Days Of Our Lives Update Friday 10/3/03

Days Of Our Lives Update Friday 10/3/03

by Danielle

Maggie is walking through Salem Place talking to Mickey on the phone. She assures him that she is going to be fine. She tells him her plans of errands to run and then straight to Tuscany to open for dinner. She ends the phone call and walks away as she tries to reassure herself that she's fine.

Mimi tries to convince Shawn that his relationship troubles with Belle are very serious.

Tek uses the police computer to get a profile of the killer. Roman and John are shocked at the results

.Tony asks Marlena about Rex's symptoms, only referring to him as one of his employees. Marlena warns Tony that the employee could attack without warning or knowledge of their actions and could kill their victim.

Belle is working on the pipes under the sink when she puts the wrench up on the counter. She reaches up to grab the wrench and can't find it, only to turn around and scream as she finds that Rex is hovering above her holding the wrench.

Roman and John can't believe that the profile is showing the real killer. John makes Tek check with ISA and run it again in case there is some sort of virus on the line. Roman is discouraged that the profile doesn't match any of their suspects but insists that they should follow Tek's lead.

Marlena warns Tony to contact the police about the employee but Tony refuses, vowing to make sure the employee gets the help he needs. Marlena guesses correctly that the employee Tony is referring to is Rex. 

Belle gets upset with Rex for scaring her but Rex is in such a trance that he isn't registering that she's talking to him. He comes back to reality and claims that he saw her reaching for the wrench and was trying to help but Belle accuses him of lying.

Roman and John speculate about their list of suspects possibly including a serial killer. Roman describes a serial killer's motives and John gets frustrated because he thinks that all of the suspects fit that description. Roman wants to get Maggie in now before any harm comes to her if she does know something about the murder.

Mimi and Shawn talk about how Belle has been acting lately. Shawn explains to Mimi how he feels about Belle and how he tried to convince Belle that he loves her and wants to be with her but he loves her enough to wait. Mimi is touched at the romantic sentiment, saddened by the fact that she doesn't have that kind of love with Rex.

Rex insists that he was just going to hand Belle the wrench. Belle points out to Rex that he had a strange look on his face like he was a million miles away. Rex shares that he was having one of his headaches and apologizes to Belle. Belle gets Rex some aspirin and Rex downs half the bottle. Belle inquires about how Rex got into the loft and Rex lies, claiming the door was open. He starts to leave to go find Mimi but Belle stops him to ask him about his sex life.

Marlena confirms with Tony that Rex is whom they were talking about. Marlena pulls out her notes where it mentions that Rex came to her to talk about the headaches right around the fashion show and now right after Abe's death, Tony was coming to her about Rex's headaches. Marlena suggests to Tony that Rex could be having these headaches that are causing him to commit such violent acts.

Tony dismisses the suggestion that Rex could be a killer but Marlena counters by saying that Rex could not be a killer by nature but could be capable of it when he has these headaches. Marlena quickly packs up her things telling Tony that she is going to the police station to tell John about Rex. Tony grabs her arm to stop her, refusing to let her talk to John about Rex.

Belle tells Rex about what Mimi shared with her about their sex life.

Maggie arrives at the police station and Roman escorts her into his office. Maggie is slightly overcome at the sight of her picture on the case board. Tek returns with the double checked profile and John and Roman go out into the main office to look at it. It confirms that their killer is headed down the path of a serial killer and John looks toward Maggie waiting in the office as he laments that Maggie may be next.

Tony lets go of Marlena's arm as he tries to convince her that she is jumping to conclusions. He warns Marlena that John will blow this out of proportion and blame it all on Rex just because he is a DiMera. He goes for the guilt factor as he reminds Marlena that Rex is her son. Marlena reluctantly agrees to show Rex the benefit of the doubt and wants to get help for him. Tony wants Marlena to help him but Marlena doesn't want to for ethical reasons. Tony insists so Marlena assures him that she will do everything she can. Marlena vows to Tony that if it turns out that Rex has hurt someone, he will have to face the consequences. She leaves the DiMera mansion with one long glare at Tony.

Roman and John return to Maggie in the office. Maggie still doesn't know why Abe could have pointed to her and called out her name. John shows Maggie the matchbook from Tuscany and tells her about Abe's files being destroyed. They tell her that the only prints they found on it were hers. Maggie gets upset that they could think she is the killer but they quickly assure her that she isn't being considered a suspect. Maggie tells them that the matchbooks were put out before dinner as she speculates that the killer might have had a reason to come to her restaurant, correctly guessing that they brought her down to warn her that she's next. 

Mimi tries to dismiss the subject of her and Rex but Shawn insists that she should tell him her problems. Mimi shares that she sometimes has a hard time telling how Rex feels about her. She starts to cut herself down but Shawn interrupts her to flatter her and advise her to dump Rex today.

Rex insists that he shows Mimi how he feels about her every day. Belle explains that Mimi wants those things outside of the bedroom. Rex makes a hasty exit and Belle returns to working on the sink.

Rex walks back across the hall as he vows to give Mimi the chance to get to know the real Rex and giving her something to take to her grave.

Belle is triumphant in her endeavor to retrieve the ring from the sink pipes. It is grimy so she claims the ring went right where it belongs.

John and Roman assure Maggie that they only wanted to try and get information from her. Maggie tells them that she fears that the killer already thinks that she knows something. Maggie shares what happened the other night outside of Tuscany when someone was eavesdropping on her conversation. 

Rex is sitting in his loft in the dark, switching the lights on and off as the phone goes unanswered. The answering machine clicks on and Tony leaves a message asking Rex to give him a call. Tony hopes he isn't too late. The lamp that Rex was switching on and off is sitting on the floor in the middle of the room with Rex nowhere in sight.

Roman offers Maggie protective custody but Maggie refuses, chalking it up to her just overreacting. Roman warns her to be extra careful as Maggie rushes off to Tuscany. Maggie promises to call Roman at any sign of suspicion and if she thinks of anything that can help. After Maggie leaves, John insists on making himself the prime target of the killer so he can take the heat off of Maggie and everyone else. Marlena comes in at that moment to overhear John's words and adamantly tells John that she won't let him do that.

Shawn advises Mimi to dump Rex. Mimi considers the idea. Mimi shares that she never pictured herself as the loving wife and mother. Shawn has a hard time believing it as Mimi tells him that she is more like her dad who just fades into the background. She goes to leave but Shawn stops her to insist that she is nothing like her dad and he and Belle won't let her disappear into the background. Mimi and Shawn hug as Mimi thanks him. She lets him know that she is going to get a job application from Java Café and then is going to call Rex to break up with him. 

Belle cleans off her purity ring as she has a flashback of Mimi telling her how good it would be if she and Shawn waited until they are married to have sex. Belle vows not to wait any longer as she dries off the ring and her hands.

Mimi calls Rex on her cell phone as she walks through Salem Place after picking up her job application. She gets his answering machine and leaves him a message about needing space and how she is on her way over to say goodbye. Rex is in the loft listening to the message as he promises to be waiting, vowing to give Mimi exactly what she deserves.

Maggie walks up to Tuscany's doors and hears children laughing and playing. She stops and calls out to ask if anyone is there but no one answers her, only the sound of the children.

Belle is concentrating on her purity ring when Shawn arrives. She hugs him as Shawn senses that something is wrong. Belle informs him that she still feels the same as she did earlier and Shawn insists that there is nothing more to say and leaves down the stairs. Belle yells at him that love does hurt and slams the door closed as she leans against the inside of the door in despair. 

Mimi arrives at Rex's loft and prepares herself for the encounter before going in. 

Tony tries to call Rex again but there is no answer. He doesn't understand why Rex hasn't returned his call. He curses his father for his plans, vowing not to let his son self-destruct.

Rex is sitting alone in the dark when Mimi knocks on the door.

Marlena asks Roman to allow her and John to talk in private. Marlena lays into John about not letting her in on his plans. John insists on using whatever means necessary to draw out the killer but Marlena can't understand why it has to be him. John vows that nothing is going to happen to him but Marlena hugs him as she asks how he can be so sure. John claims it is because he knows how to play the game.

Tek and Roman speculate that Abe gave them a clue about the identity of the killer when he pointed to Maggie. Roman guesses that Abe must have known that the killer was going to strike again and soon.

Mimi knocks again on the door but there is no answer. She starts to leave but decides to let herself in and wait. Mimi enters the dark apartment and calls out to Rex. Rex tells her not to call him Rex.

Maggie still hears the children laughing and playing. She walks back down the steps and follows the sound away from Tuscany into a dark alley. The sounds have stopped and she sees no one there so she is relieved and goes to leave. As she goes to leave, she hears the children again and then the children begin to recite the Lizzie Borden rhyme. Maggie lets out a blood-curdling scream as the children begin to laugh.

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