Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/5/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/5/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mickey and Abe finish their business with Abe’s will and Mickey promises to have the revised will for Abe later in the day. Mickey advises Abe to sign his will and forget about it, to get on with living and leaves. Lexie brings in the lemonade and is surprised to see that Mickey has already left. She questions what Abe and Mickey were talking about but Abe is reluctant to tell her. Lexie demands to know the truth.

Jack is on the phone with one of his informants who is telling him about how Abe’s informant was killed. Jennifer orders Jack to stop putting his life on the line for a case.

Mimi arrives home to the sound of really loud country music. She coughs at the thick smoke in the house when she enters as Bonnie comes in singing along to the music. Bonnie claims that she could write a good country hit with all the pain and heartache in her life. Mimi explains that she came to get the last of her stuff and Bonnie tries again to convince her to stay. Bonnie wants to meet Rex but Mimi tells her to forget it because there is no way that she is ever going to meet him.

Belle tries to break up the fight between Rex and Shawn as Shawn yells at Rex to get out of his place. Belle is shocked that Rex is going to be Shawn’s new roommate as Rex vows that the Bradys won’t be happy until they kill all the DiMeras.

Tony is coming downstairs at the DiMera mansion when the doorbell rings and Tony answers it to find Celeste at the door. Celeste lets herself in and mentions that she can sense that something bad has happened. Tony confirms Celeste’s feelings by saying that there has been a death in the family.

Mimi tries to assure Bonnie that Rex is just not ready to meet the family. Bonnie tries to ask Mimi if she is ashamed of the family but starts to cough and choke. Mimi turns off the music, claiming she can’t think. Bonnie protests, claiming the music made her feel alive. Mimi tries to leave Bonnie’s company by saying she has to get the rest of us her stuff but Bonnie tries to keep her from going again. Bonnie complains about the roof in her bedroom leaking and compares her poor financial situation to the rest of the families in Salem. Mimi tries to say that the family is still lucky, bringing up how her friends built them this house. Bonnie is quick to point out that the house is now falling apart. Mimi tries to leave again but Bonnie stops her with the idea of hitting up Rex for money. Mimi is against the idea, claiming adamantly that she doesn’t love Rex for his money. Bonnie claims that she and Mimi deserve better and Rex could be their ticket to easy street.

Shawn fires back with a claim that it is the DiMeras who are after the Bradys but Belle drags him outside for some air. After they leave Rex tells himself that this could work out better than he thought and repeats Tony’s mantra of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Tony explains to Celeste that he didn’t really mean that someone died, just that Rex moving out felt like a death in the family. Celeste is relieved and Tony asks what she is doing here. Celeste asks Tony for a favor that Lexie’s future depends on.

Lexie begs Abe to tell her what is going on but Abe lies, claiming he was just talking to Mickey about pensions. Lexie believes him and comments about how glad she is that Abe is already making a plan for his retirement. Abe pours himself some lemonade. Lexie is anxious to have Abe off the police force because it is too dangerous but Abe counters with that certain people, criminals just need to be locked up. Lexie realizes that Abe is referring to Tony and vows not to fight with him about Tony now, insisting that Tony will be Theo’s godfather because Tony loves his family and would do anything for him. Abe says that he feels the same about his family and Lexie gets upset that Abe is going to drag out his retirement until he can arrest Tony. Lexie goes to leave to run some errands for Theo’s christening, asking Abe to stay with Theo until Celeste comes back. Abe wants Lexie to stay and talk more but Lexie leaves, insisting that they’ll talk later. Abe’s cell phone rings and he tells the caller to come on over.

Jack is back on the phone getting more details for his investigation. Jennifer is annoyed that their conversation keeps getting interrupted. Jack apologizes as Jennifer tells Jack about how she feels invisible these days. They argue about Jack’s involvement in the DiMera investigation. Jennifer is very worried and grows angrier with Jack for not taking her feelings seriously and making sarcastic comments. Jennifer brings up Alice’s omen about seeing Tom and Jack tries to reassure Jennifer by pointing out that it isn’t his name Tom called out. Mickey approaches them and tells Jack that they still need to talk. Jack makes excuses to Jennifer about needing to pick Mickey’s brain on a legal matter and Jennifer pries about the sort of legal matter Jack is talking about.

Mickey is surprised that Jack hasn’t told Jennifer yet. Jack continues to try to convince Jennifer that it is just a boring legal glitch that is research for his investigation. Jennifer lets Jack off the hook for now, asking Mickey to look after him. Mickey promises to do his best. Lexie approaches them and tells Jennifer that she needs a favor. Jack says his goodbyes to Jennifer and he and Mickey step away to talk. Lexie asks Jennifer if everything is alright and Jennifer laments about how she worries more and more about Jack. Lexie sympathizes with her.

Jack insists to Mickey that Jennifer can’t know about what he is doing. Mickey insists that Jennifer will find out eventually. Jack decides to take his chances on that, hoping that by the time she finds out, he’ll be gone but not anytime soon he hopes. Mickey promises to get the final paperwork finished and send Shawn over with the copies. Jack thanks him and asks that Shawn mark the papers “private and confidential.” Mickey comments that it’s Jack’s funeral but Jack retorts that he hopes not.

Shawn checks with the landlord to find out if Ryan really sublet his apartment to Rex. Belle waits anxiously to hear the results. Belle tries to convince Shawn to make the best of it but Shawn insists that Rex is up to something. Shawn comes up with the idea of Mimi and Rex moving into the loft across the hall and he could move into Belle’s loft.

Mimi still insists that she is not dating Rex for his money. Bonnie tries to get Mimi to admit that it’s nice to have a boyfriend who can buy her nice things. Mimi insists that while Rex tries to pay her way all the time but she won’t let him. Bonnie calls her foolish but Mimi retorts that she is proud to be making her own way in life. Bonnie sarcastically retorts to Mimi’s speech and Mimi laments about how Bonnie spends all her money on lottery tickets. Mimi confronts Bonnie about spending money on something so frivolous as a trip to Vegas when there are other more important things like the leaking roof. Bonnie claims it was a package deal. Bonnie swears that she didn’t gamble. Mimi offers to do anything to help Bonnie so Bonnie offers to cook a homemade meal for her and Rex, referring to him as that DiMera boy. Mimi starts to say that Rex is not a DiMera boy but covers by saying he’s not ready for dinner. Bonnie tries to seal the deal by promising to clean the house and bring out the good dishes but Mimi says that isn’t it. Bonnie gets upset that Mimi means that it is her that she is ashamed of and doesn’t want Rex to see. Mimi denies it but Bonnie yells at her to get out. A loud boom is heard.

Celeste confirms with Tony that he’d do anything for his sister, Lexie. Tony urges Celeste to get to the point. Celeste asks Tony for his word that he will not harm Abe.

Belle is wary of the idea of her and Shawn living together. Shawn questions Belle’s reservations being based on her parents not allowing her. Belle assures Shawn that she wasn’t thinking about her parents but about how hard it would be to keep their purity pledge if they’re living together. Shawn realizes that it isn’t a good idea but still wishes that they could do it. Belle insists that they can’t do it and unless he comes up with another idea, he’ll have to give living with Rex a try. Shawn groans. Belle points out that if he doesn’t live with Rex, he’ll have to give up the idea of living across from her but Shawn doesn’t want to have to do that and vows to try to live with Rex. Belle thanks him.

Rex is going through the boxes in the loft across the hall when he comes across a picture of Shawn and Belle. He comments about how much it would hurt Shawn if he lost Belle.

Bonnie comes back out of the kitchen explaining that the loud boom was the stove blowing up. Mimi gets upset with Bonnie because she gave her money to fix it. Bonnie claims she had to use that money for other repairs. Mimi goes to call a repairman to come and fix the stove but Bonnie stops her, claiming it is too late and nobody would be there. Mimi promises to call first thing in the morning. Mimi goes to leave, asking Bonnie to call her if anything else goes wrong. They hug and share I love yous. Mimi leaves. Bonnie pulls a wad of money out of her sweater, vowing that there is going to be a lot more thanks to Mimi.

Lexie asks Jennifer for a good photographer recommendation for Theo’s christening. Lexie reveals to Jennifer that Abe wants another baby and they talk about how unusual it is that Abe and Jack want to share in all the parenting responsibilities. Lexie refers to Abe and Jack’s feelings as wanting to leave a legacy. Jennifer confronts Lexie about the way she worded that but Lexie tries to brush it off. Jennifer pursues it, explaining that they are worried about their husbands who keep telling them not to worry. They realize they need to do the protecting of their husbands.

Jack arrives at Abe’s house and Abe lets him in. Jack wants to compare notes but Abe’s phone rings. Abe notices that it is the station and leaves the room to take the call in private. Jack objects, thinking that he should be included in the phone call. As Abe walks away, Jack notices Abe’s unattended computer. He uses it to do a search on Tony.

Tony plays dumb about wanting to harm Abe. Celeste calls him on wanting to see Abe dead since Abe is investigating Tony. Tony pretends that he thinks the idea is ridiculous. Celeste begs Tony for the truth. Tony wants to know why he would want to break Lexie’s heart. Celeste says that Tony would want to do that because of his father, Stefano.

Belle urges Shawn to take it easy with Rex but Shawn vows that he will not stop investigating Rex. Belle claims that he can’t investigate Rex all the time when he’s Shawn’s roommate. Mimi hears this as she returns to the loft, saying that Belle is right. Shawn confronts Mimi about knowing that Rex was going to be his roommate. Mimi explains that Rex told her about it but that she thought it odd that he called it his apartment. Belle asks if Mimi thinks that a little weird and Mimi jumps on Belle about how it’s okay for Shawn to move across the hall from Belle but when Rex does it, he must have another agenda. Shawn tries to get Mimi to admit that Rex has been acting secretive like he’s been hiding something. Mimi accuses Shawn that it is his behavior that is making Rex act the way he is. Shawn tells Mimi to watch out because her boyfriend is up to no good. Mimi gets upset and leaves. Belle calls after her but Shawn tells her to let Mimi go.

Mimi goes across the hall to the other loft where Rex is unpacking boxes. Rex senses Mimi’s distress and asks what is wrong. Mimi confronts Rex about moving in with someone who he knows hates him. Rex tells Mimi that Shawn not liking the idea is not what is important to him, only that he and Mimi spend as much time together as possible. Mimi starts to protest but Rex insists that he did it because he loves Mimi. They kiss.

Celeste accuses Tony of continuing Stefano’s wishes since he never wanted Abe with Lexie. Mabel comes into the room to clean but apologizes for not knowing that Tony had company. Tony tells Mabel that it is all right as he walks out of the living room into the foyer. Celeste follows him, imploring Tony that everything is far from fine. Tony tries to get rid of Celeste by claiming he has work to do but Celeste refuses to leave. Celeste insists that she has had premonitions about someone being in mortal danger and she fears it is Abraham. Tony grows angrier with Celeste in his attempts to end this conversation and get rid of her. Tony vows that he is nothing like Stefano and now that Stefano is dead, he is in charge of this family now. Mabel is dusting the living room when the urn of Stefano’s ashes begins to shake and falls off the mantel, spilling the ashes on the carpet. Tony and Celeste rush into the living room to find the urn on the floor and Mabel standing there. Celeste turns to gauge Tony’s reaction.

Lexie is adamant that Tony would never hurt Abe but Jennifer is worried that Tony is following in Stefano’s footsteps. Lexie explains that she is trying to restore the DiMera name, pointing out that there hasn’t been any proof of Tony’s crimes and he should be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

Jack’s search results on Tony come up on the computer and Jack starts to scan through them. Abe rushes up and slams the computer screen down. Jack protests but Abe warns him to be careful. Jack questions Lexie’s reaction to Abe going after her brother. Abe tells Jack that if he can prove what Tony has done it is going to hurt her but it is going to hurt her more in the end if she doesn’t face up to what Tony has done. Jack and Abe agree that protecting their families is all that matters and it is all their families that are at stake here. Abe vows to bring down Tony for good.

Tony gets upset at Mabel, ordering her to just clean it up. Mabel rushes off. Celeste bends down to examine the ashes. Tony begs her to tell him what she is doing. Celeste tells him that she doesn’t sense Stefano in the ashes, that she doesn’t sense Stefano here at all.

Mimi asks Rex to do her a favor and try and get along with Shawn. Rex vows to try for her. Mimi thanks him and they hug. Mimi gives Rex a key to her loft so he can come over anytime. Rex is worried that Shawn won’t like that very much but Mimi says to let her handle Shawn.

Belle tries to defend Mimi to Shawn but Shawn is worried that someone should point out that Rex is dangerous to Mimi. Shawn’s phone rings and it is Mickey who calls him in to work. Shawn is on his way out when Mimi comes back to the loft, wanting to talk to him. Shawn insists that he can’t talk now, he has to go to work and leaves. Mimi and Belle lament about having to make peace between their boyfriends. Mimi talks about how her life is finally coming together now that she is living here with Belle and Belle says she is glad but reluctantly tells Mimi that her check for the rent bounced. Mimi can’t believe it since the money from Love Is Blind is in her account. Mimi promises to go check that out with the bank right now and is worried that this ruins her attempts to be the perfect roommate. Belle comforts her and they hug. Belle leaves to go shower while Mimi leaves to go to the bank.

Abe and Jack talk about how hard this will be for Lexie to get through once they find foolproof evidence on Tony. Jack assures Abe that he’ll see Lexie through it. Jack compares himself to Abe about being a great family man and wanting to be just like him. Abe warns Jack not to talk like he’s not going to be there for his family’s future and Jack assures Abe that he didn’t mean that. Abe comments about he and Jack having more in common than Jack thinks.

Celeste continues to insist that she doesn’t sense Stefano in the ashes and Tony tries to claim that it is because he is gone, nothing left but ashes. Mabel apologizes profusely to Tony but Tony insists on cleaning up the ashes himself. Celeste still insists that Stefano isn’t in those ashes, for she knows Stefano well. She worries that Stefano could still be out there. Tony chalks Celeste’s comments up to her imagination and insists that she leave now. Celeste reluctantly leaves.

Mimi is checking her account balance on the computer at the bank and finds that it is empty. She exclaims that she’s been robbed.

Bonnie returns home with a huge stack of lottery tickets, commenting about how one of those tickets will win her a lot of money that will have her set for life thanks to Mimi.

Belle rushes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and starts to brush out her hair. Her towel drops and as she bends down to pick it up, she shrieks to see someone step on it. She looks up into the face of Rex standing there.

Shawn arrives at Abe’s house and rings the doorbell. Abe lets him in. Shawn notices that Jack is there and pulls out the wills for them to sign. Lexie and Jennifer walk in at that moment, overhearing the mention of wills and ask what is going on.

Celeste runs her hand along the outside of the front door at the DiMera mansion as she insists that those aren’t Stefano’s ashes. She worries that the phoenix could have risen again.

Tony is returning the urn to the mantle when the phone rings. He answers it, telling the caller that he has been expecting their call, then refers to the caller as father, telling him not to worry that he knows exactly what to do.

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