Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/5/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/5/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is setting up a romantic evening with candles and champagne in their living room. He dims the lights and calls upstairs to Jennifer to come downstairs. Jennifer comes downstairs telling Jack about a surprise she has for him. Jack reveals his surprise for an evening alone, explaining that Abby is off at camp and they have no TV show to plan for tomorrow. Jennifer calls him a genius for coming up with the idea to run an episode of the Best of In the House. Jack wants to start doing investigative reporting on their show as he leans in to kiss Jennifer. The doorbell rings and Jack wants to get rid of them but Jennifer says that is her surprise and it is Belle and Kate. Jennifer explains that Kate and Belle want to do the fashion show on Jack and Jennifer’s TV show. Belle hands Jack the information.

Philip comes by the Kiriakis mansion to ask Victor to go to dinner. Victor refuses the offer because he is busy and asks if Philip has something on his mind and asks if it has anything to do with Belle Black. Philip has a flashback to kissing Belle and when he comes back to the present, Victor guesses what he is thinking about.

Nicole walks out to the pool to take a swim. She removes her bathing suit cover and turns to find Brady standing there. She asks if he is spying on her.

Sami and Lucas arrive at the hospital to visit Tony. They see Lexie coming out of Tony’s room looking very worried. Sami asks how Tony is and Lexie says that she is afraid Tony is losing his will to live. Sami says that that could never happen.

Cree leads Bo to the entrance of the cave. Hope is deep inside the cave talking with the two girls who led her there. Hope is telling them a story when the older girl hears someone coming. Bo calls out to Hope and they hug.

Lexie explains that Tony is still comatose. Lucas offers to sit with Tony so Lexie can get some rest. Sami adds that she will sit with Tony too but Lexie warns her to stay away from Tony. Lucas explains that he put Sami’s name on the visitor list. Lexie gets upset at Sami for pretending to care but Sami claims she really does care.

Hope assumes that Bo got the message she left. Bo explains that he got the coordinates and Cree helped him find the rest of the way. They notice Cree took the two girls back up to the top of the cave. Hope shows Bo the goop in the cave and Bo goes to touch it as Cree comes back warning him not to touch it. Cree explains to Bo and Hope about how the lava in this cave has healing powers. Bo asks how it can be important to his people if he is planning to sell this to the highest bidder.

Nicole tells Brady to admit that he’s changed since Victor told him about her past. Brady gets upset and goes to leave but Nicole calls after him to apologize. Nicole goes on to say she owes Brady for being there when she needed someone. They talk about how Brady got rid of the bartender. Nicole asks if they are still partners. Brady tells Nicole that she is a good person who deserves to be happy but she isn’t and he knows why.

Victor tells Philip to go after Belle if she is the one who makes her happy. Philip tries to convince Victor that Belle is in love with Shawn. They talk about Victor’s party the other night and Philip insists that nothing happened between him and Belle that night. Victor warns Philip to stay away from Belle if he doesn’t think he has a chance with her so he doesn’t get hurt like he did with Chloe.

Belle is trying to convince Jack that the fashion show is for a good cause and the bigger audience the better. Jack is worried that the whole event won’t fit in their living room. Jennifer explains that Oliver Wentworth will let them use the TV studio space. Jack is worried about the cost and Belle suggests that Oliver will donate the space. Kate points out it would be great publicity for the studio. Jennifer says she will handle getting the studio and Belle says she’ll call the models. Kate points out that all Jack would have to do is show up so Jack agrees to the idea. Belle suggests that Jack should model but both Jennifer and Jack disagree. Belle and Kate leave and Jennifer continues to try and convince Jack that this fashion show is a good idea and they kiss.

Philip and Victor argue about Victor’s relationship with Nicole. He asks Victor why he is still married to a woman he can not stand.

Nicole tries to defend her marriage by saying every marriage has its problems. Brady points out that Nicole and Victor can’t even stand to be in the same room. Nicole says Brady is the one she can’t stand and walks away.

Cree explains to Bo and Hope that the lava produced in this cave can not be found anywhere else and the money the people who came looking for it are offering will help save Cree’s people suffering from a rare blood disorder. Bo asks about research being done into the cause of this disease and Cree explains that he has been traveling looking to raise money for research and that is how he met up with Maya. Bo asks how Maya knew about this place and Cree explains that Maya is part Cree and knew the stories of this place and said she would pay any price. Cree explains that he told Maya he wanted to be paid in diamonds so the transaction would be done in secret since the land is part of the reservation and unable to be sold. Bo asks when the deal is supposed to be finalized. Cree explains that it is going to be completed right away because Maya and Tony were very anxious to get this land. Bo tells Cree about Maya being in prison and Tony being in the hospital. Cree believes there must be others who are willing to pay as much as Maya and Tony. Hope asks about the lava’s components and Cree explains that he doesn’t know that Maya was going to have it tested. Bo offers to use his contacts to try and find out the lava’s components and leaves for the top of the cave to try and get a phone signal.

Lexie accuses Sami of only caring because Tony went into a coma before he could shower her with more diamonds. Lucas tries to stick up for Sami by saying that she and Tony were getting close. Lexie claims that Tony was just keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. Lexie calls Sami a lying witch and reminds her that it was Tony’s idea to switch the paternity tests. Sami threatens to kill Lexie and starts to lunge for her.

Lucas steps in and tells Sami to stop it. Lexie leaves to tell Tony’s doctor to not let Sami anywhere near Tony. Sami wants to go in and see Tony but Lucas advises her not to because people in comas can sense when someone is upset. Lucas changes the topic to Will’s homecoming from camp. Lucas points out that no matter how much they screw up in their own lives, they are doing well as Will’s parents so maybe there is hope for them yet. Sami still wants to go sit in with Tony but Lucas stops her to ask if she and Tony will pick up where they left off.

Philip and Victor continue to fight when Kate comes in. Victor wants to know who let Kate in and Kate informs Victor that she still has some supporters here and knew Philip was going to be here so she came to see him. They talk a bit about the fashion show. Brady comes in to ask what everyone is talking about and Philip says it is a family reunion. Nicole comes in to hear this and makes a remark about needing a drink as she moves to the bar. Brady goes to leave but Kate asks Brady to model for the fashion show. Nicole and Kate exchange sarcastic remarks about the fashion show as Brady agrees to model.

Belle is sitting in the Brady Pub talking on her cell phone doing last minute plans for the fashion show. Caroline brings her some iced tea and sits down to talk with her. Caroline hands Belle a gift that was left for her. Belle assumes it is from Shawn and opens it, looking shocked.

Bo returns to the deep part of the cave and Hope asks if he was able to get a signal. Bo explains that he got Shawn’s message about Rex’s analysis of the lava. He informs Hope and Cree about the lava being like a form of dynamite, only more powerful and more deadly.

Belle reads the note with the gift and realizes that the gift is actually from Philip for good luck with the fashion show. Caroline asks what the gift is and Belle opens the pouch to find a video monitor and finishes reading the note from Philip about the video monitor coming into use during the fashion show so Belle can watch from backstage and make changes as needed. Caroline offers to have Belle let her know if she needs anything else and leaves to get back to work. Lexie comes into the Pub to pick up a takeout order. Belle greets her and asks how Tony is doing. Belle asks Lexie to join her but Lexie turns down the offer. Belle offers to baby-sit for Theo or run errands if Lexie needs it but Lexie tells Belle that she has enough to deal with with the fashion show. Lexie laments about not being in the show and Belle explains that she thought Lexie wouldn’t want to do it because of Tony but Lexie says she would have enjoyed the distraction so Belle gives her all the details.

Philip asks Kate to ask Nicole to be in the fashion show. Kate reluctantly agrees but tells Philip that he has to ask her because she will just laugh in Kate’s face. Nicole doesn’t want to do it asking why Kate doesn’t ask herself. Philip explains that Nicole would laugh in her face and at that Nicole agrees to model in the show.

Sami doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t continue her friendship with Tony. Lucas suggests that they both go and see Tony and then he’ll drop Sami off at her apartment and then he’s going back to the mansion. Sami doesn’t want to go back to her apartment and offers to help Lucas with what he has to do at the mansion.

Bo tells Cree that he can’t sell the lava knowing that it could be lethal. Cree explains that this is all his people have left. Hope tries to convince Cree to not sell the lava. Cree insists that selling the lava is the only way to help his people and he can’t be responsible for what other people do with it.

Jennifer finishes making the arrangements to hold the fashion show in the TV studio. Jack is still not happy about the idea and Jennifer continues to try and change his mood. Jack is adamant about being a serious news reporter and Jennifer claims that he will be that, after tomorrow. Jack says he won’t settle for less.

Nicole wants Kate to know that she is only doing it for the hospital and for the work Brandon did with the kids. Brady tells Nicole that he is glad she is doing the fashion show and Nicole tells him that someone has to show them how it’s done. Philip goes to leave and Kate asks about Nicole’s answer. Philip tells her she said yes and Kate cringes. Victor and Kate talk about how happy Kate is now.

Bo and Hope beg Cree to let them help him find another way to help the people on the reservation. Cree starts to leave and call Tony’s people but Bo and Hope try to stop him. Cree says that no one is going to stop him as he pulls out a gun.

Brady decides to go for a swim himself and dives into the pool just as Nicole returns to the pool. She sees Brady dive in and starts to fantasize about the two of them in the pool moving in closer to kiss. Brady interrupts Nicole’s fantasy as he notices that she is standing there. Nicole covers by saying she was hoping to have the pool to herself. Brady points out that they can now practice their moves. Nicole is shocked at this statement but Brady explains that he meant the moves for the fashion show and gets out doing a mock runway walk as Nicole watches.

Kate and Victor share a drink as they talk about Roman getting upset when he witnessed their talk about their family. Kate explains that she took care of it. Victor doesn’t believe that Kate and Roman are right for each other and asks Kate if she really believes that they are.

Philip arrives at the Brady Pub and greets Belle. Belle is worried that the gift was too extravagant. Philip explains that he just wanted to help. Belle is worried that Shawn won’t be thrilled when he finds out the gift came from Philip. Philip says that Shawn can’t stop them from being friends and Belle agrees that that isn’t Shawn’s intention. Philip deduces that Shawn is jealous because of the kiss Philip and Belle shared.

Sami brings Lucas some iced tea while he is working at the mansion. Lucas explains that he is working on learning about the substance that Tony is trying to get his hands on. Sami warns Lucas to watch his back and Lucas accuses Sami of really caring. The phone rings and Lucas answers it. It is Cree who wants to speak to someone representing Tony. Lucas explains that he is representing the DiMera organization now and is aware of their deal. They talk about the deal and Lucas says he is willing to negotiate. Cree says that there won’t be anymore negotiations; they are doing this his way. He informs Lucas that no one is going to stop him from making this deal as he moves the gun around in his hand.

Jennifer hands Jack a glass of champagne and promises no more powder puff stories. She begs him again to hang in there for the fashion show and then after that, he can do all the hard hitting stories he wants. They agree to the deal and say I love you to each other and kiss.

Belle tells Philip that Shawn doesn’t know about the kiss and he’s not going to. She starts to gather her stuff as Philip puts his hand on Belle’s hand. Belle draws her hand back and begs him not to do that as she leaves.

Kate defends Roman listing his good points and that she is truly happy. Victor tells Kate that he is glad she’s found happiness. Kate hopes that someday Victor finds that too.

Brady reaches the end of the deck and walks back the other way. He stops to ask Nicole what she thinks. Nicole smiles and tells him not to quit his day job as she pushes him into the pool. Nicole rushes over to splash Brady with her foot and Brady splashes Nicole from inside the pool.

Lucas tells Cree that raising that much cash is going to take some time. Cree gives Lucas a time limit of 24 hours and says that he will contact him.

Bo and Hope are tied to rocks in the deep part of the cave. Hope jokes about getting tied up becoming old hat. Cree returns with gun drawn. Bo asks if Cree got the answer he wanted from the DiMera organization and Cree says it is in the works. Hope asks Cree what he is going to do to them. Cree looks at Hope with his gun drawn for a few moments and then turns to Bo to do the same. Hope exchanges a worried glance with Bo.

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