DOOL Friday Update 10/24/03

Days of our Lives Friday 10/24/03

by Danielle

Shawn and Belle stroll through Salem Place hand in hand. Belle notices a store owner hanging a skeleton on their window for Halloween and becomes saddened. Belle is upset that Halloween is the last thing they need with a serial killer running around. Shawn tries to assure Belle that John will be fine but Belle points out that Hope is trained just like John and she’s been attacked twice. Shawn still believes that Rex is the killer.

Cassie, Rex, and Mimi talk about where the polygraph test results could be. Rex is worried that someone would get suspicious about who the twins’ parents are. Rex declares that he can’t stand being the children of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts just as Philip walks up to confront them.

Tony is angered by Rex’s lies. Bart tries to stop John from coming in but is unsuccessful. John bursts in, declaring that he knows what Tony is up to. Tony quickly hides the test results behind his back.

Jennifer begs Jack’s spirit not to leave, to tell her who killed him. Jack agrees to tell her but suddenly is being pulled back to the other side. 

Maggie is still under hypnosis. Marlena asks her to tell them who killed Abe. Maggie screams hysterically as Hope comes in the room. Marlena calms Maggie down as Mickey fills Hope in. Marlena tells Hope and Mickey that the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for won’t happen today. She is worried that Maggie may never recover the memories. Hope tells Marlena that she has an idea to try and catch the killer.

Jennifer is lying on the bed clutching Jack’s picture as she cries. She looks up when Caroline and Alice call her name. Jennifer tells them about Jack having come to see her. Alice and Caroline are worried about Jennifer not having gotten much sleep but Jennifer is worried that every time she goes to sleep, she dreams about Jack.

Hope explains that there is a police interrogation technique that involves drawing a picture of the killer while under hypnosis. Marlena agrees to try it, warning that if it becomes too much for her, they will stop. Marlena gives Maggie a pad and pencil and asks her to just draw a picture for them. Maggie takes the pencil in hand.

Tony dismisses Bart. John questions Tony about his morning whereabouts. When Tony claims he was home all morning, John asks about Rex’s morning whereabouts. Tony brings up Rex’s polygraph results and still acts like Rex and Cassie are his children. John asks Tony to suppose that Rex and Cassie aren’t his children.

Philip explains that he thought he heard Rex badmouthing Kate but Rex claims he was only badmouthing Roman and was sympathizing with Kate with how Roman is treating the 7 suspects. 

Belle defends Rex but Shawn points out that Rex is brilliant enough to pass the test as he tries to convince Belle that he doesn’t want Rex to be guilty but he can’t ignore the facts. Shawn offers to spend the day with Belle by cooking her dinner and possibly seeing a movie. Belle agrees and waits for Shawn as he runs to grab a surprise for her. Belle notices a newspaper stand across from where she sat on a bench to wait for Shawn. She reads the headline about who could be the next victim of the serial killer. The headline shows a picture of Maggie and John with a blank space filled with a question mark. Belle sees Shawn’s picture fill the spot and rushes off, upset. Shawn returns from picking up Belle’s surprise to find her no longer there.

Shawn runs into Mimi, Rex, Philip, and Cassie and asks if they’ve seen Belle. They haven’t so Shawn asks if Rex has been with them the whole time. Philip pulls Shawn aside to inquire about Shawn’s worries and offers to go look for Belle. Shawn refuses the request, asking Philip to stay with Rex as he leaves to go look for Belle.

Tony is adamant that Rex and Cassie are his children. John asks why Stefano would have the twins genetically engineered but Tony insists that he has no idea. 

Jennifer, alone again in her room, calls out to Jack to ask him to come back. She proclaims that it would mean everything to her if Jack could come back for a few more minutes. At that Jack reappears and Jennifer rushes toward him. Jennifer shares that she is upset with God and whoever did this to Jack. Jack is at peace and doesn’t want to pursue this but Jennifer insists that she is his partner and has to pursue this for him as she begs him to tell her the name of the killer.

Jack refuses to tell Jennifer who killed him, explaining that he isn’t allowed to change the course of the future and if he did tell her, he may not be able to come back to her again. He tries to convince Jennifer that she and Abby are going to have a long happy life. Jennifer asks Jack what to do about Abby but Jack assures her that she means everything to Abby. Jack tells Jennifer that he brought her a gift that will help, a gift that will change her whole life.

Belle is standing alone when Shawn finds her. Belle explains seeing the picture of Shawn on the paper and they hug, relieved to have found each other safe. Shawn gives Belle the bag of chocolate and Belle suggests that they have dessert before dinner. Shawn leaves to call Philip and tell him that he found Belle and that she is fine. 

Mimi leaves the group to change since her shift is over. Philip and Rex and Cassie talk about the police investigation when Rex gets another headache. He starts to go as Mimi comes back to suggest that she take him home but Rex refuses. Philip and Mimi trail after him to make sure he gets home.

Maggie draws a picture solely of the killer’s eyes and hands it to Marlena. Hope remembers seeing the same eyes on her attacker. Marlena hands the pad back to Maggie who looks at it and then sees the killer’s eyes in her head. She compares the drawing to what she sees, proclaiming that “it is you.”

Marlena asks Maggie to tell her what she sees but Maggie just becomes agitated again. Marlena calms Maggie down, telling her to try to sleep. Marlena motions to Hope and Mickey to join her in the outer office. Alone, Maggie whimpers.

Jennifer doesn’t see any gift but Jack tells her that the gift of his love is coming and she will understand what he means very soon.

John points out to Tony that everyone in Salem has been a victim of Stefano at one point or another. He begs Tony to tell him anything he knows so they can help Rex. Tony simply repeats that Rex is innocent. John leaves. 

Rex arrives at Abe’s vigil outside of the Carver house. Philip, Mimi, and Cassie arrive soon after and linger at the gate so Rex doesn’t see them. They ponder why Rex could have come here. Rex takes one last look at the vigil and leaves. Philip shares that he has a good idea where Rex is headed.

Bart brings Tony a fresh drink as Tony ponders over the lie detector results. Bart questions Tony as to whether he will kick Rex and Cassie out of the mansion. Tony is adamant that the twins are DiMeras. Tony has a flashback to Marlena getting the phone call about Maggie remembering something. He orders Bart to get out. Once Bart leaves, Tony burns the polygraph results.

Rex next goes to Jack’s memorial set up in the alley behind Salem Place where Jack was murdered. Philip correctly guessed this as he arrives soon after. Philip speculates about Rex being the killer returning to the scene of the crime. Philip, Cassie, and Mimi quickly duck behind a wall as Rex turns around. Rex has a flashback to Marlena hearing about Maggie’s breakthrough and then leaves. Philip, Cassie, and Mimi follow him.

Jack tries to get Jennifer to think back to who she was before she met him as he explains that everything they’ve had together will always be with her. Jack brings up the jade plant sitting on the dresser by the door. They reminisce about their memories of the jade plant as Jack compares the plant’s life to their life together. He tells Jennifer that that jade plant being there is a visual reminder that he also will always be there.

Belle notices the carvings of all the couples’ initials in the door. She laments about everyone on that door losing the one they love. Belle is worried that one is only allowed so much happiness before it is all taken away. Belle confides in Shawn that she is afraid that if she loves him too much, she is going to lose him. Shawn pulls her close.

Jennifer wraps her arms around Jack, wishing she never had to let him go. Jack gives Jennifer a warning.

Hope wonders if Maggie will be all right but Marlena insists that she can’t push Maggie anymore. Marlena gets an emergency page and has to rush off. Mickey is worried that Maggie will be left alone but Marlena assures him that Maggie needs rest and to wait here for she will be back as soon as she can.

Belle assures Shawn that she couldn’t stop loving him even if she tried. Shawn assures her that he isn’t going to die and neither is anyone else.

Cassie, Philip, and Mimi return to Salem Place. They split up to look for Rex but come back together with no luck.

John and Tek vow to get going on this investigation before someone else dies.

Jack urges Jennifer to be ready because another murder is about to happen.

Hope checks on Mickey. Mickey tells Hope about how Maggie saw Tom and heard her calling her name. 

Maggie is still in her trance when the serial killer sneaks in through a window in Marlena’s office. Maggie wakes from her trance and notices the drawing of the killer’s eyes. She stares at the drawing and then looks up to see the killer standing in front of her. Maggie recognizes them as the one she saw murder Abe. The killer holds up a sharp long knife blade.

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