Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/1/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/1/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole arrives for work at the Blue Note and Brady is nowhere to be found. She calls for him and when he doesn’t answer, helps herself to a drink from the bar. She takes her first sip as Brady walks in and tells her not to touch that. Nicole accuses him of sounding like Victor as Brady takes the glass out of her hand and offers her coffee and donuts from the bakery across the street. Nicole claims she isn’t hungry. Brady says he wants to help Nicole but Nicole says that no one can and tells Brady to leave her alone.

The nurse leaves Tony’s room and Victor asks why there isn’t a police officer stationed outside of Tony’s door. The nurse doesn’t know and suggests that he talk to Tony’s doctor. Victor goes to see Tony but the nurse stops in because only one visitor is allowed in there at a time. Victor asks who is in there now as Sami comes out of Tony’s room. Victor is shocked that Sami can talk again and asks if she couldn’t wait to share the news with Tony or does she just have a thing with guys in comas. Sami says that Tony wouldn’t want to see Victor and Victor reminds Sami that he owns her. Lucas comes up to them and tells Victor that he no longer owns Sami. Lucas tells Victor to let Sami go and to leave her alone.

Tek meets John at Basic Black and asks why John called him. John informs Tek that he’s made a decision that Marlena isn’t going to like. He asks Tek if he can back him up, no questions asked.

Cassie and Marlena are waiting outside the courtroom at Cassie’s trial. Cassie is impatient waiting for the judge to call the court back from recess. Marlena tells Cassie to be grateful that her attorney persuaded the judge to make this a closed hearing. Roman arrives and asks Marlena if he is too late. Cassie gets upset at Roman calling him her worst enemy who’s here to testify to make sure she gets hauled off to prison.

Mimi is crying on the couch as Belle brings her some tissues and asks what happened between Mimi and Rex. Mimi tells Belle about how she hates being treated like she’s only good for trailing around after Rex, mopping up. Belle is worried that Rex would ever hurt Mimi but Mimi says that Rex is the gentlest sweetest person but every time she tries to help, he’d push her away and she couldn’t take it anymore. There is a knock on the door and Belle offers to get it but Mimi insists that she be the one to answer the door. It’s Rex with a huge bouquet of flowers. He tells Mimi that he’s missed her. Mimi isn’t sure she is ready for this and Rex begs her to at least take the flowers. Belle makes a quick excuse to leave about meeting Shawn. Rex apologizes to Mimi.

Shawn meets Philip at the Brady Pub in response to Philip leaving Shawn a message. Philip tells Shawn that it is about Belle and Shawn asks if they can stop playing games and just level with each other.

John puts all the information the ISA has on Tony and the DiMera organization onto a CD-ROM and printouts and gives them to Tek. He informs Tek that he is withdrawing himself from the operation of spying on Tony. Tek tries to convince him otherwise but John insists on keeping his promise that he made to Tony about no more spying. Tek informs John that Tony had been dating Sami.

Victor glares at Sami and Lucas repeats for Victor to back off. Victor calls Lucas an ungrateful bastard as he lists the times he has helped Kate and Lucas against Sami. Lucas says he doesn’t want to see Sami hurt anymore, that she’s suffered enough. Victor says that he’ll decide when the suffering is over for both of them. Victor asks Lucas who he thinks he is and Lucas throws his weight around about being Tony’s right hand man and tells Victor that he promised Tony to look after Sami. Victor turns to Sami and asks what she had to do to become Tony’s latest plaything.

Marlena is relieved that the judge dismissed Cassie’s charges. Cassie says there wouldn’t be any charges if it weren’t for Roman. Roman suggests that Tony being out of commission is just what Cassie needs to clean up her act. Cassie tells Roman to mind her own business because he is not her father and he never could be as she walks away. Roman tells Marlena that he needs to get back to the station and Marlena thanks him for testifying as he leaves. Marlena yells at Cassie for being so rude to Roman and Cassie says that what Roman did for her today is too little too late.

Mimi takes the flowers and Rex asks what he has to do to win her back. Mimi tells Rex that his temper scares her and he needs professional help. She urges him to tell the truth about being a Brady. Rex refuses but Mimi says that keeping the secret is already destroying them and it’s either being a DiMera or being with her. Rex says it was a mistake to come here and Mimi gives him back the flowers. Rex tries to insist that Mimi keep the flowers but Mimi refuses and throws him out. Rex throws the flowers on the ground outside the loft’s door and gets upset with himself for his actions.

Philip tells Shawn that his relationship with Belle has changed. Shawn says he walked in on them the other day and saw them hugging and then lays into Philip about involving Belle in the ISA operation. Philip tries to defend himself but Shawn says that he realizes it isn’t all Philip’s fault but wants Philip to stay away from Belle. Belle comes in and joins them. Philip tries to leave but Belle insists that he stay, that she has a favor to ask of both of them.

Marlena and Cassie arrive at Basic Black and greet Kate who is filling in for her own secretary. They tell Kate about Cassie only getting 40 hours of community service. Kate says that John is probably in a meeting since his door is closed so Marlena decides that they’ll wait. They talk about the upcoming fashion show and Kate convinces Marlena and Cassie to be models. Cassie leaves to go tell Philip. Kate doesn’t like the idea of Cassie spending time with Philip and tells Marlena to keep Cassie away from Philip.

Belle asks Shawn about Hope and Shawn says that Bo knows where she is and he isn’t worried. Belle tells Shawn and Philip that she wants them to be models in the charity fashion show. Philip quickly agrees but Shawn starts to discourage him. Philip tells Belle not to worry that he’ll do it and Shawn gives Philip a glaring look.

Nicole starts to tear up and Brady hands her a napkin. He tries to convince Nicole that Victor won’t leave her penniless if she decides to leave Victor. Nicole says it isn’t about the money; it’s that Victor thinks he owns her. Brady tells Nicole that he talked to Victor about Nicole’s nightmare and that Victor blames her for destroying their marriage. Brady asks Nicole why that is and Nicole says that Victor blames her for everything. Nicole takes back her drink and drinks a toast to the men in her life, may they burn in hell.

Nicole and Brady are working on their respective paperwork, Nicole doing hers at the bar. The bartender keeps staring at Nicole so Nicole calls him on it. He introduces himself as Mitch and tries to remember where he’s seen her before. He remembers that he’s seen her on Locker Room Lolita. Brady comes to Nicole’s defense and tells Mitch to get back to work with the threat of being fired if he doesn’t stop. Nicole suggests that Brady should fire her instead but Brady refuses to fire his own partner. Nicole says she will always be locker room Lolita and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Marlena hopes that Cassie’s learning some hard lessons will help her change. Kate says she knows Cassie’s type and that she is incorrigible. She tells Marlena that Cassie is lucky to have her as a daughter because if she was her daughter she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Kate has to leave so they hug goodbye. Kate leaves Marlena with the parting words of not letting Cassie break her heart.

Marlena knocks on John’s door. He answers it and tells Marlena to come in. Marlena sees Tek and worries that she is interrupting something but Tek says he was just leaving as he leaves them alone. Marlena asks John if something is wrong and John says that Sami is in way over her head.

Sami tells Victor that she isn’t’ sleeping with Tony. Victor says he isn’t’ talking about sleeping, he is talking about sex. Sami gets upset at Victor’s vulgarity and Victor tells her to have him paged when she’s done visiting with Tony. Lucas tells Sami to not worry about Victor that he was just trying to provoke her. Sami turns to get upset at Lucas and Lucas explains about John making peace with Tony and asking if he and Sami can do the same.

Mimi comes into the Brady Pub and when Belle, Shawn, and Philip look up, Mimi overdoes moving a chair so that Belle knows to come talk with her. Belle excuses herself and goes over to talk with Mimi at the bar. Shawn confronts Philip about agreeing to be in the fashion show. Philip tells Shawn that Belle is his friend and that he wasn’t going to let her down and if Shawn doesn’t’ like it, that’s tough.

Belle and Mimi talk about how Mimi and Rex didn’t make up. Belle relates the idea of keeping secrets to her own relationship with Shawn. Mimi insists that Belle tell her what happened and Belle says that Philip kissed her. Mimi is saying that this is really bad as Shawn walks up and asks what is really bad.

Sami says she doesn’t want to deal with this right now and goes back to sit with Tony. Victor comes back up to Lucas and asks him if he is comfortable having Sami in there with Tony. Lucas acts pompous as he tells Victor about being the head of Tony’s business and Victor will have to deal with him. Victor warns Lucas to watch his back for getting involved with Tony could prove fatal. Kate comes up and begs Lucas to listen to Victor but Lucas claims he knows what he is doing. Kate asks Victor to give her and Lucas a few minutes and Victor agrees. Lucas once again tells Kate to back off but Kate offers to go out to lunch and talk about this. Lucas says he already has a date for lunch with Sami as Sami comes back out of Tony’s room. Kate is upset at this news and Sami takes Lucas’ arm and leads him off.

Shawn asks what Mimi and Belle were talking about when he walked up. Mimi says that she and Rex broke up and Shawn apologizes. Belle says that they’ll get back together after they work out their problems like her and Shawn. Mimi asks for their secret and Shawn says he knows that Belle is honest with him no matter what.

Cassie walks into the Brady Pub and takes a drink from the tray that the waitress was bringing someone else. Cassie tells her to make them another one and put it on her tab and that she’ll be with Philip. She takes her drink to Philip’s booth and tells him about the court trial outcome. Philip tells Cassie about agreeing to do the fashion show and Cassie tells Philip not to hide that he’s in love with Belle and would love to be able to spend more time with her.

Nicole and Brady moves into the dining area to work on their paperwork. Brady takes away her drink and tells her to start changing her life by getting rid of the booze. Nicole tells Brady that she has tried but she is still a porn star in the eyes of millions. Brady suggests that he should move out but Nicole begs him to not leave her alone with Victor. Lucas and Sami walk in then as Lucas calls Victor a complete psychopath. Brady warns Lucas to watch it as Lucas explains that they came for lunch. Sami suggests that Nicole go to the bar for that is what she came for and Nicole explains that she works here now. Brady explains that Nicole is now a manager as they realize that Sami can talk again. Sami makes a snide comment about Brady and Nicole managing very well together. Lucas offers pointers for being married to Nicole to Brady.

Kate is talking to Victor about why Lucas seems to find danger so irresistible. Victor tells Kate that Lucas is just trying to make a name for himself. Kate is worried that Lucas is blind to the danger and turns away. Victor puts his hands on Kate’s shoulders to comfort her promising to get Lucas away from Tony as Roman walks up to see them.

Marlena is worried about Tony getting close to Tony. John reminds her that Tony is comatose. Marlena asks about the criminal investigation but John says that there isn’t enough to make a conviction and that he’s removed himself from the case. Marlena says that Tony must be stopped and if he survives, he will be a danger to their entire family and John can’t stop the investigation.

Rex is working in his room on the DNA samples from Philip and Lucas. He looks at his watch and says that testing their DNA samples will have to wait for there is something more important to do.

Cassie tries to convince Philip to admit that he loves Belle. Philip tries to deny it, that he is just Belle’s friend. Cassie doesn’t believe him.

Mimi goes to leave and hugs Belle goodbye. Belle tells Mimi not to let anything stand in her way if she really loves Rex. Once Mimi leaves Shawn asks Belle if she thinks anything could stand in their way. Belle looks over at Philip as Philip and Cassie look over at her and Shawn.

Roman approaches Kate and Victor. Roman grills Victor about being involved in the hit on Tony. Victor denies being involved. Roman asks Kate to speak privately and they walk across the room. Kate asks Roman what he was needling Victor about and Roman asks what they were talking about when he walked in.

Lucas is worried that Sami hasn’t touched her food. Sami says that dealing with Nicole would make anyone lose their appetite. They talk about the possibility of Brady and Nicole being a couple. Sami calls out to Nicole as a waitress to bring her more coffee. Brady offers to send someone but Nicole insists on doing it herself. Nicole brings Sami the pot and puts it down on the table telling her to drink up. Sami just smiles.

Brady goes back into the bar area and fires Mitch. Mitch gets defensive and tries to tell Brady to fire Locker Room Lolita, the teenage porn star but Brady insists that Mitch pack up his stuff and get out now.

Brady gives Mitch one week’s pay and tells him that he’s gotten more than two weeks in the liquor he’s been stealing. Brady warns Mitch not to mention Nicole or her past to anyone else. Mitch leaves the club and Nicole walks in to ask if there is anything she should know. Brady says he took care of it and Nicole thanks him.

Sami and Lucas continue to talk about Brady and Nicole. Sami says she has a whole new bag of tricks ready for Nicole.

Kate compares her relationship to Victor since they share a child to Roman’s relationship with Marlena. Roman says it is different because Victor’s marriage is a sham. Kate accuses Roman of thinking that Kate is shallow enough to be after Victor for his money. Roman tries to tell Kate she doesn’t understand but Kate says she does and storms away from him. Victor gloats to Kate about it and Kate tells him to go to hell.

Cassie continues to urge Philip to go after Belle. Belle tells Shawn that she is worried that their being so happy could be taken away. Shawn promises to never let that happen and they kiss. Philip watches them kiss and imagines himself being in Shawn’s place. Cassie confirms that she is right about Philip’s feelings for Belle and suggests that they work together.

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