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Days of our Lives Thursday 10/9/03

by Sherri

The Salem Reporter

The happenings in the town of Salem, USA from the eyes and ears of the only journalist who sees into the heads and bedrooms of the residents in the mysterious, wild and sometimes wacky town of Salem.

Suspect List gets personal for some people

Residents of the Town of Salem are apprehensive as they wonder who killed their beloved Police Commander and worry about whom will be the next victim. Headlines suggest that on of these people; John Black, Jack Deveraux and Maggie Horton could hold the key to the murder or will one of them be the next target?

After Kate Roberts finishes giving her statement to the police she finds her boyfriend Roman Brady solemnly gazing at the engagement ring he bought for her. Roman is disappointed that Kate lied to him and now he may have to arrest her for his best friend’s murder. Kate suggests he return the ring and assures Roman she won’t be leaving Salem or planning a honeymoon anytime soon.

In the hallway, Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts meet up after giving their statements to have another one of their gabfests. Each accusing the other of murder, Sami points out that Lucas and Kate’s M.O. is to commit murder and frame her (re: Franco), while Lucas assures Sami her fondest wish will come true. What wish? Brandon will return for her after he hears she has been arrested for murdering her newfound father; he’ll return to kill her!

Meanwhile, at Tuscany, Mickey Horton surprises his wife Maggie with a big bouquet of flowers, but she is still shaken from hearing the children’s voices in the hospital stairwell and frightened by what she may have hidden in the deepest regions of her mind about the Salem Serial Killer.

Marlena Evans is also worried about the killer and her husband John Black’s need to be the "Salem Hero" and solve this case, putting himself in the line of fire. John tries to reassure his loving wife, but she insists she will not lose him. Later, Marlena and John talk with Mickey and Maggie learning of Maggie’s fears and Marlena promises to help Maggie unlock the secrets buried in her mind in time, when she is ready.

Roman arrives at Tuscany and gives John and Marlena the bad news about the top three suspects in the Abe Carver murder investigation. Roman mournfully moans that he may be forced to arrest, "the woman I love, my daughter or the father of my grandson". (Kate Roberts, Samantha Brady or Lucas Roberts) Marlena is still digesting this shocking information about her daughter when Sami walks up. "How could you?" is how Marlena greets her daughter. Samantha then goes on a tirade about her poor, pitiful life and how no one ever believes in her. Stunned speechless, Marlena walks away muttering, "I don’t even know my own daughter anymore!"

Later, Roman tells John he is starting to think that John’s plan to use himself as bait is looking better and better. John thinks that Roman just would like to "smoke out" the killer to clear his daughter and girlfriend. Meanwhile, Kate and Marlena converse in the ladies room about Kate’s past as a high-class hooker for Stefano, the fact that Abe found out about and Kate lying to Marlena about her fight with Abe earlier in the day. Kate tries to assure a disillusioned Marlena that she is not the killer, but at this point Marlena does not know what to believe.

Get this girl a muzzle!

Sami and Lucas bring their accusatory conversation from the police station into Tuscany as each once again tells the other they will fry for Abe’s murder. Lucas says he will gain full custody of Will when Sami goes to prison, causing her to once again start making threats. Sami threatens anyone and everyone who ever tries to take her son away from her saying that she wouldn’t need a gun, she will kill that person with her bare hands. Maggie walks up and hears Sami’s threat. Lucas crows that he has a witness this time, as an uneasy Maggie leaves the scene.

Maggie Horton overhearing her threats isn’t enough to keep Sami from making more, in the very public restaurant she loudly accuses John of ruining her life by sleeping with her mother on the conference room table at Titan Publishing. John warns her to keep her voice down, several times, refusing to get into an argument with the overly emotional girl-woman, but she continues spewing venom. In the middle of her tantrum, John quietly lets her know her threats to destroy him have been heard. Sami turns to find her mother, Marlena, standing behind her looking horrified and disappointed.

Sami later fantasizes of having another encounter with Lucas, only this time she grabs him by the throat and happily chokes the life out of him right in the middle of Tuscany. Of course, this is just Samantha’s twisted imagination… or is it?
Baby on the Horizon?

Jack and Jennifer Deveraux dine at Tuscany planning for an expanded family and a long, happy future together. Jennifer tells Jack that after talking to her grandmother Alice Horton, she realizes Jack is just like her grandfather Tom in wanting to protect his family and loved ones. "As a husband, a father, I have to do what I can to protect you and my family and the rest of Salem," says Deveraux.
Jennifer surprises Jack by announcing she would like to have another baby right away. Jack makes a pledge, which he writes down on a Tuscany napkin, "I Jack Deveraux do solemnly promise to be around for a long time and not to let anything happen to me, my wonderful wife Jennifer or anybody else in our wonderful family." Afterwards Jack has Mickey notarize his vow, just to make official where his heart, soul and priorities lie.

Later, in their candlelit bedroom, Jack and Jennifer make love with the purposes of giving Abby a little brother or sister. Jennifer points out that his is the best time of the month to conceive, while Jack agrees – the moon is full tonight. 

Camping Out

Belle Black and Shawn Brady plan to take out his grandfather’s boat for a romantic day trip. When Mimi Lockhart overhears she convinces them to let her tag along since she has a biology project to work on. Rex Dimera pops up saying he’s going to; Shawn vehemently objects.

Belle tells Shawn that for Mimi’s sake to cool off on Rex and let him come. They both agree that they love Mimi and have to respect her choices. Shawn heads of to get an advance from Mickey so he can plan a romantic surprise for Belle, while Rex calls Bart and tells him this trip will be more than his friends bargained for – they will get the shock of their lives and discover the real Rex Dimera!
On the island, Mimi heads off to watch frogs mating for her biology project, Belle and Shawn go off to talk about Rex with him accusing the "alien boy" of being dangerous and her looking exasperated and telling him to stop with his accusations. In the meantime, Rex heads off by himself, telling Mimi he will look inland for frogs mating.

Belle and Shawn discover something is wrong with the gasoline line on the boat and since it is dark, they will have to spend the night and fix the boat in the morning. They go to let Rex and Mimi know of their situation and find the couple having a romantic, high-class picnic. Apparently, Rex arranged for Bart to secretly arrive on the island and help him set it up to surprise Mimi. Giggling, Mimi explains now that her biology homework is done, she and Rex are studying "picniclogy".

Since there are only two sleeping bags on the boat, the couples realize they must double up. Rex and Mimi happily take one sleeping bag and they go off to find a private place to camp out for the night. Shawn and Belle are apprehensive about sharing, especially after Shawn has a sizzling fantasy about him and Belle and they realize they can hear what Mimi and Rex are doing. Belle and Shawn decide to sleep with their backs to each other to avoid temptation.

Red Moon Rising

The sight of the full red moon has Salem residents fearing for the future of their beloved hometown.

As a hot and bothered Shawn decides to cool off, in more ways than one, with a dip in the cold lake, he and Belle view the red moon with inquisitiveness, wondering what it means?

The accenting red moon interrupts Mimi and Rex’s lovemaking, as he gets another headache. Mimi comments that it is usually the woman who has the headache.  As Mimi gazes at the moon, Rex holds his head saying, "this one’s a killer".

Jack and Jennifer lie in bed, pondering whether or not they just made another baby when she notices the odd light coming from the window. Getting up the couple stand at the now open window, looking at the moon and wondering. Jennifer shivers, standing at the open window. Is it from the cold air?

Maggie asks Mickey what the red moon means as they leave the restaurant, pointing out she has heard of the blue and harvest moons, but doesn’t know what the red stands for? Mickey reluctantly says that a red moon means, "blood".

Marlena shudders when she and John walk outside and see the crimson moon. John silently puts his arms around her and Marlena says that as long as she is in his arms, she will feel safe.

Roman tells Kate she should keep the table, he’s going home since he is in no mood to dine there now. Kate tries to reassure him that she is not the killer, but he walks out, she follows. Outside, Roman wonders if the full red moon is a sign from Abe, a "sign that someone I love, someone close to me has blood on their hands"?

Lastly, Sami and Lucas wander out of Tuscany, gazing at the oddly coloured moon in silence. Lucas turns and looks at Sami, but she is transfixed by the moon and he walks away without a word. A pale-looking Sami continues staring at the moon.

Future Events

Victor finds Nicole and Brady in a compromising position, her feet are up against his bare chest and his hand is running up the inside of her thigh. Nicole is wearing workout gear.

Kate is trying to reassure John that she is not a killer. John tells her that this job will not save her, if she is guilty, he will bring her in himself.

Mimi screams as John, Maggie and Jack all look surprised and a shirtless Rex is seen chopping up something with an axe.

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