Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/3/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/3/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi is picking classes for school when she gets upset at her mom for having the TV too loud. Her mom comes in smoking, talking about how she buys lottery tickets in order to afford her dream items such as a plasma TV. Mimi tries to urge her to save her money instead. Mom vows that they’ll never take her hope away from her. She doesn’t like the idea that Mimi is moving out but Mimi puts her foot down on the matter.

Shawn and Belle are kissing on the rooftop. Shawn tells Belle that he is moving in tonight to the loft across the hall in just 2 hours and counting. They continue to kiss.

Abe is redressing when he notices he is missing a button. Lexie kisses his cheek and expresses her joy about how whatever Abe gets as a new job will mean he’ll have better hours. Abe laments about not being there to see Brandon grow up but vows to be there for Theo. Lexie is anxious for Abe to make the retirement official but Abe says that it will take some time for him to wrap up his current workload. Abe vows to find out who tried to kill Bo and Hope before he retires but Lexie urges him not to.

Rex is coming downstairs in the DiMera mansion when his phone rings. He is angry with the caller and tells them that he doesn’t want any excuses, just to take care of something ASAP.

Hope comes into their living room and finds a bill on the floor. She opens it and is upset at what she reads on it. She looks upstairs to where Bo and Zack are in Bo and Hope’s bedroom. Zack is playing with his toys on the floor as Bo is sitting on the bed working. Hope comes into the bedroom and shows Bo the bill.

Jack and Jennifer try to convince Alice that what she saw Tom’s picture do didn’t happen. Alice insists she keeps hearing children’s voices as well and gets upset when she thinks Jack and Jennifer are looking at her like she’s crazy. Jack makes an excuse to talk to Jennifer alone and they move into the foyer. While alone, Alice sees Tom’s ghost over the mantle. She asks him if he is trying to warn her. Jack and Jennifer come back in the room and ask Alice whom she is talking to. Alice insists that she is talking to Tom who is right there by the mantle, asking if don’t they see him. Jack and Jennifer just sigh.

Abe tries to calm Lexie down as he reminds her that she used to be on the force and knows how much of a hassle retiring can be. Abe insists he can’t just quit the force because he is the commander and it wouldn’t look right. Lexie insists that it would look like he was putting his family first. Abe asks Lexie what the reason for the urgency is and Lexie says that she is worried. Abe tries to reassure her not to take what Celeste says seriously but Lexie can’t get over it, she’s too scared of losing Abe.

Jack calls Mickey to come over. He asks Jennifer how Alice is doing and Jennifer says she made Alice some tea. Jennifer is worried that Alice is really seeing Tom and Jack tells Jennifer that there isn’t any harm if it makes Alice feel better to think Tom is in the room with her. Jennifer comes up with the idea to have Alice move in with them but Alice overhears the suggestion and insists that she isn’t going anywhere.

A shadowy figure opens the door to Bo and Hope’s house. In their bedroom, Bo tries to assure Hope that he will be starting his new job soon and that will bring in some money. Hope is worried about what they are going to do before the first paycheck comes in. Bo pulls out a sock from the drawer that is stuffed full of cash, promising to use it to buy Hope that new winter coat she’s been wanting. Hope pulls out her own stash of cash that she’s been hiding to buy some cowboy boots for Bo. She laments about still needing another $50. Bo makes the sacrifice of not getting designer boots as he takes Hope’s money to add to his own. Hope tries to hold on to her money but then reluctantly agrees to sacrifice and get a coat that doesn’t have a designer label. Bo shells out cash enough to get boots and a winter coat from the outlet shops and they decide to put the rest in a kitty for expenses. A crash is heard downstairs. Hope rushes to be with Zack as the lights go out.

Bonnie jokes about how she cleans other people’s houses for money but her own house is dust bunny city. Mimi suggests that she quit smoking to clear the air. Bonnie puts out her cigarette and vows to quit. Mimi doesn’t believe that she’ll quit longer than 5 minutes but Bonnie pulls out a book on how to quit smoking, claiming she will be doing it for Mimi. Mimi calls her on her attempt to quit smoking solely to prevent Mimi from moving out. Mimi begs Bonnie to tell her the truth about why she doesn’t want her to move out.

Rex gets another phone call as he tells the caller that the element of surprise is key and it has to happen tonight.

Hope is consoling Zack and wants to call 911 but Bo wants to take care of this intruder himself. He leaves the bedroom as Hope continues to console Zack. Bo pulls out his gun as he quietly tiptoes through the living room to the kitchen. When Bo gets to right outside the kitchen, he hears voices whispering.

Abe tries to reassure Lexie that they deserve to be happy now and she won’t lose him but Lexie points out that not everyone gets what they deserve. Abe insists that all he has to do is finish up some routine police work that he won’t be in the line of fire. Lexie says that she’d feel better if he was in a safer job and Abe promises that that day will come. He jokes that Lexie won’t like the fact that he won’t have special privileges anymore once he leaves the force. Lexie says all she needs to be happy is that her husband isn’t a police officer anymore. She then adds that there is one more thing as she smiles. Abe asks if that is a baby sister for Theo as he asks Lexie if she is pregnant. Lexie grins.

Bo bursts open the kitchen door only to find Shawn and Belle raiding the fridge. Shawn explains that he didn’t think that they’d wake them and Bo gets upset that Shawn and Belle scared Hope and him. Hope comes down then to say hello. Bo gets upset that Hope didn’t stay upstairs like he wanted her to and Hope says she isn’t the kind of woman who stays put. Hope explains that once she heard Bo’s voice, she knew it wasn’t a burglar and Zack is upstairs asleep. Hope asks Shawn about why he came here to raid their fridge. Shawn explains that he came by to borrow the truck to be able to transport the spare mattress from the basement. Hope inquires about why Shawn needs the spare mattress when he has a perfectly good one at the dorm and Shawn reveals to them that he isn’t going to be living at the dorm but at the loft across the hall from Belle.

Alice is still insistent that she won’t leave her home. Jennifer still tries to convince her. The doorbell rings and Jack leaves to answer it. He lets Maggie and Mickey in as he tells them that Alice is hearing voices, specifically from Tom and that she sees Tom and expects them to see him too. Jack tells Mickey and Maggie about how Jennifer just invited Alice to move in with them and Mickey guesses correctly that Alice didn’t like that idea. Alice guesses that Jack is out there telling Mickey and Maggie that she is crazy. Jennifer explains that they didn’t know what else to do so they called Mickey. Mickey and Maggie come into the living room and greet Alice. Alice sees Tom’s ghost across the room by the curtains and asks him why he has come to see her. Everyone looks toward where Alice is looking.

Mimi tries to convince Bonnie that all kids move out eventually. Bonnie tries to convince Mimi to stay at home. Bonnie tries to get Mimi to stay by playing the doting mother role but Mimi tries to make a quick exit. Since that didn’t work, Bonnie tries using guilt, claiming she’ll be crying herself to sleep each night. Mimi calls her on it. Bonnie insists that she’s had a hard life and Mimi should feel sorry for her. They argue about Mimi’s Dad. Mimi starts to go but doesn’t want to leave on such bad terms. She walks over and kisses Bonnie goodbye. As Mimi is leaving, Bonnie searches frantically through the drawers for some more cigarettes. Mimi calls back to verify that Bonnie isn’t smoking anymore and Bonnie swears she isn’t. Mimi leaves and Bonnie finally finds some cigarettes in a drawer, sits down at the table, puts her feet up and lights up a cigarette.

The doorbell rings at the DiMera mansion and Rex calls out to Mabel that he’ll get the door. The shadowy figure at the door tells Rex that his plan has hit a snag.

Bo and Hope argue with Shawn about his decision to rent the loft across the hall from Belle. Shawn has an answer for everyone of Bo and Hope’s points about why he shouldn’t live across from Belle in the loft. Hope insists that they want Shawn to be safe and he will be staying at Hartley House on campus where there is security and he will be safe. Shawn doesn’t believe it but Hope and Bo insist that they aren’t kidding. Bo gives Shawn the ultimatum of either living at Hartley House or at home. Belle senses the need for privacy and offers to go check on Zack. Shawn brings up that John lets Belle live where Hope thinks it is a bad neighborhood. Bo acknowledges that Shawn has a point and Hope gets mad at him for taking Shawn’s side. Bo changes his mind and tries to persuade Hope to let Shawn live at the loft. Shawn joins in on begging Hope to change her mind. Hope makes Shawn grovel and Shawn showers Hope with compliments. Hope makes Shawn promise to consult them on any future big decisions. Shawn promises and thanks them as he rushes off to tell Belle. Bo pulls Shawn aside and tells him that there is something they need to talk about.

Mickey asks Alice if she just saw Tom. Alice is surprised that no one else saw Tom. Mickey tells Jack to get Alice some warm milk to calm her down. Jack leaves to get the warm milk. He then tells Jennifer to call Lexie and ask her to make a house call. Jennifer leaves to go make the call. Mickey prays to himself about letting Alice be okay as Jennifer comes back in to say that Lexie is on her way. Alice still sees Tom standing across the room and asks what he is doing here, then finds something distressing.

Rex gets upset at the shadowy male figure for botching the job. The man claims that it isn’t his fault, that the Brady kid complicated things. Rex says to hell with Shawn Brady and insists that he wants this done tonight. The man says he’ll make some calls to make this happen, vowing to get back in touch with Rex when it’s done and leaves.

Shawn and Bo sit down at the kitchen table to talk. Shawn apologizes for acting like a jerk earlier. Bo hands Shawn some money to be able to buy food. Bo asks Shawn not to tell Hope about giving him the money and tells him to live it up a little in college.

Hope asks Belle about how it is living with Mimi. Belle tells Hope about how Mimi is dating Rex and how Shawn thinks that Rex is responsible for the attack on Bo and Hope.

Shawn tells Bo that he also wants to move in across from Belle to be able to keep an eye on Rex because he thinks that Rex is responsible for the attack on Bo and Hope. Hope bursts in then and yells at Shawn to get that idea out of his head right now.

Lexie and Abe arrive at the Horton house. Maggie asks about Theo and Abe explains that he is with Celeste. Lexie greets Alice but Alice insists that she doesn’t need a doctor. Alice asks Lexie if Celeste ever told her about the spirit of the dead who visits the living and how whoever’s name the spirit says is doomed. Mickey tries to convince Alice that that is just an old wives tale but Alice explains that she has been waiting for Tom to say her name but he never has and she wonders what that means. Mickey, Maggie, Jack and Jennifer exchange glances. Lexie looks up at Abe and Alice glances back and forth at all their faces.

Shawn doesn’t like the idea about letting Rex get away but Bo tells him not to argue with Hope. Hope asks Belle and Bo to take the items out to the truck so they can talk alone. Belle and Bo each grab a box and leave. Hope insists that Shawn will not be going after the DiMeras. Shawn reluctantly tells Hope that he agrees not to go after Rex. Hope gives him the money that was supposed to go to her winter coat but asks him not to tell Bo. Shawn tries to refuse it but Hope insists. Shawn thanks her and they hug. Bo and Belle come back in and Bo asks Belle and Shawn to leave so he and Hope can get back to their plans. Belle and Shawn leave. Bo reveals to Hope that he gave Shawn the money that was meant for his cowboy boots. Hope laughs as she reveals that she gave Shawn the money for her winter coat as well. As Shawn and Belle leave the house, Shawn vows to still go after Rex.

Mimi returns to the DiMera mansion where Rex is surprised to see her again, believing that she went home. Mimi lies that there was no one at home and covers by saying that she missed Rex, wishing he lived closer to the loft. Rex’s phone rings. He answers it and the man tells him that Shawn is no longer a problem and he can go with plan A. Mimi asks Rex who is on the phone but Rex insists that it is no one important as he tells Mimi that her wish just came true, that he is going to be much closer to her loft. Mimi is excited that Rex is moving and Rex asks if she’d like to come with him to get the keys.

Everyone continues to dote on Alice, trying to convince her that even if there are spirits, they don’t talk. Lexie wants to give Alice an exam. Abe leaves them to go call into the station.

Abe picks up the phone and hears his name spoken. He turns and see Tom’s ghost standing near him, having said his name.

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