Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/18/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Sheri
Pictures by Juanita

The Salem Reporter

The happenings going on in the town of Salem, USA from the eyes and ears of the only journalist who sees into the heads and bedrooms of the residents in the mysterious, wild and sometimes wacky town of Salem.

Set-up to Murder

Police Commissioner Abe Carver enjoys quality family time with his wife Lexie and their infant son Theo, while looking forward to his impending retirement. Lexie is relieved that her husband is retiring from the dangerous police force, as she has been worried sick for his safety these last few weeks. Her worries double when she reads the headline in the morning paper, “Carver Says Arrests Near”.

Lexie reprimands her husband for promoting the fact that he will soon make arrests in the attack on Bo and Hope Brady, as well as the Colin Murphy murder investigation. She accuses him of taunting the attackers and worries for his safety. Making him promise to carry his gun, wear a bulletproof vest and get to the church on time for Theo’s Christening, Lexie takes the baby to meet good friend Hope for some last minute shopping.

After his wife leaves, Abe receives a visit from his best friend Roman Brady’s daughter Sami, who once again pleads with him to help her reconnect with her soon-to-be ex-husband Brandon Walker, who happens to be Abe’s son. 

In her desperate attempt to acquire Carver’s help in roping Brandon back into her life Sami pleads, “Abe aside from my father, you’re the person I’ve respected most in the world. You are always kind, good and understanding”. When her pleas continue to fall on deaf ears, Sami charges Lexie with turning her beloved second-father against her. “You stopped loving me?” says Sami with wide-eyed innocence.

When Sami points out that Abe’s wife Lexie isn’t a saint and he forgave her, he tells her, “Sami, you and Lexie are completely different people. She’s a caring woman who had a lapse in judgement. You manipulate people. You abuse their trust and love for your own selfish purposes”.

Exasperated with her antics, Abe tells the girl he always thought of as a daughter, “Sami, I don’t know you anymore. You’ve gone from that sweet little girl to…” Shaking his head as he sadly looks Sami in the eye, Abe tells her, “I don’t think you’ll ever change”.

“Brandon is better off without you.”

When Abe tells Sami that he promised to help his newfound son Brandon get a no-fault divorce from her, since she stubbornly refuses to sign annulment papers, she turns nasty. “I could kill you for this! I could kill you for doing this to me!” Abe is startled by her words, but interrupted by the ringing doorbell before he can reply. 

A police officer has arrived to deliver the papers Abe had asked for earlier and he takes the opportunity to let Sami know that it is time she leaves his home. Muttering how much he will regret crossing her, Sami storms past the two men, out the door. The police officer asks Abe if the girl is a problem, but Abe just replies, “she’s just a troubled young woman”.

Once he is alone, Abe is shocked to read the documents and wonders what he should do with the information he has found out. The documents contain information on wealthy tycoon Victor Kirakis and everyone who has been in contact with him over the last several years. Abe calls up Kate Roberts and insists she meet him at his home, immediately.

Kate arrives in a giddy mood, having just discussed future plans with her lover Roman where they discussed living together and making a permanent commitment. Abe bursts her bubble when he tells her he knows that she was arrested in the past and bailed out by the one and only Stefano Dimera! Kate is horrified that Abe knows her long kept secret of being a high-priced call girl for Stefano. Abe demands Kate tell Roman the truth or he will have to do it himself.

Other Suspects

Before her confrontation with Abe Carver, Sami fought with Lucas Roberts, the father of her son Will, at Salem Place. Lucas pulled a letter out of the trash that Sami through away and forced her to listen to Brandon’s harsh words, requesting a divorce. Sami of course refused to listen to reason and decided to beg for Abe’s help once again. Later, she ran into Lucas at the mall and railed at him about her hatred for Abe Carver and loudly declared she wishes the man dead. Lucas told her not to say things like that, but she continued to rant, oblivious to the passersby in the mall.

Between scenes with his one-time lover and former partner-in-crime, Lucas conversed with his mother Kate Roberts. He let her know he was happy for her about her seemingly impending engagement to Roman Brady and they discussed her past. Lucas told his mom that she deserves happiness, since he knows she has faced several difficulties in her past and that Roman never needs to know about what she has done.

Victor and Nicole Kirakis deliver good mornings to each other like only they can, while discussing how she murdered Colin Murphy; he helped cover it up and how Abe Carver and Jack Deveraux need to be eliminated. Coming unglued under the pressure of her heavy secret, Nicole threatens to call the police and turn both of them in. 

I’ll tell them, “How you knew about Colin’s murder. How you blackmailed me into staying your wife. Performing in you bed. How you framed Larry Welch for the murder and took the gun and the shell-casing so the cops couldn’t find them.”

Striding over to the telephone, Nicole picks it up and dials 9-1-1, when dispatcher answers she tells him, “I’d like to confess!” Victor demands she hangs up the phone, she does without another word to the officer. They continue to banter back and forth about the need to “take care” of the nosy cop and reporter, until Victor has had enough and lunges for his wife, grabbing her by the neck and shaking her.

Other Salem Happenings

Bo and Hope Brady spend most of the morning lounging in bed, discussing whether or not they should rejoin the police force like Abe wants. Hope gets playful and suggests she would like to try for another baby with Bo, now that Zack is getting bigger. Not sure why she would want to rejoin the police force and try for another baby at the same time?

Hope eventually leaves to meet Lexie at Salem Place before heading over to the church, where she encounters Celeste, Lexie’s mother. Celeste was at the chapel early expressing her concerns about evil to Father Jansen. “Do you believe in evil?” she asked him. Father Jansen tried to assure her that while bad things do sometimes happen, God is there to take care of and protect his flock from the real evils of the world, if they just believe. Celeste worries to herself that a “chain of events has been set in motion, that even with prayer we are powerless to stop”. 

“All is according to a greater plan” are the comforting words of the holy man, but Celeste fears that “sometimes evil wins…”

When she sees Hope, Celeste tells her of her anxieties and of the premonition she had the evening before. “At the stroke of noon, all of the flowers turn black and die, the baptism fountain turns into a casket and Abraham is inside… DEAD!” Lexie comes into the church, pushing the baby in time to hear her mother’s final words, horror on her face.

While Hope was busy with Lexie and her mother, Bo ran into his brother Roman in front of a jewelry store and teased him about proposing to Kate. After ribbing him for a while, Bo offered Roman his congratulations and warned him not to let his daughter Sami interfere with his happiness.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Deveraux woke up screaming after dreaming that her husband Jack was shot, right between the eyes. Jennifer begged Jack to drop his investigation, he refused, but he did satisfy her by promising to be careful and to stay put in the house until the Christening. Slightly relieved, Jennifer went to shower before meeting Hope and Lexie, as Jack looked down at his hand, where his fingers were crossed as he made the promise to Jennifer. 

Upcoming Events in Salem

An emotional Kate can’t believe Abe wants her to tell Roman that Stefano sold her body to men. 
Lucas tries to reason with Sami stating, “You want baby Theo growing up fatherless?” Still Sami vows to make Abe pay for betraying her.
Rex and Tony Dimera both declare that Abe Carver needs to be taken care of, but which of them wants the man out of their lives more?
Brady Black overhears his grandfather Victor and Nicole discussing their murderous plans and demands to know what is going on!

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