Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/21/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/21/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Bo, Hope, and Tony are released from the hospital...Sami receives annulment papers from Brandon..And strange things happen at Alice's house.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Tony, Bart, Alice, Celeste, Maggie, Sami, Lucas, John, Marlena, Roman, Kate, Brittany.

At Tuscany

Roman arrives, thanks Maggie for telling him that Kate was there, and finds Kate. He wants to talk, but she brushes him off. He talks to her about Sami and Lucas's involvement with Tony and how that is affecting their relationship. Kate tells Roman that if Tony gets Lucas to break the law, he will have to arrest him. Roman says that the bottom line is they love each other and he receives a phone call. It's Marlena, who needs help with Sami. Roman and Kate decide to go to the hospital together.

At the hospital

In Bo and Hope's room, Bo and Hope are talking about how he thinks Tony attacked them. Hope says that he was in a coma and there is no way he could've pulled of that trick (attacking them) unless he has superhuman powers. Bo tells Hope that Tony doesn't have superhuman powers, he is just saying that he attacked them. Suddenly, Hope feels like someone just walked over their grave. Bo promises to protect her and tells Hope that they just have to sign the release forms and they are out of there. Maggie arrives and is glad they are okay. She tells them that she got a call from Mickey, who is worried about Alice. Maggie tells them that Alice has been have dreams and premonitions about the two of them. Bo, Hope, and Maggie decide to stop by Alice's house.

In Tony's room, Sami is yelling at John, telling him that she has a son to take care of and bills to pay and accuses him of not caring. Marlena walks in with Lucas and tells Sami that she is sorry, but the board voted against her because she switched Lexie's test results. Sami asks if she voted against her and Marlena said yes and she also cast Victor's vote against her. Sami blames John and accuses him of turning her own mother against her. Marlena and Sami go to talk outside.

Outside, Sami argues with her mother, asking if she hates her this much. Marlena tells her that she did this to herself. Sami yells at Marlena for calling Roman (see above). Sami accuses Marlena of being against her, but she denies it. Sami tells her that she voted against her and when she learns she talked to John and he helped her with her decision, Sami blames him more. She asks why they are all ganging up on her. Marlena says that they are worried about her and hooking up with Tony DiMera and the worst mistake she has ever made.

Back in Tony's room, Tony talks about Sami being betrayed by her own mother. John accuses Tony of attacking Bo and Hope and Tony says that he is guilty as sin. He says that DiMera's are always guilty until proven innocent. John says that it's his track record and he says that he had no reason to attack Bo and Hope. John talks about them destroying the substance he wanted to obtain. He says that he is a suspect and Tony tells him to go to hell.

Back outside, Roman arrives and Marlena thanks him for coming. Sami tells him that he should just arrest her now for being nice to a DiMera. She also tells him that she lost her job, thanks to her mother's vote against her. Roman tells her that she deserves to be punished. Marlena tells Sami to stop seeing Tony DiMera and tells her that he was the reason she lost her voice. She says it was an accident. Sami blames herself for Tony's injuries, because she yelled out to him and he got stabbed in the chest. Sami says she has compassion for Tony and Marlena says he has no compassion. She accuses her mom of being jealous and says that Marlena just wants Tony for herself. Roman decides to talk to Sami alone after she bashes Marlena.

John runs into Kate in the hall. Kate asks where Lucas is and John says that he is with Tony, discussing business. That makes Kate mad.

Back in Tony's room, Tony asks Lucas what the bad news is and Lucas says that they are running low on cash. Tony damns Bo and Hope and says that anyone who strikes the DiMera's, does so at their own peril. He dismisses Lucas and says "Like the phoenix that rose from the ashes, I will revive stronger and deadlier than ever."

Lucas runs into Kate outside and she asks if he is enjoying doing Tony's dirty work. Kate asks what will happen when Tony has him break the law and Lucas promises that he won't and goes to make a phone call. Kate enters Tony's room.

Kate tells Tony to fire Lucas. She doesn't want him working for him anymore. Kate tells Tony that once you sell your soul to the DiMera's, you can't get it back. Tony asks if she is talking about her own personal experiences. She has a flashback to talking to Stefano on the phone. Kate is telling Stefano that she will do anything to take care of Lucas. Back in present time, Tony asks Kate to take him for a stroll down memory lane.

Marlena and John run into each other and she tells him that Sami won't listen to her, so Roman is talking to her now.

Meanwhile, Roman tells Sami that she abused her position at the hospital and is lucky Abe didn't press charges. Sami talks about John and Marlena having sex on the Titan desk and says that it makes her sick. She says that John wanted to destroy their family, but Roman tells her not to blame her problems on other people. Sami tells Roman that she has dreams to be with Brandon and he asks if she has heard from him and she says no. She says that Brandon needs to get over what she's done and he says that she lied to him. Sami says that she lied because she was trying to save her relationship and realizes that she can't count on her dad. She wishes Eric was there as he is the only one she can count on. Sami tells her dad that his relationship with Kate is a joke and says that they are wrong for each other. She wishes that Marlena and Roman would get back together so they can be a family again and Roman says they are a family and they don't want to see their daughter self-destruct. Sami says that she will not stay away from Tony DiMera. Tony is her friend. Marlena walks up and calls Sami's name, but she walks off. Marlena figures that it didn't go so well.

Back in Tony's room, Sami returns and tells Tony that she lost her job, she can't support her son, and she will probably lose her apartment. Tony tells her that the job at the hospital wasn't that great. He offers to help her, but she declines. Sami says that she is going to find a good job and Tony says he will put a good word in for her. The nurse, Brittany, brings in Tony's release forms and says that he can go home. The nurse asks Sami to leave, so she does. To himself, Tony says "We'll spend lots more time together, Samantha. And through you, my dear, I'll gain the upper hand with all my enemies."

Kate and Lucas are talking about him throwing his life away and Kate knows from personal experience. Meanwhile, Sami goes to her desk and packs up as a woman tells her that a call came in for her earlier. Sami tells Marlena, John, Roman, Kate, and Lucas that she has a letter waiting for her at home from Brandon. Sami heads home as Lucas rushes after her. Marlena says that she has a bad feeling about this. Kate and Roman go to talk privately as she is shocked he couldn't get through to Sami. Roman tells Kate that he love her.

John and Marlena talk about Sami. Marlena wishes there was something she could do for her.

At Sami's apartment

Sami arrives home and finds the letter. She reads it and passes out as Lucas rushes up to her, calling her name and trying to wake her up. When she wakes up, Sami tells him that Brandon sent her annulment papers and her life is over.

At Alice's house

Bo, Hope, and Maggie arrive with Bo and Hope assuring Alice that they are okay. Hope asks what the candle is for and Maggie says that Alice lit it for them when they were injured. Alice says that it did it again and Maggie says that every so often the candle flickers for no reason. Hope finds a picture of Tom turned upside down and Alice is sure that it wasn't like that earlier. Alice notices that Bo and Hope's wedding picture is gone. They all ask if she moved it and she is sure she didn't. The doorbell rings and Maggie answers it to find Celeste. She is glad that Bo and Hope are all right. Celeste says that she came to check on Alice and brought a donation to the Horton foundation. Alice thanks her and as Celeste goes to leave, Hope says that she knows she has ESP and asks if she has any vibes about who could've attacked them at the show. Celeste tells her that when she got out of the car, she had a bad vibe. Hope tells her about the picture being gone. Celeste says that this is a bad sign. They all try to figure out what is wrong as Alice says she is cold. Alice asks for the candle to be re-lit and wonders where the picture is. Hope says that she'll look for it and Bo suggests that maybe Mrs. H is getting forgetful. Bo's phone rings and it's John, telling him that Tony was released from the hospital. Bo thanks him for the heads up. Bo and Hope leave to go back to the hospital. After they are gone, Celeste tells Alice and Maggie that her bad vibe got worst. Maggie finds Bo and Hope's picture in a drawer and Alice says that she didn't put it there. Celeste says that something strange is going on and Bo and Hope need to be careful not to cross a powerful enemy.

Back at the hospital

Bart is wheeling Tony, who does not appreciate being treated like an invalid. Bo and Hope arrive and Bo tells him that he isn't going anywhere. He calls Tony a coward and Bart defends Tony. Tony says that a new DiMera-Brady feud has begun and leaves. Bo says that he is going to rip his heart out as the previews roll.

Next time on Days of Our Lives...

*Bo says that DiMera declared war and it's gonna be a fight to the finish.
*Sami tells Marlena that she ruined her life and as far as she is concerned, she doesn't have parents anymore.
*Tony and Rex are talking. Rex offers to help him. "Two Dimeras against the Bradys? I don't think they'll stand a chance," Tony says.

The End.

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