Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/28/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/28/03

By Sheri
Pictures by Juanita

Summary: Sami thanks the wrong person for her good fortune, Lexie and Jen bond over their husbands constantly being in danger, while Rex wears nothing but a towel for the whole show!!!

At Salem Place -

Jack and Jen are at Java Cafe where he is excited about having a "real" story to report on, while Jen is worried about Abby going to the take out counter for coffees by herself. Jack points out Abby is growing up, she is 12 years old - Jen corrects him, saying she is not quite 12 yet. (Abby's birthday is in October) After assuring Jen he will be careful, Jack takes off to investigate his new case, but Jen is still worried about Jack's safety. Abby comes back with 3 cups of mocha, then spots her friend
Jessica shopping with her mother and with Jen's permission rushes over to say hi to the school friend she hasn't seen all summer.

Later, Abby and Jen go shopping for school clothes and don't agree on anything - Abby likes the Brittany Spears look, while Jen thinks it is not appropriate for a girl her age, especially to be wearing to school. Note that Abby keeps walking out of the store to show Jen the clothes, no alarms going off and the braids that are in her hair at Java Cafe, disappear when trying on clothes.

While Abby is trying on clothes and complaining that Jen doesn't like anything (Abby mumbles that she should just wear a nun's habit), Jen and Lexie chat about their husbands both liking danger and having
dangerous jobs. They both admit they are worried, but what can they do - they both fell in love with Jack and Abe, respectively.

Abe is meeting a mysterious informant, who apparently knows something about the DiMeras, when Maggie stops by their table at Java Cafe. Abe fails to introduce her to the man and the informant keeps turning away from a curious Maggie. Before meeting with the man, Abe assured a worried Celeste that he would arrange protection for Lexie after she once again told Abe of her vision of someone she loves being in danger. Abe called John to borrow some of his gadgets to protect Lexie, telling John of Celeste's visions and of Sami's visit the night before, including the threats she made. Both Abe and John agreed that Sami's a big talker, but she would never actually act on her words.

Jen calls Abe on his cell phone, asking him to check on Jack who she thinks has gone to the Dimera mansion. Abe agrees, asking his informant to meet him there in 30 minutes. Maggie once again stops by and this time tries to converse with the mystery man, who doesn't say much and runs away from her.

Maggie later runs into Jen and Lexie and tells them about Abe's mysterious friend. Lexie gets a chill and comments that it feels like someone walking over her grave... Maggie says not to say that, as her parents said if you say that, it will come true.

Sami is also seen at Salem Place today, mostly in front of the movie theatre, although she also sees Abe with the mystery man at Java Cafe, but remembering the night before doesn't let them see her. Sami mostly frets about why her mother has not called her yet about the job at Basic Black. Later, she realizes she has turned off her cell phone, but has a few dozen messages from Marlena.

At the Penthouse -

John comes downstairs asking if there is a doctor in the house and Marlena lets him know she is out on the balcony. Marlena has prepared John a special breakfast of strawberries and whipped cream to thank him once again for hiring Sami. John points out that it will take a lot to top her thank you from last night, as they melt into a steamy kiss.

After feeding John a strawberry covered with whip cream, Marlena comments that she hopes Sami returns her calls soon, she can't wait to give her the good news. Marlena hopes this job will help Sami turn her life around. Just then the phone rings and John jumps up to answer it (they both think it is Sami). Turns out to be Abe, asking for John's help to protect Lexie and appease Celeste because of her disturbing visions. Abe also tells John all about Sami's visit the night before. When John gets off the phone, he
tells Marlena it was Abe and all about Abe's worries for Lexie's safety/Celeste's visions. He doesn't tell her about Sami.

The phone rings a second time and Marlena answers, her mouth full with strawberries, to find Sami has finally called her back. She excitedly tells Sami, "girly, girl you got the job". Sami is so excited so jumps up at Salem Place, spilling the contents of her purse on the ground. Marlena reminds Sami to make sure she thanks the person responsible for giving her this opportunity (meaning John), while Sami promises she will, as she has a FLASHBACK of Tony promising to help her the night before. Sami babbles on about what she will be making, the benefits and her vacation time...Marlena says she will give the phone to John to fill her in on the details, but Sami lies that she has another call and hangs up.

Later, John and Marlena are once again on the balcony enjoying their breakfast when John fills her in on Sami's latest stunt the night before at Abe and Lexie's. Marlena storms inside vowing to talk some sense into that girl before she self-destructs...

At the Dimera Mansion -

Hearing a knock on the door, Tony answers it to find Lexie visiting him. After stepping inside, Tony and Lexie exchange pleasantries when there is another knock on the door. Lexie answers it with Tony standing behind her to find Sami standing there. Lexie is not amused, and tells Tony that Sami is the reason she is visiting her brother this morning and to "kill the bitch". Sami and Lexie exchange a few words, tame after the ones the night before and Tony suggests Lexie go get something to eat, while he chats with
Sami. Sami whines that she hasn't heard about the job yet, what has Tony done for her? Tony calms her down, assuring her he will make sure she gets the job. Satisfied, Sami leaves, as Bart comes out admitting that being in the spy business makes it hard to not overhear conversations. Bart asks if Tony is going to help Sami, while Tony just smiles and says no.

Meanwhile, Mimi wakes up to find Rex missing... rest assured he just went into the bathroom to shower, but seeing Mimi awake decides he'd rather rejoin her in bed instead of taking a shower. They are interrupted by the rattling for garbage cans, which they initially think is the garbage truck (Rex is really happy about the trash being picked up), but eventually the noise disturbs Rex enough to look out the window. He doesn't like what he sees! Telling Mimi to stay in bed, he runs outside to check it out, wearing only a towel.

After Sami leaves Tony and Lexie chat about how Abe, Bo and John believe he had something to do with the attacks on Bo and Hope. He asks if Lexie thinks he is guilty, she says no. She tells him about Celeste's premonitions about someone she loves being in danger and then is off to Salem Place for a sale. After she leaves Bart comes in and comments how wild it is that Lexie's husband is the Salem Police Commander. As Tony is pondering that, Mimi comes down and tells them that Rex is about to kill Jack Deveraux by the
trash cans. Tony, Bart and Mimi run out the patio doors to see what is happening.

Rex had found Jack going through the Dimera trash cans and has him in a choke hold when the others come rushing up to see what is going on. Rex tells Mimi he told her to stay in bed, and she leaves the scene
without comment, just throwing up her arms in surprise/disgust. Tony tells Jack to go ahead and search through the trash if he wants, but when Jack goes to the other can, Rex blows up again and Tony realizes he is hiding something. Abe shows up and manages to calm everyone down again, while on Tony's orders,
Bart takes the trash cans to the garage. Tony gives Rex some fatherly advice, passed down from Stefano, "always destroy your own incriminating evidence".

Abe realizes what Jack is up to, tells him about the informant and they take off together to Salem Place. Rex is later scene in his room with the bloodied shirt, which he puts into a jar with chemicals (to disintegrate the shirt?). Mimi walks in and asks what is he doing now!

Tony and Bart are back in the living room, when Sami rushes in all excited. Tony grabs her and tells her to calm down, reminding her that the last time she was this worked up in this room she fell through the glass doors. Sami babbles her thanks to Tony about getting the job at Basic Black. Tony responds by kissing her on the lips... not romantic, but a hard kiss on the lips. Sami is dumbfounded by the kiss, but chooses to ignore it as she babbles on about going to Salem Place to buy a new business wardrobe.
After she leaves, Tony says how nice it is to take the credit for doing nothing. When Bart asks if he has romance in his future with Sami, Tony laughs at the idea and says he will use the eternally grateful girl to get revenge on his enemies!

Back at Salem Place -

Jack and Abe arrive to find an hysterical woman asking if he is Commander Carver and pointing to something upsetting. Abe finds a man's body lying across the bushes, he is dead... Jack comes up and whispers that he bets the dead man was Abe's informant. Abe just nods, yes...

On the next Days -

Cassie visits Phillip telling him she will help him break up Belle and Shawn (looks like they are outside Belle's apartment to me)

Phillip breaks up a fight between Shawn and Rex in Belle's apartment

Sami's vicious tongue needs to be washed out with soap, as she tells Caroline that "Marlena is a whore" and then says some nasty stuff to Marlena... (These scenes look like they are at a women's clothing
store at Salem Place)

Bart and Tony talk about just having to kill "her" husband...

While Abe gets a "Rest In Peace" wreath delivered at the Police Station...

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