Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/22/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/22/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole Makes Plans To Leave Salem:

Nicole calls to make plans to leave Salem and is caught by Brady. She thinks about how wonderful it would be is the two of them ran away together but is snapped back to reality when Abe comes in looking for answers about Colin Murphy’s murder. Victor immediately sets Abe’s interrogation on Nicole who denies having anything to do with Colin’s murder. Victor later convinces Abe to leave after explaining how he’s wasting his time by questioning Nicole. Victor then tells Nicole that he will keep her secret as long as she stays in the house to make him happy. She accepts his deal but is still secretly planning to run away. Before she has the chance to leave Brady comes and sweeps her off to a surprise….a tree swing he set up for her after seeing how much she enjoyed the playground. 

Sami Feels Everyone Is Turning On Her:

Lucas decides to take Sami out to a fancy dinner to cheer her up after she reads the divorce papers from Brandon. They head off to Tuscany’s where they run into John, Marlena, Kate and Roman. Sami immediately goes over to their table and accuses everyone at the there for having some part in destroying her life. When Marlena pulls her daughter aside Sami expresses her feelings of self-worth. She tells her that she could never match up to perfect sister Belle but needs to get her life together so she can be a mother for Will. Marlena suggests that she work in the fashion industry at Basic Black and learn to forgive John for the affair but she refuses claiming that John ruined her life. Marlena leaves for the powder room where Kate warns her that she needs to do everything she can to keep Sami away from Tony, and recalls her sorted past with Stefano. Later at their own private table, Lucas apologizes for all the bad things he and Kate ever did to Sami. She later tells Lucas that they should get going and makes sure to let Marlena know on her way out that she is leaving because John is there. Marlena later asks John to offer Sami a job at Basic Black and he refuses. Back at Sami’s, Lucas urges her to sign the divorce papers and get it over with but Sami feels her life will be over once she signs them and kicks him out of her apartment. 

The Dimera/Brady War Is On:

Cassie, Rex, and Mimi prepare for Tony’s homecoming at the Dimera mansion. Tony arrives and is pleasantly surprised with his party and vows that nothing will ever tear the Dimera family apart again. Cassie pulls Tony aside and asks him what all the rumors are about with him and the Bo and Hope attack. He assures her that she need not worry about it and urges her to continue living a normal life. Mimi later pulls Rex aside and asks him what he thought would happen if Tony ever found out that he was really a Brady. Rex gets angry and looses his temper, which leads her to start believing that he COULD be a killer. Mimi continues to press the issue when Tony leaves to both Cassie and Rex and Cassie becomes very defensive. She claims that she and her brother were created and raised in a sterile lab by Stefano and therefore should be considered Dimera’s by birthright. Tony later returns to tell the twins that she are having a cash flow problem. The twins offer their trust funds as backup for the current situation and are praised as the two most perfect children in the world by their (ummm) father. Finally alone with Tony, Rex offers his help in the new Dimera/Brady war and Tony is proud to accept. 

Bo Maps Out His Plans For The Near Future:

Bo tells Hope he is declaring war with Tony. The two get a call from a man and the Indian Reservation who has called to let them know that they deeply appreciate everything they did and are progressing in their research. They get another bad omen when a gust of wind blows their front door open. Bo tells Hope that they have money problems and that he will have to take a job a security guard in order to put food in the table. Bo also tells Hope that they should send Zak away to his parents until it’s safe. Hope reluctantly agrees before heading off to bed when an intruder is spotted through with window. 

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