Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/29/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/29/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi is shopping at Salem Place when Rex confronts her to ask why she ran out on him.

Shawn and Belle are covering the furniture to get ready to paint the loft. Shawn gripes about how Mimi isn’t there to help. Belle explains that Mimi should be here any minute. The topic changes to Mimi spending a lot more time with Rex than at the loft. Shawn vows to continue investigating Rex and warns that Philip better stay out of his way.

Philip is bringing paint cans and rollers into the loft as he asks Kate if he can call her back later on his cell phone. He hangs up as Cassie approaches. Cassie says it is perfect timing and when Philip inquires what she means, Cassie says she is there to help him break up Shawn and Belle.

Marlena is paying her bill at the Brady Pub when Kate arrives and joins her in the booth. They make small talk when Kate notices that Marlena looks upset. Kate assumes that Marlena’s worried about Sami.

Sami is checking out a dress when a saleslady approaches her to offer to have her try them on. Sami tells the saleslady that she is looking for work clothes for her new job and the saleslady leaves to put together something for her. Caroline comes into the store and greets Sami. They talk about Sami’s new job and Caroline brings up John getting her the job but Sami thinks that Marlena and John have done nothing to help her, bringing up the past. Caroline tries to get Sami to stop harboring the resentment about the past, bringing up that Roman has gotten past it. Sami speaks ill of John and Marlena calling them stuck up millionaires who treat everyone else like trash. Caroline is taken aback at this comment but Sami urges her to deal with it.

Tony pours himself a drink and sits down at the table to work. The maid knocks on the door to let Tony know that Abe is here. Abe confronts Tony about his informant being killed just as he was ready to talk. Tony denies the allegations. Tony threatens to tell Lexie that Abe is harassing him but Abe warns him to stay away from Lexie.

Nicole is pouring herself some coffee when Victor comes in. They exchange heated words about Nicole’s botched escape. Nicole tries to walk out of the room when Victor grabs her arm, vowing that she’ll never escape from him. Nicole begs him to let her go but Victor warns her to stay away from Brady or he’ll have her arrested for Colin’s murder. Nicole inquires about what Brady has to do with this and Victor says that Nicole is trying to get Brady on her side and make him out to be the bad guy but now he thinks that it might be time to tell Brady about Nicole’s actions. Brady comes in at that moment and asks what they were going to tell him.

Victor tells Brady that what he was going to tell him can wait. Brady asks Nicole where she was last night and Victor covers by saying that sometimes Nicole needs to be alone. Nicole leaves as she says that now is one of those times too. Brady starts to argue with Victor again about the way he treats Nicole but Victor tries to end the conversation by making an excuse about work. Brady apologizes and begs Victor to tell him what happened between him and Nicole.

Rex accuses Mimi of meeting someone. Mimi explains that she is meeting Belle to paint the loft and didn’t tell Rex about it because Shawn and Philip are going to be there. Rex gets angry and asks Mimi whose side she is on. Mimi claims she is on Rex’s side of course. Mimi offers to have Rex join them at the loft and try to be friends again. Rex doesn’t like the idea but vows to come and try. Mimi and Rex decide to race to her bedroom and Rex offers her a ten-second head start. They kiss and Mimi leaves. Rex watches her go and thinks that he can’t let Shawn out of his sight.

Philip doesn’t want to go along with Cassie’s plan. He thinks that it is impossible to break Shawn and Belle up. Cassie vows to do the plan herself with or without his approval and when all is clear, Philip can just swoop in and have Belle. Belle opens the door to see where the voices are coming from and is surprised to see Cassie. Cassie claims she is here to help paint and lets herself in. Philip brings the paint cans and rollers inside as he tells Belle that he didn’t bring Cassie. Belle thanks him for bringing the paint and Philip mentions that he has some more in the car if Shawn will help bring it up and Belle comments about whether he can get Shawn away from Cassie. Cassie rushes over to where Shawn is moving furniture to help him and leans forward to reveal her barely there top as she suggests to Shawn that they start on the baseboard across the room. Belle sighs discontentedly.

Tony threatens that Lexie would never forgive Abe if he turned her against her family but Abe claims that he and Theo are her family. Abe asks for Tony’s alibi while his informant was shot. Tony says he was here at home but no one can vouch for that.

Cassie is unrolling some tape when Belle tries to throw her out. Cassie refuses to leave. Cassie accuses Belle of being jealous and Belle repeats her request for Cassie to leave. Cassie refuses again just as Shawn and Philip return with more paint having taken off their shirts due to the heat. Cassie flirts by starting to take off her shirt to be like them but Belle urges her to keep her shirt on. Rex and Mimi arrive then. Shawn confronts Rex about showing up at the loft but Mimi urges him not to start. Rex claims he was invited and unlike Shawn, he doesn’t just break in to places.

Marlena tells Kate about Sami getting the annulment papers from Brandon and the experience with Abe and Lexie. Kate is worried that Sami is on the edge and Marlena expresses her hopes that Sami working for Kate is like a second chance for Sami. Kate is concerned that Basic Black is the worst possible place for Sami to work because when Sami is upset, she makes Kate public enemy #1.

Sami gets upset that Caroline didn’t fight for her and help Roman save his marriage. Caroline says they tried everything they could to keep Roman and Marlena from splitting up but they couldn’t help that Marlena loved John. Sami is convinced that Marlena just went for the first high roller who came along. Caroline asks Sami why she can expect people to excuse her faults but be so judgmental when it comes to other’s faults. Sami is still convinced that John and Marlena’s affair was wrong but Caroline tries to convince Sami that they were ruled by their hearts even if it meant that it hurt others. Sami accuses Caroline of acting just like everyone else in her pathetic family. Caroline gets upset that Sami speaks of her family like that. Caroline thinks that Marlena has suffered enough without having her own daughter put her down. Sami calls Marlena a whore. Caroline has to turn away from Sami before she makes a scene in the store by doing something she might regret to Sami. Sami goes on to talk about how the Bible says thou shalt not commit adultery but Caroline points out the Bible also talks about forgiveness. Sami says that Marlena hasn’t repented so she doesn’t get forgiveness. Caroline takes offense and Sami apologizes. She promises to forgive her head off, that her conversation with Caroline has helped her see the light. Caroline doesn’t believe that. Sami wishes Caroline goodbye and Caroline asks her to make dinner plans with her and Grandpa Shawn. Sami promises to do so and walks away from Caroline. Once alone, Sami says to herself that she is really out for the sweet taste of revenge and there is no way she can forgive.

Brady wants to know what happened between Nicole and Victor. Victor refuses to tell Brady what happened because some things are private between a husband and a wife. Victor changes the subject by getting Brady to give him a tour of the new recording studio. They leave the living room as Nicole returns. Nicole helps herself to an alcoholic drink as she complains about never being able to get out of this hellhole, not without an ally.

Abe questions Tony about his staff not being able to vouch for his whereabouts. Tony has an excuse for where his staff and Rex and Mimi and Cassie were. Tony asks Abe why he is always a suspect when someone is harmed. Abe points out Tony’s history and Tony thinks it is absurd that Abe is accusing him of bashing in heads and shooting people at point blank range. Abe confronts Tony about knowing that the informant was shot at point blank range when he never mentioned it. Tony tells Abe to arrest him for murder or get out of his house. Abe leaves the mansion, vowing to get Tony one way or another.

Shawn tells Rex that he isn’t welcome here but Rex tells him he can take off if he doesn’t like it. Belle interrupts insisting that everyone stays because they need the workers. Mimi suggests that she and Rex start upstairs and then they’ll meet up at the end of the day as she moves to grab some paint to take upstairs. Shawn warns everyone to watch their backs if the lights go out because Rex is liable to hit them upside the head like he did Bo and Hope. Rex gets upset at this remark and lunges at Shawn, pushing him into the kitchen counter. Shawn turns around and punches Rex. A fight ensues and Philip tries to break it up but he is pushed aside. Shawn and Rex continue to fight.

Shawn and Rex continue to argue with words as Mimi starts to cry as she yells for them to stop it. Belle steps in to give them a speech about how they are all going to be family so they need to get along. Shawn goes over to Mimi to comfort her. Belle, Mimi, and Philip comment about finding a way to get along. Shawn agrees, mentioning he still has his reservations. Belle urges them to not let the DiMera/Brady feud continue in their generation like it did their parents. Philip hands out rollers telling everyone to go to their corners and come out painting. Rex walks over and leads Mimi to their corner. Shawn apologizes to Belle and they kiss. Cassie and Philip watch as Cassie vows to be able to break Shawn and Belle apart.

The saleslady returns to bring Sami an outfit. Sami tells the saleslady that she is in the revenge business that can get messy so she needs something that won’t show blood. The saleslady leaves to get something more blood friendly and Sami laughs. Marlena comes up and asks Sami why she is in such a good mood. Sami claims she is just happy about her new job. Marlena confronts Sami about what she said to Caroline. Sami claims that she just told her a few home truths because Caroline never deals with reality.

Brady comes back into the living room to find Nicole drinking. He confronts her about it being more than just lemonade. Nicole makes a sarcastic remark about it being a new Colin Murphy drink, Irish whiskey with a shot in the back, shake well and put on ice until the cops show up. Brady guesses that Nicole is haunted by the shooting on her wedding day. Nicole wants to drink some more but Brady tries to convince her that drinking isn’t the answer as he takes the glass from her. Brady explains that Victor told him to butt out and goes to leave as Nicole calls him back, granting him one question. She asks him to ask her what the one good thing in her life is. Brady does and Nicole answers that the good thing is him.

Cassie and Philip are painting one wall and Cassie insults Belle’s color choice. Philip is painting a lower portion of the wall and Cassie playfully splatters paint in his hair. Rex and Mimi come back downstairs. Belle thinks this project is a disaster but Shawn has an idea. He suggests a break as he puts in a CD of the duet version of “Ain’t no mountain high enough.” Shawn moves to one corner of the room and starts to dance and lip synch to the male’s part of the song. Belle picks up a paintbrush and starts lip synching the female part of the song. Rex asks Mimi to dance. Philip asks Cassie to dance but Cassie makes him wash the paint off his hands first. Philip’s cell phone rings and everyone gets upset, telling him to ignore it but Philip insists on answering it in case it is the base. Cassie grabs the phone first and answers it. The caller is Kate who gets upset that Cassie is answering Philip’s phone. Cassie just smiles, enjoying Kate’s distress.

Philip keeps trying to get Cassie to give him the phone and/or tell him who was calling. Kate tries to get Cassie to tell her where Philip is and Cassie explains that they are at a party. Cassie finally refers to Kate by name so Philip finally knows who she is talking to. Kate tells Cassie to give the phone to Philip which she finally does. Kate lays into Philip once he gets on the phone about hanging around with Cassie. Philip gets annoyed at Kate and walks away to finish his phone conversation. Cassie just laughs. Rex comes up to Cassie to ask about her getting a kick out of torturing Kate. They talk about how Kate would freak if she knew that she was their mother. Cassie is worried that Mimi and Sami might spill their guts but Rex vows that that won’t happen.

Sami is paying more attention to a dress than Marlena so Marlena swipes the dress out of her hands. Marlena demands that Sami tell her exactly what she said to Caroline. Sami lays into Marlena about how they were talking about Marlena’s affair ruining her childhood. Marlena reminds Sami that Caroline also committed adultery with her affair with Victor. Sami apologizes for forgetting about that. Marlena gets angry with Sami about not thinking when she blasted Abe and Lexie. Sami claims she isn’t ashamed to fight for her marriage unlike Marlena. Sami accuses Marlena of ditching Roman to roll on her back for Joe Millionaire. Marlena gets upset at Sami for speaking to her like that and how it isn’t about money. Sami calls Marlena a flesh peddler who went for the highest bidder.

Brady doesn’t understand how he could be the only good thing in Nicole’s life. Nicole has a flashback to her day of hang gliding and watching the planes and being on the playground. Nicole says she doesn’t know what she’d do without his kindness. Brady offers his assistance and Nicole says if it were possible, she’d ask him to get her out of this prison.

Marlena insists that she is in love with John, not for money. Sami doesn’t buy it. Marlena urges Sami to grow up and not blow this new chance. Sami is still defensive so Marlena begs her to try and make something with her life.

Kate complains to herself about Cassie as she puts away her cell phone when Victor approaches. Kate informs him that Philip has been hanging out with Cassie.

Cassie is cleaning her fingers off as Rex warns her to stay away from Kate because she has nothing to gain and Mimi comes up and says that they have everything to lose. Cassie wants to know what that means and Mimi says that Kate might sense that Cassie is a lot like her and put two and two together. Mimi says she promised not to tell and reminds Rex that he promised to keep the peace with Shawn. Rex leaves to get a soda.

Shawn is sitting with Belle and Philip. Shawn tells Philip that he is moving across the hall from Belle and Philip says that that is great. Belle is excited about them being neighbors and she and Shawn kiss. Rex, who had been standing by the fridge getting that soda, leans over the counter to ask Shawn how he can afford a loft of his own. Shawn explains that he is going to sublet and live with a roommate. Rex wants to know who Shawn’s roommate is going to be and Shawn wants to know why Rex wants to know. Rex says it sounds like a great deal, perfect in fact.

Tony is yelling on the phone about wanting something done now. He slams down the phone just as Bart rushes in. Tony informs him about Abe’s visit. Tony wants Lexie to return to the DiMera fold but she won’t while she’s still married to Abe. Bart suggests a divorce but Tony says that Lexie won’t do that, they’ll have to kill Abe.

Abe is on the phone at the station telling someone to put a trace on the bullet. The other officers knock on the door to bring in a rest in peace wreath that was just delivered. The other officers suggest that it’s a threat.

Rex offers to help paint Shawn’s loft next and Shawn agrees only if Rex leaves the boxing gloves at home. Rex leaves and Philip inquires about why Rex is so interested in Shawn’s moving in across the hall. Shawn vows to keep an eye on Rex.

Rex and Mimi and Cassie talk about how Rex is making a truce with Shawn. Mimi and Rex hug as Rex says that if all goes well, he’s working on being Shawn Brady’s new best friend. Mimi looks worried.

Sami vows to try and make Marlena proud of her. Marlena offers to help Sami choose some new clothes but Sami refuses. Marlena suggests having dinner together and Sami says she has other plans but will call for some other night. Marlena leaves, still ticked. Sami watches her go but mocks her dinner invitation. The saleslady brings Sami a blood red outfit and Sami holds it up to herself in the mirror as she plots her revenge.

Kate and Victor walk through Salem Place as they talk about Cassie’s bad influence on Philip. Victor tells Kate to let him worry about Cassie because she has Sami to worry about. Kate vows to beat Sami at her own game.

Sami leaves the store admiring the new blood red outfit and smiles as she throws it over her shoulder and walks off.

Brady suggests that Nicole just ask for a divorce but Nicole laments that Victor won’t let her go. Brady wants to know why but Nicole won’t tell him, claiming that they will survive. Brady is worried that Victor’s heart can’t take any more stress. Nicole says that Victor will outlive them all and to stop worrying about them. Brady asks Nicole if she’d like to join him and a band in the recording studio. Nicole declines the offer and Brady tells her to lay off the booze as he leaves. Nicole pours herself a drink as she says that she should have done it right the first time around in killing Victor and toasts to widowhood.

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