Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/6/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/6/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Roman and Shawn arrive at Basic Black and talk to the secretary, Shari. Shari informs them that Belle and Kate aren’t seeing anyone right now but will take a message if they’d like to leave one. Shari turns to send a fax and Roman and Shawn sneak into the office where Kate and Belle are hard at work doing last minute decisions for the fashion show. Shari calls after them and Kate and Belle get upset when they see them, Kate saying this is the last thing they need.

Lucas calls the hospital to check on Tony and explains to Sami after hanging up that there is no change in Tony’s condition. Lucas tells Sami that Tony is going to wake up and be a happy man when this land deal is done. Sami warns Lucas about holding off on the land deal until Tony wakes up but Lucas insists that he can handle it. The phone rings and it is Cree. Cree wants to know when he can expect the payment. Lucas tries to play for time but Cree informs Lucas about “a man and a woman” who have found out about the source of the substance. He explains that they are restrained right now but he doesn’t know what to do. Lucas tells Cree to get his hands on the deed.

Hope and Bo are still tied to the rocks deep in the cave. Hope asks if the Worst Case Survival Handbook Bo had had a chapter on this situation. Bo says it didn’t and Hope worries what Cree will do to them when he comes back. Bo is worried that Cree will come back down there and use them as target practice as they continue to struggle against the ropes.

Shari apologizes to Kate about not trying to stop Shawn and Roman. Kate apologizes to Shari and allows her to go. Roman and Shawn suggest that Belle and Kate take a break for some coffee at Belle and Kate scoff but Shawn and Roman just smile.

Cree is worried about his payment. Lucas promises to bring the diamonds and money when he comes in a few days. Cree is worried that this isn’t how Tony was planning on doing it but Lucas says that they are playing by his rules now. Lucas offers to send a good faith payment tonight and will bring the rest when he comes. Cree asks Lucas what he should do with the strangers. Lucas tells Cree not to let them out of his sight and he’ll be there soon to take care of them. Lucas hangs up and Sami who overheard the whole conversation asks Lucas if he is going to kill the strangers.

Hope and Bo joke about being tied up twice already this summer and Bo adds that they’ve been tied up so much; they could get out of it with their hands tied behind their backs. Bo starts to get upset with Hope about going off by herself. Bo starts to think about all the times they have been separated and found each other again. He then has a series of flashbacks starting with when Bo took Hope away from her wedding with Larry to the cage explosion to when they still thought JT was Hope’s biological son, realizing that Bo wasn’t around when he was conceived, to being stranded on the Fancy Face. Bo considers it miraculous that they’ve always pulled through but Hope calls it love. They continue to try and work their way out of the ropes as Bo speculates about them not being able to get out of this situation.

Kate and Belle can’t fathom the thought of taking a break right now. Roman and Shawn still try to convince them to take a break. Belle tells Shawn about how great Hope would look in a bikini in the show. Shawn doesn’t think that Bo would like that idea and Belle asks if he’s heard anything from them. Shawn says he hasn’t and Roman tells him not to worry. Shawn picks up a frilly pink lingerie top and puts it on asking Roman if it accentuates his curves. Belle tugs at the top telling Shawn to take it off and Shawn finally gives in and takes it off. Roman offers to help and Kate tells him he can help by taking off his clothes.

Lucas is shocked that Sami thought he would actually kill the strangers. Sami wants to know what he’s doing now and Lucas mentions having to call Tony’s bank and having to work fast if he is to leave tomorrow. Sami suggests that he take her with him.

Bo asks Hope if she is making any progress. Hope asks Bo what they are going to do once they get out of there. Bo says that they have to make sure Tony doesn’t get his hands on it. Bo finally frees himself and heads over to untie Hope from the rock. Bo wants to figure out what to do with the substance but Hope is still worried about the children of the reservation not getting the money for the research. Bo comments about writing a million dollar check if he could which gives Hope an idea. Hope asks for Bo’s phone and heads to the top of the cave to get a signal to be able to make a call.

Roman is gritting his teeth about how he let Kate talk him into this as Roman and Shawn are trying on the clothing for the show. Belle tells the lady doing the alternations that Shawn’s suit needs to be tighter in the legs. The lady pricks Shawn with a pin, complaining that he needs to stop moving so much. Shawn complains that there aren’t mannequins they could use instead and asks if he can change back into his own clothes. Belle jokes to Shawn about keeping his shirt on. Together Kate and Belle decide that the pajamas Roman is wearing would look better with cuffs. The alterations lady promises to make the changes and Belle tells Shawn that they’ll finish up with the lingerie decisions while they change. Kate suggests they go to the Pub for coffee but Roman has another idea. Shawn asks Belle if she is ready for a break now and Belle agrees.

Sami covers by saying she wants to go with Lucas to make sure he keeps Tony’s best interests at heart. Lucas accuses Sami of only liking Tony for his money. He teases Sami about bringing back a bumper sticker for her. Sami claims she has a valid reason for wanting to go with Lucas and Lucas accuses Sami of being in cahoots with Rex. Sami covers for that and is worried that Lucas can’t handle this by himself. Lucas says he will be fine and sees Sami out to go home and get some rest as he is staying to make some calls and maybe take a swim later.

Hope returns to the deep part of the cave to inform Bo that she talked to Alice and they’ve worked out a plan to have all the proceeds from the fashion show go to the children on the reservation and setting up a volunteer clinic there. Hope wants to go find Cree before he talks to Tony’s people to let him know that he doesn’t have to sell the substance. Bo refuses to leave, more intent on getting rid of the substance so no one can get their hands on it. Hope asks how they can do that and Bo tells her to come with him as he goes to leave the cave.

Lucas comes back downstairs to the DiMera living room having changed into his bathing suit to find Sami in her bathing suit. Sami walks toward him explaining that she thought she’d go for a swim too. Lucas looks her up and down as he moves toward her.

Roman leads Kate to his bedroom, explaining that they needed some peace and quiet. Kate’s phone rings with a last minute question of the fashion show. Kate insists on taking the call and when she hangs up Roman insists on her handing over the phone. Roman suggests the perfect way to get relaxed. Kate assumes Roman means one thing but Roman says he doesn’t mean that but it is now Kate’s turn and tells her to take off her blouse.

Belle and Shawn spread a blanket out in the park. They lie down on the blanket to look at the stars. Shawn brings up the fashion show and Belle gets upset that she can’t relax if he keeps bringing it up. Shawn apologizes and promises not to talk about it anymore, only to remind Belle of one thing, how much he loves her.

Bo and Hope arrive at the store on the reservation for supplies. It is dark and deserted. Bo picks up a gallon jug of water and goes into the storage closet to look for more supplies. He warns Hope to keep out of sight. Hope starts to look at the things in the store when the lights come on. She whips around to see who is there.

It turns out to be the little girl who helped Hope find the cave coming to get some milk. She asks Hope to tell her the story about the princess and the bear again but Hope says she will save that for tomorrow. Hope gets the milk out of the case for the girl and hands it to her as Cree comes calling for the girl. Hope ducks behind the counter as Cree comes in to explain that the girl’s mother is scared not knowing where her daughter is. Cree leads the girl back home and turns out the lights. After they leave Hope calls out for Bo and he comes out of the storage closet with more supplies. Hope leaves money for the items on the counter and they leave the store.

Lucas asks Sami where she got the bathing suit. Sami explains she keeps a beach bag in her car in case Will wants to go swimming after soccer practice. Erin, the maid comes in and asks if they would care for something to drink. Lucas says he would love a vodka tonic and Sami looks shocked.

Belle and Shawn talk about how great a patch of stars would look on a pair of pajamas. Belle thinks about how much their lives have changed this past year, bringing up Philip as not the only one who has changed. Shawn has reservations about Philip being in the fashion show but Belle insists that it is fine and shows Shawn the gift that Philip gave her. Shawn thinks the gift is nice but doesn’t think Philip has changed since he’s come back, wishing he would just go back and hang around the base, making friends there. Belle tells Shawn that she is not interested in any other guy but Shawn and Shawn asks her why she would say that since he didn’t say that he thought she was interested in any other guy and while they are talking about Philip.

Belle covers by saying she was just letting him know that she isn’t interested in anyone else and will prove it as she pulls Shawn close to make out.

Kate and Roman are sitting on the bed as Roman gives Kate a shoulder massage. Kate tells Roman about going to see Philip and getting Brady to participate in the show as well. She moves on to talk about having a civil conversation with Victor and how they talked about Roman. Roman stops giving Kate the massage and gets upset that Kate and Victor were getting close again, saying he doesn’t like Kate seeing Victor anymore. Kate gets upset at this.

Sami accuses Lucas of drinking again but Lucas claims he was just joking. Lucas tells Erin to bring them some iced teas and Erin leaves. Sami tells Lucas that that is a sick thing to joke about and asks if he is still going to the AA meetings. Sami says she wouldn’t blame Lucas for being tempted with all the stress he is under. Lucas explains that his work is a natural high only with no hangover the next day. Lucas explains that he was testing Sami to see what she would do if she thought he was drinking again. Sami claims that she wouldn’t sue for full custody anymore.

Bo sets up a homemade bomb with the supplies he got from the store and tells Hope to go hide behind some rocks. Bo throws a match at the bomb and turns away as a low pop is heard as smoke billows up into the air. Hope comes out from behind the rocks and Bo explains that the bomb he is setting up will hopefully keep anyone away from the substance by closing up the cave. Hope is worried that they can’t be in the cave when they set off the bomb and Bo holds up the equipment he grabbed to make a fuse. Bo sets up the fuse.

Roman apologizes for being out of line. Kate puts her blouse back on and explains that they have to talk occasionally since they share a child and goes to leave. Roman wants her to wait but she says she can’t stand his caveman attitude. Roman grabs her arm telling Kate that she does like it and kisses her.

Belle pulls away from Shawn telling him to stop because they made a pledge. Shawn wants to take off the purity rings asking if it would count. Belle says she wants to wait and asks if Shawn wants to wait as well. Shawn says there is no reason to rush it and assures Belle that they have the rest of their lives to make love to each other. Belle says she will hold him to his promise. Shawn tells Belle that he will never stop loving her and they lie back down on the blanket.

Lucas tells Sami that he was a mess after her accident as well. He explains that all of a sudden his whole life was turned upside down. Sami explains that things have changed for her too and before she was so convinced that Lucas was the enemy. Lucas says he was then. Sami suggests that they can now move forward for Will’s sake. Erin brings the iced teas and leaves. Sami asks about that midnight swim and Lucas says after you as he puts his hand on Sami’s back. Sami stops and turns at the feeling of Lucas’ hand on her back and Lucas moves in closer. They bring their heads close.

Bo sets the gallon jug into the lava substance and finds that the fuse isn’t long enough. Hope asks what Bo is going to do and Bo tells Hope to go outside and wait for him. Hope refuses, saying they are a team. Bo asks if the path is clear and warns Hope to just keep running when they light the fuse and don’t look back. They tell each other they love them and Bo lights the fuse. They take off running and the fire travels the fuse and sets off the explosive, blowing up the cave. Cree comes running to the cave in time to see it blow up.

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