Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/2/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/2/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice is reading alone in her living room when she hears the children playing again. She addresses Tom’s picture, telling him to make them go away.

Jennifer is pacing around the house, looking out the front window. She goes back into the living room and checks out the front page of the paper that mentions the police informant’s murder. Jack comes home and Jennifer rushes to confront him about being home so late. Jack acts coy but Jennifer accuses him of doing something.

Celeste spreads out the tarot card deck along the coffee table and looks lost in thought when Lexie and Abe come home. Celeste is grateful that they are home and Lexie is worried that something is wrong with Theo. Celeste assures them that Theo is fine. Lexie wants to go check on the baby anyway but Abe wants to tell Celeste about what happened tonight first. Celeste asks if her premonition has come true.

Marlena and John are dining at Tuscany. Marlena is talking on the phone with Eric confirming her flight plans to Colorado. John suggests that they get home so Marlena can pack. Marlena comments about how nice it was to see Roman and Kate and Lexie and Abe. John brings up Tony but Marlena asks that they not talk about Tony tonight. John tells Marlena about how Sami showed up at Basic Black and was supposedly so excited that she started work tonight. Marlena is shocked to hear this.

Sami has been working hard in her new basement office for a while as her hair is messed up and her outfit is dirty. She curses John and Kate for making her do this hard work and vows that she is going to get Marlena and Roman back together for that was the way it was meant to be.

Marlena can’t believe that Sami would stay late at a job but John assures her of it. Marlena inquires about Kate’s report of Sami’s first day. Marlena tears up at the good report and thanks John profusely. Marlena feels that Sami will work very hard and make this the best possible job she ever had. John doesn’t believe it and Marlena accuses him of planning for the worst. John brings up Sami’s past with Kate. Marlena accuses John of assuming that Sami’s optimism is all an act. Marlena is worried that John wants Sami to fail. John sighs.

Abe tells Celeste that everyone is fine and apologizes for alarming her. Lexie wants Celeste to sit down and make her some tea but Celeste begs Abe to tell her the news. Abe tells Celeste about asking Roman and John to be Theo’s godfathers. Lexie tells her about asking Tony and that they plan to ask Hope to be Theo’s godmother. Celeste urges them to do Theo’s christening as quickly as possibly including having a priest come and bless the house and them. Lexie tries to calm Celeste down but Celeste insists that they take this seriously.

Jennifer is still angry with Jack but he doesn’t know what he did wrong. He asks for a hint and Jennifer tells him that he forgot something really important. Jack remembers and apologizes as he rushes out the door, leaving Jennifer totally confused.

Jennifer continues to pace as she looks out the front window to see Jack’s car still there. Jack rushes in the back door with flowers for Jennifer to wish her a happy anniversary. Jennifer tells him that it isn’t their anniversary. Jack covers by saying it is a joke and tries to wish Jennifer a happy birthday. Jennifer gets upset that Jack doesn’t remember and that he pulled flowers out of the ground that she had been watering every day. Jennifer says that today is the anniversary of nothing and Jack wants to celebrate the anniversary of nothing. Jennifer insists that she is mad at Jack about something but not because he didn’t remember a certain date.

Lexie and Abe try to convince Celeste that she is making too much of her premonition but Celeste won’t hear of it, still insisting that they do everything in their power to see that her dream doesn’t come true. Lexie asks how and Celeste suggests that they take a path that would lead them away from mortal danger, pointing out that they must have Theo christened to wash away his original sin and get them closer to God. Celeste insists that Lexie call the church now and try and arrange the christening for tomorrow.

John assures Marlena that he doesn’t want Sami to fail. He tells Marlena that he wants this to be a new beginning to their relationship with Sami. John is worried that Marlena will be hurt if it doesn’t work out and Marlena asks him when he will stop protecting her. John vows to never do that and Marlena wants to go see Sami at her job tonight. John agrees and calls for the check.

Sami sneezes at the dust as she works at her desk. She gets upset that her suit is ruined from the dust and dirt. She returns to her fantasy of Roman and Marlena being in love again as she leads Kate and John to their beheading. Sami vows to have Kate and John suffer for ruining her life.

It is quiet again as Alice reads her book. She hears the children reciting the Lizzie Borden rhyme again as the lights in the room flicker. Alice calls out for them to stop it.

Jack tries to apologize to Jennifer for anything he’s ever done. Jennifer tells him that he was late and didn’t call to let her know where he was. Jennifer fills him in what happened to the police informant. Jack says he was there too. Jennifer wants him to back away from the investigation but Jack says he can’t do that.

Sami takes off her coat because it is too hot in the office. Marlena brings Sami some dinner and to wish her good luck. Sami mentions she has goals and Marlena encourages her that she’ll achieve them. John overhears this and asks Sami about her goals as he steps into the office. Sami lashes out at him, asking what he is doing there.

Lexie refuses to schedule the christening so soon despite Celeste’s urging. Celeste holds up the paper’s story about the informant’s murder and expresses her worries that someone they love will be next. Lexie gets upset at the thought that it could be Abe but Abe claims he can guarantee that he’ll be safe by leaving the force.

Lexie asks Abe to confirm that he could leave the force. Abe suggests that he put in for early retirement and Celeste is happy at this news. Abe admits that Lexie’s fears weren’t without basis and thought it was time he settled down. Lexie questions his sureness and Celeste gets upset with Lexie for questioning Abe. Abe shares that it will take time before he can retire but he has a lot of sick and vacation time he could use. Abe promises Lexie that they’ll take a second honeymoon and she can pick the place. They kiss and Celeste is thankful.

John explains that he came with Marlena. Sami explains that she was surprised to see him. Marlena is worried about how dusty the office is and John explains that they didn’t have time to clean it up before Sami arrived. Sami is determined to clean it up and Marlena is proud of her. Sami thanks Marlena and Marlena asks Sami to thank John for the job. Sami tells John that he’s taught her a very valuable lesson and she is grateful to him for giving her the opportunity to achieve her dreams. John says he has always loved Sami and hopes she isn’t too disappointed about having to start at the bottom. Sami says she is learning a new set of skills that she hopes to put to good use. Marlena and Sami hug as she tells Sami how proud she is again. Sami thanks Marlena as she comments about wanting to make her and daddy proud. John looks skeptical.

Jennifer tears up as she tells Jack that she and Abby need him and that she can’t raise Abby without him. Jack vows that she won’t have to as he starts to kiss her. Jennifer accuses him of trying to distract her but Jack quiets her with more kisses. Jack leads Jennifer to the couch and promises that they’ll grow old together. Jack decides to make today an anniversary of their nothing to worry about day. Jennifer is worried that Jack is making light of her concerns and Jack points out to her that he doesn’t have a knife in his back or is wearing cement shoes. They kiss. The phone rings and Jack answers it. It is Alice who asks Jack and Jennifer to come over right away. Jack asks Alice if she is alright and Alice says she is but has to see them. Jack tells Jennifer that he doesn’t know what’s wrong but that Alice sounded scared. They rush out the door.

Marlena tells Sami about going to visit Eric and her parents. Sami wants to go but doesn’t want to leave her job, giving Marlena her wishes to give Eric and the grandparents her best. Marlena expresses that it is late and they should go home and pack and John asks Sami to walk out with them. Sami says she isn’t done yet and John tells her that she needs to be back at work tomorrow morning at 6AM. John leaves to bring the car around. Marlena assures Sami that she will call from Colorado so Sami can talk to everyone there and they say their good-byes and Marlena leaves.

Lexie and Abe hug and Lexie wants to go tell Theo the good news. Abe suggests they all turn in to bed. Celeste tells Abe about how she thinks this is a good decision and urges Abe to get Theo christened and the house blessed as soon as possible. Abe offers Celeste the guestroom. Lexie thanks Celeste and they hug goodnight. Lexie and Abe head upstairs. Celeste is still worried as she turns back to her deck of cards. A shadowy figure looms outside the doors leading off of the living room.

Celeste still has her back turned so she doesn’t see the shadowy figure. She sense someone there so she turns but they’ve already left. Celeste sits back down on the couch and starts to shuffle her tarot cards.

Abe is dressing in his pajamas when Lexie comes back in from checking on Theo. Lexie jokes about Theo swearing that Abe won’t regret his decision. They kiss and hug. Lexie comments that she now feels at peace now that her husband will no longer be putting himself in the line of fire. Lexie kisses Abe and starts to walk away but Abe pulls her close and starts to kiss from her cheek and down her shoulder.

John and Marlena return home.

***At this point my tape stopped working and is acting like it ran out of tape even though I rewound it to the beginning. I think I've figured out what went wrong and will work on having it work normally before tomorrow's episode. Sorry all!***

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