Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/27/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/27/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice is sitting alone in her bedroom working on her knitting when Tom’s picture starts to shake on the nightstand. Alice asks Tom what he is trying to tell her.

Celeste is tossing and turning in her sleep. She dreams about being dressed all in black and screaming out Dear God no!

Lexie and Abe continue their phone call with Brandon. Abe and Lexie talk about their hopes for Brandon to find someone that makes him happy.

Shawn pushes the chest to where Belle wants it in her loft. Belle hands him some water as they talk about what Belle is going to use it for. Belle opens the chest and finds some of Will’s baseball cards. Shawn wants to keep one of Will’s baseball cards but Belle insists that she will take them all back to Sami. Belle wants to go back and talk with Sami about her relationship with Brandon but Shawn thinks it will make everything worse. Belle accuses Shawn of wanting Sami to end up alone and miserable and Shawn says that Sami is an accident waiting to happen.

Sami is driving as she gets upset and talks to herself about how she is going to prove Lucas wrong and Brandon is going to come back to her. Kate is also driving her car talking to herself about how it was a mistake to be working with Sami. Sami looks away from the road to search for something in her car and when she looks back, she screams and slams on the brakes. She has hit someone from behind. Sami rushes out of her car apparently unharmed to check on the other driver. When Sami lifts the other driver’s head up from the steering wheel, she realizes it is Kate and begs Kate to wake up and be okay because no one will believe that this was an accident.

Roman is working his way through a huge pile of files at his desk when Thompson brings him another case file. Once Thompson leaves, Roman has a flashback to earlier tonight when he was dancing with Kate at Tuscany. Roman comes back to the present and vows that he will not let Sami screw up his relationship with Kate.

Sami continues to try and revive Kate. Kate wakes up and rubs her head and neck, lashing out at Sami when she sees her standing there. Sami gets defensive as Kate threatens to have Roman revoke Sami’s license. Sami starts to walk back to her car and Kate gets out of hers to confront her. Sami starts to fight with Kate but Kate fends her off. They argue about whose fault the accident was. Kate wants to exchange information and leave, suggesting they just call it a truce. Sami believes that Kate is just trying to set her up and assures Kate that her relationship with Roman is doomed. They argue about Sami and Brandon’s “relationship.” Sami accuses Kate of twisting the knife and vows war on Kate as she storms off. Kate laments about how she is going to be able to work with Sami every day.

Belle puts Will’s baseball cards back into the chest and she and Shawn make a deal not to talk about Sami for the rest of the night. Shawn complains about how it is so hot and Belle suggests that he open the window. Shawn does so as he takes off his shirt. Belle admires the chest Sami gave her and Shawn thanks her, playfully thinking that she was referring to his anatomy. Shawn snaps his shirt against Belle, so Belle throws pillows at him. They chase each other around the couch until Shawn jumps over the couch and grabs her. They talk about how the loft seems more like home now and Shawn points out that they should get a big TV but Belle wants a new paint job. Shawn vows to help her with that and they kiss. Shawn teases Belle about how he loves getting all sweaty for her and Belle hits him with the mail. Belle gets excited about getting her first bill as an independent woman and wants to pay it right away. Shawn teases her about being a control freak right down to her day of the week underwear. Belle warns him not to knock them because they are going to make her a lot of money so that she can pay her bills way in advance. Shawn asks to see Belle’s credit card bill but Belle stuffs it down her shirt. Shawn likes the challenge and pounces on Belle.

Alice attributes Tom’s picture shaking to her imagination. She hears the sound of children playing and laughing outside of her window and calls out to ask who is there.

Celeste continues to toss and turn in bed and cry in her sleep as she dreams of walking out of the cloudy mist upon people crying and a casket covered in flowers.

Alice has climbed into bed as she talks to Tom’s picture, asking him to keep their family safe. She turns out the light and lays back. The children laughing and playing can be heard as the camera focuses on the picture of Bo and Hope on Alice’s nightstand.

Celeste begins to cry in her dream as other people can be heard crying over this flower-covered casket.

Kate bursts into Roman’s office and informs Roman that she was just in a car accident. Roman wants to take Kate to the hospital but Kate assures him that she is fine. Roman asks about the other driver and Kate tells him that it was Sami. They talk about whose fault the accident was and what happened. Roman is growing aggravated at more news of Sami in trouble. Kate expresses her worry of having to work with Sami every day and how it might make her relationship with Roman go downhill even farther.

Sami arrives at Abe and Lexie’s house and hears that they are talking to Brandon on the phone through the open window. Lexie is telling Brandon about how his work with the children of war is great and it is even greater that he is far away from Sami Brady when Sami bursts into their house and tries to wrestle the phone away from Lexie.

Shawn is finally able to pull the credit card bill out of Belle’s shirt as Belle tries to grab it back. Shawn teases Belle about spending a lot of money at a store, and at a salon. Shawn teases Belle about getting her into a shopaholic support group. Belle points out that Shawn spent a lot at the past weekend. Shawn notices a charge at a toy store and Belle explains that she bought a present for Mimi to cheer her up. The topic of conversation turns to how Mimi and Rex are doing. Shawn wishes that Mimi wouldn’t be hanging out with Rex so much because he is convinced that Rex is involved on the attack on Bo and Hope. Belle compares Shawn to Philip, both always wanting to one up each other. Belle asks why everything is a competition between Shawn and Philip and Shawn speculates that Philip is jealous of what they have together. Belle says that Philip will find a girlfriend soon and Shawn puts his arms around Belle as he says that Philip isn’t getting his girlfriend. Belle asks Shawn why he sounds like he is accusing Philip of something and Shawn calls her on her uptightness about Philip.

Abe holds Sami back as Lexie quickly ends the phone call with Brandon. Abe asks Sami why she is here and Lexie accuses her of spying on them. Sami explains that she came to try and get Abe to talk to Brandon and blames Lexie for the problems between her and Brandon. Sami wants to talk in private with Abe but Abe denies her request and Lexie starts calling Sami names. Sami lunges at Lexie but Abe steps in to stop her. Lexie yells at Abe to arrest Sami for trespassing.

Celeste continues to toss and turn in bed as she dreams of approaching the coffin. People are still sobbing and commenting on how it is such a tragedy. Celeste places her hand on the coffin and then brings her hand to her face. Celeste wakes with a start and sits up in bed.

Alice has a flashback of the candle going out and Celeste’s visit and her asking Tom to watch over them. Alice sees Belle and Shawn standing there in her dream as Shawn talks about somebody wanting to hurt Bo and Hope and how they’ll never be safe. A male voice cackles as Bo and Hope’s picture falls off the table and crashes to the floor.

Celeste tries to catch her breath as she lays back down in bed. She continues to have flashbacks of her dream.

Alice wakes with a start to find that the picture of Bo and Hope is safe on her nightstand still. More eerie sounds and children laughing and playing is heard outside the window.

Kate is pouring coffee as Roman comes back in with some donuts. Kate doesn’t like something as simple as donuts and Roman teases her about getting fresh fruit and croissants the next time she visits. Roman asks Kate about not eating so well when she was trying to raise Lucas, asking how she managed. Kate has a flashback to her phone call with Stefano, in which she reluctantly agrees to do his bidding. Kate comes back to the present and lashes at Roman for treating her like he’s interrogating her. Roman tries to assure Kate that she can trust him to tell about her past with Stefano. Roman asks if there is anything he should know and Kate says there is.

Belle denies being uptight about Philip. Shawn moves to search the fridge for food as Belle checks out a picture of her, Shawn and Philip. Shawn asks Belle if something is wrong and Belle says she just has a lot on her mind about the loft. Shawn starts to hug and kiss on Belle as he talks about how they get to spend more time together but Belle starts talking about how they have their own separate lives and right now she is loving her independence.

Roman moves to close the door to his office and promises Kate again that he isn’t going to judge her. Kate thinks that she wishes she could tell Roman what Stefano made her do but she can’t. Instead Kate brings up her affair with Bill Horton, about how shallow and ashamed she felt and how she vowed she would never feel that way again. Kate admits to doing some things that she’s not proud of. Kate turns away as Roman asks what things. Kate says that she let men take advantage of her and she hasn’t always made the wisest decisions. Kate brings up her past history with men from Curtis to Bill and then to Victor. Kate starts to cry as she says that she can’t expect to live happily ever after with Roman given her past history. Roman holds her as he tells Kate that she helped him realize that he could be happy again. He tells Kate that he’s got regrets himself, that even Sami is having problems to this day. Kate compares Eric, Carrie and then Belle to Sami in their terms of being adjusted to Roman and Marlena’s divorce. Kate praises Belle as she expresses her hopes that Philip finds someone just like her.

Belle puts down the picture of her, Shawn and Philip face down on the table while Shawn has his back turned. Shawn tells Belle that he had a surprise for her that he thought she would love but now that she’s so happy being on her own, he doesn’t think he should give it to her. Belle urges him to try her and tell her what the surprise is.

Celeste continues to have flashbacks about her dream as she hurries to get out of bed and dress realizing that the dream about death is a bad omen meant for someone she loves.

Lexie continues to urge Abe to arrest Sami but Abe says he won’t arrest Sami. Sami claims that Abe is on her side but Abe insists he isn’t taking sides. Sami threatens Lexie if she keeps her away from Brandon but Abe insists that Sami leave. Sami apologizes and begs for 2 minutes to talk with Brandon. Abe refuses and Sami tries to reach for the phone to get the number herself. Abe holds her to prevent her from getting the number, urging her to sign the annulment papers. Sami breaks free of Abe’s grasp and expresses her hatred for both Abe and Lexie, wishing them both to hell. Lexie is taken aback at this last comment.

Belle begs Shawn to tell her about the surprise. Shawn reveals that he is subletting the apartment down the hall because he thought it would be cool to be neighbors but now doesn’t think Belle would want that.

Roman suggests that Belle can help smooth things over between Kate and Sami. Kate doesn’t believe that would work and Roman urges her to give it her best shot. Kate agrees to try for Roman and they hug. Roman assures her that that is all anyone can ask. Kate is worried that the fallout is going to destroy them.

Sami continues to threaten Abe and Lexie as Abe forcibly throws Sami out. Lexie is upset at Sami’s threats but Abe is being calm, saying Sami is only looking for someone to blame. Abe locks the door after Sami. There is a knock on the door and Lexie urges Abe not to answer it because she thinks that it is Sami. Abe calls out to ask who it is and Celeste answers back, begging them to let her in. Abe hurries to unlock the door and Lexie, noticing how distraught Celeste is, helps her into their house. Celeste explains about her premonition but doesn’t want to go into specifics because it will upset them. Lexie begs Celeste to tell them so Celeste says that they are going to die.

Alice gets out of bed and goes to stand by the window. She looks out, searching for the source of the children playing and laughing.

Belle assures Shawn that she likes the idea of Shawn being her neighbor and welcomes him to the building. Shawn playfully picks her up and spins her around. Shawn is glad that he can come over anytime day or night and kiss Belle as they kiss.

Roman suggests that he and Kate leave the station and Kate thinks that is a great idea. Roman puts his arms around Kate as he suggests that Kate come home with him. Kate likes that idea as she turns to kiss him. Roman promises to make this a very special night for her. Kate brings up having to go to work tomorrow with Sami but Roman urges Kate not to talk about it. Kate says she is really afraid this is the beginning of the end.

Lexie inquires about what Celeste means. Abe helps Celeste to the couch as Celeste explains that it was a dream. Abe asks Celeste to tell them what she saw and Celeste explains about seeing the closed casket. Lexie tries to assure Celeste that it was only a nightmare but Celeste is adamant that someone she loves is in grave danger. Lexie and Abe exchange worried looks.

Sami gets back in her car and talks to herself about how she hates Abe now and how Lexie has turned him against her and she wishes they would both die.

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