Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/15/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/15/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole is picking off a flower from a bush as she addresses a flower about being beautiful yet deadly. Brady comes up behind her and Nicole gets upset with him for sneaking up on her. Brady explains that he has been looking for Nicole all morning because he has a surprise.

Roman tells Sami that he is so frustrated with her that he wants to grab her and shake some sense into her but he knew it wouldn’t do any good. Marlena begs Sami to listen to her. Sami mocks what Marlena and Roman have been saying all along about Tony. Sami tells Marlena and Roman that she is sick and tired of being treated like a child. Lucas suggests that Sami stop acting like one then. John comes up to the group to inform them that there is still no sign of Tony, even with the APB Roman put out. Sami asks Roman and Marlena why if John can make peace with Tony, they can’t let her do the same.

Shawn and Belle sneak into Rex’s room. Shawn sits down to check out Rex’s computer. Belle is standing by the door when a hand is placed on her shoulder. Belle screams and turns around to find Philip who urges her to be quiet. Belle gets upset at Philip for scaring her as Philip lays into them about promising not to do this and then doing it anyway. Belle turns the tables and accuses Philip of breaking his agreement. Philip claims that at least he has experience in knowledge in this sort of thing and tells Shawn that he will handle it but Shawn refuses.

Bo is lying in the hospital bed with Hope, stroking her hair. The nurse comes in to try and get Bo to go back to his own bed and get some rest but Bo refuses to leave Hope’s side until she wakes up. The nurse tries to insist but Bo stands his ground about not going anywhere. The nurse leaves. Bo tells Hope that it’s time to wake up and Hope slowly comes to and opens her eyes. Bo wishes her good morning and welcome back as he strokes her face.

Bo asks Hope how she is feeling and Hope says she is still a little groggy with a killer headache. Hope reaches up her hand to Bo and he kisses it as she notices that he has a bandaged head too. She asks Bo what happened and Bo fills her in on what happened at the fashion show. He explains that they had to do surgery to relieve the pressure on their brains and Hope is worried that Bo is okay and tries to convince him to go to bed but Bo says he is in bed. Bo assures Hope that he is fine and she is going to be fine and she scared him because he thought he had lost her. Hope says that he’ll never lose her and asks if they know who did it. Bo says they don’t have a clue and they speculate about it being someone they brought in as bounty hunters. Hope is rethinking the being bounty hunters idea but Bo says he can deal with the danger but doesn’t like seeing her get hurt. Hope asks about Shawn and Zack but Bo assures her that Zack is with Caroline and Grandpa Shawn and that she has nothing to worry about but getting better as he promises that they are going to find the bastards that did this.

Philip and Shawn argue about who is going to work on this case. Belle steps in and tells them to be quiet and suggests that they could work together. Philip accuses Shawn of not loving Belle because he brought her into this dangerous situation.

Nicole tells Brady that she can’t go anywhere with him because Victor won’t allow it. Brady tells Nicole about Victor being in business meetings all day and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Nicole is worried that Victor will still find out so Brady promises to tell him that this was all his idea. Nicole asks Brady why he is doing this and Brady says he was thinking about what Nicole said last night, about wanting to feel free and he’s figured out a way to give that to her. He extends his hand and Nicole reluctantly takes it. They smile to each other and walk off hand in hand.

John tries to convince Sami that his situation is different than hers because he is related to Tony. John tells Sami that the DiMeras have to buy their loyalty and affection and that’s what Tony has done to Sami, she’s been bought. Lucas insults Sami about being able to be bought cheap and Sami turns on Lucas to shut up and stay out of this. Roman calls Lucas’ attention and waves his hand in a gesture to tell Lucas to stay out of it. John reminds Sami of what happened the last time Sami hung out with Tony, almost getting herself killed. Sami continues to try to defend Tony by saying that it was an accident. Roman brings up that Tony still being missing could mean that he could have played a part in the attack on Bo and Hope. Sami won’t believe that theory, still insisting that Tony is in a coma. John asks Sami where Tony is then and Lucas tries to convince Sami to listen to John. Roman leaves to go check on Bo and Hope as Sami turns on John to ask why he’s so suspicious of Tony when he just made peace with him. John informs Sami that this has the DiMera stamp all over it. Sami claims that Tony doesn’t have anything against Bo and Hope. John brings up the Hope and Bo’s involvement in destroying the substance Tony wanted and Lucas claims that that doesn’t make any sense. John accuses Lucas of knowing about all this and was probably the one who arranged Tony’s escape from the hospital. Everyone turns to look at Lucas.

Nicole and Brady arrive at the top of a hill they just climbed where a hang glider sits perched at the top. Nicole asks Brady what he is thinking and Brady explains that they are going to strap themselves to the hang glider and fly to the car. Nicole calls Brady crazy as she tells him that she isn’t doing that. Brady grins evilly.

Lucas starts to defend Tony but John reiterates that he asked about Lucas’ part in this. Lucas tells John to ask Sami since she was there when he got the news about Bo and Hope blowing up the cave. A nurse interrupts them to tell John that they found Tony.

John asks where Tony is and the nurse offers to show them. John and Marlena rush off to follow the nurse as Lucas and Sami exchange glances and run after them.

Shawn insists that he loves Belle and brings up what happened between Belle and Philip at Victor’s party and on the boat. Belle interrupts to tell them that she is her own person and nobody drags her anywhere. She reiterates that they should work on this together. Shawn and Philip just exchange mean glances.

Brady brings Nicole the harness to wear but Nicole still refuses to go. Brady throws the harness down onto the ground as he tries to assure Nicole that it isn’t dangerous and describes how great a feeling it would be while you’re gliding. He takes Nicole’s shoulders and moves her slightly as he describes the movements her body will feel while in the air. Nicole is still reluctant to do it so Brady starts to walk away insisting that Nicole would have to walk back down the hill to the car then. Nicole, not wanting that alternative stops Brady to confirm that this is safe. Brady assures her that it is safe and he’ll be with her the entire time. Nicole smiles and agrees to do it. Brady hands Nicole a helmet as he helps put on her harness.

Belle points out that they are all here for the same reason and it looks like they’re all going to stay so why not they work together. Belle tells them that Mimi told her that everything Rex has been up to is connected to his computer. They decide to work together at the computer but Philip and Shawn continue to butt heads, each wanting to lead and give the orders.

The nurse comes into Hope’s room to check her vitals which look good and tell her that the doctor will be in in a little bit to check on her. Hope thanks her and the nurse leaves. Bo offers to let Hope get some sleep and Hope points out that Bo next to her is the best medicine so Bo promises to not go anywhere. There is a knock at the door and Bo tells Roman to come in. Roman and Bo talk about how Hope is doing as Hope opens her eyes and greets Roman. Roman is worried that he woke Hope but she assures him that he didn’t. Bo asks Roman about any leads and Roman tells Bo and Hope that they are looking at the possibility that it was Tony DiMera.

The nurse leads them to another room where John looks in the window on the door to find Tony lying in bed hooked up to machines. John pulls the nurse aside to ask the nurse why Tony is in a different room and the nurse explains that the orderly who is standing by the door took him for tests and then brought him back to the wrong room. Marlena, Sami and Lucas go into Tony’s room while John is talking to the nurse. Marlena is already in the room checking on Tony’s vitals as John tells the orderly not to go anywhere as he goes into the room. Sami asks Marlena if Tony is alright and Marlena says that Tony is stabilized but she can’t tell if there’s any brain damage. Lucas asks how Tony wound up in this room and John tells him that that is what he is going to talk to the orderly about as he orders Lucas and Sami out of the room. Lucas and Sami protest but John tells them not to argue with him. They leave as John walks up to Tony’s bedside. John looks down at Tony as he slips off his wedding ring. John then turns to the side and violently slaps Tony’s face with the back of his hand. Marlena gasps at John’s action.

Brady is packing the bag and putting it in the Jeep as Nicole is just standing there savoring the feeling. Brady calls Nicole on how she hasn’t said a word since they landed. Nicole tells him that she wants to keep this feeling as she compares it to time standing still. Nicole goes on to say that she may get addicted to that freedom which she hasn’t felt since..but stops short as she has a flashback to killing Colin. Brady brings Nicole back to the present to ask her to finish her sentence.

Bo and Hope don’t understand how Tony could be a suspect since he’s been in a coma and Roman informs them that Tony is missing. Bo starts to get riled up about getting back at Tony if he’s behind this but Roman assures him not to worry about it, only focus on getting better. Roman leaves just as Mickey and Maggie are coming in. Maggie and Mickey greet Hope and Bo and visit for a while as Roman watches from outside the window. The nurse comes to find Roman to tell him that they found Tony and takes Roman to him.

John continues to try and shake Tony out of his coma as Marlena grabs him to stop him and suggests they run a brain scan to verify that Tony is in a coma. Marlena leaves Tony’s room to do so as Sami and Lucas stop her to ask if Tony is going to be okay. Marlena says she is going to run some tests and leaves. Lucas and Sami confer about what they would need to run tests for. Roman arrives and asks Lucas and Sami what happened since he had just heard about finding Tony. Lucas suggests talking to the orderly so Roman turns to him. The orderly explains that he picked up Tony for tests and brought him back to the wrong room because he is dyslexic and got the room numbers mixed up. John comes out of the room and informs Roman that Marlena is running some tests. He asks the orderly how long Tony’s presence was unaccountable last night and Sami gets upset at John for wanting Tony to be guilty.

Philip and Shawn try many different passwords to get into Rex’s computer but none work. Belle thinks of using “Gemini” and it works. Belle jokes about being the brains of the operation. Philip skims the contents of Rex’s computer, finding most of it normal but then finds something shocking.

Brady asks Nicole again to finish her sentence but Nicole covers by claiming it’s been so long she can’t remember the last time she’s felt that free. Nicole suggests they get back to Victor’s compound but Brady says there is another surprise and tells Nicole to hop in to the Jeep. Nicole gets into the Jeep as Brady folds the top down.

Shawn explains that they have found some kind of code. Belle tries to get their attention but Philip quiets her claiming he needs to concentrate. Belle gets their attention by telling them that she knows the code and points out that it is the alphabet backwards. Philip tries it and finds that Belle is right. They sort through Rex’s files, including one they point out titled DNA research. Belle suggests that Rex might have been trying to unlock his and Cassie’s DNA. They then find something else shocking.

The orderly gives his word to John and Roman that Tony has been in his room since early dismorning. John dismisses the orderly, telling him not to leave the planet. Roman comments that it would still give Tony plenty of time to sneak out last night and get back here dismorning undetected. Sami still is trying to defend Tony but John asks if Tony is really in a coma. Lucas and Sami don’t understand and John explains that Marlena is running some tests right now to test that.

Marlena comes back with the test results. She reads that the brain scan shows that Tony is still in a coma. Lucas continues to defend Tony but John still doesn’t think that means anything because his name is still DiMera. John goes on to say that there are too many coincidences. Lucas accuses John of convincing himself that Tony is some kind of supervillian. Roman explains to Lucas that they’ve seen way too much from the DiMeras not to expect anything and everything. Lucas gets upset and goes into Tony’s room. Marlena suggests to Roman and John that they take some extra precautions and Roman says he is going to get a guard to stand by the door so Tony doesn’t go missing again. Marlena, John, and Roman are distracted with the brain scan results so Sami takes the opportunity to go into Tony’s room unnoticed. Lucas is bending over Tony’s bedside asking Tony if he can hear him. Sami confronts Lucas to ask what he is doing.

Brady parks the Jeep and claims that they are here but Nicole doesn’t understand what they could be there for. Brady tells her to be quiet and to stand up inside the Jeep. They stand as a plane flies over and they feel the gust of wind. Brady explains that this is one of his favorite things to do, also liking to figure out where the passengers are going. Nicole asks how he does that and listens as Brady describes a vacation in paradise. Nicole smiles, expressing her wish to be on that plane. Brady asks where she would go if she were on that plane. Nicole wants to go someplace where she can start over and be totally free. Brady asks Nicole if being free is what she wants more than anything. Nicole confirms this but claims that it can’t happen for her.

Maggie wants to go get Bo a blanket and pillow but Bo claims he’s fine and tells Maggie to come back. Mickey suggests getting Hope’s doctor but Hope says she is fine as long as Bo is here. Mickey and Maggie fill Hope in on how they convinced Alice to go home and get some rest from her vigil at the hospital chapel and how Doug and Julie are out of town. Maggie brings up that there is someone else who is waiting patiently to see them as she leaves to go bring them in.

Belle, Shawn, and Philip are looking at Rex’s file of a multi-year plan to become rich and powerful which includes mention of Tony and Maya securing the goop. Shawn realizes that they’ve just found a motive for Rex to hurt Bo and Hope.

Brady tries to urge Nicole not to give up on her dreams. Brady tries to sympathize with Nicole since she’s always had a hard life but Nicole says she tries to remember that there are other people who are suffering worse than her. Nicole changes the subject and asks Brady about his dreams. Brady doesn’t want to talk about himself but Nicole continues to ask what Brady wants out of his life. Brady says he wants to be hardworking, dedicated to his career, a good grandson, son and brother. Nicole tries to tell him that he is all those things and too hard on himself as she urges him to go on. Brady says he wants to have close friends who respect him and wants to find someone to fall in love with and start a family. They discuss wanting to have children and Nicole asks about Brady wanting children with Chloe. Brady says that in the beginning they talked once Chloe left but after a while it was uncomfortable because they were avoiding what they really wanted to say. Brady stopped calling because he couldn’t ask Chloe if she was going out or seeing anyone else. Brady tells Nicole that she doesn’t know what it was like between him and Chloe and Nicole agrees. Nicole tells him that he deserves to be happy and loved as Brady says that everybody does. Brady wants to change the subject so Nicole wants to talk about how wonderful today was, how there is nothing like that feeling of freedom. She has a flashback to when Victor changed his mind back to keeping the blackmail evidence. Nicole gets out of the car and goes to stand by the fence as another plane flies overhead. She closes her eyes as she experiences the sensation.

Maggie brings Zack in to see Bo and Hope. Hope explains to Zack that mommy and daddy have a couple of boo boos but are going to be okay. They kiss Zack and dote on him. Hope continues to cuddle with him as Bo goes over to Maggie and Mickey to thank them for bringing Zack to see them. They talk about how Shawn and Zack would have been affected if the attempt on Bo and Hope’s life had been successful as Bo vows to get whoever is responsible.

Belle doesn’t want to believe that Rex could be capable of such a thing, pointing out that Cassie would be the one to do bad things. Philip sticks up for Cassie as he’s printing out Rex’s multi-year plan just as they hear someone come home.

Sami asks Lucas if she can have a minute alone with Tony. She leans over his bedside and tells Tony that she has missed him and she wants him to get better so they can pick up where they left off. Lucas stops her and tells her that that is enough as Marlena, Roman, and John come back into Tony’s room and Marlena tells Sami to listen to Lucas and go home. Sami agrees to leave but promises to be back.

Lucas follows Sami out of Tony’s room explaining that he is going back to Sami’s apartment with her because Will is going to call. They argue about their own relationships with Tony. Sami gets upset and walks off as Lucas rushes to follow her. Roman and Marlena come out of Tony’s room after Sami and Lucas leave. Roman comments on how Tony could have manipulated them all and Marlena points out that if he was able to do that, he could do a lot worse to Sami.

John, now alone with Tony in the hospital room, leans over Tony’s bedside to promise him that if Tony is faking this and did try to murder Bo and Hope, their truce is over and he is going to do everything in his power to finally shut him down.

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