Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/18/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/18/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Philip, Belle, and Shawn are caught...Sami and Lucas bake cookies...Brady and Nicole play on a playground.

Cast: Shawn, Philip, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Mimi, Bart, Lucas, Sami, Brady, Nicole, Girl.

In Brady's car

Brady and Nicole are heading back to the Kiriakis Mansion as Nicole talks about hand gliding and how much fun she had. She talks about how she wishes she could feel free and change her past as we get another flashback of Paul injecting her and making her do porn and her shooting Colin. Brady asks what she means and Nicole tells him to keep driving as she wants to take him somewhere special.

At the park

Brady and Nicole arrive at a park, where they play with a little girl. Nicole asks the little girl where her parents are and she says that they are either fighting or watching TV and says that they never come to the park with her. Nicole promises to play with her again and the girl leaves. Brady tells Nicole that she will make a good mother some day, but she says that Victor doesn't want children. Brady tells her that his grandfather loves kids. Nicole looks at the monkey bars and imagines she is in prison. Brady asks her what's wrong, but she gets on a swing and asks him to push her. Later, Nicole thanks Brady for the great day.

At Sami's apartment

Sami and Lucas arrive as he reads Will's letter to her. Sami is supposed to bake cookies for Will's camp. In the letter, Will says that he knows she will go out and buy some, but that's okay. Sami goes and gets a box of cookies she bought at the bakery and Lucas notices that they are stars with pink icing and gives her a hard time. Lucas tells her that they are going to bake cookies and searches for ingredients. Sami tells him that she has no pans, flour, sugar, choc. chips, or cookie sheets. We find them with the ingredients to Alice's recipe. As Sami and Lucas bake, they talk about different things as Sami tells him that when she was in the hospital, she had a nightmare that Will grew up and wrote a book like Mommy Dearest and everyone was after her and he assures her that it was only a dream. Lucas tells Sami that she is a good mother, even if she can't bake and she throws flour at him. They start a flour fight and laugh. Sami and Lucas talk about how much Will has been through (Lucas's drinking problems, Sami almost marrying Austin and lying to him, and Sami marrying Brandon). Lucas brings up Sami lying to him about Will's paternity and she apologizes. She tells him that he is a good father. They talk about everything that has happened lately (Tony getting stabbed, Lucas blowing the deal with Cree, and Bo and Hope being attacked). Sami wonders what the world will be like when Will grows up (What if the ozone layer disappears? What if there's a plague? What if an asteroid strikes Salem?). Lucas tells her to worry about the present and focus on Will. Sami tells him that Will is like to have him as a dad and wishes she had a good father figure. He tells her that she had John. Sami says that John ruined her life and she pretended to make peace with him for her mother's sake. She says that John thinks he is God's gift to women and says that he is arrogant and he was never a father to her. Sami talks about how perfect Belle is and Lucas asks if she is jealous. She claims not to be, saying she loves Belle, but she will never measure up to "tinker belle." Sami says that the only people who love her are Will, Eric, and Roman. Lucas asks about Marlena. She says that Marlena loves her in a politically correct way. She knows John bad mouths her. Sami has a flashback of seeing John and Marlena making love on the Titan conference table and tells Lucas that they were going at it like animals. He suggests she let go of the grudge against John, but she says she will never forgive him. Lucas says that he didn't have a good childhood either and says they need to take responsibility for Will now and they need to work together. Sami and Lucas rush to the oven and get the cookies out. They talk about being happy about little things, like Will learning to tie his shoes. Sami asks why he hooked up with the most powerful man is Salem. He says that he could ask her the same thing. The phone rings and Sami and Lucas rush to answer it.

At the DiMera Mansion

Belle, Philip, and Shawn are surprised by what they find on the computer. A door slams shut and they all jump. Downstairs, Rex and Mimi return. Cassie tells Rex that she needs to talk to him. She talks about finding the pipe and wiping it off and tells him that Abe questioned her. We get flashbacks of Rex washing his arm off and he tells Cassie that he didn't do it. Mimi goes upstairs and runs into Bart, who talks about jazz. He tells her that he had a feeling someone was in the house. In Rex's room, the three teens see the doorknob twisting, but Mimi decides to go downstairs. When Rex learns of the security system getting shut off, he flips. Cassie goes to the pool and Mimi goes to get snacks. Rex says that he will turn the house upside down to find anyone there. Belle is at the top of the steps and is frightened when she hears him. Back upstairs, Belle returns and tells Philip and Shawn, who argue over who stays and who goes, that Rex is coming. We learn that Rex has a 5 year plan, which indicates a reason for him to attack Bo and Hope. Back downstairs, Cassie, in her bikini, invites Rex swimming, but he declines. Philip and Belle sneak out the window as Rex enters the room and finds Shawn at his computer. Outside, Philip climbs down, but Belle is stuck. Cassie comes around front and sees Philip. Freeze-frame on Belle as the previews roll.

Next time on Days of our lives:

*Belle and Sami are having Cassie serving them drinks as Belle asks for a Pina Colada. Sami asks for "nothing virgin."
*Victor tells Nicole that she can crawl on her belly in a mansion or rot in a cold, damp prison for murdering Colin Murphy.
*Marlena tells Tony, "Stefano had a habit of rising from the ashes. Do you think you can do that?" She asks him as we see her hand on the plug.

The End.

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