DOOL Friday Update 10/10/03

Days of our Lives Friday 10/10/03

by Danielle

Jennifer dreams of the night she and Jack shared but is woken by Jack softly nuzzling her ear. They begin to kiss again.

Nicole makes her way to the living room couch to stretch after a workout. Brady comes in and watches her as he helps himself to some juice. Nicole asks him for some advice about getting in shape. Brady offers to physically show Nicole how to stretch properly.

Victor comes home talking on his cell phone. When he ends his call, he hears Brady and Nicole in the living room. He goes into the living to angrily confront them.

Shawn gently kisses Belle’s forehead to wake her. They kiss good morning.

Mimi wakes to find Rex standing over her, ready to swing a large branch. She screams and Rex lowers the branch to the blanket.

At the police station, Roman removes Kate’s picture from the suspect board and looks at it as he has a flashback to his encounter with Kate at Tuscany. Kate has the same flashback as she laments about everything being so right before now. Sami overhears her and claims that Kate is wrong. John comes into the office to find Roman staring at Kate’s picture and offers to talk about it.

Maggie is going through her jewelry box. She turns over a bracelet in her hands as she has a flashback to seeing the blood moon with Mickey. She begins to cry as she laments about it not being over. Maggie jumps as she hears Alice say that it is far from over. 

Jack brings a tray of breakfast and gently wakes Jennifer again with a kiss. Jennifer tells Jack about “In The House” getting preempted this week due to local programming. They decide to spend the week in bed instead and begin to kiss when Abby interrupts with a warning that hickeys are hard to cover up on live TV.

Kate and Sami argue about Roman. Sami insists that Roman won’t marry a liar like Kate because he hates liars and Kate points out that he must then loathe Sami.

Roman returns Kate’s picture to the suspect board, refusing the offer to talk. John explains that he came by to pick up some files on the way to work. John leaves as they hope to meet on better terms next time.

Victor orders Brady to get off Nicole. Victor orders Brady to get dressed and to work because he has a meeting. Brady rushes off and Victor orders Nicole to keep her hands off Brady. Nicole stands up to Victor, telling him no.

Shawn comes running up to tackle Rex as Mimi starts to cry. Belle comes running after and notices the snake that Rex was trying to kill. She points it out to Mimi who jumps up screaming and starts dancing around.

Jack and Jennifer question Abby as to how she knows about hickeys. Jennifer leaves to go make Abby’s lunch so Abby can have a talk with Jack. Jack doesn’t want the responsibility but Jennifer insists that Abby needs the male perspective. Abby starts to tell Jack about all the biology aspects she knows but Jack interrupts to ask to meet the boy Abby is interested in. Abby tells Jack about her peers’ social lives. Jack pries until Abby gives in and admits that she likes a boy. Jack starts to tickle Abby to try and get her to tell him about this boy. Jennifer watches and laughs from the doorway.

Maggie brings Alice some tea and Alice apologizes for startling her. They talk about how Maggie feels about these omens. Maggie reads the story of explanation about the blood moon to Alice but quickly apologizes because Alice came over to do something fun. She thanks her for coming by and helping her pick out who gets what out of her jewelry box. Maggie is worried that something bad could happen to her. 

John arrives at Basic Black, looking through the files. He stops abruptly when he notices that someone is in his office. He asks the secretary if he has any appointments but the secretary confirms that he has none. John cautiously enters his office with gun drawn. He finds someone dressed in black standing over John’s desk with their back to the door. John sneaks up on them to pin their arm behind them and put the gun to their back. He is shocked at who the culprit is.

Abby calls for mercy as Jack continues to tickle her. Jennifer interrupts to tell Abby that the bus will be here soon and that she’ll pick her up after soccer. Jennifer hands Abby her lunch and kisses her goodbye. Jennifer leaves to go into the bathroom. Jack stops Abby on her way out to tell her he is proud of her. Abby compares Jack’s current behavior to when he gave her the special burger recipe. Jack wants to assure Abby that he loves her and they hug. A honk is heard and Abby rushes off to board the bus. Jack watches Abby head off from the bedroom window.

Sami walks into Kate’s office. Kate tells Sami about how she pities Marlena for having to send her own daughter to the gas chamber. Sami is shocked so Kate goes on to tell Sami about Maggie going under hypnosis to help name the killer. Sami gets angry and storms out of Kate’s office. She is so jittery that she drops the files she is trying to carry.

John lets the intruder up and it turns out to be Brady who explains that he was just looking at pictures of Colorado. John apologizes and Brady assures him that he understands. Brady brings up Victor and John tries to give him a lot of money to be able to get out of town and away from Nicole and Victor in case they are implicated in Abe and Colin’s murder. Brady refuses the money. John confronts Brady about covering for Nicole and Victor when they were being questioned. 

Nicole returns to the living room to demand that she won’t listen to Victor anymore. Nicole explains to Victor that Brady will defend and protect her and shows him the tape of “In The House” where Jack issued his ultimatum. Victor shows Nicole the paper that mentions John and Maggie joining the case.

Roman is working at his desk when his pen runs out of ink. He reaches into the desk drawer to find a new pen and uncovers a picture of him and Abe. He tacks it to the suspect board, vowing to Abe that the killer will pay with their own life, no matter whom they are.

Jennifer comes out of the bathroom surprised to see Jack still in the bedroom. Jack informs her of having just called in to work to take the day off to be with Jennifer. They kiss and Jennifer says she has to pick up a surprise for Jack at Salem Place. Jack wants to go with her to pick something up for her as well. They agree to have lunch and then see what happens from there. They grab their coats and head out of their bedroom. Jack notices their wedding picture on the wall is crooked and straightens it as they share how great their home is and how happy it will be. Jack rushes back into the bedroom to retrieve his wallet. He turns to go but takes one last look around his bedroom before heading out the door. 

Nicole reads aloud from the paper about Bo and Roman taking over Abe’s high profile cases. Nicole urges Victor to get rid of John, Jack, and Maggie before they say anything.

John warns Brady to be careful but Brady insists that John is the only one who needs to be careful.

Shawn is trying to figure out what Mimi is screaming about. Mimi is relieved and throws her arms around Rex to thank him and apologize for thinking he was trying to kill her. Rex picks up the snake and tosses it away from the blanket. Rex and Shawn go off to find some firewood. Belle assures with Mimi that she is okay and informs her that she and Shawn heard them making love last night. 

Shawn commends Rex about having good aim. Rex denies having anything to do with Abe’s shooting. Belle and Mimi find Rex and Shawn to tell them that the coast guard just saw their boat and offered to tow them in. Shawn drops his firewood and he and Belle leave to pack their stuff. Mimi checks with Rex to see if he is okay.

Roman is at Java Café when he calls Kate’s office. When the secretary picks up, Roman doesn’t say anything and hangs up.

Jack and Jennifer arrive at Salem Place, planning on going in different directions. They make plans to meet at noon at the Java Café and hug and kiss goodbye. 

Brady questions John as to why he wants to make himself a target. John informs Brady about how the police think this killer is a serial killer and how he’s not afraid to look the killer in the eye just as he opens the door to find himself face to face with Kate. Kate tells John that they need to talk.

Brady makes a quick exit so Kate and John can talk privately. John brings up Kate and Abe’s argument. Kate denies killing Abe. John is upset that he has a liar as an employee. Kate brings up Sami as another of his employee who lies. John vows that if it turns out that Sami is guilty, she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. John is late for a meeting so he leaves with a promise to Kate that they’ll talk later. Sami pretends to look at a file as she watches John leave his office. She quickly follows him as Kate walks out of John’s office.

Victor blames Nicole for being the start of all the problems and Nicole leaves to get dressed. Victor calls Nico to tell him to meet him out back for a very pressing errand. He makes his way to the back of the house as Nicole sneaks back down the stairs and out the front door.

Shawn, Belle, Rex, and Mimi arrive at Salem Place. They talk about the latest developments in the newspaper. Mimi turns to talk to Rex but realizes that he is no longer walking with them.

Rex is off by himself on a bench and calls home to talk to Tony. He gets upset at Bart because Tony isn’t there.

Jennifer runs into Roman at the Java Café. They talk about how Jack feels about the case. Jennifer reveals to Roman the surprise she has been working on for Jack. She pulls out a hand bound leather album that showcases every article Jack has ever written since the 3rd grade. Roman assures Jennifer that Jack already knows how much she loves him. Jennifer asks about Roman and Kate but Roman doesn’t want to talk about it.

Jack steps out of a store and checks out the gift that he has just bought Jennifer before walking off.

John is in Salem Place talking on the phone with Marlena about how most of the suspects are somehow related to him. He insists that all he can do is to try and stop the killing by bringing this person to justice.

Brady returns home to the Kiriakis mansion to find it empty. He is shocked to find no one home.

The secretary at Basic Black tells a caller that Kate is on another line.

Roman bids goodbye to Jennifer who waits for Jack at the Java Café. 

Jack stops to look at his watch, only to find that it has stopped.

Maggie is walking around Salem Place and digs her phone out of her purse to call Mickey.

The mysterious stranger is seen holding a brick.

John tells Marlena on the phone that he loves her.

Jack tries to fix his watch.

The mysterious stranger starts to raise the brick.

Maggie walks up to look in a store window.

The stranger lifts the brick above their head.

John turns suddenly.

The stranger lifts the brick higher.

Jack turns to look behind him.

Flashes of Maggie, John, and Jack are shown as the killer brings the brick down. The show ends on a blood red screen.

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