Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/26/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/26/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Abe arrives back at home just as Lexie is bringing Theo downstairs. They talk about the investigations about Bo and Hope and Colin Murphy. Abe spends time with Theo as Lexie shows Abe a letter from Brandon that is marked “to be opened immediately.” Abe hands Theo back to Lexie and looks at the letter. Lexie expresses a hope that nothing is wrong.

Sami holds the doctored pictures Marlena and Roman together, lamenting about this being the way it should be, including swearing to get Brandon back as well. The phone rings and it is Brandon’s attorney. Sami wants to tell Brandon that she is sorry but the lawyer explains that Brandon does not want to have contact with her and she is only calling to check if Sami has signed the annulment papers. Sami says she refuses to sign the papers and the lawyer threatens a subpoena and settling this in court as she hangs up on Sami. Sami talks to herself as she says that she knows Brandon still loves her and she can convince him of that if he just would talk to her. The doorbell rings and it is Belle and Shawn. Belle notices that Sami is upset and asks if she is okay. Sami says she isn’t okay and never will be again. Belle and Sami hug.

Kate stops dancing with Roman and is shocked that John would be hiring Sami. Marlena thinks the idea is wonderful and Roman asks if John is sure about this, thanking him for being so generous. John tells everyone to thank Kate for changing his mind.

Hope can’t believe that Bo is going to go out and find their attacker alone, getting upset with him for leaving her out of this partnership.

Abe laughs as he reads the letter from Brandon. Lexie inquires about what the letter says as Abe tells Theo about Brandon sending Theo a carved wooden horse and then explains to Lexie how Brandon wanted to warn us before a big box showed up on our doorstep. Abe and Lexie talk about someday having another child but Lexie says she just wants to concentrate on Theo right now. Abe kisses Lexie and Theo, rejoicing in how everything is right in the world.

John explains to Marlena that he is giving Sami a job simply because she asked him to because he loves her so much as he kisses her cheek. Marlena thanks Kate but Kate is being humble. John insists that Kate take credit for it and Kate asks if she and John can talk in private. Marlena and Roman return to the table and talk about Sami making a new start and changing her life. Marlena is worried that it would be destructive for Sami if Roman doesn’t believe in her. They talk about how odd it is that John would be willing to do this and that Kate would talk him into it.

Kate lashes out at John for not telling him who he was thinking of hiring. John calls Kate professional enough to deal with it. Kate insists that it would only work if he kept Sami away from Kate at all times but John says he is going to take Kate up on her offer to supervise Sami.

Sami apologizes for freaking out like that when Belle and Shawn opened the door, explaining that she thought they might be Brandon. Belle notices the papers on the floor and Sami explains that they are annulment papers from Brandon. Belle apologizes, wanting to put them on the table but Sami insists that she take care of the papers as she quickly covers the doctored pictures in the bowl with some bananas. Belle wants to come back at a better time but Sami says it is fine and she is ready to give Belle their great grandmother’s chest. Belle explains to Shawn the story of the origin of the chest and compares it to the old story, “The Gift of the Magi.” Belle and Shawn express how appreciative they are that they come from such a long line of happy romantic couples like John and Marlena and Bo and Hope. Sami gets upset at hearing how happy and in love John and Marlena are and yells at Belle and Shawn to stop talking about it.

A waiter brings John and Kate fresh drinks. John tries to convince Kate that it’s inevitable to be involved with Sami because Kate is involved with Roman and he is married to Marlena, suggesting they just make the best of it. Kate is worried that Sami is going to destroy Basic Black just like everything else and they have to find a way to get out of it. John refuses to take the happiness away from Roman and Marlena.

Marlena and Roman talk about how even though the kids are grown, they still worry about them. Roman points out that it is a permanent bond when you have kids together. Marlena says she is glad that they’ll always have that bond and Roman agrees. Marlena expresses gladness that Roman found Kate.

Bo gets upset at Hope, describing how it felt when Hope’s heart stopped in the hospital, vowing not to let that happen again. Hope won’t hear of it because this fight is just as much hers as it is his. Bo vows again not to let anyone hurt Hope again.

Belle apologizes for going on about John and Marlena but Sami says it is fine. Shawn and Sami help carry the chest toward the door as Belle holds the door. Sami talks about how she feels that she and Brandon are destined to be together but Lucas arrives in the doorway behind Sami and upon hearing Sami’s last comment, tells her not to hold her breath.

Hope yells at Bo for thinking he is the only one in the family who can fight battles. Hope makes an analogy to Bo feeling now like she’s felt for a while and Bo grabs the blanket off the bed and storms out of the room.

Roman recalls with Marlena how his relationship with Kate was rocky at first. Roman brings up the something in Kate’s part that is hindering their relationship. Marlena says that she knows and Roman begs her to tell him.

Kate still wants to get out of hiring Sami, suggesting they make a new division for Sami somewhere in Mongolia. Kate calls Sami a lying, conniving, manipulative little bitch who hates her but John points out that she’s all that and works for her.

Abe comes back downstairs from putting Theo back to bed with a lullaby. Abe looks lost in thought and Lexie inquires about what is wrong. Abe talks about how tiny, innocent, and completely trusting Theo is and how he’d move heaven and earth if anyone ever tried to hurt him. Lexie claims she would do the same because that’s what parents do. Abe laments that he wasn’t able to do that for Brandon. Lexie tries to comfort Abe by saying that he couldn’t have known and Brandon understands that. Abe wants to make it up to Brandon and Lexie points out that Brandon has a wonderful father in Abe now.

Sami gets upset at Lucas for his comment. Belle asks about the key to the chest and Sami points out that it is right inside the door. Belle and Shawn go back inside the apartment and Shawn makes a deal with Belle to have her spend time with Sami to calm her down while he carries the chest with Lucas to try and get some information from him about Tony. Belle leads Sami back into the apartment and Shawn asks Lucas to help him carry the chest.

Shawn and Lucas start to carry the chest down the hall while Shawn makes small talk about where Lucas works out. He moves the conversation to ask about whether Lucas works out with Rex. Lucas is wise on to what Shawn is doing and insists that he had nothing to do with Bo and Hope’s attack. He then asks if they can talk about something else. Shawn brings up the topic of Sami.

Belle brings Sami some water and joins her on the couch. Sami is glad that Belle and Shawn are happy together. Belle tries to give Sami a pep talk about finding other fish in the sea but Sami won’t let her say that for Brandon is her soul mate. Sami is convinced that Brandon is only staying away because he knows that if he talks to her, he’d cave and wouldn’t want to be away from her again. Belle asks if Sami has tried calling him and Sami explains about the lawyer’s call. Belle has come up with an idea on how Sami can talk to Brandon.

Bo heads downstairs to the couch, muttering to himself as he lays down and pulls the blanket over himself.

Hope tosses the throw pillows off the bed and lies down. She gets upset and tosses the pillow she was laying on across the room. She takes off her slipper and throws it across the room, knocking over a picture of her and Bo and shattering the glass. Hope goes over to the table and picks up the picture.

Kate still doesn’t think hiring Sami is a good idea. John asks her to do it for him and Marlena and if that doesn’t work to do it for Roman.

Roman asks Marlena again why Kate is having a hard time committing to him. Marlena insists that she won’t break a confidence, but that she is unwilling to open up about whatever is haunting her from her past. Marlena advises Roman not to push Kate but to let her know you’re there for her. Roman agrees and says that he will make it clear to her that neither her past nor anybody would keep them from being together.

Shawn and Lucas arrive back on their floor as Lucas refuses to talk about his relationship with Sami to Shawn. Lucas counsels Shawn about not having a baby before he is ready and Shawn assures him that they won’t be doing that. Shawn tries to get Lucas to be sympathetic to Sami but Lucas won’t have it, showing annoyance at the old “Sami had a bad childhood” excuse.

Belle explains that Sami should contact Abe and work through him to talk to Brandon. Sami likes the idea.

Abe and Lexie talk about how long they’ve known Roman and the Brady family and how he would have enjoyed having his family join the Brady family. They then talk about how bad Sami has turned out. Lexie ends this topic so Sami won’t spoil their evening. Abe suggests that they call Brandon to thank him for the gift and Lexie wants to tell Brandon to come visit so that he can see Theo on that rocking horse.

Bo can’t sleep so he sits up on the couch to think. Hope is sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the picture of her and Bo. She gets up and holds the picture close to her. She puts the picture back on the table and heads downstairs. Bo decides to head upstairs but stops at the foot of the stairs. He notices Hope coming downstairs and goes up halfway to meet her. Hope notices Bo and they stare at each other for a few moments.

Roman and Marlena have joined Kate and Roman as Maggie brings them a tray of drinks for a celebration toast. She leaves them to their toast as Roman raises his glass to John and Kate. Everyone clinks glasses and takes a drink. Marlena and John kiss. Roman puts his arm around Kate and Kate smiles but turns away from Roman.

Belle suggests that Sami call Abe right now but Sami insists on talking to Abe right now face to face so he won’t be able to turn her down.

Lucas is talking bad about Sami as Shawn tries to get Lucas to cut Sami some slack. Lucas comments about Sami single handedly reducing the male population in Salem and he’d be gone too if it weren’t for Will just as Sami and Belle come out of Sami’s apartment. Sami gets upset at Lucas for talking about her behind her back, comparing him to Kate as she promises that he and Kate would end up with what they deserve, nothing and storms off. Lucas points out Sami’s attitude to Shawn, asking who would want to be with that. Belle says quietly to herself that hopefully Brandon would.

Hope and Bo both try to talk first. Bo wants to let Hope talk first but Hope insists that Bo talk first. Bo starts to talk but says that talking is overrated as he grabs Hope and kisses her. Hope smiles and Bo grabs her and carries her upstairs. A mysterious shadow watches from outside the front door.

Marlena and John, Roman and Kate thank Maggie for a wonderful evening. The station calls Roman into work. He apologizes to Kate but Kate says she is getting used to it. John offers Kate a ride but Kate says she has her own car. Roman thanks John for everything and Kate offers to walk Roman out. They bid Marlena and John goodnight and leave. Marlena and John continue dancing as they talk about how good John is. Marlena promises to thank John properly when they get home and John jokes about racing Marlena to the car.

Belle gets upset at Lucas for badmouthing Sami. Lucas defends himself because of what Sami said about Kate. Belle defends Sami but Lucas says that Sami has got to get used to the fact that Brandon is never coming back and goes into his apartment. Belle tells Shawn about telling Sami to talk to Abe. Shawn gets upset that Belle got sucked in by Sami, warning that any time one interferes in Sami’s life, they just end up getting hurt. Belle is fuming.

Sami is driving to Abe’s house talking to herself about getting Brandon back and proving Lucas wrong.

Kate is driving home talking to herself about how hiring Sami is not going to work.

Sami continues to talk to herself, growing more upset as she starts to think the worst but then refuses to think like that. She looks away from the road to search for something in the car and when she looks back at the road she screams as she slams on the brakes.

Lexie and Abe tell Brandon how nice it would be if Brandon could be there to deliver Theo’s rocking horse in person. Through Lexie and Abe’s end of the conversation, it is evident that Brandon can’t come back because he is away working with the children of war. Lexie expresses her agreement with Brandon’s decision to stay away from Salem.

Sami has rear-ended another car and the horn is constantly honking. Sami gets upset that she could have hit someone and rushes over obviously unharmed herself to check on the other driver. The other driver’s window is open so Sami reaches in the window to help the other driver sit up for they are bent over with their head on the horn. Sami then realizes that the other driver is Kate who is unconscious.

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