Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/4/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Sheri
Pictures by Juanita

Summary - Sami makes a grown up decision until Tony arrives and she regress to her childish ways again. Rex gives Shawn an unpleasant surprise. Jack and Abe both consult with Mickey regarding their wills. I'd call this a transition episode, nothing much happened that we didn't already know.

Basic Black -

The phone is ringing off the hook as Sami rushes in and rudely answers it. She recovers herself and more politely insists she has been there for hours, there was just so much to do she hasn't had time to send the woman on the phone the faxes yet. After hanging up, Sami reaches into the filing cabinet and pulls out a file, but then throws it on the floor when she finds cockroaches on it. Apparently, there are cockroaches all over the office, as Sami is seen killing them throughout the episode.

Roman and Caroline surprise Sami on her first official day of work, but they are the ones taken aback by Sami's dreadful office space. Sami tells Roman the office makes her think of the movie Office Space. Caroline has brought Sami a plant to liven up the place, while Roman gives her a briefcase identical to Kate's. Sami comments that she and Kate could be twins, but apologizes and promises to play nice when Roman disapproves of her attitude. After Roman and Caroline's visit Sami is in a better mood, despite
her surroundings and she considers forgetting about her revenge plot and actually working her way out of the basement.

When Tony shows up with a bouquet of red and white flowers, he's horrified at her office space and plays on Sami's insecurities about being the wicked stepchild. Tony insists she is more like Cinderella, which pleases Sami, who reconsiders her previous course of action to get revenge now that she is feeling insecure again.

John and Kate discuss business and the economy; Kate points out hiring Sami or anyone is not the best idea right now, but John says what's done is done and they just have to deal with it. John and Kate agree that Marlena being out of town is best, so Sami can't go running to her for special treatment
at Basic Black. John wonders if they should allow Sami to work with Belle, so she could learn the ropes of Basic Black. Kate doesn't think Sami answering to her younger sister is such a good idea.

Roman and Caroline come in to find out why Sami's office is in the basement and learn that there is no other office space available right now, plus everyone has to earn there positions there, no special treatment. After Caroline leaves, saying Shawn will be furious if she misses the lunch rush, Roman points out Belle has an office. Belle walks in and explains she didn't when she first started working at Basic Black - she worked from home at first, then shared the receptionist's desk until her first line of
underwear was accepted. She got her own office after the underwear line was designed. Sami barges in, accusing John and Kate of treating her badly on purpose.

Later, Belle has taken an upset Sami to her office (a spacious, beautiful office) and Sami's insecurities flare up as she continues to feel like the forgotten one inside of Belle's beautiful office. Tony comes in and Belle leaves, he can't believe they had the nerve to flaunt Belle's success
in Sami's face and he takes the opportunity to play on Sami's insecurities even more.

Sami later hears Kate say something that sounds to Sami like she is planning to make Sami's life miserable. Sami leaves before realizing, Kate was telling Roman what other people problem think of Sami and Kate working together and Kate admitting she knows Sami would be after revenge if Kate did anything to make her unhappy. Kate tells Roman a vindictive Sami is not what she needs and she is going to do her best to get along with her.

Tony visits John about investing in Basic Black, but John wants no part of it. Sami walks by the office, sees Tony and John and stops to listen. John doesn't see her, but Tony does and he steers the conversation in a direction that will make Sami think he is the only one concerned for her welfare.

John, Roman and Kate talk, all agreeing that Sami's association with Tony is bad. Meanwhile, Tony visits Sami again in her office, with Sami more determined then ever to get revenge on her enemies. Tony is more than pleased with her attitude.

Salem Place, Java Cafe -

Jack and Jennifer are enjoying breakfast, as Jack is trying to convince her that his job is not that dangerous, but she is still really worried about him. Mickey shows up, as Jennifer takes a phone call from Abby. Jack and Mickey go off to another table to discuss Jack's request to update his will. Mickey wonders what is up, but Jack insists he is just getting his house in order, nothing to worry about. As Jack talks with Mickey and Jen is on the phone, we see the shadowy figure watching the goings on from afar.

Later, after Jen tells Jack Abby is sleeping over at Bridget's, Jack jokingly says that if anything happened to him, Jen would be remarried with a month or so. Jen gets really upset at Jack's joke, saying it is not funny. (Melissa Reeves is very emotional during these scenes, I wonder if they were taped right after Matt was fired?)

Carver Residence -

Abe and Lexie enjoy breakfast, talking about Abe's impending early retirement and Celeste's visions and Alice seeing Tom's ghost. Abe remembers seeing Tom's ghost himself and is shaken, but keeps it from Lexie. Mickey visits with Abe who wants him to prepare a new will for him. Mickey asks why, but Abe insists he is just trying to be prepared because who can know what the future holds. Later, an emotional Abe fills Mickey in on seeing Tom's ghost.

Dimera Mansion/Shawn's Apartment -

Tony finds Rex in the foyer with dozens of boxes and learns he is moving out and that he is moving in with Shawn Brady. When Tony points out Rex and Shawn haven't been getting along, Rex reminds Tony that he taught him to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer... so that is what he is doing.

Shawn is putting stuff away in his new apartment, when he realizes he has no hangers and slips out and goes across the hall to borrow some from Belle. While he is gone Rex comes in and sets down a couple of boxes of his own. After Rex leaves, Shawn returns and seems confused after he gets inside, since he walked right in without using his key.

Later Shawn removes some boxes from the living room, only to find more boxes in the exact spot a few moments later... snooping through the mystery boxes to figure out what is going on, Shawn is caught by Rex. Shawn is shocked when Rex says they are roommates and refuses to live with the guy he thinks
attacked his parents. Rex says he has no choice; they are roommates. Rex puts some books on a shelf; Shawn goes and removes them. Then furious Shawn takes a swing at Rex, who recovers and goes after Shawn. Belle walks in and yells, "NO"!

On the next Days -

Jen wants Jack to give up his investigation. 
Rex thinks that losing Belle is the ticket to hurting Shawn the most. 
Shawn tells Mimi her boyfriend is dangerous; Mimi tells Shawn to butt out of her life.
Celeste cannot sense Stefano's presence in the spilled urn of his ashes, Tony looks concerned.

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