex reads about how Marlena has been hypnotizing Maggie to try and get her to remember the killer. He gets an idea of how Marlena can help and rushes out. Once alone in the hall, he vows to take care of Marlena, once and for all.

Cassie cleans up after Rex, as she considers calling Marlena to warn her but thinks better of it since she doesn’t know what Rex is planning to do. Philip knocks on the door. Cassie tries to convince Philip not to tell anyone about following Rex but Philip tells her that he’s already told Bo and Hope. Cassie gets upset over this news and Philip correctly guesses that Cassie thinks Rex is the killer as well. Cassie turns her saddened and angry mood to focus on Philip for telling Bo and Hope. She demands that Philip and Shawn back off of Rex because he is innocent. Philip helps clean up Rex’s mess as he comments about how Rex shouldn’t be out on the streets in his state of mind. Philip tells Cassie that if she is starting to have doubts about her own twin than Rex could really be the killer.

Bo and Hope check out the story in the newspaper about Maggie being close to naming the killer. Philip rushes in, claiming that he has a new lead and knows who is the killer. He points to a picture on the suspect board. Philip pulls Rex’s picture off the board. Hope is skeptical because Rex passed the lie detector test but Philip fills them in on what Rex did when they followed him the previous day. Hope takes notes as she questions Philip on why he hadn’t reported this right away. Bo, Hope, and Philip realize that Rex was unaccounted for during the time that Maggie was attacked. Bo brings up how Rex’s polygraph test results were stolen from Tek’s desk. Philip urges them to get Rex off the streets before he kills someone else. Philip tries to get Bo and Hope to arrest Rex on any minor charge so they can detain him. Bo suggests that Philip try and get close to Cassie to try and find out some information. Hope has a feeling that this killer is going to make a mistake soon.

Bo is yelling at Harold over the phone about the headline the Spectator ran about Maggie. Hope thinks that something isn’t right with this case. Bo questions Hope about remembering any details from her attack. Bo and Hope hug as Bo is relieved that Hope is okay. 

John joins Marlena in her office to fill her in on Belle’s decision to go. Marlena is overjoyed at not having to worry about Belle. Marlena is still worried about John and is still shocked at how Sami and Rex are suspects and her own children. John starts to bring up the point about Rex failing the one question on the test but Marlena keeps talking. John sits Marlena down to tell her that Rex’s test results could have been manipulated. Marlena accuses John of thinking that because Rex's father is a DiMera. John then comes out to Marlena that Rex and Cassie may not be her and Tony’s children. John explains to Marlena about Rex’s polygraph question about his parentage. Marlena doesn’t believe him, insisting that Rex and Cassie are her children. John points out that they are her children biologically but not necessarily genetically. Marlena curses Stefano.

Marlena still has her doubts as she questions John about having spoken to Rex. Marlena demands to see the test but John says it isn’t possibly. Marlena assumes that John won’t let her see the results because she isn’t a police officer but John reveals that the results were stolen and he’s already fished around at the DiMera mansion to try and tell if Tony stole them. They speculate about whom could be the biological parents of Rex and Cassie and why Stefano created them. Rex walks up to Marlena’s office just in time to hear Marlena confirming that John is calling Rex a super bright highly dangerous killer. 

Rex listens through the slightly open door of Marlena’s office. John and Marlena talk about how Rex could be the next generation of the assassin he was trained to be by Stefano. Marlena is worried about John being so high on the killer’s hit list but John is worried about her as well, thinking that the killer could be seeking revenge if Stefano is controlling them. John wants Marlena to stop the sessions with Maggie but Marlena refuses. John gets the message about the jet being ready and leaves. Rex hides behind a wall as John walks out of Marlena’s office.

Bo and Hope concentrate on Maggie’s sketch of the killer’s eyes when they ask for John’s opinion. John shares his thoughts about the killer being Rex DiMera. John proclaims that until they stop Rex, no one is safe.

Rex slowly lets himself into Marlena’s office. Marlena is sitting on the couch with her back to the door, engrossed in paperwork. Rex tightens his grip around a chain that he’s pulled taught between his hands. Rex moves closer to Marlena and holds the chain above her head. Marlena is oblivious to anyone else even being in the room with her.

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