Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/16/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/16/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Tony assures Stefano on the phone that the line is secure and no one knows that Stefano is alive except Bart. They argue about Stefano’s plan for the twins. Tony gets upset with Stefano as Stefano hints that Rex and Cassie aren’t Tony’s children.

Rex is undressing when Mimi comes into the room. Rex stops but Mimi tells him not to. They kiss and Rex asks her to come to bed with him as he starts to take off her top. Mimi pulls away, complaining about how they had such a lousy time at dinner. Rex still insists that there was no way he could have tried to kill Bo and Hope and that he was surprised that Belle was a fair judge. Rex is overjoyed that Shawn was so upset that Belle voted against him.

Shawn is doing pushups on the roof of the loft when Belle joins him. Shawn is surprised to see her there as Belle defends her decision, fearing that Shawn will never forgive her.

Mickey sees Tom’s ghost and asks what Tom is trying to tell him.

Lexie asks Maggie to repeat what she said. Maggie tells Lexie about Abe seeing Tom’s ghost and him calling out Abe’s name. Lexie doesn’t believe it because Abe didn’t say anything to her. Lexie recalls that the name called out by the spirit is doomed.

Abe confronts Nicole, Brady and Victor about the attempted murder down the street from the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole doesn’t understand what Abe means by attempted murder and Jack walks in to proclaim that he isn’t dead, that Nicole missed.

Lexie confirms with Maggie that Abe told Mickey about seeing Tom’s ghost. Maggie and Jennifer try to comfort Lexie but Maggie ends up getting upset that she is making things worse. Lexie comforts Maggie. Lexie is having a hard time ignoring Alice’s comment about Abe being in danger, pointing out that Abe knows that the danger is real as she starts to cry.

Abe gets upset with Jack for not staying out of this. Jack insists that it is every journalists dream to confront the woman who tried to kill him. Brady starts to stand up for Nicole as Victor gets upset with Jack for being there. Abe tells them about Jack hearing the shot and hitting his head. Victor insists that he and Nicole were in the house the whole time. Jack insists that he was just listening to music when Victor confronted him. Abe confronts Victor about trying to kill Jack.

Shawn gets angry with Belle because he feels betrayed. Belle wants Shawn to make peace with Rex. Shawn won’t hear of it but Belle insists that what she did could work out for the best. Shawn doesn’t understand so Belle explains that if they become friends with Rex, then maybe he’ll let his guard down and they can find out if Shawn is right about Rex. Belle insists to Shawn that she is trying to help him.

Belle points out that Shawn hasn’t gotten very far with Rex by locking horns with him and Shawn agrees to go for it. He apologizes to Belle for acting macho and not seeing what she was trying to do. They kiss.

Mimi is shocked that Shawn losing Belle is funny to Rex. Rex insists that Shawn deserves it and Belle is now on his side. Mimi tells Rex that he has extreme mood swings and a tendency to violence. Rex gets upset, accusing Mimi of thinking he’s guilty.

Tony continues his phone conversation with Stefano who has referred to the twins as belonging to the world. Tony explains that he is sick and tired of waiting for Stefano to tell him the plan for the twins. They talk about Abe being in the way of the DiMeras gaining control and having control over Theo. Tony asks Stefano what they do to get rid of Abe and then begins to laugh at Stefano’s answer. Tony tells Stefano about having the same idea as he looks over at Abe’s picture draped over a funeral wreath.

Jennifer and Maggie crowd around Lexie to try and comfort her but Lexie wants to go and find her husband. Maggie and Jennifer offer to stay and watch Theo. Lexie leaves.

Jack says that Victor might have been angry enough to kill him. Nicole gets defensive, claiming that anyone in the neighborhood could be waiting in line to shoot him, thinking him to be the telephone repairman who has yet to fix the lines. Brady tells Nicole to stop talking like that. Victor admits to threatening Jack but still insists that he didn’t try and shoot Jack. Abe tells them that his people are searching for proof that Jack was shot at and that witnesses heard a gunshot noise. Victor argues with Abe that a gunshot noise could be anything and orders Henderson to show Abe and Jack out. Abe insists that he isn’t going anywhere because there is a killer in this room.

Jennifer and Maggie try to convince themselves that they are just talking foolish about spirits and omens. They suggest they follow Mickey’s attitude. The doorbell rings and it is Mickey who asks if they’ve heard from Jack. Maggie informs Mickey that Lexie is looking for Abe and they are there watching Theo. Mickey tells them that he came by to check on them and Maggie notices that Mickey is pale. Mickey tells them that he thinks he might be losing his mind because he saw Tom’s ghost.

Mimi insists that she hasn’t taken Shawn’s side and she doesn’t think Rex is capable of harm. She makes Rex promise to see Marlena when she comes back from Colorado. Rex doesn’t want to talk anymore, but would rather make love with Mimi. They kiss and Rex carries Mimi to the bed.

The doorbell rings at the DiMera mansion and Tony quickly covers the funeral wreath. He answers the door to an upset Lexie who wants to talk. She asks Tony if Abe is safe. Tony tries to be coy but Lexie insists that she is serious and tells Tony about Abe seeing Tom’s ghost. Tony doesn’t believe that Abe, a by the facts man, actually saw Tom’s ghost. He tells Lexie to forget it, that it’s just a silly superstition. Lexie is still upset so Tony offers to pour her a drink to steady her nerves. Lexie asks Tony about Abe hearing someone saying that “He’s back.” Tony blames it on a publicity stunt from the Terminator movie but Lexie continues to tell Tony about Abe seeing Stefano’s name on the wall, demanding to know if Stefano could be alive.

Abe insists that someone is obstructing justice to protect the murder for he has proof that the security cameras were tampered with and vows to soon have enough evidence to make more than one arrest. Victor gets angry with Abe and finally yells that he will tell who the one is that is committing a crime in this house.

Tony insists to Lexie that Stefano is dead and assures Lexie that whatever Abe saw is nothing to worry about. Lexie wants to talk about good things and changes the topic to Theo’s christening tomorrow. She warns him that Abe isn’t going to let Tony be too much of an influence on Theo. Tony suggests that those circumstances may change but Lexie says she has to stick with her husband on this one and thanks Tony for his support. They say goodbye and Lexie leaves. Tony returns to the living room and Stefano’s urn as he apologizes to Lexie for deceiving her, pointing out that only DiMeras come back to life.

Mickey is visibly upset at seeing Tom’s ghost. Maggie is worried that Tom spoke to Mickey but Mickey assures her that he didn’t. The phone rings and Jennifer answers it. The police dispatch has called looking for Abe to tell him about “some reporter” being shot at in the Lakefront District. Jennifer asks for the reporter’s name but the dispatch doesn’t have a name.

Victor accuses Jack of being the criminal for breaking into the mansion and pretending to be a repairman. Abe gets upset with Jack for ignoring his warning not to get involved and asks Victor if he wants to press charges against Jack. Victor refuses as long as Jack never comes around again and Abe asks Jack what he heard on the bug. Victor starts to get defensive but Abe says he was just curious about the answer and asks Jack again. Jack says he overheard Victor and Nicole discussing Colin’s killer.

Rex and Mimi lay in bed after making love. Mimi asks Rex how long he can keep that he is a Brady a secret. Rex insists that he doesn’t want to be a Brady. They argue about how good the Bradys are. Rex accuses Mimi of loving the Bradys so much that she’d rather be Shawn’s girlfriend.

Belle tells Shawn about seeing themselves as the Bo/Hope and John/Marlena of the new generation. Shawn jokes about how he hopes they don’t get hurt or kidnapped as much as them. They compare themselves and their interests to that of their parents. Shawn apologizes to Belle for the argument about how bad the DiMeras are and starts to flatter Belle. Belle doesn’t like hearing so much flattery and they talk more about the future. They kiss.

Jennifer asks the police dispatch if the reporter is dead but the dispatch tells her that he wasn’t shot, only had minor injuries. Jennifer hangs up the phone relieved and tells Mickey and Maggie what the dispatch said.

Bart joins Tony in the living room. Tony tells Bart about Lexie’s recent visit. Bart insists that he won’t be at Abe’s funeral. Tony vows to be there because he wants to make sure that Abe is dead because he is getting too close to the DiMera secrets. Bart asks if Tony means his secrets or Stefano’s.

Lexie returns home and Mickey asks if she saw Abe. Lexie explains that she went to see Tony and he assured her that everything is going to be okay. Lexie asks Jennifer if they’ve heard from Abe and Jennifer fills her in on the police dispatcher’s call.

Abe confronts Nicole to explain what Jack heard on the bug. Victor answers for her, insisting that it’s logical for them to be discussing it since it happened at their wedding and Abe has been over there questioning them about it. Abe asks Jack if he heard anything incriminating evidence. Jack says that he only heard static. Brady gets upset with Jack defending Victor. Victor thanks him and insists to Abe that they have more police protection. Abe assures Victor that he’ll have an arrest in the Colin Murphy murder very soon. Nicole starts to wring her hands so Victor takes her hands, telling Abe that this has been very nerve-wracking for both of them. Abe vows that justice will be done.

Rex yells at Mimi to go be with Shawn but Mimi tries to get him to calm down. Rex says that in his head he is a DiMera and vows to carry on Stefano’s legacy since that is what he was sent here for.

Shawn and Belle ponder the questions about the twins and what they are here for. Shawn shares his gut feeling that Stefano is still pulling the strings.

Belle is worried that Stefano could still be alive. Shawn insists that the DiMeras are no good and are always up to something and they have to be on their guard.

Rex admits that Shawn was right about him being there to carry on Stefano’s work in this new generation. Mimi tells Rex that he is scaring her and Rex vows to scare a lot of people. Mimi asks herself what Stefano has planned for Rex.

Tony tells Bart that Abe signed his own death warrant.

Abe promises to let Victor and Nicole be the first to know when he is ready to make an arrest and he and Jack leave. Brady confronts Nicole and Victor about lying to Abe about being in the house when they heard the shot.

Jack pumps Abe for information on the investigation but Abe won’t tell him and warns him to be careful. Abe turns to go as Jack warns Abe that he is in danger too. Abe turns to look at Jack as Jack nods. The show ends on a close-up on Jack’s face with a target.

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