Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/17/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/17/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Jack sneaks back to his bedroom, slipping off his boots so as not to wake anyone. He opens the bedroom door to find Jennifer not there and relieved, lets his guard down. Jennifer surprises him by coming into the bedroom and confronting him about being the reporter at the Kiriakis mansion tonight.

Brady confronts Nicole and Victor about keeping things from him. Victor covers by trying to convince Brady that he misunderstood what was said. An officer arrives, announcing that he has orders to search for clues on Colin Murphy’s murder and the shooting tonight. Brady, who answered the door, refers the officer to Victor. Victor, upon finding out that Abe gave the orders, tells the officer to go ahead and search for he and Nicole have nothing to hide.

Bo and Hope discuss going back to the force as they get ready for bed. Bo regrets having to disband the bounty hunter business. Talk turns to feeling scared for Abe, fearing that he really is in a lot of danger.

Abe arrives home and Lexie rushes to him, thankful that he is home safe. She fills Abe in on what Maggie told her about Abe seeing Tom’s ghost and asks for confirmation from Abe. When Abe confirms it, she is upset that Abe didn’t tell her. Abe tries to play it off as a silly superstition but Lexie doesn’t buy it.

Celeste tosses and turns in bed. She dreams of walking into a candlelit room and stopping to smell the flowers. The flowers then turn from red to black and Celeste in her dream, exclaims death!

Celeste continues to toss and turn. In her dream, she backs away from the flowers and steps into the main chapel of the church. She hears people crying and then sees all the candles on the altar go out.

Abe tries to convince Lexie that there is no such thing as being doomed. Lexie can’t help but feel worried and scared because of all that has been happening with Celeste and Alice. Abe tries to convince Lexie that there is no such thing as ghosts and he only got caught up in all the scary stories. Lexie is still worried and scared that something bad is going to happen to Abe, urging Abe to call the commissioner and tell him that he is off the force as of tonight but Abe refuses.

Brady lets the officer in, allowing him to look around. Victor asks Brady to leave so he and Nicole can speak in private. Brady goes outside as Victor and Nicole go back into the living room. Victor asks Nicole if she was behind the shooting at Jack. Nicole turns the tables and accuses Victor but Victor is worried that if Jack gets any closer, Nicole will flip and confess. Nicole vows not to go to jail alone and tells Victor to get used to wearing orange coveralls.

Jennifer questions Jack about the bandage on his neck and if he was at the Kiriakis mansion tonight. Jack tries to get Jennifer to calm down and not wake Abby but Jennifer continues her question. Jack admits that he wasn’t shot but shot at and hit his head when he fell. Jennifer urges Jack to not play around with people like Victor and Tony. Jack constantly apologizes to Jennifer for putting her through this. Jennifer vows that she is done living in fear.

Lexie urges Abe to put her and Theo first and call the commissioner. Abe insists on solving the attack on Bo and Hope that it’s not who he is to just walk away. Abe apologizes to Lexie and goes upstairs to check on Theo. Lexie is still adamant on changing Abe’s mind and calls Roman, referring to needing his help in a matter of Abe’s life or death.

Hope and Bo make a list to help with their decision. The phone rings and it is Tommy. Tommy tells Bo about someone wanting to buy a non traceable gun. Bo asks Tommy about the target and the buyer. Tommy points out that a non-traceable gun costs a lot of money.

Nicole insists to Victor that the jury will be just as hard on him for being an accomplice as they are on her for pulling the trigger. Nicole brings up how Bo and Philip etc would feel. Nicole then brings up Brady, asking Victor to imagine how Brady would feel if he knew the truth. Brady overhears this last part as he comes back in, demanding to know what truth Nicole was referring to.

Nicole covers by dismissing Brady’s question but Brady continues to press on. Victor gets upset at Brady’s interference in his business and leaves. Brady continues to confront Nicole. Nicole tries to leave but Brady grabs her, yelling at her to tell him what is going on.

Bo paces around the living room as Hope asks what he is thinking. Bo comes to the conclusion that Abe or Jack could be the targets for whomever is looking to buy that non traceable gun.

Roman rushes over to Lexie’s house. Lexie tells Roman that she needs Abe to retire tonight and Roman is shocked to learn that Abe is retiring at all. Abe comes back downstairs and Roman and Lexie confront him about not telling Roman he is retiring. Abe explains that he is going to take a corporate security job so he can spend more time with Theo while Lexie goes back to the hospital part time. Theo starts to cry so Lexie leaves to check on him. Abe tells Roman that his retirement won’t happen for a while because he wants to wrap up some cases. Roman confides in Abe that he will miss him. Roman shares his worry with Abe about Lexie being really upset to have called him over and suggests that they might meet halfway. Roman convinces Abe to wear his bulletproof vest while out on the job. Abe asks Roman to take over for him when he retires.

Celeste continues to dream about seeing the flowers change from red to black. She cries out to ask why this is happening. She hears church bells as she turns to notice Alice sitting in the pew. Celeste rushes over to Alice, joyous to see someone else there for Theo’s christening. Alice tells her that they aren’t there for a christening, for when the bells strike 12, that’s when the funeral begins.

Hope is worried and starts to play the what if game. Bo asks her to talk to him but Hope tries to walk away. Bo calls her back asking her to confide in him. Hope shares that she is worried that whoever is buying that gun is going to come after them.

Jack insists that it is his job to go undercover and go after a story. Jennifer points out that he doesn’t wear a badge so it’s his job to be a father to Abby and to keep himself alive. Jack shares that he didn’t think she would be so upset about this and Jennifer gets upset with him, accusing him of not knowing her at all.

Roman refuses to fill Abe’s shoes and take the job of commander. Abe explains that the commissioner already gave his approval. Roman reluctantly agrees after verifying that Abe is truly leaving the force, leaving the option open to have Abe given back the position if he ever comes back. Abe insists that he owes it to Lexie not to ever come back. They talk about the last few cases as Roman asks if there is anything he can do. Abe asks Roman to hire Tek to help and tells him about wanting to rehire Bo and Hope at their old positions. Roman thinks it is a good idea. Abe and Roman make plans to meet after the christening. Lexie comes back downstairs only to have Theo start crying again. Abe offers to take care of it this time and goes upstairs. Lexie confronts Roman about not helping her convince Abe to retire tonight.

Brady lets go of Nicole when she complains about him hurting her. Nicole starts to talk bad about Victor but Brady points out that John and Bo made sure he knew all about Victor before he moved in. Brady defends Victor’s actions. Nicole can’t believe that there could be a good side to Victor. Brady points out that Victor didn’t use and then throw away Nicole and asks Nicole to let him try to find peace between them and their marriage.

Nicole is shocked that Brady wants to help her without wanting to come on to her. Victor comes in and gets upset that Brady is still talking with Nicole. He yells at Brady that he wants to talk to Nicole in private and orders Brady to leave them alone now. Brady leaves and Victor regrets having to talk to Brady like that. Victor yells at Nicole for crying on Brady’s shoulder because he doesn’t want Brady involved in Nicole’s sins but Nicole says it is too late because Brady is in deep.

Bo assures Hope that they’ll be ready for whoever attacked them at the fashion show if they try to come back and finish the job. Hope still insists that something bad is going to happen but Bo promises that nothing bad is going to happen. He adds that if they go back to the force, they’ll do everything they can to make sure that Jack and Abe and their families are safe as well as their own family.

Roman assures Lexie that Abe is going to be just fine and urges Lexie to have faith in Abe. Lexie starts to cry and Roman pulls her close to comfort her.

Celeste continues to dream about being at the funeral. In her dream she looks around anxiously, relieved to see all the flowers back to normal. She looks at the christening set up at the altar as it changes to a funeral setup. Celeste walks up and lifts up the casket lid, becoming upset at what she sees in the casket.

Lexie is looking through Theo’s baby book when Abe comes back downstairs after singing Theo to sleep. They hug and kiss. Abe presents Lexie with a gift but Lexie is reluctant to open it.

There is a knock at the door of Bo and Hope’s house. Hope is worried that it is too late and warns Bo not to answer it but Bo answers the door when he notices that it is Roman at the door. Roman, Bo and Hope talk about rejoining the force. Hope starts to talk about their decision but Bo interrupts to say they’ve decided to sleep on it. Bo tells Roman about someone wanting to get a non traceable gun, asking if Roman has any idea why someone would want to get away with a murder weapon.

Nicole and Victor argue about Brady. Nicole suggests that Victor bring Brady into his business but Victor has no intention of doing that. Victor insults Nicole by saying that he doesn’t want Brady hanging out with trash like her and her actions with Colin make her unfit for any man to touch her again, especially Brady.

Brady is walking back into the house when he hears the officer telling another officer while searching the grounds around the Kiriakis mansion that Abe said that all they need is one more piece of evidence to make an arrest.

Jack insists that he feels like he’s always known Jennifer and will always love her. Jennifer tries to convince Jack how terrified she is of losing him as she tells him how she felt when she heard that a reporter was hurt. Jack promises to always come home to her and they make love.

Hope serves Roman some tea as they share their list of targets for the gun buyer. Roman tries to convince Bo and Hope not to worry about it but Bo insists that no one will be able to stop this guy if he’s hot to commit murder.

Nicole threatens Victor to make sure she doesn’t go to jail or he’ll be going with her. She points out that Brady would get a good look at the real Victor Kiriakis then and storms out of the room.

Brady starts to go back inside the mansion when he notices something in the doorframe. He picks out a bullet fragment from the wood and looks around to see if anyone else noticed him.

Abe urges Lexie to open the gift, which is Abe’s bulletproof vest. He promises her that he will wear this vest and his gun until he comes home to her. Lexie still doesn’t believe it and starts to cry again so Abe pulls her close.

Celeste dreams of seeing Abe in the coffin and wakes with a start. She reaches for the clock on the nightstand but knocks over the picture of Lexie and Abe, shattering the glass inside the frame.

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