Days Of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/30/03

Days Of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/30/03

by Danielle

Lexie is lying down in a private room hysterically crying as Celeste holds her hand. A nurse comes in to offer to give Lexie something to calm her down. Lexie refuses the offer, insisting that she needs to feel this pain.

Bo announces to everyone in the waiting area that Abe's killer is someone standing in the room right now.

Bo points out the folder with all of Abe's information to everyone. John comforts Belle and tells Shawn to take her home.

Roman questions Bo if the folder contains a name but Bo explains that everyone in the room has been mentioned at least once. Bo singles out Victor and tells him about what Abe wrote in his notes about him. Victor denies having had anything to do with the killing. Bo turns on Nicole next, describing to her Abe's notes. Victor steps in to defend Nicole. Bo asks Brady for his take on Nicole and Victor's suspicious behavior. Brady insists he hasn't seen any suspicious behavior. Hope asks Bo if there is anything about the attack on them at the fashion show. Bo brings up the confrontation between Rex and Jack at the garbage cans. He accuses Rex of trying to hide evidence when Jack interrupts to add his side of the story. Jennifer pulls him away. Tony and Rex act shocked that they could even be considered suspects. John and Roman vow to take Tony out themselves if he turns out to be the killer.

Bo then brings up the information about Kate in Abe's palm pilot. Kate explains away the information, claiming it to be a happy conversation. Mickey speaks up about how he saw Kate and Lucas talking about Abe in Salem Place. Sami accuses Kate of realizing that Abe found out about her past and that Lucas could have killed him to protect her. Kate turns the tables on Mickey, accusing him of trying to blame her because he was protecting Maggie. Everyone starts to argue amongst themselves but Roman stops it. He informs everyone that he will now be known as the police commander now, just as Abe wanted it. He then informs everyone that Bo and Hope have agreed to come back to the force and with John working on the case from the civilian side, they will figure out who killed Abe. Sami starts to walk away as Lexie comes out of the room screaming about knowing who killed Abe. Lexie points at Sami, calling her a murderer.

Mimi tries to get Bonnie to leave before Rex comes home but Bonnie explains that she was only here because she convinced the landlord that she was practically Rex's mother in law. Bonnie continues to try and convince Mimi to marry Rex so she can live the good life without having to pay for any of it.

Belle and Shawn stand in an open window in Belle's loft as Belle shares her fondest memories of Abe. Belle starts to cry as they move to sit on the sofa. Shawn asks what he can do for Belle but Belle just insists that it isn't fair because while she had good times with Abe as a second father, Theo won't ever know his father. She vows never to feel that hurt herself. Shawn tries to convince her that she can't control the bad things. Belle insists that she is never marrying him or anyone else.

Roman tries to convince Lexie that she isn't thinking clearly but Lexie brings up the night that Sami threatened Abe. Sami defends herself and Lexie lunges at her. Hope and Celeste pull Lexie off of Sami and lead her away. Suddenly, everyone in the room has their shocking eyes on Sami. Sami continues to defend herself as Bo asks if she has an alibi. Sami insists that she doesn't have a gun so she couldn't have shot Abe. Rex points out that guns are easy to get so Sami tries to deflect the blame on Rex, Tony and Lucas who all are known to have guns. Bo laments about how the bullet can't be matched to any gun since it was flattened. Nicole yells at Sami to admit that she did it and everyone starts to argue again. Roman interjects to warn the killer in the room to mark his words as he vows to catch the murderer and that when they do, the law allows the killer to be put to death.

Brady, Victor, and Nicole go out to dinner at Tuscany. Victor thanks Brady for defending them but Brady describes it as a lie. Nicole insists it wasn't a lie but Brady demands that Victor tells him some answers or he'll have to go to the police.

Kate and Lucas arrive at Tuscany for dinner. They sit at their table as Kate gets angry that Abe kept such detailed records. Kate is worried that it'll be the end of her relationship with Roman if her past gets out. Lucas suggests that there could be something they could do about that.

Jennifer and Jack return home. Jack is going on and on about Abe but Jennifer wants him to stop. She yells at Jack about how whoever the killer is saw Jack's part in the investigation in that waiting room. Jack tries to reassure her but Jennifer points out that this is what he said to Lexie and now she's a widow. Jennifer gives Jack an ultimatum of stopping the investigation or she'll leave him.

Sami laments about having everyone hear the comments and threats she made in reference to Abe. She shares her worries with Tony. Rex comes up to Tony to let him know he is leaving and Tony invites Rex to join him and Sami for dinner. Rex refuses and leaves. Tony tells Sami that he has to make a phone call so she should go on to Tuscany and reserve a table. Sami leaves to go do that.

Shawn refuses to just throw away the fact that he loves Belle and the dreams and plans that they share. Belle no longer thinks that there is a happily ever after for them anymore because she couldn't handle ever losing Shawn. Belle wants to just live for today as she begins to undo Shawn's shirt and asks him to make love to her.

Hope tells Bo that she and Celeste are going to take Lexie home. Bo offers to have Caroline keep Theo overnight but Lexie insists on being with Theo. Lexie tells Bo, John and Roman that Abe kept some files at the house and Roman tells her that they know about those files and are headed over there now.

Brady returns to the table to find that Victor and Nicole aren't there. He starts to get angry at them for leaving without telling him but then notices that Kate and Lucas have left also.

Mickey and Maggie arrive at Tuscany as Maggie expresses her feelings about not feeling like greeting people tonight. Mickey offers to take her home and let the staff take care of things but Maggie refuses. She kisses Mickey goodbye and starts to go inside but Mickey pulls her back. Mickey is worried that Abe said Maggie's name and then pointed to her. Maggie insists that she doesn't know any information about Abe's killer. Mickey warns her that whoever killed Abe might come after her next. They hear a noise in the bushes and suddenly become worried that someone could have been just listening to their conversation.

Jack can't believe that Jennifer is threatening to leave him if he doesn't drop the investigation. Jennifer warns that the killer isn't going to miss next time and she refuses to sit back and watch her husband die. Jack admits that Jennifer is right and apologizes for putting her through all this. Jack promises to stop the investigation as Jennifer throws her arms around him.

Sami arrives at Tuscany and decides to wait for Tony.

Victor and Nicole come back inside Tuscany and return to their table. Brady gets upset that they just left him there. Nicole explains that they had phone calls to make so they left so as not to be rude. Brady points out that Kate and Lucas left when they did and return just as they did as well. Nicole gets defensive but Victor advises her to let it go.

Tony arrives and leads Sami to a table. As they walk by Lucas and Kate's table, Lucas loudly comments about Sami being easily able to get a gun so Sami will overhear. They begin to argue and try to blame the murder on each other when Tony interjects to stop the arguing. Tony and Sami sit down at their table as Lucas comments to Kate about Tony having mud on his shoes.

Mimi urges Bonnie to stop trying to marry her off to Rex because sometimes she thinks Rex may not even be the guy for her. Rex arrives and Bonnie lays on the charm as she talks up herself and Mimi to Rex. Mimi tries to subtlety tell Bonnie to leave, which Bonnie soon does. Mimi apologizes to Rex as she notices that Rex is upset. She asks what is wrong and Rex snaps at her as he says that everything is wrong.

Belle continues to try and seduce Shawn but Shawn reminds her of their promise to wait. Belle wants to live life for the moment when they could die at any time but Shawn reminds her of their purity vows. Belle throws her ring across the room. Shawn tells her that he loves her and Belle gets upset. Shawn pulls her close.

Rex is upset that everyone thinks he is a killer and everyone should have respect for the DiMera name. He verifies with Mimi that she has respect for him and they kiss passionately. Rex wants to make love but Mimi has her reservations. Rex insists so Mimi agrees and rushes off to grab some birth control. Once alone, Rex vows that everyone who haven't given him the respect he deserves will pay just like Abe did.

Bo, Roman, and John arrive at Abe's house. Bo smells something burning but John credits it to the candles in the shrine out front. They decide to start with Abe's files that are in his desk but are shocked and angered at what they find.

Mimi returns and starts to say something to Rex but Rex pulls her down onto the couch and they kiss. Mimi pulls away insisting that they can't do that because she can't find any condoms. Bonnie, who is listening outside the door, pulls the box of condoms out of her purse as she insists that it is for Mimi's own good.

Jack comes back into the living room after getting a drink to find Jennifer deleting his case files from his computer's hard drive. Jack gets upset as Jennifer vows to help him keep his word. Jennifer is adamant about keeping Jack alive. Jack starts to protest but Jennifer kisses him.

Mickey and Maggie have now come inside Tuscany. Mickey is sure that whoever was listening to them outside is Abe's killer. Maggie looks up to notice who is there at Tuscany tonight.

Brady gets upset that Nicole and Victor won't tell him anything and storms out of Tuscany.

Tony, Lucas, Kate, and Sami are having drinks together. Tony says he doesn't really think they'll ever find Abe's killer.

Abe's laptop has been burned as they lament about the killer having the same idea as they did. They wonder what to do next as Roman finds a matchbook from Tuscany on the floor underneath the desk. Roman says that they are going to do what Abe would do by following the next clue.

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