DOOL Tuesday Update 10/28/03

Days of our Lives Tuesday 10/28/03

by Danielle

Nicole tries to convince Brady that Victor is capable of harming her. Victor overhears Nicole and confirms her fears. Victor confronts Brady and Nicole about their recent actions.

Maggie is standing by the window when Mickey brings her a cup of tea. Maggie confides in Mickey about Jack being at the window.

Hope confirms Jenniferís story about Jack visiting her. Sami tries to convince Jennifer that she just imagined Jackís visit but Jennifer is insistent. Caroline comes in to tell them that Jack was right and shares her worries about Belle. Caroline tells them that she called Marlena to ask her to come and be with Belle. 

John rushes home because of Shawnís call to come home for Belle. Shawn explains that Marlena is in with Belle now. Belle shares her fears with Marlena. Marlena tries to console Belle, insisting that Maggie is fine. Belle worries that the killer could come after John, Marlena, or even her.

Shawn is anxious to go in the room and be with Belle but John stops him. Shawn tells John about Jennifer seeing Jackís ghost and Jackís prediction.

Marlena tries to convince Belle that they are safe but Belle points out that Maggie has police protection and was still almost attacked. Belle is also upset at the thought that the killer could be a member of their family.

Jennifer questions Hope about whether Maggie was able to say who killed Abe and Jack. Hope wonít tell anyone what the police know about Maggieís attack. Sami accuses Hope of not having anything on Maggieís attacker. Hope accuses Sami and Lucas of not being together when Maggie was attacked. Lucas explains that they came to have dinner with Will. Hope claims that they have a number of clues and itís only a matter of time before the killer is caught. Sami doesnít buy it but Jennifer interrupts to say that she wonít rest while Jackís killer is free.

Shawn Sr. brings Will into the Brady Pub, explaining that they stopped off for ice cream. Sami starts to complain about Will having ice cream before dinner when she notices that Will has been in a fight.

Mickey doesnít believe that Maggie saw Jackís ghost. Mickey is worried that Maggie is no longer upbeat and happy. Maggie tells Mickey about how Jack came to warn that she was the killerís next victim.

Brady tells Victor that he thought Nicole was an intruder. Victor guesses correctly that Nicole was climbing up the tree to try to get in on his meeting. He asks Nicole if she heard anything interesting and Nicole admits that she heard Victor tell his lawyer that he was going to get rid of her. Victor explains that he is going to give Nicole her freedom.

Victor explains that he is giving Nicole a divorce, promising that sheíll get a $100,000 lump sum settlement and all her personal items. Brady approves of the idea and Victor asks him to leave them alone. Brady leaves to get dressed. Nicole thinks that Victorís plan comes with strings attached.

Mickey and Maggie share why they love each other. The phone rings and Mickey answers it. It is Hope who asks about Maggie. Maggie insists that she canít rest because she is too wound up. Hope explains that Jennifer wants to talk to Mickey but Mickey doesnít want to leave Maggie. Maggie insists that Mickey can leave but Mickey still refuses. Maggie demands that he leave, insisting that she is safe. Mickey agrees to go but only for a half-hour. Maggie brings her tea to bed but is shaking too much to drink it.

Hope announces that Mickey is on his way and that Maggie will be fine without him.

Lucas teases Will about having won the fight. Sami questions Will about why he fought but Will refuses to tell. Shawn Sr. explains that he got the call from Willís principal and couldnít reach either Sami or Lucas. Shawn Sr. tells Sami and Lucas that Will was fighting because the kids at school were saying that his parents were murderers. 

Nicole questions Victor as to why he suddenly wants to grant her a divorce now. Victor wonders why Nicole isnít happy about this decision. Nicole still wonders why this is happening now and Victor insists that Brady needs to be protected from her. Nicole defends herself and her relationship with Brady but Victor doesnít buy it. Nicole tells Victor about the happy days and adventures she has shared with Brady but Victor claims that Brady needs a nice respectable woman, not a slut like Nicole. He orders Nicole to pack her bags and get out. Nicole asks about conditions and Victor declares that there is only one.

Belle is worried that anyone she knows and loves can be the next victim. 

John advises Shawn not to get too upset about the serial killer. John shares Shawnís concerns about Belle. John has an idea to keep Belle safe and protected but warns Shawn that he isnít going to like it.

Sami tells Will that he has to ignore what the other children are saying. Will blames Sami and Lucas for having to fight. Sami wants to take Will home so they can talk privately but Will solely wants to stay with Caroline and Shawn Sr. until this whole thing blows over. He rushes upstairs and Sami calls after him. Shawn Sr. stops Sami, telling her to let him go.

Hope, Jennifer, and Caroline talk about how they hope Will wonít ever have to experience the pain that Abby is feeling right now. 

Victorís condition is that Nicole leave Salem, never come back, and never to contact anyone in his family. Nicole realizes why Victor is trying to get rid of her.

Sami wants to go check on Will but Shawn Sr. stops them, offering to try and get Will calmed down first. Lucas accuses Sami of not thinking of Will before she committed murder but Sami turns to accuse Lucas of being the murderer.

Mickey arrives and joins Hope, Jennifer, and Caroline at the table. Mickey tells them about Maggie being visited by Jackís ghost.

Maggie has fallen asleep but tosses and turns as she hears the children reciting their rhyme. She wakes up and notices that the window is open. Maggie quickly jumps out of bed to shut it.

Nicole accuses Victor of wanting to get rid of her so that everyone will think that she is the killer and Victor wonít have any blame. Victor urges Nicole to take the money and run.

Belle is still worried but Marlena tries to convince her to have faith that the police will catch the killer before anyone else is hurt. Marlena offers to give Belle sedative but Belle refuses, only asking for a guarantee that no one else is going to get hurt or die.

John wants to get Belle out of town for her own good. Shawn wonders if Belle would leave when anyone she loves is in danger. John insists that Belleís safety is non-negotiable.

Jennifer is insistent that two people canít have the same hallucination and that proves that Jack really did come back to warn them. Hope considers the fact that Jennifer and Maggie are both under stress but Jennifer is adamant that she saw Jack. Caroline asks if Jack spoke to Maggie and Mickey explains about Jack and Tom telling her that she is next.

Sami starts badmouthing Maggie to Lucas but Lucas defends her. Sami suggests that Maggie could use a stiff drink to help her think straight. Lucas warns that Maggie may name Sami as the killer.

Hope gets a phone call from the officer assigned to guard Maggie. She tells the officer to put out an APB. Everyone is worried that someone else has been attacked but Hope assures them that that isnít the case. She then turns to Mickey to tell him that Maggie is missing.

Mickey wants to rush out to find Maggie but Hope stops him. She assures him that the police are going to find her. Mickey starts to beat himself up for leaving Maggie alone. Maggie enters the Brady Pub and everyone is relieved to see her. Maggie claims she couldnít stand to stay in the house. Maggie asks Jennifer about her encounter with Jack but Mickey doesnít want to talk about that right now as he holds Maggie.

Sami continues to badmouth Maggie. Lucas and Sami make eye contact with Maggie who stares at them. Sami is worried about Maggie staring at them.

John and Shawn join Marlena and Belle. Marlena and John leave Shawn and Belle alone together. Marlena vows to John that if she can get her hands on the monster, she will kill him.

Nicole vows to Victor that if she goes down for Colinís murder, he is going with her. Victor claims that he has the best lawyers that will guarantee that he will never see the inside of the courtroom. Brady comes back downstairs, questioning why Victor and Nicole arenít happier now that everything is settled.

Victor is shocked that Brady could think they are happy about getting a divorce. Brady considers it a relief to be able to live without stress and tension. 

Shawn tries to comfort Belle, assuring her that it is all going to be all right. Belle begs him not to make promises that he canít keep and asks him to just hold her. Shawn swears that he wonít let anything happen to her.

Marlena and John arrive at the Brady Pub. Lucas and Sami talk about being worried about Maggie naming the killer while under hypnosis. Lucas suggests that Sami let Maggie look her in the eye.

Marlena gives her expert opinion on Maggie and Jenniferís encounters with Jack. John vows to call in all of his contacts. Maggie grows upset as she claims that there is nothing anyone can do to prevent her from being the next one to die. Suddenly the lights in the Brady Pub flicker.

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