Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/8/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/8/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone is setting up at the TV Studio for the Basic Black fashion show. Barry is showing Jennifer where she and Jack will be standing. Jack is trying to rush out on stage to meet up with Jennifer but Kate rushes to give him some script revisions. Jack has trouble with the revisions and Kate begs Jennifer to go over it with Jack. Jennifer takes the script revisions and explains the terminology to him. Jack is still nervous but Jennifer tries to reassure him. She tells Jack that if he weren’t here, she wouldn’t be able to do this. Jack teases Jennifer by asking her to do a demonstration of some of these words later if he agrees to stand by her side. Jennifer playfully slaps him.

Nicole is packing her makeup bag talking about how she hasn’t modeled in so long as Brady watches and waits to head to the fashion show with her. Brady teases her about the amount of makeup she is bringing and Nicole hands Brady the box telling him that men are so clueless. They start to head out the door to leave when Victor calls out to ask Nicole where she is going.

Cassie is backstage at the fashion show, dressed in a barely there outfit of a white bra and panties and a frilly robe with feathers along the edges. She complains about wanting to wear something sexier and Belle tells her that if she wore anything sexier, she’d be naked. Cassie wants something with more feathers or color and insults Belle for designing it. Belle walks away from Cassie counting to herself to help keep her temper.

Belle continues to pace in the hall counting when Shawn walks up and asks if it is Cassie that has upset her. Belle tells Shawn that if she could have found another size 0, Cassie wouldn’t be in this fashion show. Shawn asks about such a thing as a size 0 and Belle explains that it’s a trick of the trade, making women think they’re skinny so they’ll buy more. Shawn lets Belle know that he is proud of her and Belle is worried that many girls will be chasing after him when they see him in the pajama bottoms she picked out for him to wear. Shawn tells Belle that he’ll tell all those girls chasing after him, that he loves her. They put their heads together and hold hands as Philip walks up to see them. Belle and Shawn walk off not having seen Philip. Philip starts to go into the women’s dressing room already dressed in a dark green Hawaiian print type bathing suit. He meets Cassie in her sexy lingerie at the door, looks her up and down and smiles.

Bo, Hope, and Zack are dining at the Brady Pub where they give Zack a pair of tom toms that they picked up for him at the reservation. Lucas walks up to them and says that he heard they had an explosive time at the reservation. Bo asks how Lucas heard about this and Lucas shows them the fax of the picture of Hope at the reservation store. Bo now admits to it and asks Lucas so what as he hands Lucas back the picture. Lucas starts to yell at Bo and Hope about being on the verge of making the biggest deal of his life for Tony and thanks to them, his whole deal blew up…literally.

Rex is standing by the elevator in the hospital when Sami comes out of the elevator. Rex confronts her to tell her to forget about seeing Tony. Sami threatens to make an announcement over the PA that Tony isn’t Rex and Cassie’s real father if he doesn’t stop trying to tell her when she can see Tony. She starts to leave but Rex grabs her arm and tells her to shut up. Sami looks at Rex with a scared and shocked expression.

Nicole and Brady come back inside the Kiriakis mansion as Brady tries to explain that Kate and Belle need Nicole to model in the fashion show today. Victor claims that Kate will survive without seeing Nicole half dressed. Nicole says that Victor is afraid she might enjoy herself for once. Brady wants to know if that is true but Victor tells him not to meddle in things he doesn’t understand. He tells Brady that he’d like to discuss this in private with his wife. Brady tells Nicole he’ll wait for her and Nicole follows Victor into the living room. Victor threatens Nicole with telling Brady that Nicole is a killer. They fight about the fashion show. Victor puts his foot down about Nicole not being in the show and Nicole claims he lives to make her miserable. Victor tells her it’s what she richly deserves. Nicole storms out of the room in tears as she tells Brady who was waiting in the foyer that she isn’t going. She goes up the stairs as she thanks Brady for caring. Brady goes into the living room to tell Victor that he never knew his grandfather could be such a stone cold son of a bitch.

Cassie covers herself and tells Philip that this is the women’s dressing room. Philip claims he got a little lost backstage. He compliments Cassie about how she looks but Cassie tells him not to flatter her. Philip claims she helps calm him down. Cassie wants to know why Philip is doing the show if he is so nervous but Philip says he did it because Belle asked him to. Cassie brings up Philip’s feelings for Belle but Philip implores her to stop it. Kate comes up and pushes Cassie out of the way as she tells Philip that he doesn’t have time to chat, that they are waiting for him in wardrobe. Philip leaves and Kate tells Cassie to stop running down the hallways half naked coming on to all the men. Cassie complains about how dopey it looks so Kate suggests she get a job as a pole dancer so she can wear a g-string. Cassie takes offense and Kate tells her that she is not Philip’s type. Cassie wants to know how she knows this and Kate says it’s “Mommy’s Intuition” and walks away. Cassie mocks her and says that she prays Kate never finds out that she and Rex are her kids too.

Sami frees herself from Rex’s grasp. Rex warns her to keep quiet. Sami tells Rex that she hasn’t told anyone yet but if he doesn’t stop manhandling her. Rex promises that he will do anything to protect himself and Cassie. Rex accuses Sami of trying to string Tony and Lucas along at the same time. Sami claims that Rex is just jealous, threatening him to either find a way to be nice to her or he’ll be a Brady.

Bo and Hope yell back at Lucas about the harm that could have been caused. Lucas explains that he was trying to impress his boss but now he’s going to end up looking like a loser again, thanks to them and storms out of the Pub. Bo and Hope exchange glances.

Victor puts his drink down as Brady tells him that he has always looked up to him in his life but seeing how he treats Nicole makes him lose a lot of respect for him. Victor warns Brady to not get involved in his relationship with Nicole. Brady asks Victor if he thought he wouldn’t notice how Victor treats Nicole, asking him if this is how he wants to live the rest of his life, being bitter and angry. Brady warns Victor that that bitterness will kill you and asks if it does, will anyone even care.

Philip catches up to Cassie again and flirts with her. Cassie closes her robe around her and begs him to stop flirting with her. Philip asks if Cassie would like to get a latte after the show. Cassie tells him that she already has plans. Philip starts to walk away as he notices that a crew member asks Cassie out right after he did and Cassie accepts, saying she doesn’t have any plans. Philip walks up to Belle to talk to her. Belle tells him again that his gift was great. Philip asks Belle for advice about whether or not he’s the kind of guy that girls would go out with. Belle reassures him that he is a total hunk and then notices that he is watching Cassie talk to the crew guy. Belle implores Philip to do himself a favor and forget about Cassie. Belle goes back to the rack of clothes she was working on when Shawn comes in with Marlena and John. Belle is glad to see them and Marlena teases John about being ready for his close-up. Belle assures John that he’ll love what he’s wearing. Marlena says she will too and John and Marlena giggle and kiss. Shawn and Belle smile as they watch Marlena and John and Shawn kisses Belle’s forehead.

Lucas is visiting with Alice in her kitchen. She offers him some lemonade to cool him down. Alice asks Lucas to represent the family and say a few words at the fashion show. Lucas doesn’t believe her because he is working for Tony and a lot of people think he made a deal with the devil. Alice says she is aware of that and Lucas says he’d choose money and power over respect. Alice recalls how she shared her life with a man who had all that and love. Lucas laments that they don’t make them like Alice and Tom anymore, that Tom’s shoes are way too big for him to ever fill. Alice advises him that he can do anything if he believes in himself. Lucas suggests that he needs someone besides his grandma to believe in him.

Sami leaves a message with the nurse to let Tony know that she was here if he wakes up for she has something important to tell him. Rex watches Sami talk to the nurse and Sami glares at him as she walks away from the desk. Rex walks up and grabs her arm and Sami tells him to stop doing that. Rex threatens her with more than a bruise on her arm if she doesn’t shut up. Sami threatens Rex again to tell Tony that Roman is Rex and Cassie’s real father. Rex calls Sami a bitch. Sami suggests that Rex stay out of her face if he can’t be nicer to her and bids him goodbye and leaves. Rex uses the hospital pay phone to call and leave a message for Mimi that starts off sweet claiming he can’t make it without her but then he gets angry and yells about at least Mimi call and let him know when she gets back as he slams down the phone.

Brady apologizes for being so harsh but Victor tells him not to take it back if he meant it. Brady asks if there is anything Victor likes about Nicole, that he wants the rest of his married life to be happy for both of them. Victor calls Nicole into the living room and tells her that when she gets back he’d like to talk about putting their past behind them. Nicole wants to know where she’s going and Victor tells her that he’s changed his mind about her being in the fashion sow, explaining that Brady convinced him. Nicole drags Brady out of the mansion before Victor can change his mind.

Marlena is dressed in her sleepwear outfit and Kate rushes up to help fix the collar on the robe. Marlena asks about Roman but Kate explains that he had to work. Kate compliments Marlena on how she looks and leaves to go help the other models. Rex arrives and Marlena greets him and asks if everything is okay. Rex is short with her and Marlena is taken aback by his rudeness. Rex wants everyone to stop being concerned about her. Belle rushes over to drag Rex away to get ready, apologizing to Marlena. Marlena watches them rush away, looking concerned.

Jack and Jennifer take their places on the stage as the director counts them down. Jack explains that they aren’t in their house today, but in the house with Basic Black. Jennifer explains that it’s a fashion show and Jack mentions it will benefit the Horton foundation. Jennifer introduces the segment for sleepwear, mentioning that the outfits were designed by Salem’s own, Belle Black. The audience applauds and cheers as Cassie and Philip take their turn on the runway. Then Shawn and Sami take their turn. Rex, looking annoyed, leads Lexie out. Hope has to drag Bo out on stage to model and then jumps into his arms followed by Bo carrying Hope off the stage. Marlena and John come out next. They come to the center of the stage, turn and join hands as they walk to the front spotlight. Marlena turns and John takes his cue from her and does the same. Marlena turns back around to smile to the audience and walk off but John sticks around and pretends to strip for the crowd. The audience cheers and Marlena comes back out with a look and John follows her off the stage like a puppy who’s just been disciplined. Brady and Nicole come out next. Brady opens his robe to show off his chest and Nicole playfully jabs him in the stomach with her teddy bear. Jack and Jennifer return to center stage making comments about the sleepwear. Jack starts to get a bit dirty in his comments about what Jennifer would look good in and Jennifer reminds him that they are on the air. Jennifer explains about calling in to contribute and then introduces Lucas to say a few words about the Horton foundation.

Lucas comes out and reads from a card about the Horton foundation and how the benefits from today’s fashion show will go to benefit the Cree tribe and how the DiMera organization is going to donate $500,000 to the cause. The audience claps and Lucas thanks them in advance for their generosity. Sami watches Lucas from backstage and has a flashback to their almost kiss.

Lucas steps off stage and Sami compliments him about deciding to make that donation. Rex comes up and pushes Sami away to lay into Lucas about making such a large donation. Sami tries to defend Lucas but Rex tells her to shut up. Lucas informs Rex that Bo and Hope were the ones to blow the land deal but Rex doesn’t believe him. Lucas shows Rex the picture of Hope. Rex checks out the picture and a mean look comes across his face.

Lucas explains to Rex about Hope and Bo being at the reservation and blowing up the cave. Rex still blames Lucas for what happened and promises that the people who lost this deal for Tony are going to pay.

Nicole is dressed in some sexy red lingerie, looking at her reflection in the mirror as she has a flashback to her dream about Brady and Victor joking about her past. Brady comes to tell her that they are ready for her and that she looks beautiful. Nicole thinks she looks like her past and tells Brady that she can’t do this. Brady suggests that Nicole take it off.

Jack and Jennifer introduce the lingerie segment. Hope comes out in a long white gown and robe. Lexie comes out in a dark color outfit with feather boa. Sami comes out in pants and a sleeveless top. Cassie comes out in the 2 piece outfit with robe. Nicole comes out in Brady’s shirt which covers up the lingerie outfit but nothing else. Brady is watching from backstage as Belle starts to freak out as she watches the video monitor because Nicole isn’t in the outfit she is supposed to be. Belle asks Brady why Nicole is wearing his shirt but Brady says he can’t explain it but to trust that he did the right thing.

While everyone is distracted with the fashion show, Philip sneaks back in to the men’s dressing room to search through Rex’s bag for some proof of what Rex is up to. Rex finds him and asks what he is doing.

Victor is watching the fashion show on TV in his living room as Nicole is on stage. He turns off the TV after her part is over and opens the safe in his wall using a handprint program. He is looking over the blackmail evidence he has on Nicole when Niko comes in to let Victor know he is leaving for his afternoon off. They talk about the evidence and Victor says he was thinking of destroying the evidence, that it may be time to let the past go and move on with his life.

Nicole returns Brady’s shirt and thanks him. Brady tells Belle that she should design men’s shirts for women. Belle says that it isn’t going to happen, compliments Nicole on her performance on stage and leaves. Nicole and Brady talk about Brady’s influence on Victor since he’s moved in, that Victor is letting her do things again. Nicole says she can’t believe that Victor wants to give their marriage another chance. Brady tells her that she deserves to get what she wants.

Hope and Bo come up to Lucas as Hope hugs Lucas to congratulate him for making that large donation. Sami thinks it is awesome that Lucas has such power to run things. Bo makes a comment about it not hurting that Lucas’ boss is in a coma. A crash is heard and Bo and Hope rush off to see what happened.

Rex and Philip are fighting in the men’s dressing room. John and Shawn are trying to break it up as Kate, Belle, and Cassie are hollering at them to stop. Bo comes in and helps restrain Rex. John tells everyone to be quiet and tells Rex and Philip to explain what is going on. Rex accuses Philip of going through his gym bag but Philip covers by saying that he thought it was his bag. Rex breaks free of Bo’s hold and Bo points out how much anger Rex has. Rex is rude with Bo and Kate tries to diffuse the tension by telling Bo and Hope that they’re up next as she leads Bo out of the room. Cassie comes up to tell Rex that she is worried about him.

Jack and Jennifer introduce the swimwear segment. Bo and Hope come out to model first as Rex glares at them from the side with a scowl.

Victor and Niko continue to talk about Victor’s hold over Nicole. He explains that Brady has made him see that he has other options like destroying this blackmail material and giving his marriage another chance.

Nicole is modeling her swimsuit. Cassie is up next, followed by Lexie. Rex comes out in his suit and an open shirt. Philip follows in his suit and sandals. Shawn comes out next to model. Sami comes out in a two piece with miniskirt. John comes out in pants and a short sleeve shirt, eating a banana as he playfully tosses the peel over at Jack and Jennifer. Marlena comes out next followed by Brady. After each model has walked the runway they move to the back of the stage and form a line with Jack and Jennifer. Jennifer makes another plea for bids to the viewers as everyone applauds the group of models.

Jack and Jennifer move to center stage to close the show and ask Kate and Belle to come out and take a bow. Kate and Belle come out to audience and model’s applause and a crew member brings Jack and Jennifer bouquets of flowers to give them. Kate and Belle compliment the models and thank them and the viewers for helping out. Kate goes to talk to Marlena as Marlena tells her that she knows Roman wishes he could have been here. The models and Belle and Kate move around and mingle with everyone as Bo and Hope move center stage. Bo tells Hope that he had fun. They hug. Brady exchanges glances across the stage with Nicole. Cassie sees Rex standing by himself on the other end of the stage and watches him slip off stage and moves to follow him. Belle notices Marlena and John and goes over to talk to them. They hug and express their proud wishes to her. Belle thanks them and explains that she is going to see Shawn. Cassie stops Lexie and asks if she saw Rex leave just as the studio goes dark.

Victor lets Niko leave. Niko assures Victor that he will leave his cell phone on if he needs him as he goes and Victor continues to look over the blackmail materials. Suddenly, he has a pain in his chest and falls to the floor, spilling the folder’s contents.

Jack calls out to check on Jennifer as he holds up a lighter. Jennifer assures him she is fine and Jack calls out to ask if they are still on the air. A crewman comes to the stage with a flashlight to inform them that someone turned off the master switch backstage. Everyone is asking who turned it off as the lights come back on. Everyone is relieved until Belle turns around to see Hope and Bo on the floor in that center spotlight with a puddle of blood around their heads and screams. Everyone turns to see what she screamed about and scream themselves, trying to rush to them. Philip holds Shawn back as John yells for everybody to stay back.

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