DOOL Friday Update 10/17/03

Days of our Lives Friday 10/17/03

by Danielle

Sami is frantically searching Salem Place for Will. She has a flashback of her argument with Lucas earlier. She meets up with Lucas who hasn’t had any luck finding Will either. They begin to argue again, blaming each other for Will being gone. Sami gets a phone call telling her of Will’s safe whereabouts and rushes off to get him.

Philip accuses Brady of falling in love with Nicole and punches him. They begin to physically fight in the Java Café. Caroline, upon walking up to see the fight, calls Victor who is walking around Salem Place with Nicole. 

Lexie and Celeste are shopping at Salem Place as they talk about going over to help Jennifer. Celeste reminds Lexie to call the funeral home and make arrangements for Abe’s funeral so Lexie decides to go ahead and do that now. Celeste buys a newspaper and is shocked at the headline. She gets a feeling that the killer is about to strike again.

Bo and Tek are working on the case in Roman’s office when Hope rushes in with the brick used to kill Jack. They miss the overnight shipping cutoff so they plan to send the evidence out tomorrow. 

Mickey and Maggie are taking care of all the food that the neighbors bring over. Mickey asks about Jennifer and Maggie explains that she is resting. Maggie grows upset as she recalls that Alice is helping Jennifer pick out a suit to bury Jack in and Mickey comforts her, assuring her that they have many good years together to come.

Jennifer has fallen asleep next to her and Jack’s wedding picture as she has dreams of their last night together and then her grieving at his hospital bed. Jennifer begins to cry and call out Jack’s name in her sleep as Alice arrives at her bedroom door to see Tom’s ghost hovering over Jennifer’s bed.

A lady tries to break up Brady and Philip’s fight, threatening to call the cops. Victor and Nicole arrive at the Java Café. Victor orders Nicole to stay away while he confronts Philip and Brady.

Bo and Hope pour over a list of characteristics of a serial killer. After each characteristic that Bo and Hope read aloud, Sami’s picture on the suspect board comes alive with Sami’s comments about them. As the list goes on, each of the other suspects’ pictures speak up to offer their comments about the characteristics that fit their situation. Bo and Hope worry that everything they just read could fit any one of their suspects. 

Alice asks Tom why he is here. Tom’s ghost fades as Jennifer wakes to ask Alice if she’s just seen Tom, worried that she is going to die next.

Brady blames Philip for the fight but Victor doesn’t want to hear it. Victor apologizes to the Java Café owner who offers to look the other way if Victor pays for the damages. Philip offers to pay Victor back and Victor demands to know what they were fighting over.

Will is playing cards in a booth at the Brady Pub when Sami and Lucas arrive. Sami and Lucas thank Shawn Sr. for calling. Sami joins Will in the booth, apologizing for what she said. Lucas assures Will that he is the most important person in their lives. Will accuses Lucas and Sami of killing Abe and Jack.

Alice assures Jennifer that Tom only came to let her know that Jack is with him now in a better place. 

Lexie and Celeste arrive with more food and Mickey offers to take it to the kitchen. Maggie comforts Lexie as Harold lets himself in. They share kind words about Jack as Harold asks about Jennifer. Mickey takes Celeste and Harold into the kitchen for a drink so Maggie and Lexie can talk. Maggie asks about Theo and Lexie laments about Abby being so close to Jack. Maggie asks about Brandon but Lexie says she hasn’t been able to reach him. Lexie asks Maggie about being able to recall anything else but Maggie says she hasn’t. Maggie tells Lexie about hearing the childrens’ voices again. Maggie shares her fears of being the next victim with Lexie.

Brady and Philip refuse to tell Victor what they were fighting about. Victor suggests they work out their differences on the basketball court instead. Brady and Philip decide to do just that and leave to apologize to the Java Café owner. Victor thanks Caroline for calling and Caroline tells him that Brady and Philip were fighting over Nicole.

Hope ends a call with a doctor whose given his opinion that the killer is acting on impulse, having no time to pick and choose his weapons. Bo calls an officer over to take the brick to the evidence room. 

Jennifer asks Alice for advice on getting through the pain of losing her husband. Alice tells Jennifer that it gets easier with every day that passes with the help of her faith and her family. Jennifer goes to get Jack’s suit ready, leaving it on the bed for Mickey. Alice wants to rest in Jennifer’s bedroom for a while and Jennifer says goodbye and leaves the room. Once alone, Alice sees Tom’s ghost again.

Victor and Caroline walk around Salem Place as they talk about Brady and Nicole. Caroline takes Victor’s hand as she compares Brady to him. Shawn Sr. watches them.

Lexie assures Maggie that nothing is going to happen to her. Maggie worries about not being able to help find the killer. Lexie leaves to call and check on Theo. Jennifer comes downstairs as Harold, Mickey and Celeste come back into the living room. Harold hugs Jennifer and asks to go say hello to Abby. Celeste offers Jennifer her condolences. Lexie comes back and she and Jennifer hug and console each other.

Lucas gets upset at Will for what he said and adamantly denies the accusation. Sami inquires as to why Will would say that and Will explains that he heard the kids and teachers talking about it at school. Sami insists that neither she nor Lucas would do anything to jeopardize not being with him. Will accuses them of lying.

Shawn Sr. approaches Caroline and Victor. Victor says goodbye to Caroline and leaves. Shawn Sr. gets angry with Caroline about finding her with Victor.

Nicole gets annoyed with Victor, teasing him that Caroline is old enough to be his wife. Victor threatens Nicole to act right or she’ll find herself in a pine box like Jack and Abe.

Brady and Philip are working their problems out on the basketball court, stripping down to their pants by the end of the game. Philip changes the game by making it all count on this next shot. Brady has the ball has he has a fantasy of Nicole dressed as a cheerleader, asking him to defend her honor. In his fantasy, Brady tells Nicole that he can’t do it. In the present, Brady shoots and misses.

Hope is leaving the police station as she is talking to Maggie on the phone. The officer that Bo told to take the brick down to the evidence room asks Hope to take it instead because he just got a call about his wife going into labor. Hope assures him that she can take the evidence for him.

Bo is talking to the commissioner on the phone in Roman’s office. The commissioner is upset that the story is on the news and tells Bo that Eugenia has been talking to the press. Bo is worried that everyone knows that they are sending the brick for advanced testing at the FBI lab. He hangs up the phone and worries that the killer knows that they are on to them and it is only a matter of time before they strike again.

Victor drags Nicole back to the Java Café informing her that since she was responsible, she is going to help pay for the damages in sweat by helping clean up. The Java Café comes over to tell Nicole what needs to be done but soon leaves due to receiving a phone call.

Lucas assures Will that they love him. Will asks Sami why she keeps getting into trouble then and asks Lucas why he has a job with a criminal. He starts to leave but Sami calls him back. Will doesn’t want to stay because everything they say is a lie and leaves. Sami and Lucas turn to watch the news report on the TV in the Brady Pub. The news reporter talks about the leak from the lab, including that Eugenia has been placed on paid leave for leaking the information. Sami and Lucas are suddenly nowhere to be found.

Jennifer worries about having so much to do for the arrangements and the funeral. Lexie suggests having Abe and Jack’s funerals together. Jennifer asks about waiting for Brandon but Lexie says she can’t wait for Brandon to get there since he is so far away. Maggie comes in and suggests that Lexie talk to the funeral director that is currently in the kitchen. Maggie asks Jennifer if there is anything else she would like Jack to be buried with and Jennifer pulls out the locket he gave her. As Jennifer looks at the locket, she has a flashback to their last day together. 

Alice asks Tom if he is here to comfort Jennifer or to warn them as she is looking through family photographs. Tom looks toward the photo album and Alice follows his gaze to a sole picture of Hope on the page.

Hope arrives at the evidence room, surprised to find it open. Suddenly the lights go out and she calls out to ask who is there.

Philip rejoices in winning the basketball game and he and Brady make amends. Philip advises Brady to stay away from Nicole before he costs her more than a basketball game.

Caroline and Shawn Sr. are at the Java Café when the owner comes up to ask if they’ve seen Nicole and Victor for they were here one minute and gone the next.

Jennifer is handing the locket over to the funeral director when Abby overhears her. Abby tries to convince Jennifer that she can’t include that in Jack’s coffin because it would mean that what they had is over. Abby grabs the locket from Jennifer and rushes upstairs with it. Jennifer runs after Abby, dropping something on the way. Celeste notices what Jennifer dropped and picks it up, getting a feeling that more heartache is on the way.

Will returns to the booth at the Brady Pub, surprised to find Sami and Lucas no longer there.

Tek returns to Roman’s office to inform Bo that all the suspects have disappeared.

Alice asks Tom for a sign as to why he is here. She turns to look at Hope’s photograph, which disappears from the page.

Hope finds a flashlight and begins to look around the evidence room. She tries the light switch, which doesn’t work. The killer picks up the brick from the table behind Hope and raises it above their head. 

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