Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/15/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/15/03

By Sheri
Pictures by Juanita

Summary: Jennifer has good reason to worry about Jack, but is he really dead? Tom pays someone else a visit... Belle declares her verdict, but may lose her boyfriend in the process!

The Loft -

The trial of Rex Dimera continues as Phillip asks Belle for her verdict. After reviewing the evidence, Belle declares Rex Not Guilty of attacking Bo and Hope. Shawn explodes in anger, accusing Belle of betraying him, but she points out that the she didn't say Rex was innocent, there is just not enough hard evidence to say he is guilty. Belle says the attack on his parents may never be solved, like the murder of his cousin Colin. The teens then wonder if the same person is responsible for the murder of Colin and the attack on Bo and Hope? Rex wonders if Shawn will accuse him of all of the unsolved crimes in Salem, as Shawn points out that whenever there is a crime in Salem, a Dimera is always near the scene. Shawn accuses Rex of doing the Dimera's dirty work and suggests Stefano is even still alive. Rex and Cassie tell him he is crazy, Stefano's ashes are on the fireplace at home. Shawn then says that Rex and Cassie had the mark of the Phoenix when they arrived in Salem, suggesting that this proves they are evil. Of course, this changes the dynamics of the group as Belle gets upset with Shawn, pointing out her dad had a Phoenix tattoo as well. Shawn tries to backtrack saying he knows John is not evil, but an upset Belle won't let him off the hook as she wonders if he thinks she is evil too, since she is John's daughter? Shawn storms out and goes to the roof where he kicks over a chair, cursing Rex for everything wrong in his life. Meanwhile, Phillip tells a happy Cassie that they are leaving and after they say their goodbyes, Cassie tells Phillip this would be a good time to make a move on Belle. Rex thanks Belle for defending him and tells Mimi to visit him later before leaving. Alone in his bedroom, Rex vows that neither Shawn or any Brady will ruin his life.

The Carvers -

Abe comes home earlier than usual so he can give Theo his bath and read him a bedtime story. Lexie and Abe are talking about his impending retirement, her worries about him being in danger trying to solve the final two cases and taking a second honeymoon to Italy. The phone rings and Abe learns that someone reported a civilian down in front of the Kiriakis estate; Abe had left word that he is to be notified about any crime reports in the Lakefront district. Much to Lexie's dismay, Abe leaves to take care of the problem.

Alice's House -

Jennifer, Maggie and Mickey return to the house having forgotten something when they smell smoke. Mickey rushes upstairs to check on Alice, while Maggie and Jennifer enter the living room and see the source of the smoke.... Jack's picture is burning! Jennifer is horrified, as Mickey points out the halogen lamp must have just been too hot and burnt the picture. The explanation seems reasonable, but neither Jen or Maggie is convinced that is what burnt off half of Jack's face and Jen feels chilled, even though it is
stuffy in the house. Jen learns from Harold that Jack is off covering a power outage in the Lakefront district and is more worried than ever, as that is NOT a Jack Deveraux story. Mickey tries to keep the women calm and they eventually go off to visit Abe and Lexie, since Jen would like to know if there has been any crime reports that day. (Jen mentioned not having heard from Jack since breakfast and this clearly late in the evening.) After the women leave, Mickey inspects the lamp and cannot find a reasonable explanation for the picture burning, when Alice comes in and says "it has started right?" Alice and Mickey talk about Tom's ghostly warnings about trouble in Salem.

Later, when Mickey is alone, he is visited by Tom's Ghost. Mickey questions why his father is there and what is happening in Salem, but Tom says nothing to his son.

The Carvers -

Jen and Maggie visit Lexie, who has no idea where Jack is and admits her own fears about Abe. The chat about Theo's christening being the next day. While Jen is on the phone saying goodnight to Abby, who is staying with Vern and Jo overnight, Maggie and Lexie are holding up a Christening gown. While Lexie goes to get some tea, Maggie pulls Jen aside and tells her that it is Lexie not Jen who has the right to be worried about her husband. Maggie then tells Jen that Mickey told her that Abe saw Tom's ghost and he called out Abe's name... All of a sudden, Maggie and Jen are startled by a crash and turn to see Lexie standing there, having just dropped the tray with the tea!

Inside and Out at the Kiriakis Estate -

Brady enters the living room in swimming trunks, having just taken a swim and calls out for Victor and Nicole, but gets no answer. He notices a martini glass and notes that the drink is still cold, so it had to have just been poured.

Meanwhile, Jack walks down the street as a mysterious figure aims a gun at him, eventually firing. Jack spins around and falls to the ground.

Brady is startled inside the house by what sounds like a gunshot. He paces around the room, still wondering where Victor and Nicole are. Nicole eventually saunters in from the patio doors, going straight for the martini and is surprised when Brady suggests there was a gunshot. A few minutes later, Victor comes in from the front door. Brady wants to call the police, but both Victor and Nicole are against that idea. When Brady says the phone is not working, they say they know and that it is already taken care of. They tell him a reporter posing as a repairman was there to bug the house for some dirt, but Victor says he won't be a bother anymore. Nicole secretly says the phony repairman won't be a bother "ever" again. Brady is worried about his grandfather, since it hasn't been that long since Larry Welch tried to kill him and nearly killed Brady instead and he points out that Larry may be dead, but his accomplice is still out there. After Victor tells Brady to go upstairs to dry off and put on some clothes, he and Nicole chat about Nicole's "thrust for blood" (Victor's words) and how if Nicole goes to
prison, so does Victor.

As passerby wandering down the street comes across Jack and calls 911 on his cell phone to report that "a dead man is lying in the street".

When Abe arrives the beat cop says they assumed the man was a repairman because of the uniform, but after getting a look at his ID they realize he's a reporter, Jack Deveraux. The cop explains to Abe that because of all the blood, the civilian reported the man dead, but he is still alive; the blood is from hitting his head on the curb when he fell.

Abe goes over to where Jack lays, just as he begins to come to. Abe and Jack talk about what happened and Abe instructs his officers to look for a bullet casing around the scene. Abe reprimands Jack for continuing to investigate the Colin Murphy murder, after he told him to stop. Abe leaves, walking
towards the Kiriakis mansion, convinced the shooter is there. Jack follows, a little unsteady as he walks/runs behind.

The doorbell rings at the mansion and Henderson comes down to tell everyone that he was looking out his window and Abe Carver is outside, should he let him in? Nicole says she doesn't want to answer any more questions tonight, get rid of him.

Outside, Abe is furious that Jack followed him and he gives him a little shove and Jack falls behind the bushes, just as Henderson opens the door. Abe demands to be let in and Victor eventually comes to the door and leads Abe into the living room.

Jack gets up and tries to figure out how to get inside. He seems to get an idea, as he moves away from the front door, towards the side/back of the house, perhaps?

Abe tells Victor, Brady and Nicole that he believes the shooter is standing inside of this room, as the camera freeze-frames on Nicole's face...

(Just My Opinion about the shooter: From the body movements (ie: arm), it looks like a average sized woman who is not used to holding a gun, as the gun looked a bit shaky. Of course, the shooter at this point is probably not even an actor on the show, just a props person or someone standing in. Anyway, that is just my opinion.)

On the next Days of our Lives:

Belle and Shawn kiss on the roof, as Rex carries Mimi to his bed...
Victor says, "I'll tell you who has committed a crime and should be arrested right now"...
Lexie says the person whose name is called out by the spirit is doomed, and says "Abe's going to die" as we see the wreath with Abe's picture in it (the one Tony had a couple of week's ago)

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