DOOL Wednesday Update 10/8/03

Days of our Lives Wednesday 10/8/03

by Danielle

Marlena and John arrive at University Hospital hand in hand. John is sorry that they arenít able to spend more time together but Marlena understands how important Johnís work is to finding Abeís killer. She is also worried that John is putting himself in danger. 

Caroline turns up ďIn The HouseĒ on the TV in the Brady Pub to hear Jackís ultimatum to the killer. She and Alice agree that that can only mean trouble.

John points out that they are all in danger dealing with a serial killer. He vows that he plans to stick around and love Marlena for a very long time. A nurse, Rena, brings Marlena a message from a patient who is trying to find her. Marlena and John say their goodbyes. John hears Jackís ultimatum on the hospital TV, warning him to keep his mouth shut. He grows angry when he hears Jack issue that warning.

Roman returns to Kate to ask for the truth. Sami tries to convince Roman that Kate should be arrested based on what the gardener said. Kate accuses Sami of being the killer but Sami insists that she doesnít have a gun. The security guard from Salem Place notices them and IDs Sami. Sami tries to run but Lucas stops her. Roman confronts Sami about the guardís accusation.

Jennifer gets upset at Jack for issuing that warning and making himself a target. 

Lexie continues to work with Maggie under hypnosis. Maggie is getting agitated as she describes the other manís eyes to Lexie. Lexie orders her to tell her who killed Abe and Maggie exclaims that she knows who the killer is.

Jack is insistent on helping catch Abeís killer. Jennifer is still worried that the killer will come after him. Jack insists that he can protect himself but Jennifer accuses him of breaking his promise.

Lexie tries to get Maggie to give her a name but Maggie starts having trouble breathing. Marlena walks in and inquires as to what is going on. Lexie informs Marlena that Maggie is about to name Abeís killer.

Sami grows upset as she denies having anything to do with Abeís death. The guard confirms that Sami is ďMiss Smith.Ē Roman lets the guard finish his statement and leave. Lucas and Kate confront Sami who threatens them and they start to argue. Roman interrupts and orders everyone into his office. Roman turns on Sami, ordering her to tell him the whole truth.

Jack and Jennifer continue to argue. Jennifer asks how they can create a life for themselves if Jack doesnít have a life as John walks up behind them to verify that Jennifer has a point.

Sami sticks to her story about scaring off a kid from the lock box. Roman states that a bullet was fired from that gun the morning that Abe was shot. The officer brings Roman the guardís statement. Roman reads it aloud about what Sami told the guard about what happened. Lucas accuses Sami of lying but she sticks to her story. As Sami adamantly denies having killed Abe, Lucas draws a hangman picture on paper and sticks it up on the suspect board.

Lexie continues to try and get Maggie to reveal a name. Marlena orders Lexie to stop and calms Maggie down. Marlena pulls Lexie aside to ask what she was thinking. Lexie states matter of factly that she was trying to find out who killed her husband. 

Sami crumples up the picture and accuses Lucas of trying to pin the murder on her. Lucas accuses Sami and they begin to argue. Kate steps in and tells Lucas to leave Sami alone. Kate apologizes to Roman that Sami might be implicated in murder. Roman is angry that the woman he loves, his daughter, and the father of his grandson are all suspects in his best friendís murder and demands the truth from Sami. Sami admits to taking the gun.

John explains that he caught Jack and Jenniferís show and how he is angry that Jack issued that warning. John asks to talk to Jack alone and Jennifer gladly leaves to go check on Abby. John tells Jack that he made a mistake and warns him that it could cost him his life.

Maggie is resting on the couch as Lexie defends her actions. Marlena points out that Lexie was pressuring her as Lexie explains that Maggie canít remember what information she has about Abeís murder. Marlena tries to convince Lexie that she should know better than to be treating anyone right now and Lexie gets upset. Marlena warns Lexie that she is a surgeon and not a psychiatrist, she canít just cut through to Maggieís subconscious. Lexie starts to cry as she apologizes to Marlena. Maggie starts to cry hysterically and Marlena rushes over to talk to her and calm her down.

Caroline and Alice talk about Jackís warning when Jennifer walks in. Caroline tells Jennifer about seeing her show and offers her a cup of tea. Jennifer and Alice hug as Jennifer vents to Alice about Jack putting them in danger. Alice claims that Jennifer canít blame Jack for that.

Jack accuses John of doing the same thing but John points out that their actions were different. Jack wants to do all he can to catch Abeís killer but John warns him that he only wants the killer after him so he only has to protect himself. They talk about the killer possibly being after Maggie. Jack asks John how Marlena feels about John being in this investigation but John likens Marlena to Jennifer. Jack admits to going too far but claims he couldnít help himself. John reminds Jack that heís putting Jennifer and Abby in the same situation as Lexie and Theo.

Marlena tries to get Maggie to take deep breaths but Maggie is inconsolable and shaking. Lexie is getting worried as Marlena explains that it isnít the hypnosis but the trauma that Maggie is seeing. Maggie is unresponsive to Marlenaís words so Marlena punches her to initiate the pain reflex to override whatever Maggie is experiencing. Lexie is shocked at this display but it works to get Maggie out of the state she was in. Marlena brings her back out of hypnosis and Maggie asks what happened as she rubs her face. Lexie begs Maggie to tell her who she saw as Abeís killer.

Sami is upset that Roman is upset with her. She admits to taking the gun but denies shooting Abe. Roman declares that he doesnít want to hear anymore lies. Lucas lists Samiís motives so Sami turns to accuse Kate. Sami tries to convince Roman to inquire what secret in Kateís past could have been so bad that Kate or Lucas could have killed over it. Roman glares at Lucas and Kate.

Caroline has brought Jennifer her tea and rejoined the group at the table. Alice advises Jennifer to trust in the love that they already share. Jennifer assumes that Tom wouldnít have done anything like this but Alice says she is wrong.

Jack is worried that the serial killer could also go after Jennifer or Abby but John doesnít think that is likely. John asks Jack why this case is so important. Jack shares his experience getting to tag along with Abe on his work on the Colin Murphy case. John asks Jack to share his information and they discuss the suspects in Colin and Abeís murder. 

Maggie doesnít remember anything from the hypnosis session. Marlena isnít surprised as she explains that hypnotherapy requires a mind to feel safe before it reveals its secrets. Maggie hangs her head as she apologizes to Lexie for not being able to recall anything. Lexie assures her that is okay and Marlena offers to help Maggie deal with her memories over time. Maggie tells Marlena about the childrenís voices. Marlena was out of town when the paranormal things were happening so Maggie and Lexie fill her in. Marlena decides to break things down into parts and asks Maggie to tell her what the childrenís voices were saying. Marlena and Lexie are shocked as Maggie recites the rhyme she heard the children recite.

Kate, Lucas, and Sami argue, throwing accusations at one another about who shot Abe. Kate gets upset with Roman for letting Sami talk to her that way. Roman exchanges glances with Sami and then asks Kate to tell him the truth about what she and Abe were really talking about that day.

John tries to convince Jack to take his family and go on vacation until this whole thing blows over. Jack refuses, feeling that they should live their lives and not be afraid to bring the killer to justice. John is worried about how Jennifer would feel but Jack insists that Jennifer would look in his heart and know that he is doing the right thing. Johnís attempts to change Jackís mind are unsuccessful as Jack urges him not to worry and leaves.

Kate tries to dismiss the subject but Roman presses on. Kate covers by saying that Abe thought she wasnít good enough for Roman. Roman doesnít believe that Kate is telling him everything, ordering everyone to cut the crap.

Alice explains that Tom was never one to sit on the sidelines as Caroline and Alice bring up Tomís actions as a medic during the war. Caroline compares Jackís current actions to Tomís past actions. Jennifer wonders where that leaves her but Caroline advises her to understand where Jack is coming from. Jack comes into the Brady Pub.

Marlena tries to convince Maggie that some children were just playing a mean hoax on her. Maggie points out that there were no children around. Marlena wants to find some logical explanation but believes that Maggie is telling the truth. Maggie is discouraged that Marlena thinks the voices are in her head. Lexie apologizes to Marlena for not consulting her and asks Maggie how she feels. Maggie is scared as Marlena assures them that she wants to help them but they have to do things slowly. Maggie declares that she saw the face of Abeís killer and knows who it is.

It is getting late so Roman agrees to let them all go after they give statements. He labels them as all official suspects in the murder case of Abe Carver, ordering them all not to leave town.

Jennifer approaches Jack and explains that she has made an important decision. She leads him outside to talk.

Lexie implores Maggie to say who the killer is but Maggie grows agitated, as she canít say the name. Marlena consoles Maggie, promising her that theyíll find a way to access it. Maggie begins to cry as Marlena promises that the anxiety will go away once this is all out in the open. Maggie gets ready to leave to go work at Tuscany. Marlena advises Maggie to try and will the voices away and to call her if that doesnít work. Maggie thanks Marlena and she and Lexie walk out together. Once alone, Marlena calls John. She tells John simply that she needs him.

Maggie leaves the hospital floor by going into the stairwell. The doors close behind her and the lights go out. She tries to open the door and go back onto the hospital floor but the doors wonít open. Maggie begins to hear the childrenís voices again. She tries to convince herself that she isnít hearing anything and quickly runs down the stairs and away from the hospital.

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