Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/12/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/12/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and Lucas continue to argue in her apartment. Sami tells Lucas that she was just starting to get an ounce of respect for him. Lucas accuses her of wanting his money but Sami points out that it is Tony’s money as Lucas accuses her of that being the only thing in Tony’s pants that she finds interesting.

Brady wants to call Victor’s physician but Niko advises against it. Niko also advises not to burden Victor with the news about Bo and Hope. Nicole and Brady agree not to and Brady looks down to find the blackmail folder. Nicole has a flashback to Victor showing her the evidence and comes back to the present when the doorbell rings. It is Abe who wants to speak about the Colin Murphy murder.

Cassie notices the blood stained pipe lying on the floor by the edge of the stage. She assumes Rex used it and purposefully spills her coffee to pretend she is cleaning up the coffee as she wipes off the pipe. Philip catches her and asks why she did that.

Kate is talking on the phone about the incident and tells the person on the other end of the line that she is going to tell them exactly what to do for damage control.

Jack gets off the phone with Harold about making the first edition of the Spectator in the morning. Jennifer is upset that Hope and Bo did the show for them and she is feeling guilty but Jack reassures her that they did this for the Horton foundation. Jennifer and Jack hug.

John is at the hospital waiting for any news. Marlena comes up and asks who would do such a horrible thing. John says he has an idea.

Belle brings Shawn a drink and asks if there is any news. Shawn wants to get whoever did this to his parents.

Roman is questioning Rex about where he was during the attack. Rex has a flashback to getting blood on his sleeve. He is looking across the stage and noticing this, Roman demands that Rex tell him whatever he knows about Bo and Hope’s attack.

Henderson leaves to let Victor know that Abe is here. Brady and Nicole greet Abe and he follows them into the living room. Brady asks Abe not to mention to Victor about Bo and Hope’s attack. Abe agrees to not say anything. Victor joins them in the living room. Abe explains that he has some new information on the Colin Murphy murder and asks to speak in private. Victor agrees and notices Brady is holding the blackmail folder. He has a flashback to speaking with Niko earlier about putting the past behind them and destroying the blackmail material. Brady and Nicole go to leave but Victor stops them and tells Abe that he can say it in front of them. Abe explains that they are reopening the case and are there to recheck the crime scene. Nicole looks scared.

Cassie covers by saying she spilled coffee and was wiping it up. Philip accuses her of knowing she destroyed important evidence and asks why she did this.

Rex argues with Roman and gets defensive about Roman targeting the DiMeras. Roman asks Rex if there is a reason he should be going after the DiMeras.

Jack and Kate are talking about Hope and Bo’s condition and how they don’t know who could have done this. Kate says she does.

John and Marlena are talking about proceeding slowly in this case.

The doctor comes out to tell Shawn that they have to drill holes into Hope and Bo’s brain in surgery to help relieve the pressure. Shawn asks if they are going to be okay but they’ll just have to wait and see. Belle continues to stand by Shawn’s side to comfort him.

Sami goes to throw another thing but Lucas threatens to throw something important to Sami and break it. Sami drops what she was going to throw and sits on the couch. Lucas explains that he knows that Sami is upset. Sami explains that seeing all that blood made her remember her accident. Lucas asks if there is anything he can do but Sami scoffs at the offer. Lucas leaves, putting down what he has threatened to throw. On his way out, he notices a paper by the door and asks Sami what it is.

Kate and Jack don’t understand what happened because they had a lot of security. Jack suggests that the person who did this might have been involved with the fashion show.

Roman reminds Rex that he was acquainted with Shawn’s family and even lived in their garage and asks Rex if they were on good terms. Rex has a flashback to when he told Lucas about those who lost the deal for Tony going to pay. Rex has a sudden headache and Roman asks him what is wrong.

John tells Marlena that he thinks whoever did this was making it personal.

Shawn is getting restless while the doctors do the procedure. He tells Belle that he doesn’t know what to do and Belle hugs him.

Bo and Hope are lying in their respectable hospital beds after the procedure. Bo is calling out Hope’s name in his sleep. The doctor and nurse tending to them talk about their condition and telling the family. The doctor comments about hoping that if they waited, they’d have better news to tell the family.

Nicole loses her balance but Brady catches her and helps her to a chair. He leaves to get her some water and Abe asks if something is going around that has made her sick or if she has a reason to be so upset. Nicole has another flashback but is brought back to the present when Brady brings her the water. Nicole gets upset about having to relieve the memories but Abe asks if that is all there is.

Bo wakes up and asks the nurse about Hope. The nurse tending to him doesn’t know about Hope’s condition so she offers to get her doctor for him and leaves. Bo sits up and starts to get out of bed to go to Hope. He feels woozy and grabs his head as he stumbles out of the room.

Rex complains of his migraine. Roman suggests that it could be stress and asks Rex again to answer about his relationship with Bo and Hope. Rex has a flashback to washing off his arm of the blood.

Philip uncovers the pipe and says he has to show this to Roman but Cassie begs him not to.

John suggests to Marlena that Tony could be behind this attack. The doctor comes back out to talk to Shawn and Jennifer, John and Marlena notice and run over to hear the report. The doctor tells them that Bo came through the surgery. Shawn asks about Hope and the doctor starts off by saying that he is sorry to tell Shawn this.

Lucas points out that it is a letter from Will addressed to both of them. Sami explains that she hasn’t even looked at it yet. Sami tries to reach for it but Lucas insists on reading it first, summarizing for her. He reads off a list of things Will has been doing at camp. Lucas continues to read that he is ready to make one of his allocated phone calls and wants to talk to both of them. Sami threatens that Lucas won’t be on that call.

Rex is getting tired of being questioned and Roman asks Rex why he feels so uncomfortable around him personally. Rex has a flashback to when he first found out that Roman was his father. He comes back to the present to tell Roman that he doesn’t like him and asks to go. Roman lets him go for now.

Philip asks Cassie what is going on but Cassie says that the police hate the DiMeras. She claims she doesn’t know anything about the pipe and begs Philip to be her friend and not tell. Philip calls Roman over to show him the pipe.

The doctor is telling everyone that Hope has a blood clot that may resolve on its own. He explains that if not they’d have to do brain surgery but are trying to solve it with medication. Shawn wants it given to him straight and asks the doctor if Hope could die. The doctor says that yes she could. Bo overhears this from across the room. Shawn runs off and Belle runs after him. Jennifer leaves to go call the rest of the family. Once alone again, Marlena asks John about Tony being able to do this even in a coma but John points out that he is a DiMera.

Rex is walking around outside of the building in an alley and encounters someone who surprises him. He asks what they are doing here.

Shawn runs to the hospital chapel. He yells at God about continually being tested, asking why God keeps doing this to his family.

Victor gets up and gets upset at Abe for badgering Nicole. He asks Abe if Larry mentioned any names. Abe says he is obligated to follow up any leads and brings up Victor’s barging his way into Larry’s jail cell right before his confession. Victor starts to have pains again and Brady rushes to his side, handing Abe the folder to hold. Nicole looks scared.

Roman calls in the pipe as Philip and Cassie watch.

Jack and Kate work with Barry to review the tape of the fashion show in an attempt to ID who did it.

Mimi is back home and Rex can’t believe it. Mimi walks up and hugs Rex. Rex is wary about returning the hug, not exactly happy to see Mimi having returned.

Marlena points out to John that Tony was in a coma when Bo and Hope blew up that cave. John points out that Lucas went into to visit him and being in a coma would be a perfect alibi.

Shawn continues to yell at God in the chapel asking what more they will have to take and yelling at God to answer him. Belle walks into the chapel and explains that God will answer him as she leads him to a pew offering to pray together. Belle starts to recite a prayer and Shawn joins in. They can be heard praying as the nurse walks out of Hope’s room, not seeing that Bo is making his way there, eventually going from standing outside her window to leaning over her bedside. He kisses her forehead and watches her face.

Lucas accuses Sami of wanting to play tug of war with Will forever. Lucas goes on to accuse Sami of never having to share a thing in her life and threatens that Will’s decisions carry a lot of weight and if he was asked, he would pick Lucas and she knows it. Sami tells Lucas to take the phone call and leave her out of it. Lucas threatens to tell Will that Sami didn’t want to talk to her own son but Sami wants to prevent him from doing that.

Cassie accuses Philip of hanging out with her to gain evidence on the DiMeras. Philip says he is trying to find out who hurt his brother and asks that if Rex were in trouble, shed to the same for him.

Mimi and Rex are kissing as Mimi explains that being away from him made her realize how much she loves him and how she knows now that he could never hurt her and they hug.

Belle explains that Shawn is doing something for his mom and dad and that someone in heaven is always watching over you. The altar lights up which makes Belle and Shawn look up and then turn to see Alice standing in the chapel doorway.

Bo continues to lean in close to Hope and tells her he loves her and he needs her and begs her not to leave him.

Abe expresses his worry about Victor’s condition and Brady explains about Victor collapsing earlier. Abe goes to call 911 but Victor insists that he doesn’t do that. Abe apologizes for coming while Victor isn’t feeling well and goes to leave as Nicole tries to grab the folder away from Brady. They fight over it and the papers fall to the floor.

Sami agrees to let Lucas be on the phone when Will calls. Lucas leaves and slams the door which knocks the figurine Sami didn’t want him to throw onto the floor breaking it.

Roman and Barry are watching the tape not finding anything they can use. Roman laments about how it could have been anyone else that was here that he cares about. Barry asks if that includes Kate as Kate is listening in the next room.

Kate says to herself that if Roman knew the truth he wouldn’t care about her and that is why they can never be together.

Cassie says she would do anything for her brother like anyone would and comments about anyone being able to break through security. She covers by saying she wouldn’t try and gets upset at Philip and leaves. Philip asks if Cassie thinks Rex did this.

Mimi finishes up a phone call with her mom while Rex has a flashback to the incident. Mimi comes back to Rex who seems distracted. She asks if he is okay but he says that since Mimi is home now, he’s great.

Jack arrives at the hospital and meets up with Jennifer. She fills him in and gets upset and Jack comforts her.

John comes back to the waiting area. Marlena asks if John was able to discern whether Tony was faking his coma and John explains that he couldn’t because Tony wasn’t in his room, he had vanished.

Shawn and Alice hug as Alice explains that God is watching over Shawn’s family and so is Tom. She suggests they all just say a silent prayer and they all sit back down in the pews. Alice prays to herself to ask Tom to send her a sign that Hope is going to be alright. A candle on the altar starts to flicker and Shawn points it out and asks if that is a sign. Alice gets upset at Tom.

Bo is kissing Hope’s hand as she goes flat line. He calls for a doctor as he begins frantically calling to Hope.

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