DOOL Wednesday Update 10/22/03

Days of our Lives Wednesday 10/22/03

by Danielle

Mimi is working at the Java Café when Bonnie sneaks up to try and steal one of her tips. Mimi finds her and confronts her.

Cassie and Rex meet up in Salem Place and talk about how they hate having to avoid Marlena. Cassie is worried that Marlena may have found out about the lie detector results. 

Marlena is walking around Salem Place talking on the phone with John. John tells her the report from Tek and Marlena soon has to end the call because of another call. It is Tony on the other line and Marlena suggests to him that they meet and talk about the twins.

Maggie knocks on Jennifer’s bedroom door but finds the room empty and the bed having never been slept in. Mickey comes up behind Maggie to ask where Jennifer is. 

Jennifer dreams about her last talk with Jack about having another baby and their making love. Her dream changes from the events of the day Jack was murdered. She wakes, thinking it all only a dream until she sits up and finds herself still sitting in the living room with Jack’s casket. Hope is talking on the phone with Bo at the police station, assuring him that she’s safe in a room full of cops and then turns around to find herself alone. She has a flashback to getting attacked in the police evidence room. Hope comes back to the present and asks herself which one of the suspects is the murderer when a gloved hand touches her shoulder. Hope jumps and screams.

The gloved hand turns out to belong to John. John asks Hope to try and ID the kind and color of gloves that the killer was wearing but Hope says it was too dark to see much. John and Hope discuss the case. Hope worries about who will be the killer’s next victim and is shocked when John states plainly Maggie’s name. 

Jennifer is running her hands along the casket when Maggie and Mickey notice her in the living room. Mickey leaves to make some coffee as Maggie asks about Jennifer’s ability to sleep. Jennifer claims she needs to spend every last moment with Jack and felt pulled back down to the living room. Jennifer begins to consider Bonnie’s suggestion of donating Jack’s clothing. Maggie asks about Abby and Jennifer tells her that Jo and Vern took her to breakfast and then to school. Maggie is shocked that Abby went to school and Jennifer grows upset as she recalls that Abby wants to be away from Jennifer so bad that she’s willing to go to school.

Marlena, on the phone still with Tony, tells him how worried she is that it seems that the twins are avoiding them. Tony can’t understand why and Marlena asks him to meet her in person at the Java Café. 

Mimi confronts Bonnie about what she did at Jennifer’s house. Bonnie claims she was just trying to help. 

Rex is upset with himself for messing up on the polygraph test. Cassie is worried that Tek noticed and have told John and Marlena. Marlena overhears Cassie asking if she’s found out the results of the lie detector test and lets her presence known by confirming that she already has found out the results.

Marlena tells Rex that she knows about the polygraph test and his fist fight with Shawn. Rex gets defensive, claiming he is innocent. Rex asks Cassie to leave them alone so Cassie leaves to get a coffee refill. Once alone, Marlena asks Rex about his headaches. Rex says they have subsided. Marlena confronts Rex about avoiding her.

Mimi is upset about Bonnie picking over Jack like a vulture. Bonnie claims she is just trying to prevent more pain for Jennifer and Abby. Bonnie orders some food and Mimi chides her about not giving away free food. Bonnie claims she has money and that’s when Mimi notices that her tip is gone from the table.

Maggie tells Jennifer that Jack is in her heart and will help guide her. Mickey brings some warm milk for Jennifer but Jennifer says she can’t sleep. Mickey offers to call Bonnie over to help clean out Jack’s closet. Maggie comforts Jennifer but Jennifer turns the tables on Maggie, pointing out that she holds the clue on the murderer.

John shares with Hope why he thinks Maggie will be the next victim. Hope asks what is going to stop the killer from coming after John as well since he issued his own threat to the killer.

John assures Hope that he’s had more training in dealing with cold blooded killers and all the suspects are just amateurs. John and Hope go over the suspects individually and their possibility of being the killer. John doesn’t think Tony would do the dirty work himself but is worried that Stefano could train Rex for anything.

Marlena tells Rex that she knows that he passed the test and Rex says that those tests aren’t always accurate. Marlena confronts him about saying that.

Mimi blames the loss of tip on the customers, thinking they never left one at all. Bonnie gives Mimi a penny out of the actual tip the customers left, claiming that’s all they left. Bonnie takes out a cigarette and Mimi jumps on her for smoking again. Bonnie’s cell phone rings and it is Mickey who asks her to come over to help clean out Jack’s closet. Bonnie hangs up the phone and gloats to Mimi.

Cassie and Tony run into each other in Salem Place. Tony confronts Cassie about avoiding him and Marlena and Cassie assures him that they aren’t avoiding them and tells him how Rex is now talking to Marlena about Jack and Abe’s murders.

Maggie grows upset and frustrated at how she can’t remember anything about the killer. Jennifer assures her that she will with Marlena’s help. Mickey comes back in to tell Jennifer that Bonnie will be right over. Maggie hears the children laughing as she sees a dark hooded figure that turns to look at Maggie. Maggie faints and Mickey catches her.

John tells Hope about the lie detector test and how Rex passed with flying colors.

Marlena and Rex discuss the logistics of a polygraph test. Marlena tells Rex that all that matters is that Rex didn’t kill Jack or Abe. Rex has a flashback to admitting to Cassie that the test was easy to beat. Marlena leaves to meet with Tony.

Maggie is lying on the couch as Jennifer and Mickey try to wake her. Maggie tells them that she saw the killer’s face, a face of pure evil. 

Jennifer frantically asks Maggie to name the killer but Maggie can’t say the name. Bonnie arrives through the back door to a sobbing Maggie on the couch. Jennifer pulls Bonnie aside to thank her for coming and asks her to go through Jack’s things and donate them to charity. Jennifer leaves to call Hope to try and track down Marlena and Mickey and Maggie head over to Marlena’s office.

John and Hope continue to discuss the suspects’ possible motives. John expresses his worry about Maggie when the phone rings. Hope answers it to hear from Jennifer who tells her that Maggie needs more police protection because she is beginning to remember who the killer is.

Tony meets up with Marlena at the Java Café. They share their relief about Rex passing the polygraph test when Marlena’s phone rings. It is John who relays the news about Maggie. Rex, Cassie and Tony overhear Marlena asking if Maggie is ready to identify the killer.

John tells Marlena about how Maggie is headed over to the office now and Marlena tells John that she is on her way and ends the call. Rex inquires about the phone call and Marlena tells them that Maggie is remembering and rushes off. Tony rushes back to the mansion to make a phone call. Rex assures Cassie that he can fool a machine when Mimi overhears. She asks if he was lying when he said he loved her.

Bonnie is going through Jack’s clothing, packing away some items to sell herself. She comes across Abby’s stuffed animal and laments about how heartbroken Abby will be. Bonnie heaves the heavy bag over her shoulder and heads out of the room. She returns to the living room to tell Jennifer that she is off to take Jack’s clothing to charity. Jennifer insists on paying Bonnie for her help. Bonnie offers Jennifer some insincere consoling words and leaves.

Tek returns to the police station and John asks him if he thinks Rex was telling the truth about not killing Jack and Abe. John asks if Rex could have prepared for the test. Tek brings up how Rex failed the last question on the test and John asks what that question and answer were. Tek warns John that it will shock him and the people he loves.

Bonnie arrives at a shop with Jack’s clothes. She notices a tiara on a table and puts it on as she jokes about being rich once Mimi marries Rex. She has a fantasy of Mimi, Rex, and Cassie living the high life and talking about Bonnie like she is perfect. In her fantasy, Bonnie comes down the stairs all dressed up and Tony, Cassie, Rex, and Mimi fawn over her. 

Rex assures Mimi that he didn’t lie about loving her. Mimi says that she believes him but wants him to stop lying about who his real parents are. Rex insists that no one will find out or else.

Tek tells John about Rex lying about being Tony and Marlena’s son.

The phone rings at the DiMera mansion and Tony answers it. It is Stefano whom Tony tells he has news that Stefano will not believe.

Jennifer returns to her bedroom and begins to cry as she looks at the closet empty of Jack’s clothes. She picks up the stuffed animal from the bed and pulls it close as she lies against the pillows. A hand reaches out to touch Jennifer’s shoulder and she rolls over to see Jack’s spirit. 

Marlena arrives at her office to find Hope, Maggie, and Mickey standing outside her office. Mickey leads Maggie into the office as Hope makes her goodbyes to go call Alice. Before she goes, she asks Marlena if she can help coax the killer out of Maggie’s mind. Marlena hopes she can before anyone else is hurt and leaves to go into her office. Hope calls Alice to update her on the situation and tells her how she prays for all of Salem if Maggie can’t remember the killer’s identity.

Mickey and Maggie sit down on the couch as Marlena joins them. Maggie declares that it time to name the murderer before it is too late. 

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