Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/1/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/1/03

By Sheri
Pictures by Juanita

Summary: History buffs will LOVE this show with memories at the loft... Mimi goes home... Sami goes to work, which is nothing like her fantasies... Theo gets three Godfathers!

The Loft -

Rex and Shawn are silently cleaning up after the painting when Belle and Mimi walk into the room, dismayed that their boyfriends aren't getting along. Belle wonders where Phillip and Cassie went and Mimi points out they snuck out five minutes ago. Rex, carrying a ladder, comes dangerously close to Shawn and he blows up, asking if Rex is trying to do to him, what he did to his parents. They start to argue, but the girls break it up before anything really gets started. Mimi points out to Rex that he said he would try to be friends with Shawn and Rex mysteriously says that...tomorrow he and Shawn will be getting a lot closer...

Mimi gushes to Rex about how great her new apartment is and Shawn and Belle sneak out of the room, as Shawn has a surprise for Belle. Later, we come back to Mimi not wanting to talk to Rex about her mother (to me it seems like a scene might have been cut, since Mimi and Rex's conversation seemed weird... it's about 20-30mins. after B&S leave the room that we see M&R again). Mimi leaves to go home to pick up some clothes, makeup and other assorted girl things, not wanting Rex to join her. Rex wonders why Mimi didn't want him to come with her, but only for a second... he has things to do tonight if he is going to give Shawn the "surprise of his life tomorrow"...

Mimi arrives at her house, loud music blaring and chokes when she opens the door on all of the smoke inside. Mimi looks disgusted, as we hear a female voice call out, "Where the hell have you been?" (sounds like the voice is drunk, as the words seemed a bit slurred, but not sure... we don't see the person)

Up on the roof -

Shawn has Belle cover her eyes as he takes her up on the loft roof where he has a picnic set up. Belle is overjoyed at the romantic scene and Shawn says he is a "romantic plagiarist" as his dad told him he had done this for his mom a few weeks ago. Shawn and Belle lie on the blanket and chat of how romantic this old loft is. Shawn comments that Mickey and Maggie used to lie on the roof of their first apartment building, they called it "Tar Beach". That gives Belle an idea and she removes her shirt and pants, revealing a bikini. Apparently, Belle had planned to sunbathe, but the painting took too long. Belle then gives Shawn a look and he removes his shirt and pants, keeping his boxers on and the couple lay back enjoying the stars.

Later, they investigate the roof and discover a door/wall with several initials carved into it.( B+H 4ever, J+I, K+P and B+C) Belle and Shawn are delighted at the romantic history of the loft... for those who don't know...Bo + Hope... John + Isabella... Kayla + Patch (Shawn had to explain this one to Belle)... Brady + Chloe... Belle is happy until she realizes none of these couples are still together, then Shawn points out his parents are...and Shawn adds his and Belle's initials to the door (S+B).

Later, Shawn and Belle have a major make-out session and Belle gets nervous when she thinks Shawn wants to go further then she is prepared to go. Shawn assures Belle that is not what he had in mind and they continue making out.

The Penthouse -

John is on the phone, but mysterious says he has to go when Marlena walks in. Marlena questions him, but he keeps mum by asking about Sami. Marlena thinks she got through to Sami, but is not sure, after all with Sami it's hard to tell what she is thinking. They talk about how Sami always makes the wrong choices and hurts other people. Marlena brings up who Sami has hurt: Abe, Lexie and Kate; while John, in a slightly amused tone, brings up Carrie, Mike, Brandon, Austin and Lucas. Marlena tells John that she doesn't find it amusing that her daughter always hurts people, their conversation is interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. John tells Marlena to get it...the surprises seem to be starting. Marlena answers, listens and screams in delight! After Marlena gets off the phone, we learn that John has arranged for Marlena to visit her parents and son Eric in Colorado for awhile. John tells Marlena that the surprises aren't over yet and to get changed, as they are going out.

Cop Shop -

Roman comes into Abe's office and sees the wreath with the "Rest in Peace" on it. Abe tells him that his SOB brother-in-law sent it as a warning to him. Abe just learned this from the florist.

Dimera Mansion -

Lexie visits her brother Tony for the second time today to let him know how worried she is about her husband thanks to Celeste's visions. Tony suggests Lexie, Abe and Theo leave Salem, but Lexie vetoes that, pointing out Abe wouldn't leave. Tony offers to have someone watch them for Lexie's safety, when Abe bursts in the room carrying the wreath and accuses Tony of threatening him. Lexie is stunned as her husband and brother come down on opposite sides of this issue, but is shocked when Tony admits to
sending the wreath...

Apparently, Bart forgot to attach the card to the wreath, which Tony arranged to be sent to the police station for the informant's funeral since he didn't know which funeral home to send it to. Lexie is appeased and believes Tony's explanation; Abe doesn't. Still disagreeing, Abe and Lexie leave. Tony goes to throw the wreath out, but changes his mind commenting that "we may need this for a real funeral, sooner than later". Later, Tony places Abe's picture in the center of the wreath.

Basic Black -

Sami arrives in her new red suit, having been faxed her W4 papers and tells the secretary that she is the new employee and wants to take care of the paperwork as soon as possible, as she needs the paycheck to support her son. The secretary tells her that her immediate supervisor might still be there and she proceeds to call Kate to let her know Sami is there. Kate says she will be down soon, tell the new intern to wait... to herself, Kate says "till hell freezes over".

Sami sits down, flipping through a magazine, as she thinks what a great place Basic Black will be to work, thinking of the "free" makeup she will get. (Sami was admiring the nail polish bottles on the desk earlier.) As she waits Sami wonders about her new boss...

Sami is waiting for her boss, wearing a long floral dress, her hair now loose, when Brad walks up and introduces himself to Sami as her new boss, commenting on how the interns are getting more and more gorgeous. Later, Sami twirls around in her chair, to find Brad telling her she is so smart she is getting a promotion after only one day. Brad says one day she will be running this place, after all she would be a big improvement over that bitch Kate! Brad asks Sami to dinner, but she must turn him down, after all she is still Mrs. Brandon Walker.

Sami is startled when she hears Kate's voice. A bit dazed and confused, she asks where Brad is? Kate asks, "Who's Brad?" Sami is flustered as she realizes that Kate is her boss. Sami stammers on about how that means she is working in the fashion department and talks of how she was the Director of Imaging, in charge of hiring the models over at Titan. She eventually clams up, probably realizing that she only had that job because she blackmailed Kate into giving it to her. Kate asks if Sami would like to see her office? Sami is surprised that she will have an office, but tries to cover by acting like it was a given.

Sami babbles on about what a great decorator she is and how she will revamp her new digs, when Kate suggests they go to see the office first. Sami excitedly gets in the elevator, planning her decorating schemes, as Kate knowingly comments to herself that Sami shouldn't get her hopes up.

Later, we find Sami confused that she and Kate have taken the elevator to the basement, as Kate opens the door to a small, dusty room with several boxes of files and an old desk. Sami looks around, commenting that someone should take a match to the place. Kate asks what she said, and Sami replies that the office is "a perfect match" for her. Kate suggests Sami start work that night, as she brings over a box and tells Sami to file it. Sami tries to get out of it by pointing out she is not dressed to be in a dusty office; she hasn't had dinner yet... which Kate says that sometimes she is there until after midnight without having dinner.

Kate tells Sami that they don't like each other and never will, but they do have to work together, so they should just make the best of it. Kate's cell phone rings and she arranges to go out to dinner with Roman. When a peeved Sami questions Kate about going to dinner while Sami works, Kate points out that she is the boss!

Sami is having trouble opening the file cabinets, as she bangs around and grunts about her horrible job, breaking a nail in the process. Just as Sami comments she would like to kill someone her eyes widen by what she sees behind the file cabinet...

Sami finds an axe and proceeds to fantasize... Roman and Marlena are in each other's arms, as Sami leads John and Kate bound and gagged into the room and uses the axe to chop off their heads. Sami tells Roman and Marlena to go enjoy their honeymoon, she will run Basic Black, which she plans to rename, Stunningly Sami. Roman and Marlena comment on how proud they are of her and Marlena is pleased that Sami's red silk gown doesn't show blood...Sami vows that John and Kate will pay, as she sits down at her desk, axe by her side and pulls out her pasted together picture of Roman and Marlena.

Tuscany -

John and Marlena arrive, as he comments "Feels like we just left here" (sounds like it might have been an adlib, given they were there last week) and they ask Maggie if their special "going away" table is ready. Maggie says it will be a few minutes, why don't they join their friends at the bar.

John and Marlena join Roman and Kate as they talk about Sami starting work tonight. John tells Kate not to give Sami any special treatment, just because she is his step-daughter and they both agree they picked out the perfect office for Sami. John says he is glad Marlena will be out of town, so Sami cannot be running to her complaining about her job. Roman and Marlena hope John and Kate can whip Sami into shape. Kate vows she will or she "will die trying".

Meanwhile, Abe and Lexie are having dinner across the room with Abe wishing they had stayed home. Lexie says she is glad they are out for the evening, it forces Abe to make conversation, at home he would have just moped around not saying anything. (Any real-life couples agree with this? lol) Lexie points out that Theo's christening is coming up and they need to decide on Godparents. Both agree that Hope would be the perfect person for Godmother. Abe wants to ask Roman being that he is his oldest friend, but John is also a good and special friend and he doesn't want him to be left out. Lexie admits she wouldn't choose either Roman or John, she wants her big brother Tony as Godfather. Abe vehemently objects and they proceed to argue again about Tony. Abe breaks off the argument to go say hello to their friends
over at the bar.

Abe joins John and Roman and they talk about nailing Tony for the attacks on Bo and Hope and sending the wreath to Abe; Lexie joins Marlena and Kate commenting that she worries about Abe, but that's what she gets for marrying a cop.

Abe asks Roman and John to be Godparents, to which they both agree, much to Lexie's dismay. Lexie and Abe proceed to argue again about Tony, when who should walk into the restaurant.... Tony! Turning away from Abe; Lexie defiantly, asks Tony to be Godfather to Theo. Thinking to himself that the Godparent has control over the child were anything to happen to the parents, Tony happily says yes...

On the next Days episode:

Sami is stunned when John apparently tells her she starts work the next day at 6am, Marlena asks if all the interns start that early, to which John says just the new ones....

Alice is haunted by children's voices...

Celeste warns that danger is around the corner... Abe wonders if it is time to retire.... Celeste gets the death card when she reads her tarot cards...

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