Days Of Our Lives Update Wednessday 10/1/03

Days Of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/1/03

by Danielle

Belle and Shawn are asleep on the couch in her loft when Belle wakes up. Belle quietly opens the loft door to grab the paper. She reads the newspaper headline of "Police Commander Abe Carver Slain" and then looks from Shawn who is still asleep on the couch to her purity ring. She tucks the purity ring away in a kitchen drawer and takes off her top. She sits back down on the couch and wakes Shawn with kisses. They begin to kiss passionately.

Mimi and Rex are lying in Rex's bed when Mimi wakes up first. She laments about how it can't always be this peaceful. Mimi gets out of bed to get dressed but knocks off a matchbook from Tuscany when she grabs her bag. Rex wakes up at the noise, accusing Mimi of wrongdoing. Mimi explains that she was only wondering why Rex has a matchbook from Tuscany.

Maggie and Mickey are having coffee at the Java Café as they read the morning paper. Maggie still can't understand why Abe called out her name as his dying word.

Abe's name is being removed from his office door when Bo comes into the station. He pauses for a moment and then pushes his way into the office where Roman and John are talking. John asks about Lexie and Bo explains that she spent the night at their house. Bo asks Roman for a lead about the fire at Abe's house but Roman doesn't have any leads. They speculate what kind of files Abe could have had on that computer. Roman laments about how CSI couldn't find anything. They ponder over a board of suspect's pictures. Roman shares his thoughts that Tony or Rex are the killers.

Everyone is placing pictures and momentos at the shrine outside Abe and Lexie's home as a man is taking pictures. Lexie, still dressed in her scrubs, is crying into Celeste's shoulder as they arrive at the house. Celeste questions why the man would be taking pictures and Lexie suggests that the police are taking pictures to check identities of those who stop by the house in the next few days. Tony arrives at the house. Lexie points out all the flowers and candles to Tony. Lexie laments about Brandon as Tony wipes the tears from her cheeks. Tony vows to take care of Lexie from now on as Celeste watches with a spiteful look.

Rex claims he just took it when he left the restaurant to be able to light some candles during a romantic dinner for him and Mimi. Mimi argues with Rex about his headaches and brings up the day that Dr. Rolf died. Rex gets mad because he thinks Mimi is accusing him of something. Mimi asks Rex to tell her where he was when Abe was shot. Rex gets angry with Mimi as he exclaims that he doesn't remember.

Roman, Bo, and John look over the suspect board when Tek comes in, claiming he found something that could help crack this case wide open.

Lexie, Celeste, and Tony go into the house, which is still decorated for the christening. Lexie notices Martin, a forensics worker checking out Abe's computer. Martin explains that someone broke in and destroyed Abe's files.

Belle continues to try to seduce Shawn. Shawn resists at first but when Belle persists, he begins to give in.

Mimi is shocked that Rex can't remember where he was at the time of Abe's shooting. She accuses Rex of lying about being in the chapel but Rex claims he must have fallen asleep. Mimi points out that Rex may be genetically engineered but he isn't perfect. She goes on to say that she should never have had sex with him because he has never loved her. Rex gets angry with himself for not even knowing who he is, suggesting that maybe Mimi should get out of his life.

Maggie notes that the paper didn't report that Abe said her name. She tells Mickey about drawing a blank when she tries thinking of what she could know about the shooting. Mickey is worried that Maggie is in serious danger.

Tek brings up two pictures on the computer of an old shipment of Tuscany matchbooks and the shipment that just arrived last night. He points out to Roman, John, and Bo that the font is different and the one found at Abe's house was from the new shipment. They determine that this means that the killer was at Tuscany last night and then left for Abe's house. Roman tries to convince Tek to join the Salem PD Tek informs them that he quit the ISA and has already been reassigned to the Salem PD  Tek brings up head shots of all the suspects on the computer and each head shot is moved to full screen, one at a time.

Martin leaves Lexie, Tony, and Celeste alone. Tony wants Lexie and Theo to come back to the DiMera mansion with him but Celeste insists that she will take care of them. They start to argue as Bonnie comes into the room to offer her condolences. Celeste asks her to leave them alone and Bonnie leaves. Lexie notices Abe's half smoked cigar and the book he was reading, lamenting about how everything in this house makes it look like Abe is still alive. Tony demands that Lexie come home with him but Celeste adamantly refuses to let that happen.

Belle and Shawn are making love when Shawn stops them, thinking it will be a huge mistake. Belle gets upset at Shawn for not wanting to do this with her but Shawn assures her that he is doing everything he can not to make love to her. Belle begs him to stop fighting it and they return to their love making on the couch.

Shawn pulls away again as he tries to convince Belle that they shouldn't have their first time be something they regret. He gets up and grabs his things to leave but then realizes he doesn't want to go back to his loft and run into Rex. He decides to go take a shower instead and heads upstairs.

Mimi assures Rex that she doesn't want to leave and they kiss.

Tony tries to convince Lexie to come home with him but Celeste thinks it all comes at a cost. Lexie tells them to stop arguing, declaring that she is going to go live with Tony.

Martin brings Roman the morning paper. Roman reads it and gets upset at John for giving a statement to the press about knowing the identity of the killer. John doesn't see anything wrong with it because the killer doesn't know that they don't really know who shot Abe. John insists that he is doing this to avenge Abe's death but Bo points out that it may also make him the killer's next victim.

Mimi isn't looking forward to having to look for a job and Rex offers to give her some money. Mimi refuses, claiming Tony wouldn't want the money to be given outside of the family and Rex accuses her of saying that Rex only wants to remain a DiMera because of the money. Rex vows that Roman is never going to find out the truth and storms out of the room, exclaiming that he is going to see his father.

Tony, Celeste, and Lexie arrive at the DiMera mansion. Celeste still insists that Lexie should not be staying here. Tony threatens Celeste if she continues to try and convince Lexie to stay away from the DiMera mansion. Lexie interrupts as she laments about never being able to find peace while Abe's killer is still out there.

Bo sympathizes with the way John feels but assures him that they are all in this together. Tek explains that they are trying to salvage any of the information in the computer but the best bet is to see if they can find prints on the matchbook. Bo gets restless and wants to run off to do some sole police work but Roman calls him back. Roman expresses his anger to Bo about Bo's statement to the press and vows that they will find Abe's killer. The headshots of the suspects are shown again as each is brought to full screen one at a time.

Mimi leaves Rex's loft and runs into Bonnie coming off the elevator. Mimi gets mad at Bonnie for stealing the box of condoms and they argue about Mimi not being ready for marriage and not wanting to get pregnant just to snag Rex. Mimi brings up how Rex offered to loan her some money and Bonnie gets upset that Mimi refused and didn't even get some for her as well.

Shawn approaches Bo at Salem Place while he's working on Abe's case. Shawn asks to talk with Bo about an idea. Shawn tells Bo about how Belle was all over him when he woke up this morning and how he's having to deal with trying to convince Belle that they shouldn't do anything that Belle would look back on and think of it as a mistake. Bo notices how much Shawn really loves Belle. Shawn goes on to tell Bo about how he's going to drop out of school and quit his job to find a full time job so he can marry Belle. Bo warns Shawn that if he follows through with this plan he'll not only ruin his life but he'll ruin Belle's life as well.

Belle retrieves the purity ring from the drawer and thinks about Shawn.

Lexie and Celeste come back downstairs as they talk about how Theo won't expect Abe to give him his feedings while he's at the DiMera mansion. Celeste warns Lexie that DiMera could have something to do with Abe's death. Lexie admits that Celeste could be right as Rex comes in the front door. Tony comes in to see what the commotion is and Celeste points out that Stefano's dream was to build the ultimate killing machine, suggesting that now he has built one. Lexie turns to Rex to ask if he killed her husband.

Tek returns to the lab to find Roman alone. Tek shows Roman how they were able to pull a fingerprint off the matchbook and pulls up all the fingerprints of the suspects to try and get a match. The fingerprints are shown side by side on the computer screen but with no mention of who the fingerprints belong to. The first couple tries don't match but Tek points out that they haven't tried Rex and Tony yet.

Celeste, Rex, Tony, and Lexie argue and Rex demands that they give him a lie detector test to prove he's innocent. Tony quickly and adamantly refuses to let that happen.

Belle is sitting alone on the couch when Mimi returns to the loft. Mimi asks Belle where Shawn is and Belle explains all that transpired that morning. Mimi is amazed at how Shawn turned down sex because he loves her that much. Belle isn't sure that that is the reason. Belle insists that she is ready and asks Mimi if she wishes she were still a virgin. Mimi says that she's thinking that having sex with Rex is the biggest mistake of her life.

Shawn defends his idea but Bo points out that he's making the same hasty decisions that Belle is trying to make. Bo warns Shawn that John may have made himself the killer's next target as he warns Shawn not to tell Belle.

John is in his bedroom getting dressed. He goes into the bathroom. A figure dressed in black and only shown from the waist down slips into the bedroom quietly and makes their way into the bathroom.

Belle points out that Rex and Mimi seem so happy together. Mimi admits that she doesn't know Rex all that well even though she feels like she loves him. She speculates that Rex doesn't love her, he only says the words because he knows that that is what she needs to her. Mimi tries to get Belle to see how lucky she is to have true love with Shawn.

Bo explains to Shawn about John making the statement to the paper. Shawn is still positive that it is Rex but Bo warns him to be safe and how Hope is worried that he is living in the loft with Rex. Shawn refuses to be farther from Belle. Bo counsels Shawn that Belle will feel better soon and Shawn rethinks his decision to quit everything to get a full time job and marry Belle.

Tek and Roman finish running through all the suspects only to find that none of them matched the fingerprints on the matchbook. Tek starts to run through random fingerprints to try and find a match and gets excited to find one, only to toss it out as an option since the fingerprint belongs to Maggie.

Maggie and Mickey walk hand in hand through Salem Place. Maggie still ponders what connection she could have to Abe's death.

Lexie questions Tony about why he doesn't think Rex should take a lie detector test. Tony claims that Rex should be believed without having to take the test because he is his son who says he is innocent and they shouldn't be doing this to family. Lexie apologizes to Rex and asks for some time to herself. She and Tony hug as Tony motions Rex to join him in the living room. Tony follows Rex into the living room and closes the door behind him. As he walks into the living room, Tony warns Rex never to commit to a lie detector test.

John is washing his face in the bathroom sink when the figure dressed in black and wearing black gloves, grabs his arm to turn him around. The show ends on John's shocked face.

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