Days Of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/7/03

Days Of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/7/03

by Danielle

Jennifer reads over Jack's report of Abe's murder in the Salem Spectator as Jack watches over her shoulder. Jennifer approves of Jack's story, especially that the story reflects the fact that Jack is keeping out of the investigation. Jennifer defends her actions of deleting Jack's case files.

Nicole is getting coffee at the Java Café when she overhears two ladies talking about how the police are getting close to finding Abe's killer. She spills the coffee all over the table as Brady watches.

Maggie runs into Lexie at the hospital. Maggie is on her way to see Marlena and Lexie explains she is only there to drop off some files for the doctor who is filling in. Lexie notices that Maggie is pale and worried so she inquires about what is wrong. Maggie admits that something happened that might have to do with Abe's murder.

Sami arrives at the police station, glad to see that Kate has taken her bait. Sami has a flashback to telling Kate that Roman wanted to see her at the police station and when she comes back to the present, Sami takes delight in thinking that Kate is going to be arrested when the gardener IDs her.

Roman turns around to see Kate standing in the doorway. He is overjoyed to see her, for he has news that he can't wait to tell her. Kate assures him that it is okay to tell her so Roman declares to the whole police station that he loves Kate as he hits his knees to propose. Sami peeks in closer to try and figure out what is going on.

Kate excitedly accepts the proposal as everyone claps and cheers. It all turns out to be Kate's fantasy. Roman still has his back to her and has yet to even notice she is there. Lucas comes up and pulls Kate over assuming that Roman has brought Kate in for questioning. Kate explains that Roman left a message that he wanted to see her and how she thinks he is going to propose. Lucas is skeptical. Sami eavesdrops on this conversation, growing delighted at how much Kate is buying into her scheme.

Jack tells Jennifer about how he understands why she deleted all his files. Jennifer is still worried that something could happen to Jack but Jack assures her that nothing is going to happen to him. He vows that his family always comes first and they kiss. They lament about having to get ready for their tribute episode to Abe of "In The House" from Salem Place.

Brady greets Nicole who gets mad at him for sneaking up on her. Brady calls her on her reaction when she overheard those two women. Nicole loudly and adamantly denies killing Abe.

Lexie assures Maggie that she doesn't think of her as a suspect but that Abe pointed her out because she knows something about Abe's murder. Maggie becomes agitated as she recalls what happened on her way into Tuscany. Lexie demands that Maggie tell her exactly what happened.

Lexie lets Maggie into her office so they can talk privately. Maggie explains that she heard children's voices singing an old nursery rhyme. Lexie asks if it is the same one that Alice said that she heard before Abe was killed. Maggie grows upset as she tells Lexie that this one was different because it was about her.

Nicole defends her reaction but Brady points out that Nicole has been on edge for a while. He reminds her that she is a suspect in Colin's murder as well.

Jack and Jennifer sit at a table beside a blown up picture of Abe in the middle of Salem Place. Jack explains the premise of the show to the viewers as Jennifer runs through the guest list. Jack tells the viewers about what happened to Abe as he looks toward Abe's picture.

Abe and Lexie's gardener insists that he could ID the woman arguing with Abe if he could hear her voice but Roman wants him to keep trying to find a picture in the book.

An officer brings the security guard from Salem Place into the office past Kate and Lucas talking in the main room. Sami does not see the guard because she is hiding out of view of Kate and Lucas. Lucas tells Kate about how Roman should suspect Sami because he's sure she is hiding something. Sami vows to herself that no one will ever know that she swiped that gun from the guard at Salem Place.

The officer interrupts Roman's work with the gardener to introduce him to the security guard.

Jack and Jennifer express their gratitude to the Salem PD and then greet Celeste as their next guest. Celeste declares that she knew that Abe was going to be killed and feels guilty for not being able to stop it.

Nicole acts shocked that Brady thinks she is capable of killing two people. Brady brings up how he talked to John about the case and goes to leave figuring Nicole wouldn't be interested in knowing what John had to say. Nicole leaps up and grabs Brady's arm, demanding that he tell her what John said.

The security guard tells Roman about how he had locked the gun in the lock box and came back to find the lock broken and this young woman who explained that she saw a kid rummaging through it that she scared off. The guard tells Roman how he wasn't going to report it until he heard about Abe's death and noticed that a bullet was missing from his gun. He goes on to tell Roman that the lady seemed nervous and they speculate that the young woman could have made up the story about the kid and taken the gun herself. Roman asks for a name and the guard has a flashback to Sami introducing herself as Sandi Smith. Roman recognizes that as an alias and calls over an officer to take the security guard to go look at mugshots.

Sami gets frustrated that she can't hear what Kate and Lucas are whispering about and inches closer to them to try and hear better. Kate and Lucas talk about Kate's big secret without going into specifics and confirm that Abe found out about it. Sami is overjoyed that her suspicions were correct.

Maggie goes on to tell Lexie that it sounds like children warning her that she is in danger. She is unsure as to what it could all mean and Lexie suggests that it means that Maggie is the key to solving Abe's murder. Maggie is growing frustrated that she keeps trying but can't remember anything. Lexie brings up a way to retrieve any information buried deep in Maggie's subconscious.

Lexie explains that she'd like to put Maggie under hypnosis and assures her that she's studied hypnotherapy extensively and is completely safe. Maggie has her reservations but agrees to do it. Lexie instructs Maggie to get comfortable on the sofa as she sets up the room for the hypnosis session. Lexie begins to put Maggie under hypnosis.

Brady removes Nicole's hand from his arm as he sits back down to tell Nicole what John said. He tells her about Abe's computer files being destroyed and Nicole is relieved that the police won't be coming after her anymore. Brady brings up the matchbook from Tuscany found at the scene. Nicole starts off agitated that the police now have more evidence against her but then her mood changes when she tells Brady that she has an alibi in him.

Jennifer assures the viewers that Celeste didn't mean that she could have physically stopped Abe's killer. Celeste is overcome by a sudden feeling and explains that it was a feeling about Abe's killer.

The guard still hasn't found a picture of the woman he saw in the book so the officer continues to flip the pages for him.

Roman asks the gardener to tell him exactly what he heard of the conversation. The gardener tells Roman about the argument over a secret Abe was vowing to tell and how if he heard the woman's voice again, he would be able to identify it.

Kate tells Lucas about Sami admitting defeat and being the one to tell her that Roman left a message for her. Lucas is skeptical that Sami would admit defeat at all but Kate is insistent on believing it. Kate excuses herself from Lucas and goes in to greet Roman.

Roman is shocked to see Kate there. Kate explains that she got a message from Sami to come down and meet him at the police station. Roman grows angry that Sami is up to something again.

Sami tries to sneak away but Lucas grabs her. Lucas demands that she tells him what she is up to.

Sami refuses to explain herself to Lucas, insisting that she is here to see Roman. Sami warns Lucas to get out of here because Kate is about to go down for murdering Abe.

Roman tells Kate that he doesn't know what Sami is up to and suggests that she head down to Salem Place and he'll meet her there. Kate asks if he is trying to get rid of her but Roman assures her that he isn't, that they should rather talk someplace a little more private. Kate bids Roman goodbye and leaves the office only to run into Sami.

Kate confronts Sami about giving her a false message. Kate, Lucas, and Sami storm into Roman's office. Kate demands to be able to tell Roman what Sami did but Roman tries to get her to leave. The gardener hears Kate's agitated voice and points her out as the one who was arguing with Abe. Sami demands that Roman arrest Kate.

Celeste explains that she doesn't know who killed Abe, she only had a feeling that whoever did may kill again. Jack begins to rattle off clues that the police are putting together about the case. Jennifer confronts him about knowing so much about the case but Jack assures her that it is all from research he had already done. They lament about how Theo won't know his father as Jennifer and Jack urge the viewers to call the Salem PD with any information. Jack vows to the viewers that they aren't going to rest until Abe's killer is behind bars.

Lexie has put Maggie completely under hypnosis. She brings Maggie to the last time she saw Abe. Maggie begins to get agitated so Lexie begins to question what Maggie is seeing. Maggie has a flashback of seeing a man with Abe at the Java Café as she tells Lexie about seeing Abe with a man on the day he was murdered. Lexie leans in close to hear what Maggie is saying.

Celeste is worried that Lexie won't be able to heal until they find Abe's killer. She prays that the killer does not strike again. Jack looks into the camera and issues a warning to the killer that he has the goods on them and promises that they are going to go down.

Nicole reminds Brady that he was with her at Tuscany but Brady points out that Nicole went outside to make a phone call for a short time that night. Nicole urges Brady to not mention that part to John.

Roman verifies with the gardener that Kate is the woman that he heard. Roman confronts Kate about not telling him but Kate sticks with her original story. Roman asks the gardener if what Kate is saying is true and the gardener confirms that it isn't. Kate grills the gardener to ask if he heard a gunshot while she was there. Sami objects that Roman isn't automatically arresting Kate and Roman orders Sami to shut up. The officer working with the security guard interrupts to tell Roman that the guard wants to talk to him. Roman leaves with a promise to Kate that he'll be back to hear the truth about what Kate and Abe talked about that morning. While gone, Sami vows to Kate that she would pay for killing Abe. Lucas stands up for Kate but Sami vows that Roman will put handcuffs on Kate's wrists instead of an engagement ring on her finger.

Lexie implores Maggie to tell her whom she sees with Abe. Maggie grows more upset as she insists that she can't see them clearly but remembers the man's cold and evil eyes. She grows distressed and covers her face. Lexie grabs Maggie's hands away from her face as she demands to know if Maggie knows the killer. Maggie exclaims that yes she does know the killer.

Nicole tries to convince Brady to lie to John because he is the only one who understands that she couldn't kill anyone. Brady asks her to tell him the truth about killing Colin and Abe. Nicole refuses to tell the truth and gets angry with Brady for not believing her and storms off.

Jennifer confronts Jack off camera about confronting the killer. Jack insists that he can't be a coward. Jennifer says she would rather be married to a coward than a target.

The security guard tells Roman that he couldn't find the woman's picture in the books and that he has to go back to work. Roman makes a deal with him to come back tomorrow and continue looking.

Roman returns to the outer office to ask Kate for the truth. Sami rushes up to insist that Roman should just arrest Kate based on the gardener's identification. Kate turns the tables to accuse Sami of having motive to kill Abe herself but Sami denies it. The security guard notices the group on the way out of the station and identifies Sami as the woman he saw at his lock box. Sami turns to run but Lucas grabs her arm, accusing her of being the one to wear handcuffs now since they now know where she got her gun.

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