Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/25/03

By Sheri
Pictures by Juanita

Summary: Kate unwittingly helps Sami, as Tony makes Sami think he will help her for his own future benefit… Bo and Hope make plans for the future, while Nicole’s future looks dim!

At Tuscany –

Roman and Kate dance and discuss how their personal opinions of Sami and Lucas will always be a source of tension for them. As they dance, Kate has a flashback of talking to Stefano on the telephone (she is wearing a blonde wig) and reluctantly agreeing to do something for him. Kate rushes out of the restaurant to the parking lot, but Roman follows and stops the valet from getting her car – pointing out they are not finished yet. Roman convinces Kate to go back inside, telling her they love each other and they shouldn’t let their feelings for Sami and Lucas come between them. Roman also tries, unsuccessfully; to get Kate to open up about her past by telling her nothing she has done in the past will affect their present. (He also mentions that he could keep digging for info if she won’t tell him.)

Meanwhile, the tension between John and Marlena builds as he refuses her request to hire Sami at Basic Black. Maggie convinces Roman and Kate to intercede to keep the disagreement from ruining a perfectly good evening for the couple, so Kate asks John to dance, while Roman sits down with Marlena. When she tells Roman what the disagreement was about, Roman comes down on John’s side, pointing out “Hurricane Sami” causes destruction wherever she goes. Does Marlena really want that tension in her marriage? Marlena points out John is only there part-time anyway, but Roman points out Kate would be Sami’s boss and with their history…. On the dance floor, John explains to Kate how he refused to hire someone Marlena wanted him to hire and how he feels bad about not granting her request. John doesn’t mention the
name of the person and when he asks Kate if she wants to know, she refuses, saying it doesn’t matter. Kate convinces John to hire the person and she will create a position for him/her and “whip them into shape”. 

Later, John and Marlena dance next to Roman and Kate and John tells Marlena the good news about his decision to hire Sami. Kate overhears and shocked says, “The person you hired is SAMI!”

Bo and Hope’s house –

Throughout the show strange noises cause both Bo and Hope to be jumpy and to check out what is going on. Whenever Bo leaves to check, Hope gets nervous. At one point (about ½ way through the show) Hope picks up a ceramic object and hides behind the bedroom door thinking an intruder is in the house – when Bo comes in the bedroom, she nearly knocks him out.

They talk more about dropping Zack off at Shawn and Caroline’s for the time being, until they find out who attacked them. They also agree to put the bounty hunter business on hold and talk of their lack of finances (Hope’s stock portfolio is doing well, but that money is for the boys future and they will not touch it). Bo says a friend from the police force has started his own security business and needs nighttime security guards and Bo says he will apply for the paycheck. Bo comments it is the perfect job to keep the bills paid, since it means he will have his days free to search for their attackers. Bo comments that while HE searches for their attackers, Hope can stay safe by being at the pub playing with Zack. Hope’s mouth hangs open, as she is not happy that Bo is being sexist here with it being okay for
him to be in danger but not her…

Somewhere in the middle of Bo and Hope’s night, Cree phones to thank them for the Horton Foundation donations. We do see Cree on the phone and the scene has dark undertones.

Victor/Nicole/Brady at the mansion and airport –

Like Sami’s regression, I think this plot is regressing to where it was two months ago, so it will be short and sweet… 

The messenger arrives with Nicole’s plane ticket, which she barely manages to conceal from both Brady and Victor. While Nicole is up in her room packing, Brady confronts Victor for the hundredth time about how he and Nicole are both miserable and why do they stay married.

Nicole leaves the mansion via her window by tossing a line of tied up sheets out the window to crawl down. The sheets are tied to the bedpost. While Nicole nervously sits in the airplane waiting for takeoff, Nico whispers something to Victor who takes off, telling Brady to stay out of it on his way out the door.

Brady opens Nicole’s bedroom door and sees the open window and line of sheets just as Nicole looks up to see Victor standing over her on the plane…

Dimera Mansion –

Sami is checking her appearance out in the mirror of the foyer when Tony walks up behind her and they go into the living room. Sami whines about this being the worst day of her life, she lost her job and husband. Sami blames John and Kate for her problems and tells Tony how she wants a job at Basic Black. Sami comments that Marlena suggested she work there, but if you all remember Sami is the one who mentioned it first to Marlena yesterday at Tuscany. Tony tells Sami that if she would stop acting on her
impulses, she could have a successful career ahead of her. Sami ignores Tony’s advice, as she whines about breaking up John and Marlena and Roman and Kate, so her Mommy and Daddy can get married and they can be a really family. Tony tells Sami he will talk to John and convince him to hire her at Basic Black
and a happy Sami hugs Tony. Sami is uncomfortable when Tony’s embrace lasts a little too long and she literally pushes him away.

After Sami leaves, Bart comes in and asks how Tony is ever going to get John to hire Sami at Basic Black? Bart overheard Sami and Tony’s conversation, which doesn’t surprise Tony. Tony says he isn’t going to do anything. He figures John will hire Sami, since he will be unable to turn down a request
from Marlena. Either way he wins. Bart doesn’t understand and asks for Tony to explain it to him. Tony says that if Sami is hired she will be grateful and indebted to him and if she isn’t hired, she will run to him to cry on his shoulder. Either way, Sami Brady is as good as his!

When Sami gets home she removes pictures of John and Marlena and Roman and Kate from Will’s photo album and cuts them up. After gluing together the Roman and Marlena halves, she puts John and Kate’s pictures in a bowl (after removing the bananas) and lights them on fire. Sami sits’ looking evil as the closing credits role….

On the next Days of our Lives:

Hope is angry with Bo for thinking it is all right for him to be in danger, but not her…
Roman and Kate are shocked that John is hiring Sami and ask if he is sure, he says, pretty sure…
Lucas tells Belle and Shawn that Sami will never change and things are going to get worse for Sami in the near future…
Sami (Salem’s worst driver) is driving her car vowing to get Brandon back and she will show everyone, when all of a sudden she screams and the tires screech…

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