DOOL Wednesday Update 10/15/03

Days of our Lives Wednesday 10/15/03

by Danielle

Belle and Shawn are having coffee at the Java Café when Belle suggests a toast to the future. Shawn questions Belle’s outlook on the future but Belle assures him that he’s helped change her mind. They talk about the killing spree and Shawn’s thoughts turn to Rex. Mimi comes up to overhear Shawn talking bad about Rex and starts to defend him. Shawn tries to urge Mimi to break up with Rex.

Jack’s body is covered with a blanket as Jennifer and Abby stand by the bedside. Hope tries to get them to leave but Jennifer refuses. Bo comes back in the room and fills Hope in on the latest in the investigation. Jennifer holds Jack’s body as she asks who could have done this to him. Abby exclaims that Jennifer was the one who decided to pull the plug, therefore killing Jack and vows never to forgive her.

Belle defends Rex to Shawn. She begs him to let the police handle it. Mimi explains that her shift at the Java Café is over and now she has to go do her shift at the Brady Pub. Shawn offers to have Mickey look into the missing funds for Mimi but Mimi refuses. Belle gives Mimi a huge tip to help her finances and Mimi leaves. Shawn brings up the cozy night they spent together in the same sleeping bag as Belle has a flashback to that night. Belle vows that someday they’ll be together in every way. Shawn’s cell phone rings but refuses to tell Belle what the phone call was about because it is a surprise.

Jennifer tries to explain to Abby that the doctors agreed that there was no way Jack could have come back to them. Abby accuses Jennifer of being in too much of a hurry, not waiting for their prayers to work. Jennifer tells Abby about Jack’s living will but Abby still insists that Jennifer could have waited another day. Jennifer vows that if there had been a chance to wait she would have. Hope tries to convince Abby that Jack didn’t deserve what happened to him but Abby insists that he does because he gave that ultimatum on TV. Abby rushes out of the room and Hope goes after her. Bo offers his help to Jennifer and leaves. An orderly comes into the room to tell Jennifer that they have people waiting for their organ transplants and that he has to take Jack’s body now.

Mimi arrives at the Brady Pub in time for her shift. Before she goes inside, she runs into Bonnie who gives her a pregnancy test. Mimi gets upset at the gift and tells Bonnie to leave her alone. Bonnie accuses Mimi of not wanting to have a good life. Mimi tries to go into the Pub but Bonnie tries to get Mimi to give her some money for Mimi’s brother’s science project. Mimi vows that Bonnie will never get another dime from her and goes into the Pub.

Belle comes out of a store showing Shawn what she bought. Shawn tells her about how he can’t reach his parents but doesn’t think anything of it. Shawn then vows to make tonight the best night of her life. Shawn leads Belle to a window display of rings and asks if she sees anything she likes.

Jennifer sits by Jack’s body as she looks at the locket. She tells Jack that everything he has ever given her was a gift and that she is truly grateful for every single one of them but especially grateful for Abby. Jennifer vows to Jack that she will make sure Abby will get through this. Jennifer kisses Jack through the sheet as she begins to cry again. The orderly comes back in to get the body and Bo steps in to lead Jennifer out of the room. Hope returns to the waiting area to tell Jennifer that she found a counselor to talk to Abby. Hope and Bo comfort Jennifer and offer their support as Jennifer worries about Abby. Maggie and Mickey arrive and vow to help out as well. Jennifer starts to realize that there is a lot to do and Mickey offers to help but Jennifer insists on wanting to do it himself. Maggie tries to convince Hope that there is no way Lucas could be a suspect. Jennifer tells the group that they can help by finding the monster that killed Jack before he can hurt another family.

Belle and Shawn arrive at the Pub and greet Mimi as she is working. Shawn calls out to Caroline and insists that she stop what she is doing and sit down. Belle blindfolds her as they surprise her with Shawn Sr. returning. Shawn Sr. explains that Belle and Shawn just picked him up at the airport. They catch up on what’s been going on in Salem and with the family in Ireland. Shawn Sr., Caroline, Shawn, and Belle pour over the pictures Shawn Sr. brought back from Ireland.

Maggie fills Mickey on the progress on reaching all the family and friends. Jennifer is worried about comforting everyone else but Maggie and Mickey beg her to let them take care of her. Jennifer laments about nothing seeming real right now. Maggie begins to blame herself for not being able to remember who shot Abe. Mickey is worried for Maggie and Maggie points out that Bo and Hope could be in danger too the closer they get to solving this case.

Bo and Hope are checking out the crime scene. They discuss how Roman thinks that Abe and Jack’s murders could be related. They talk about the suspects and their motives. Hope notices that Jack was killed in the same manner as they were attacked, fearing that they could still be targets. A car backfires and Hope lunges on Bo to knock him out of the way, thinking the sound is a gunshot.

Belle and Shawn share another cup of coffee together at the Brady Pub. They talk about their future and their plans of going to college and starting a career before marrying. Belle asks about her surprise but Shawn refuses to tell her.

Shawn Sr. questions Caroline about being so sure that Victor couldn’t be the killer. Bonnie walks up and greets them. Caroline tells Shawn Sr. about hiring Mimi. Bonnie tells Caroline and Shawn Sr. that she has a proposition for them. Mimi looks across the room and sees Bonnie with them and is worried.

Jennifer, Mickey and Maggie make plans to go back to Jennifer’s house when Abby is done talking to the counselor. Jennifer wants to be alone to say a prayer in the hospital chapel and leaves. Maggie continues to blame herself but Mickey tries to reassure her that it isn’t her fault. Maggie suggests going to the Brady Pub for some soup to take back to Jennifer’s house. Mickey is worried that Maggie won’t be safe out by herself but Maggie assures him that she will be fine and makes Mickey promise not to let Jennifer drive. Mickey promises and they hug goodbye. Mickey hugs Maggie so tight that it hurts her, as Maggie jokes that it’s like Mickey is afraid he’ll never hold her again.

Jennifer sits alone in the hospital chapel as she prays to God to show her how to go on without Jack.

Another woman comes into the chapel to pray and begins to cry. Jennifer notices her and moves to sit next to her in the pew to offer her assistance. The woman tells Jennifer about her husband currently being in surgery receiving a new heart. 

Bonnie suggests to Caroline and Shawn Sr. that they should turn the Brady Pub into a Country Western bar. Caroline and Shawn Sr. are hesitant about the idea. Mimi rushes over and pulls Bonnie away to another table, ordering her to butt out and stay away from her friends.

Belle and Shawn talk about how great it was to see Caroline and Shawn Sr. together again. Belle looks up to see Maggie there. They make small talk until they notice that Maggie is upset. 

Hope smacks Bo awake, worried that he was shot. Bo explains that it was just a car backfiring and he must have hit his head when she knocked him down. Bo tries to convince Hope that Roman can take care of things if she’d rather not work on this case but Hope insists on working. Hope beings to cry at the thought of ever losing Bo as she throws her arms around him.

Hope and Bo lament about how many people they love are suffering. Bo is surprised that Hope just risked her life for him but Hope assures him that he means everything to her.

Maggie has shared the sad news about Jack’s passing with everyone at the Pub. Mimi brings Maggie her order of chicken soup and sandwiches. Shawn offers to drive Maggie home but Maggie refuses the offer, wanting him to stay with Belle. Caroline is concerned for Maggie and Maggie explains that Roman has police watching over her and leaves. As she steps out of the Pub, she sees two little girls skipping rope and reciting rhymes. Maggie hears the other children chanting a rhyme about her and the Salem Stalker: “The Salem Stalker took a gun and gave Abe Carver a deadly one. The Salem Stalker took a rock and gave Jack Deveraux a deadly shock. The Salem Stalker is still not through, soon Maggie Horton will be dead too.” Maggie screams.

The woman in the hospital chapel tells Jennifer about how this organ donor donated as many organs as he could and is a true hero. Jennifer agrees about how much of a hero Jack was and the woman realizes that the man was Jennifer’s husband. She asks how she can ever thank Jennifer but Jennifer assures her that she already has. Abby rushes into the chapel to tell Jennifer that Jack is still alive.

Everyone rushes out to check on Maggie including the officer that was assigned to protect her. Maggie assures them that she is all right, she is only upset about what happened today. Shawn offers to carry the food for her and Shawn Sr. offers to have Maggie come back inside and sit down for a while. Maggie insists that she promised Jennifer she’d bring the food and rushes off. The children go back to skipping rope and Shawn tells Belle that he thought Rex was out here coming to finish off Maggie. Mimi gets upset at Shawn, insisting that Rex is innocent and Belle drags Shawn back inside the Pub. Bonnie talks to Mimi about how Mimi likes sex with Rex after he’s been violent and Mimi realizes that Bonnie would only know that from reading her diary. Bonnie continues to try to convince Mimi to get pregnant with Rex’s baby. 

Back inside the Pub, Belle begins to cry as Shawn is angry about the killer striking again. He comforts Belle as she asks when they are going to be okay again. Belle worries about who is going to be the serial killer’s next victim.

Bo assures Hope that he will not let anything happen to them or their family. Hope reminds him that he can’t promise that because it didn’t work for Abe and Lexie or Jack and Jennifer. 

The woman rushes over to hug her daughter that Jennifer mistakenly thought was Abby. The woman’s daughter drags her to her dad’s bedside. Jennifer kneels in a pew to thank God and turns to see Abby having entered the chapel with Mickey. Jennifer calls Abby baby and Abby tells Jennifer that she hates her and is never speaking to her again. Mickey tells Abby that Jennifer did the right thing in putting the other person first. Jennifer tries to get Abby to go with her but Abby turns and runs out of the chapel. The orderly brings Jennifer an envelope of Jack’s personal effects. Jennifer holds the envelope close.

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