Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/19/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/19/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas & Sami Get Closer Over Cookies:

Lucas goes to Sami's apartment when a letter arrives from their son Will from camp. After a little bit of motivation to prove that Sami is a good mother, Lucas convinces her to bake old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies for Will's volley ball team. Once hot in the kitchen, Sami admits to Lucas that there are a lot of things she would have one differently for Will's sake. Lucas reassures her that she has been a good mother and admits to being proud of the way she raised Will. Despite the mutual admiration, they eventually begin to argue when Lucas blames the negative things that have happened to Will on the fact that Sami lied about Will being his son. Sami blames what she did no being young and na´ve and apologizes for her actions. She suggests that they get over the past and move on. While the cookies bake, Lucas takes the time to also apologize for starting the argument with her and admits that the recent stress in his life has been keeping him on edge. In a heart to heart conversation about their childhoods, Sami gets worked up about her feelings for John. Sami feels that John destroyed her life with her family and that she will never be able to measure up to the perfect daughter reputation of half sister, Belle. Sami remembers the time she walked in on John and her mother together while she was married to Roman and accuses John of flaunting their scandalous affair. Lucas calms her down and tells her that she can't continue to blame her problems on other people now when they remember the cookies. They come out perfect proving that Sami can change to be a decent person.

Evidence Stacks Up Against Rex For Bo & Hope's Attack:

At the Dimera Mansion, Cassie warns rex that he is in major trouble and informs him that Abe questioned her about the incident at the fashion show. She demands that he tell her the truth about the Bo & Hope's attack. Rex quickly denies the accusations but is cut off when Cassie admits to finding the pipe Bo & Hope were attacked with. Trying to protect her brother she wiped the pipe clean for fingerprints that night despite the fact that she saw, with her own eyes, Rex trying to clean off his bloody sleeve. In Rex's room Shawn, Philip, and Belle search for any kind of incriminating information on his computer that could connect him to Bo & Hope's attack. When the trio hears voices at the door, Philip warns Belle and Shawn to leave while he stays to continue searching Rex's computer when Shawn refuses to leave the job to him and insists that he be the one that finds evidence against Rex. They argue about who has the right to stay behind when they finally come to the agreement that Philip and Belle will distract the twins leaving Shawn to search Rex's computer. Back downstairs, Cassie warns Rex that if she was able to put the pieces together it would not be long before the Salem P.D. comes after him. After all Cassie's pleas for Rex to come clean, he still denies having anything to do with the attack and informs her that he is much more concerned with other issues in his life....starting with the fact that Lucas had recently lost a "truckload" of the Dimera's fortune. He vows to save the Dimera Family Empire before being interrupted by Mimi and Bart who have just found out that the security system has been disabled. The news terrifies Rex and he demands that Bart get the problem fixed before setting off to search for any intruders.

Nicole Opens Up to Brady:

Not wanting to deal with the reality of her life with Victor, Nicole has Brady drive her to a children's playground before returning her to the mansion. Nicole opens up to him about her claustrophobia at the mansion and wishes she could go back in time and change her past. Nicole thinks back to the horrible things her father forced her to do as a child then to firing a gun at him later on in life. Once at the playground the two are both young at heart and have a good time frolicking around the park. They perform a fencing scene for a little girl they are entertaining which prompts Brady to assure her that she will be a great mother one day. A discouraged Nicole tells Brady that motherhood is not in her future due to the fact that Victor would never want to have children with her. Brady later questions her on the drive home about why she has chosen to stay in a loveless marriage with Victor but Nicole, not ready yet to fully confide in Brady, avoids the inquiry by telling him that it's something she can't talk about.

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