DOOL Tuesday Update 10/21/03

Days of our Lives Tuesday 10/21/03

by Danielle

Marlena is working in her office when John knocks on the door. Marlena is surprised to see him and begins to chat happily when she notices Johnís saddened mood. John delivers the devastating news about Jack. 

Abby is sitting alone clutching a stuffed animal as she cries. Maggie, Alice, and Mickey sit across the room chatting. Bonnie comes in to offer to fix some food for anyone and starts to talk about trying to make Abby feel better when everyone refuses the food. Maggie cuts her off to explain that Abby doesnít want to feel better. Bonnie brings up the fact that Abby blames Jennifer for taking Jack off life support. Mickey leaves to go check on Jennifer who has been alone for a while upstairs. Maggie offers to get something for Abby but Abby only wants Jack. 

Jennifer is reading the paper inside the box when Mickey knocks on the door. Jennifer hands him the paper as he comes in the room. Jennifer explains that now she knows what Jackís final wish is and Mickey questions whether this is truly what Jennifer wants to do. Jennifer insists that this is what Jack wanted and that it may make them all stronger.

Will arrives home at Samiís apartment where Lucas and Sami were waiting for him. Will fills them in on Hopeís attack and how the brick was stolen. Lucas and Sami express their sadness about the news and Will questions their whereabouts when Hope was attacked.

Cassie runs into Philip outside of the lofts. Philip explains that he came to see Belle but she wasnít home and Cassie explains that she left a scarf at Rexís place. Cassie inquires about a bruise on Philipís face but Philip quickly explains it away. Philip decides to follow Cassie into Rexís apartment when Shawn comes out of the stairwell to ask about Rex. Soon after, Rex arrives via the elevator and Shawn jumps him. The fight ensues as Belle and Mimi arrive to try and yell at Shawn and Rex to stop. Philip tries to step in and pull Shawn off of Rex but Shawn just pushes him away.

Philip returns to successfully break up the fight this time. Everyone turns to question Shawn and Shawn explains about his mother being attacked and questions Rex about his whereabouts for the last couple hours. Rex claims he was out taking a walk alone. Shawn accuses Rex of being the killer.

Marlena pours a drink as she sympathizes about Jennifer and Abby. John tells Marlena about Hope being attacked. Marlena worries that Hope is dead now too but John assures her that Bo got there in time but the killer got away with the brick. Marlena asks if she was able to identify the killer but John says that she couldnít. He refers to the investigators of the case as we and Marlena gets angry with him for being involved in the case, vowing that she will not be the next person to bury her husband.

Mickey gives Jennifer back the paper as he checks to make sure that Jennifer is sure she wants to carry out Jackís wishes. Jennifer hopes that this will help Abby for she is worried that Abby will never forgive her. 

Maggie answers the door to Caroline and Shawn Sr. who have brought chowder and sandwiches. They ask about Jennifer and Maggie explains that she is upstairs with Mickey. Caroline and Shawn Sr. share their condolences with Abby and move to talk to Alice about Hope being attacked. Alice is worried that the killer might think that Hope saw them well enough to identify them.

Will is insistent on hearing where Sami and Lucas were. Sami claims she took a walk and Lucas claims he had some calls to make. Will points out that they canít prove that they werenít the ones that attacked Hope since they were both alone with no one to corroborate their alibis. Sami is offended that Will is accusing his own mother of murder. 

Sami and Lucas sit Will down to talk. Lucas assures Will that they know that neither of them could have killed someone nor could Kate. Lucas apologizes for the both of them for putting their problems on Will, vowing to stop their bickering. Sami agrees, telling Will that he is the most important thing to them. Lucas suggests they spend some quality time by having dinner together tonight. The phone rings and Will leaves to answer it. Once alone, Sami and Lucas throw insults at each other. 

Belle tries to get Shawn to stop but Shawn still thinks that Rex is the one that is the killer. Belle brings up the trial they had and how Rex swore that he wasnít the killer. Cassie has a flashback to asking Rex if he killed Abe and Jack. Mimi has the same flashback as Shawn refuses to believe Rex. Belle brings up Rexís agreement to take a lie detector test and Shawn likes the idea and wants Rex to take the test right now. Rex agrees.

Belle, Mimi, Cassie, Philip, Shawn, and Rex arrive at the police station. It is pretty deserted except for Tek. Shawn tells Tek about wanting to arrange a lie detector test for Rex. Tek assures them that the results of the test wouldnít be admissible in court and everyone agrees. Cassie is worried about the test but Rex insists that he canít back out now. 

Sami approaches Will about overhearing his phone conversation with a friend about a dance at school. Will doesnít want to go because he canít slow dance. Lucas offers to have him and Sami show Will how to slow dance.

John refuses to stop his part in the investigation as he promises Marlena that heíll never leave her. Marlena begins to object but John silences her with a kiss. He suggests that they go to Jenniferís house and offer to help. Marlena agrees but wants John to hold her first so she can feel safe in his arms.

Mickey and Jennifer come back downstairs. Jennifer starts to talk to Abby about Jackís request but Abby refuses to talk to her. The doorbell rings and Bonnie starts to get it but Jennifer insists that she needs to get the door. It is the funeral director dropping off Jackís body, telling Jennifer that ďher husband is here.Ē Abby hears this and rushes to the door, thinking that everything is okay because ďdaddy is here.Ē Mickey catches her, trying to prevent her from rushing to the door by attempting to convince her that it isnít what she thinks but Abby is adamant.

The funeral director comes in, asking everyone to leave so his attendants can prepare the room for the viewing. Abby grows upset at the sight of Jackís casket and rushes upstairs. Alice questions Jennifer about bringing Jackís casket to the house and Jennifer explains that this is Jackís last request.

Sami picks out a CD and puts it in to play. She calls Will over to show him how to slow dance. Will is having a hard time getting it so Sami offers to lead but Will refuses to be the girlís part. Lucas offers to dance with Sami to show him how itís done. Will is disgusted at the idea and Sami shares the sentiment. Lucas wants them to be mature and asks Sami to dance. They begin to slow dance together, yet all the while looking annoyed.

Mimi tries to convince Rex to change his mind but Rex insists that he is innocent. Tek comes back in the room and asks everyone else to wait outside, promising to announce the results as soon as he knows. Tek begins to set Rex up for the test as everyone watches through the office window. Shawn vows to bring Rex down as Mimi and Cassie share the sentiment that Rex is making a huge mistake.

They turn to notice that Will is looking at them weird and he teases them for looking lame because no one dances like that anymore. The next song on the CD comes on and Lucas asks Sami to dance again, under the pretense of doing this for their son. They move closer as they dance, their heads coming close to touching.

Tek starts to ask Rex some basic questions to establish a baseline such as his name and the current year. Rex answers those questions, staring straight ahead. Tek then asks if Rex was responsible for the attack at the fashion show. Rex doesnít answer. Tek asks Rex if he killed Abe or Jack, both of which Rex denies. 

The attendants have set up Jenniferís living room with the casket and folding chairs. Jennifer is standing by the casket as everyone watches from across the room. Marlena and John arrive and offer their support and comfort Jennifer as she tells them about how Abby blames her for taking Jack off of life support.

Tek ends the session with some more baseline questions, asking him if he submitted to this test willingly and that every answer he has given is the truth. Rex answers yes to both of these and then Tek asks if Rexís parents are Marlena and Tony. Rex pauses for a moment and then answers yes. The crowd waiting outside picks up on Rexís pause but was unable to tell what is being said. Tek asks Rex to give him the names of his parents and Rex repeats Marlena and Tonyís full names. Tek looks toward the crowd and everyone comes back into the office. Rex vows that he told the whole truth but Shawn is still skeptical. Rex is still hooked up to the lie detector machine as Mimi asks if he still loves her. Rex says he does and Mimi makes Tek check to see if that was the truth, which turns out to be the truth. Tek tells everyone that he has the results of Rexís lie detector test now and Shawn begs him to not keep them in suspense.

Lucas continues to dance with Sami as he describes their every move to Will. Lucas spins Sami and Will gets annoyed and leaves. Lucas and Sami continue to dance as Sami puts her arms around Lucasí neck and Lucas runs his hands down her back. They dance with their heads close.

Candles and flowers are placed around the casket as everyone sits in the folding chairs. Jennifer gets up to explain to everyone about the note specifying Jackís last request. She reads it aloud about Jack wanting his body to be taken home after he dies. Jennifer finishes reading the endearing letter from Jack and looks down at Abby. The viewing procession begins as everyone comes up to pay their respects. Marlena and John are first and Marlena tells Jack that she will help Jennifer and Abby through this terrible time. John vows to Jack to catch his murderer. Mickey, Maggie, and Alice come up next. Alice places her hand on Jackís casket as Mickey and Maggie express how proud they are of Jack. Alice tells Jack about how Tom will be there to greet him in heaven. Abby joins Alice as she tells Jack that she canít believe that he wonít be there in the morning when she wakes up. Everyone has left the room except for Jennifer who sits in the first chair as she tells Jack that a little thing like death couldnít stop her from loving him and he will be alive in her heart forever. 

Lucas spins Sami out and back to him and then dips her as the song ends. They turn to find that Will has long since left the room and Sami calls the dancing an annoying waste of time. Lucas gets defensive and insults Sami back. Lucas gets upset and leaves. Sami takes out the CD and starts to sing along but makes herself come back to her senses. Lucas heads back into his apartment but takes a long glance back at Samiís apartment.

Tek announces to everyone that Rex passed. Shawn and Philip are angry but Mimi and Cassie rejoice in the news. Philip pulls Shawn aside to try to convince him to go along with the results and Shawn asks Tek if Rex could have fooled the machine. Tek promises to go over the answers again. Cassie rushes over to share her joy with Rex but Rex confides that itís an easy machine to beat. Tek shares with Shawn that Rex showed signs of lying about whether or not Marlena and Tony were his parents. Cassie confronts Rex about lying about everything if he could get away with lying about his parents.

Caroline and Shawn Sr. talk about how nice of Bonnie it was to take all the food over to the homeless shelter.

Bonnie is alone in the kitchen talking on the phone about making a deal to sell Jackís clothing before sneaking out of the kitchen with bags of food.

Abby starts to come downstairs to look at the casket. Caroline and Shawn Sr. say goodbye to Jennifer and leave. Marlena and John tell Maggie and Mickey about how Alice has been escorted to her car by a policeman and how theyíll make sure she gets home safely. Maggie explains how she and Mickey have decided to spend the night. Marlena and John turn to say goodbye to Jennifer next and leave. Jennifer returns to cry at Jackís casket in the living room while Abby watches from the stairs.

Marlena and John run into the uniformed police officer outside Jenniferís house. John orders the officer to stay posted out here and to call into the station every hour. Marlena notes how the town seems so dark and foreboding, wondering whether it will ever be light again. John assures her that it will be once they find the killer but heís afraid that if they donít catch them soon, theyíll be having another funeral for someone they know and love. 

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