DOOL Tuesday Update 10/14/03

Days of our Lives Tuesday 10/14/03

by Danielle

Jennifer begs Lexie to tell her Jackís condition. Lexie tells Jennifer that Jack is still alive and they are all relieved. Lexie still looks grim as she tells Jennifer about Jack having a stroke and being solely kept alive on a respirator and that he wonít make it. The suspects and members of the police look on as Jennifer and Abby hold each other and cry.

Everyone files out into the waiting area. Jennifer is worried about the hospital having to take Jack to ICU. Jennifer asks Lexie for options but Lexie tells her that Jack wonít ever regain consciousness. Lexie asks Abby to go with a nurse so she can talk to Jennifer alone. Lexie asks Jennifer if she wants Jack to be kept alive on machines. Lexie brings up how Jack signed a do not resuscitate order on his recent living will. Jennifer tries to convince Lexie that they can get another opinion or do more tests to try and get a different diagnosis. Lexie assures Jennifer that they will do everything she wants. Jennifer and Abby want to see Jack so Lexie leads them to him. Bo leaves to go work on the case. 

Tony questions Rex about whether Jack not making it pleases him. Victor and Nicole argue about Jack having been close to the killer. 

Bo fills Roman and John in on Tekís finding at Jack and Jenniferís house. Bo searches Jackís PDA. 

Jennifer tries to compose herself before going in to see Jack. Hope tells Jennifer about having called Harold and that he is trying to track down Jack's parents. Jennifer explains that Abby wanted to stop in the chapel and say a prayer. Jennifer insists that Jack is going to pull through this and leaves to talk to Jack. Hope questions Lexie if Jack really has no hope of surviving but Lexie just says that Jennifer is going to need their support because this is going to be the hardest day of her life.

Jennifer cautiously approaches Jackís bedside. She takes his hand and holds it to her as she refuses to let him go. She asks Jack who could have done this to him.

Bo finds a file titled murder investigation in Jackís PDA. Bo reads about Jack wanting to confront the 7 suspects before they make him the next victim. Roman decides to question all the suspects. Bo, John, and Roman make the rounds to question all the suspects, who in turn have flashbacks to their last encounters with Jack telling all the suspects that he knows they are guilty. All the suspects deny having even seen Jack today. 

Roman decides to keep at the questioning of suspects and Bo, Roman, and John make the rounds again. They all continue to deny any wrongdoing. Everyone glares at everyone else as they have flashbacks of Jack threatening each suspect, claiming to know that each suspect is the one who killed Abe. In the flashbacks, each of the suspects threaten Jackís life if he continues to investigate or turn in what he knows to the police. In the present, all the suspects continue to deny having tried to kill Jack. Bo is convinced that all the suspects are lying and states that they have Jackís own words to prove it.

Lexie joins Jennifer in Jackís room. Jennifer asks about another opinion but Lexie tells her that everyone agrees that Jack is brain dead. Jennifer begins to cry as she hugs Jackís body.

Jennifer and Lexie have returned to the waiting room where Hope comforts Jennifer. Lexie brings up the decision of taking off the life support to Jennifer. Jennifer is shocked that she could think of giving up on Jack. Lexie brings up the issue of organ donation and Hope tries to convince Jennifer that that is what Jack would want. Jennifer wants to have Jack here with her and Abby. Lexie advises Jennifer to do what is right for her and leaves to give Jennifer some time to think it over. Jennifer asks Hope for advice on ending Jackís life when Abby overhears them, insisting that Jennifer canít kill her daddy.

Bo informs John and Roman about how Jackís PDA states that he was planning on confronting all 7 suspects this morning.

Rex and Tony talk about bringing Theo and Lexie into the DiMera fold. Tony leaves to get some coffee and Sami comes up to talk to Rex about how Tony isnít his real father.

Roman accuses Tony of killing Abe and trying to kill Jack. Tony turns the tables on Roman to point out that while Kate and Sami are also suspects, it is true Brady fashion to blame the DiMeras. 

Sami insults Rex by telling him he is the bad seed of the Brady family as Roman walks up behind her to overhear. He confronts Sami.

Sami covers by claiming she considers Marlena a Brady which would make Rex part of the Brady family. Rex says he wants no part of the Brady family and leaves. Roman warns Sami to stay away from Rex.

Sami moves to pour some coffee when Lexie surprises her. Lexie accuses Sami of being Jackís killer, promising to volunteer her services as Samiís executioner. Sami threatens Lexie and they argue and physically fight until John and Bo step in to separate them.

Nicole thinks that once Jack is dead, the heat will be off them. Victor gets angry with Nicole for not sympathizing with what Jennifer and Abby are going through.

Abby begs Jennifer not to let Jack die. Jennifer tries to explain to Abby about Jack being an organ donor, reminding her that someone donated bone marrow for her. Abby doesnít understand why Jack has to die when the one who donated bone marrow didnít have to die. Jennifer tries to get Abby to understand but Abby refuses and rushes off. Hope offers to go after her but Jennifer says she has to do it but canít because she has to decide whether or not to end Jackís life. Hope wishes there were something she could do to help Jennifer. Jennifer realizes that there is only one person who can help him right now. She goes into Jackís room alone. She leans in close to ask Jack for his help. Jennifer hears Jackís voice telling her that he is here for her, as his ghost stands right behind her. 

John orders Sami and Lexie to stay away from each other and Bo suggests to Lexie that they take a walk to cool off. Sami accuses John of wanting her to be guilty so he can have Marlena all to herself, threatening not to let that happen. John wonders if Sami could be guilty.

Jennifer hears Jack telling her that it is okay to do this and he is trusting her to do this. Jennifer still has a hard time deciding to let Jack go. Jackís ghost steps up and walks into Jenniferís body. Jennifer pulls out the locket Jack gave her, seeing it as a sign that Jack is telling her that he will always be with him and that this is what he wants. Jennifer tells Jack that she can feel his love and that they have love that will never die, promising to carry that love into eternity where she will see him again. Jennifer tearfully bids goodbye to Jack as she leans in close to hold him.

Tony questions Roman about when the questioning is going to end. Bo announces that the forensics team is ready and orders everyone to head over there now. 

Jennifer signs the papers to take Jack off of life support and gives them to Lexie. Lexie assures Jennifer that she is doing the right thing and leads her into Jackís room. Everyone else returns to the waiting area. Hope starts to go into the room and reaches back for Bo to take her hand and go in with her. Bo, John, Roman, and Hope are in the ICU room with Lexie, Jennifer, and Abby while everyone else watches from the window. Jennifer tells Abby to say goodbye to Jack but Abby just tries to convince Jack to tell Jennifer not to do this. Jennifer turns away from Abby as she begins to cry again. Roman turns to look out the window at Kate, Lucas, and Sami. John walks up the window to look into the faces of Tony and Rex. Bo steps up to look into the faces of Victor and Nicole before going turning back to Jack. Roman thinks to himself that one of those standing outside the room is a killer and now that person has killed twice. Lexie verifies with Jennifer that this is what she wants and moves to turn off the machines, one switch at a time. Jackís monitors start to beep signaling cardiac arrest. Jack steps out of his body and stands beside it as Jennifer weeps over his body. Jackís spirit consoles Jennifer and then Abby as she joins her mother. Jackís spirit winks to the camera as he disappears. 

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