Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/7/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/7/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Lucas learns the identity of who ruined his deal with Cree...Philip is fired from the ISA...Rex seeks Marlene's help...Celeste interrupts Abe and Lexie's romantic evening with a premonition...Nicole and Brady have a heart to heart.

Cast: Lucas, Sami, Cree, Erin, Philip, Rex, John, Marlena, Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Brady, Nicole.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Brady is looking through his cds and throws one on the floor as Nicole walks in. Brady tells Nicole that he made the cd for Chloe and he didn't need to see the cd today as he shows her an article he printed off the internet about Chloe. He talks about how she hasn't called since she left and Nicole asks if he still loves her. He does. Nicole tells him that he practically pushed Chloe out of his life. Brady was hoping that one day they would be together. Nicole wouldn't understand and she agrees, saying she's never been in love. Brady asks if she loves Victor. She says that she thought she did and Brady says that Victor said the same thing. As Brady apologizes for upsetting her, Nicole heads upstairs. Later, she returns back down and tells Brady that she admires him for what he did for Chloe and hopes that one day he will meet someone who would sacrifice that much for him.

At the Carver's

Abe and Lexie arrive home and meet each other and kiss. Inside, Celeste has a premonition and rushes outside to find Abe and Lexie. Lexie asks her mom what is wrong and she tells them about the premonition she had. Lexie asks if it's about Tony, but Celeste says that it has nothing to do with the DiMera's. She assures them that it is probably nothing. As Celeste goes to leave, she has a concerned look on her face. Abe and Lexie go upstairs to check on Theo. Later, they dance to some music. They kiss and Abe carries Lexie upstairs.

At University Hospital

Philip runs into John, who has talked to Shane, and tells Philip that he doesn't have good news. He tells him that he is out of the ISA and he will finish up with the Marines. Philip threatens to carry on with the case without the support of the ISA and John tells him to leave it alone. Philip suspects that Rex is up to something, but John tells him to leave the DiMera's alone. He asks why John changed his direction concerning the DiMera's and John says he has a different approach. John leaves and heads to Marlene's office.

In Marlene's office, Rex arrives to see Marlena. He begins explaining his problems concerning his mood swings and Mimi dumping him. Rex thinks something is wrong with him. He tells her that his mood swings have been scaring a lot of people around him and Marlena suggests he see a doctor. Rex wants Mimi back and Marlena isn't sure she will go back to him. As Rex goes to leave, Marlena says that she will give him the doctor's number. Rex yells and says that it won't help. He hopes Mimi doesn't reveal his secrets as John opens the door. John apologizes for interrupting. John tells Rex that he will see him at the fashion show and Rex leaves. John questions Marlena about why Rex was there and she tells him about his mood swings and he asks about the secrets. Marlena doesn't know.

At the nurses' station, Rex makes an appointment and runs into Philip. Rex tells him that he will see him at the fashion show and he leaves. Philip thinks that Rex is trouble.

Later, at the penthouse, John and Marlena arrive in their bedroom and begin kissing.

At the DiMera Mansion

As Lucas and Sami lean in for a kiss, Erin interrupts, telling Lucas that someone is on the phone for him. Lucas takes the call and it is Cree. Cree tells him about the explosion in the cave and this infuriates Lucas. Sami sneaks out and listens in on other phone. Lucas accuses Cree of exploding the cave himself right after he got the money, but he tells him that it was the man and the woman. Lucas tells Cree that he is in a lot of trouble with the DiMera's as Sami sneezes and they both hear her. Lucas tells him to fax him a photo of the woman, so he can identify her. After he hangs up, he brings Sami a Kleenex and tells her to stop playing games. Sami says that he needs her help and he asks how she can help him as she doesn't even have a high school diploma. Finally, Sami decides she has to leave and after she is gone, Erin tells Lucas that a fax has come in for him. Lucas receives a photo of Hope and slams it down, asking "Why Hope? Why did you and your macho man have to ruin everything?" as the previews roll.

On the next Days of Our Lives:

*The fashion show begins as we see shots of Cassie, Nicole, Lexie, Sami, Philip, Marlena, Shawn, Brady and John.
*Philip and Rex fight as John and Shawn break them up.
*Sami is with Lucas as he is telling Bo and Hope that his job is to make his boss look good. "It doesn't help that your boss is in a coma," Bo says.
*Victor is at home, when he grabs his chest and collapses.
*Belle yells "Oh my god!" and screams.

The End.

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