Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/13/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/13/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Rex return to the DiMera mansion. Mimi shares with Rex why she had to leave as they hug. Rex begs her not to talk right now as he kisses her neck. They kiss some more and Cassie interrupts them, getting angry that Rex wasn’t home sooner. Mimi asks what is wrong and Cassie informs her about Bo and Hope.

Philip is talking on the phone with John. Philip wants to go after whoever did this to Bo and Hope but John says he shouldn’t because he isn’t in ISA anymore but he thinks Tony did it.

Abe goes to leave and Nicole tries to take the folder again and it falls to the floor. Brady tries to help pick the loose papers up but Nicole insists on doing it herself. Brady goes to care for Victor and Abe tries to assist Nicole but Nicole snaps at him. She gathers the papers and clutches them close to herself.

Alice asks Tom for a sign and she and Shawn notice the candle flickering on the altar. Alice says their prayers are desperately needed now. Belle and Shawn kneel to pray as Alice bows her head. Shawn prays for God not to take Hope because the whole family needs her.

Bo is laying his head on Hope’s hand when her monitor goes off. Bo calls for the doctor and frantically calls out to Hope to come back. The doctor and nurses come in to try and resuscitate Hope with the crash cart. They make Bo stand back and Bo stands across the room anxiously begging Hope to come back.

Philip doesn’t understand how Tony can disappear while he’s in a coma. John suggests that Tony faked his coma and that he had motive and opportunity for the attack on Bo and Hope. Philip ends the call and realizes that Rex would act just like Tony.

Mimi gets upset at Cassie’s careless attitude about what happened to Bo and Hope. The doorbell rings and Cassie goes to answer it as Rex and Mimi move to the living room. Mimi vents to Rex and eventually realizes that the only person Cassie would protect is Rex.

Cassie answers the door to find Philip there. She tries to tell him to get lost but Philip stops her from closing the door insisting he is there to apologize.

The doctors try to bring Hope back but there is no response. They stop resuscitation measures and Bo pushes them aside to try and give her CPR himself. The doctors try to convince Bo that Hope is gone but Bo won’t accept it.

Abe mentions that those papers Nicole feels are so important must be very serious but Nicole refers to them as business. Victor asks for the papers but Nicole insists that Victor shouldn’t be worrying about business right now and she’ll take care of them and leaves. Brady and Abe try again to have Victor see a doctor but he refuses instead agreeing to go upstairs and lie down. Brady and Abe talk about Bo and Hope’s situation.

Philip apologizes to Cassie and she finally lets him in. Philip explains that he wanted to get whoever could do something so terrible to them. Cassie asks about leads and the condition of Bo and Hope but Philip says no leads and Bo and Hope are still on the critical list. Cassie expresses her sympathies and Philip asks if he can hang out at the mansion for a little while.

Mimi asks Rex what happened, if his temper finally pushed him over the edge. Rex has a flashback to when Lucas told him about Bo and Hope at the reservation and turning off the master switch at the fashion show. Mimi brings him back to the present by asking him to tell her what happened. Philip and Cassie come into the living room then and ask what is going on.

Bo pleads with Hope to come back to him. Belle, Shawn, and Alice are reciting the Lord’s Prayer in the hospital chapel. Bo is leaning over Hope’s bed reciting the same prayer as Belle, Shawn, and Alice are heard reciting it with him. Bo finishes the prayer in tears as he strokes Hope’s face. He asks God to show Hope the way back and kisses her tenderly. Hope’s monitor starts to beep with a normal rhythm and the hospital staff comments on this amazing miracle. Hope comes to and asks for Bo who assures her that he is here and loves her more than anything.

Shawn, Belle, and Alice are silently praying in the chapel when a nurse comes in to let them know that Hope is alive. Shawn asks to see her and the nurse lets them know that Bo is in there with her now. Belle rejoices that their prayers have been answered and Alice tells Shawn to go to her, she will join them in a minute. Shawn and Belle leave and Alice tears up and thanks God and Tom.

Shawn goes to Hope’s room as the nurse is trying to convince Bo to go back to his room. Bo and Shawn hug as they go to sit with Hope.

Abe asks Brady if he knows anyone who would have motive enough to kill Colin Murphy.

Nicole is frantically searching her bedroom for a lighter to burn the blackmail evidence. She decides to tear it up instead but Victor surprises her by coming up behind her ordering her to give it to him now.

Rex gets upset that Philip is there and not at the hospital. Philip tells Rex that some people think that Tony is the one who attacked Bo and Hope. Rex gets upset and lunges at Philip yelling that that is a lie. A fight ensues between Philip and Rex.

John is ending a phone call about trying to find Tony and informs Marlena that they are going to find him. Belle rushes up and tells Marlena and John that Hope is going to be okay and they hug.

Bo and Shawn finish hugging and Bo explains that Hope came back but slipped back into unconsciousness. Bo gets upset that the doctors were ready to give up on her and feels guilty that he caused what happened. Shawn tries to convince Bo that he didn’t cause this and Bo swears that something like this isn’t going to happen again. Shawn and Bo move to sit down in some chairs as Shawn tells Bo that he knows them well enough to know that soon they’ll be right back out there trying to help people. Shawn continues to try to convince Bo not to feel guilty because he has a big heart and wants to help people. Bo says that if these situations hurt Shawn or Zack, then it’s got to stop because they are their priority. Bo comments about the attack coming out of nowhere and Shawn informs him about Roman and Abe working on the case. Bo asks about Zack and Shawn explains that he is with his grandma and grandpa and that he, Belle, and Alice were praying for him in the chapel. Bo urges Shawn to keep praying that Hope wakes up soon.

Mimi and Cassie yell for Rex and Philip to stop fighting. Mimi convinces Rex to go upstairs to his room to call and check on Bo and Hope. Once they leave Philip asks Cassie what made Rex freak out like that.

Nicole refuses to give him the folder and Victor tries to tell her that he was planning on destroying the evidence. Nicole doesn’t believe him and Victor chases her around the room to try and get it. Nicole stops running from him because Victor tells her that he was planning to forget about this information and get a divorce so they can move on with their life. Victor steals the folder back and then tells Nicole that he changed his mind and will hold on to this info until he can figure out what to do with her so she doesn’t seek revenge. He tells Nicole that he will be taking this information to Abe and leaves. Nicole collapses into a fit of tears.

Victor comes back down and interrupts Abe’s questioning of Brady. Brady notices the file and Victor claims that he asked for Nicole’s opinions and now that she’s given them, it’s done and puts it back in the safe.

Mimi argues with Rex about taking out his anger on Bo and Hope so violently. Mimi tries to urge him to go to the doctor and get some meds. Rex claims that Mimi is the only medicine he needs and they kiss. Mimi points out that this is the real world and that won’t work. Rex leads her to his bed and kisses her. Mimi gives up and starts to undo his shirt. Rex has a flashback to noticing the blood on his shirt and stops Mimi with an excuse of another headache. He wants to leave to get medicine but Mimi insists on getting it and leaves. While she’s gone Rex takes off the shirt and burns it as he says that no one can tie him to Bo and Hope’s attack.

Shawn goes back into Hope’s room for some one on one time with her. He takes her hand as he sits with her and tells her he loves her and that everyone is praying. He promises Hope that they are going to find out who did this to her and Bo.

Rex sprays air freshener around his room to get rid of the burning smell and puts the container he used to burn the shirt in his bathroom. He turns off the light and climbs into bed. Mimi returns with the medicine and notices the smell. Rex explains that it potpourri he sprayed as he takes the medicine Mimi brought him. He mentions he is tired and Mimi says she is too so they decide to lie down together.

Philip and Cassie pick out a DVD to watch. Cassie is worried that she’ll fall asleep before the end of the movie and Philip insists that he’ll see himself out if she does. Philip thinks to himself that he won’t leave until he finds evidence on Rex.

Marlena and John and Belle are talking about Hope coming back when a nurse calls John away for a phone call from the police. Belle asks what is going on and Marlena tells her that Tony is missing from his hotel room and that they think he might have something to do with the attack on Bo and Hope.

Nicole decides to go for a skinny dip in the pool. Brady comes by the pool to swim and Nicole comments about needing to get a suit now that she has company. Brady asks Nicole why she is so scared because something has gotten her terrified and he just can’t figure out what it is. Nicole has a flashback to Victor’s hold over her as Brady asks her to level with him. Nicole plays dumb but Brady doesn’t buy it.

Cassie quickly falls asleep on the couch. Philip pretends to try to rouse her but sneaks away to Rex’s room. Rex returns to his desk to dictate into his tape recorder about having flashes of what happened before the attack and how he wishes he could remember what happened. He starts to list a detailed account of what he remembers when he hears someone outside the door.

Brady tells Nicole that he thinks that the folder Nicole was so intent on having to herself has something to do with what her father made her do in the past. Nicole says it doesn’t and that she has been feeling confined especially with all that has happened lately. Brady says he understands and Nicole flirts with him about joining her for a swim. Brady drops his towel and dives in revealing that he is wearing a suit.

Belle asks if Cassie and Rex know about Tony being missing from the hospital. Shawn comes out of Hope’s room and Belle goes over to be with him. John tells Marlena that he has to find out if Tony hurt his good friends.

Belle and Shawn hug. Belle offers Shawn a chance to come back to the loft and rest but Shawn wants to stay in case Hope wakes up. Belle offers to stay with him.

Bo sneaks back into Hope’s room and tells her that he doesn’t know how long he can get away with this but he sleeps much better when he’s next to her. He gets into bed with her and apologizes for not protecting her as he kisses her forehead and goes to sleep.

Rex goes back into the living room to find Cassie asleep and Philip pretending to be asleep as the movie plays. Rex wakes Cassie up and wants her to follow him into the foyer to be able to tell her that Philip was upstairs spying on him. Cassie doesn’t believe him, thinking that Philip has been asleep on the couch with her the whole time. Rex tries to order Cassie to throw Philip out but she insists that he is her friend. Rex scolds her for not listening to him because she knows that Philip is more than just a friend and that he is trying to get something on them. Unknown by Rex and Cassie is that Philip is really awake on the living room couch, listening to their conversation.

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