Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/30/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/30/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole is tossing and turning in bed. Brady comes and knocks on her door to ask if she is awake. Nicole doesn’t answer him and pulls the pillow over her head. Brady leaves and goes across the hall into his own room. Nicole continues to toss and turn in bed unable to sleep.

Rex asks Cassie and Sami what is going on and asks Sami why his sister looks like her world just ended. Sami comments that she is his sister too. Rex asks Sami what she did to Cassie. Cassie explains that Sami knows but Rex doesn’t understand. Sami says that she knows that Tony is not their father.

Belle tells Philip to stop and pushes him away. Philip apologizes but Belle says it was her.

Bo comes downstairs into his living room and greets Shawn who just came in the door. Bo asks Shawn if he knows where Hope is and Shawn explains that he talked to her and she said she was flying out to see Bo. Bo explains that the lead he had didn’t pan out and he left a message to Hope to tell her not to bother coming. Shawn asks if Bo knows where to find Hope so she isn’t on some wild goose chase trying to find him. Bo hesitates to answer.

Bo explains that he doesn’t know where Hope is but he’s sure she is going to be fine. Shawn is worried that the goop they are after almost got Tony killed twice. Bo decides to give Hope a call right now but his phone rings. Bo answers it and Shawn leans in to yell to ask Hope where she is.

Rex tries to deny that Tony isn’t their father. Sami explains that she heard Rex and Mimi talking about it in her hospital room. Rex continues to deny this. Sami continues to tell Rex that she knows all the details. Cassie tells Sami that she hates her and Sami points out that since the feeling is mutual, that makes them the all American dysfunctional family. Cassie tells Sami to just spill the information then and asks how Sami is going to use it against them.

Brady turns out his light and starts to get ready for bed. He has a flashback to when Victor told him about Nicole’s past. He comes back to the present to lie in bed and think.

Nicole has finally fallen asleep but is having a nightmare about when Paul would give her drugs. Nicole screams and Brady rushes to her room. He finds it locked and yells at her to open the door.

Philip tries to assure Belle that the kiss was his fault. Belle doesn’t want to let herself off that easy, claiming that she has been leading him on ever since he came back to Salem and points out that she lied to America on Love Is Blind. Philip explains that he knew that it wasn’t true in his head but he let himself get caught up in the fantasy of it all. Belle tells Philip that she has been all over him ever since he came back and she has been giving him mixed signals.

Sami tells Cassie and Rex that she won’t tell their secret but Rex and Cassie don’t believe her. Rex asks what Sami wants to keep quiet and Sami says she just wants to make sure that Tony isn’t taken advantage of by her greedy brother and sister. Rex accuses Sami of being greedy pointing out the diamond around her neck.

Bo’s phone connection with Hope is bad and he loses the connection with her. Shawn asks what Hope said and Bo explains that Hope told him about finding the source for the mystery goop. Shawn asks if Hope said where she is. Bo says that he just has to find out where the source of the goop is. Shawn is worried that Hope may have left the source by the time Bo finds out where it is and Bo gets upset at Shawn for asking so many questions. Bo asks Shawn for help and Shawn agrees to stick around.

Nicole continues to have this nightmare of being in the arms of her dad begging him not to make her do it anymore. Brady continues to call to her and knock on the locked door. He picks the lock when Nicole doesn’t answer. Nicole continues to dream about Paul giving her drugs to help her do what he wants. Then her dream changes to a flashback of Victor telling Brady about her past. She starts to talk in her sleep telling Victor to stop it and don’t do this to her. Brady wakes Nicole up and informs her that she was calling out in her sleep and he was worried about her. Nicole starts to sob and reaches out to hold Brady. Brady comforts her.

Bo goes to the jail to see Maya. He tells her that he wants to know about the mystery goop but Maya plays dumb. Bo continues to ask but Maya refuses to answer. Bo explains that he already knows the chemical makeup of it and Maya says that they don’t need her then and makes to go back to her cell. Bo gets upset and tells her to tell him where the stuff came from. Maya says she bought some samples from a Native American. Bo asks if it came from a reservation out west and Maya explains her plan about getting rich from this deal with Tony. Bo tries to make a deal with Maya about helping him and he’ll make sure Tony is behind bars as well. Maya counteroffers by telling Bo to get her out of jail first and then she might talk.

Sami says that Tony is her friend and she doesn’t know what Rex is implying. Rex points out that Sami blames Tony for what happened at the mansion. Sami claims that she blamed Tony in the past but now she realizes that Tony had no intention of hurting her and he didn’t want to hold that against him anymore. Cassie points out that no one would when you’re being given expensive gifts. Sami points out that anyone can be bought. Cassie and Rex act shocked and Sami accuses them of living a lie by continuing to live like a DiMera. Rex says that he hasn’t told Tony the truth because he doesn’t want to hurt him. Sami accuses Rex and Cassie of not telling the truth because they don’t want to give up the cushy lifestyle and threatens to make sure that Roman never accepts them and they are going to be as homeless as they were the first day they came to Salem. Rex grabs Sami’s arm and forcefully leads her out to the balcony. He tells Sami that she isn’t going to tell anyone about what she knows.

Belle tries to convince Philip not to make this a big deal. Belle tries to tell Philip that she is a comfort thing and that is totally understandable. She knows that he is just waiting for Miss Right to come along and every time he turns around, Belle is there. Belle is worried that she is taking up space in Philip’s life that he should be saving for someone special. Belle urges Philip to not be afraid to risk his heart again and Philip says he isn’t.

Cassie urges Rex to stop it but Rex asks why because Sami is dangerous. Sami tries to convince Rex that she is going to scream so loud that the cops are going to hear and she has so many friends that work here at the hospital. Rex claims that Sami doesn’t have any friends. Cassie tries to convince Rex to stop but Rex says he wants to kill Sami. Cassie tells Rex not to say that and that she is right and that if they go after Sami, they’re going to lose. Rex deems Sami not worth it and lets go of her arm. Sami threatens to press charges but Rex points out that there are no witnesses. Sami says that Cassie is a witness but Cassie says she won’t go against her own brother. Rex says that nobody would believe Sami. Cassie points out that Roman doesn’t even trust her but Sami says that Tony DiMera is falling in love with her.

Bo tells Maya that he doesn’t have the authority anymore to cut her a deal. Maya says she is out of here but Bo tells her that Tony is a coma and Maya is on the other side of the glass so neither of them can find this mysterious substance that she finds so precious. Maya says that this substance will set her up for life. Bo points out that it won’t help while she is behind bars but Maya says that somebody will like her enough to get her out of here. Maya explains that she and Tony weren’t working together by choice but because the guy she got the goop from told her the latitude and told Tony the longitude. Bo asks why one of them didn’t just pay this guy off and Maya explains that the guy got moral and greedy and set it up so Tony and she would both pay him. Bo asks where the guy is and Maya won’t tell him. Maya says that she agreed to talk to Bo because she likes looking at him but she didn’t agree to tell him anything. Shawn walks in and says that maybe Maya will tell him.

Brady continues to comfort Nicole saying it was just a nightmare. He asks Nicole if she was dreaming about what Paul did to her all those years ago. Nicole says she is so glad he is dead. Brady tells Nicole that no one can blame her for having those feelings. Nicole is worried about having Brady know about this but Brady says it isn’t going to change the way he feels about her. Nicole doesn’t believe him but Brady tells her that she is an incredible person who has overcome a horrible childhood. Nicole says that she and Brandon were talking about how Faye could let such a horrible man into her life. Brady points out that Victor and Nicole don’t exactly have a loving relationship. Nicole says she has trouble committing probably because of Paul. Nicole tells Brady that she needs to get some sleep and thanks him for checking on her. Brady gets up to leave and tells her that she knows where to find him if she needs anything. Nicole thanks Brady for not judging her and Brady leaves to go back to his room.

Rex and Cassie laugh at what Sami just said for they don’t believe that Tony could be falling in love with Sami. Sami claims that she and Tony have a lot in common and they are perfect together. Sami says she is really upset that Tony is so close to death. Cassie asks Sami if she is upset because she can’t buy diamonds on a receptionist’s salary. Cassie and Rex continue to make fun of Sami, moving on to bring up Brandon and how he left Salem to get away from her. Cassie accuses Sami of hiring the man who stabbed Tony. Sami tells them that she can see what they are trying to do and it isn’t working.

Bo asks Shawn if he wants to do this and Shawn does and sits down where Bo was. Maya still refuses to talk. Shawn gets frustrated and gets up as he tells Bo that Maya is a waste of time. Bo returns to the chair and tells Maya that if she talks, he’ll get the ISA to go easy on her. Maya wants to take her own chances with the ISA. Bo accuses Maya of being involved in Tony’s stabbing but Maya says she has been in lockup ever since but Bo points out that they’ve identified Sal and that points to her so it doesn’t matter where she was, it is just like she was holding the knife herself. Bo goes on to detail what he believes was Maya’s plan to her. Maya says it doesn’t matter now because she is in jail and nobody is going after the substance. Shawn gets upset and tells Maya that Hope already has gone after the substance and orders Maya to tell them where it is before something happens to Hope.

Bo pulls Shawn away from the visitor window and tells him to calm down. Shawn asks Bo to leave him alone with her. Bo tells Shawn that he will be outside if he needs him and leaves. Shawn sits back down in the chair and Maya teases him about this being a bad setup for seduction. Shawn explains that he is worried about his mom right now because she has disappeared. Maya refuses to crack and tell them where her contact is even if they promised her a threesome with him and his dad. Bo is talking to a guard who promises to get something for Bo right away when he hears Shawn getting upset and yelling at Maya again. He bursts back into the visiting room and tries to calm Shawn down. Bo tells Maya to shut it and they don’t need her anymore because he just got the lead to take them straight to the substance. Maya doesn’t believe him because nobody knows about it except her and Tony. Bo assures Maya that she doesn’t know everything and he and Shawn leave the visiting area. Shawn is ready to go follow this lead but Bo tells him to cool off and he’ll let Shawn know if this lead pans out.

Philip explains that everyone thinks that he’ll never get over Chloe. Belle brings up Philip’s girlfriend in third grade and that he was always the lady killer. Philip asks how he ended up alone and Belle says he can have any woman. Philip says he can’t have the woman he wants and he shouldn’t have told her how he feels. Belle is glad that he did and realizes that this may be a little awkward but she’d hate to lose him in her life. She apologizes again for leading Philip on and Philip asks if they are okay. Belle says they are more than okay and they hug.

Sami says that she didn’t have anything to do with Tony being stabbed. Cassie doesn’t believe her and says that Tony is the one who needs their prayers now. Rex says that they need a prayer that Tony lives and that he doesn’t get taken advantage by Sami. Sami says that her and Tony’s relationship is like a business deal but Cassie calls that disgusting. Sami tells Cassie and Rex to stay out of her way and Cassie says that won’t be a problem because it will be like stepping over dog poo. Cassie goes to leave and Sami wants to know where she’s going. Cassie doesn’t want to answer to Sami but finally tells her that she is going to see Tony. Sami doesn’t want Cassie to go see Tony.

Nicole is lying awake in bed. She smiles as she has a flashback to spilling coffee on her blouse and Brady coming up to help clean it up.

Brady sits up in bed and has a series of flashbacks of his experiences with Nicole, ending with the scene a few minutes prior of Nicole reaching for him after her nightmare.

Nicole reaches up to turn out her light and goes back to sleep.

Brady turns out his light and goes to sleep as the camera shows a split screen of them both in their separate beds.

Philip thanks Belle for being so understanding and Belle says they have been through a lot together. She advises Philip to be patient for miss right will show up. Shawn arrives and asks if he is interrupting something. Belle explains that they were just finishing up a post mortem on Chloe and Philip’s relationship. Philip tells Shawn that he wouldn’t know how hard it is to let go and Shawn says he is very lucky as he hugs Belle.

Sami tells Cassie to run along and she is going to sit with Tony. Cassie asks Rex if he can do anything to stop this. Sami says she has them both right where she wants them. Rex says that their arrangement with Tony is completely legal. Sami says that Tony is going to kick them out of his mansion. Sami reminds them that the mansion is only home as long as she keeps their secret. Cassie says that if she has to have Kate and Roman as their parents, their lives are going to be hell. Rex tells Cassie not to worry, that no one is going to find out and he’ll make sure of it no matter what.

Bo tries to call Hope again but she doesn’t pick up. The guard brings Bo everything Maya had on her when she was arrested. Bo thanks the guard and the guard leaves. Bo empties out Maya’s purse and peels the backing away from a compact to reveal a hidden location. He tells Hope to hang on because he is going to find her.

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